kunori - Episode 23 Commentary (SAO II)

Oct 6th, 2018
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  3. That Kirito-san… he's being called "Kazu" by his bros…
  5. He said "the gyro's too sensitive", but (naturally) that's not a mechanical gyroscope but a gyro sensor like in everyone's smartphones.
  7. These two formed a research group in the Mechatronics Course with Kirito, and developed the moveable camera on Asuna's shoulder, officially, the 《Audiovisual Bidirectional Communication Probe》.
  9. It's named a "probe" rather than a "camera" because its meant as a sensation terminal for the connected person (currently Yuuki). Yuuki can make it move in all directions or even zoom in and out. Maybe eventually autonomous movement… maybe…
  11. Kirito and the rest have an end goal of turning the surroundings into a 3D space in real-time, letting the person full-dive there. I seemed to have heard of that somewhere, though.
  13. And Asuna-san jolts straight up with a "Got it!" after being told "Try to avoid sudden movements".
  15. It's been three years and a half since she last attended school for Yuuki, so she must be nervous even beyond the lens. I only got over my fright when visiting the editorial department five years after my debut!
  17. This Modern Japanese teacher was the vice principal of a public middle school who retired and volunteered to teach the Survivor School. …It's not "現国 (Modern Japanese)" now, is it? 現代文?
  19. I wondered and looked it up, and it's "Japanese Language Expression" or "General Japanese" now… I don't know what's in them…!
  21. The contrast of light and dark in this classroom scene is lovely! Reminds of how afternoon classes were back then.
  23. The probe's mounted on Asuna's right shoulder, but maybe it should be on her head instead. Would look rather odd, though. (haha)
  25. Whenever I write school scenes, I often wonder, "How are schools these days?". For example, do they still go "Stand up, bow" before lessons and such.
  27. Electronic blackboards have been commercialized by various companies, huh. Would be convenient saving the board's contents with a tap on a tablet as a student.
  29. Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's "A Lorry" seemed to be often used as teaching material in elementary and middle schools, but I had it there as I personally liked that short story.
  31. Thank you for the replies saying that standing up and bowing is still done! So it is… thank goodness! (?)
  33. I like how reality settles in when Ryouhei-kun was told "time for you to get home" by the worker after he got all worked up riding the lorry. (haha) And the last bit where he grows up and become an editor for a magazine, too.
  35. Yuuki-san's dictation is truly easy on the ears… It is already fairly long, but I wanted to listen to all of it…!
  37. Hoshikawa Station on the Sagami line served as the model here, and while it's undergoing renovations, its shown in its completed form here.
  39. It's not like I lived here myself, but "Hoshikawa" and "Tsukimidai" sounded pretty, so I made use of those locations.
  41. As her family has already passed away, the Yuuki house has been abandoned for over a year. Her relatives have been arguing over the inheritance, and even brought their discussions to her via full-dive.
  43. Kirito may have seen through her secret during their duel, but at the same time, it appears Yuuki felt something about him as well.
  45. I got absorbed into watching and forgot about the commentary… I love how Yuuki speaks in this conversation scene. The nuances in how she ends her lines… it gets me…
  47. The AmuSphere Asuna has doesn't belong to her but was actually borrowed from her brother who uses it for meetings and such! The world's unfair: it'd be the death penalty if a brother enters his sister's room, but the inverse's all fine…
  49. Looks like Mama's shocked at Asuna not giving up for once.
  51. Asuna had logged into her sub-account on the AmuSphere and put it into a suspended state. By pressing the power button, it automatically logs in.
  53. The avatar Mother's using is Asuna's sub-character, 《Erika》. The resemblance in their hair styles is purely coincidence.
  55. …I only thought about it after writing that, but even with the same avatar, if the person diving is different, there would be slight difference in their expressions and such. She would have a more severe look compared to when Asuna's on.
  57. The pantry appears for the first time! Perhaps Asuna's secret seasoning's stored there. The forest's behind their home on the 22nd floor, and beyond that's the outer circumference.
  59. It's a tiny Asuna-san! Adorable! Her red winter coat, too! Adorable!
  61. Her grandparents (on Kyouko-san's side) have already passed away, with their Miyagi home sold and demolished.
  63. It would be superfluous delving in the characters' emotions here, but if I were to say something, that "something forever lost" must have had some impact on Kyouko-san, too.
  65. Everything would've been ruined if Asuna hunted down those white rabbits with magic here!
  67. Kyouko-san's tone is strict as always the next morning, too, but you can certainly hear her concern for her child there…
  69. Next episode, Mother's Rosario. It's a preview voiced by Asuna-san for the first time! See you next time!
  71. The preview was initially recorded by Matsuoka as always, but someone mentioned it'd be odd for Kirito to say "Mother's Rosario", so we had Tomatsu-san there to continue. I didn't know which would be used until I saw the broadcast myself.
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