Who's this in my bed?

Nov 27th, 2015
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  1. >It's an Sunday morning
  2. >The sun's rays are just starting to peek over the horizon
  3. >Just high enough to hit one of Marco's eyes
  4. >"Eeehhh...too many...pancakes..."-Marco mumbles in his sleep, trying to get away from the rays of sunlight
  5. >He rolls onto his side and promptly bumps into something
  6. >Slowly opening one eye, Marco sees that there looks to be a humanoid shape in his bed
  7. >Wiping the sleep from his eyes, he groans and tells Star to get back in her bed
  8. >The bump mumbles something and rolls over somewhat, enough that Marco can see that it's not Star
  9. >It's Janna
  10. >And she's wearing one of his hoodies and nothing else
  12. >Confused and alarmed, Marco falls out of bed
  13. >Which makes enough noise that Janna wakes up with a start
  14. >"I'm awake, stop poking me...wha?" -Janna mumbles in confusion, looking around the room
  15. >"Janna...why were you sleeping in my bed?" -Marco pointedly asks while looking for something better to cover himself with than just his jamjams, due to his morning...salute
  16. >"Ah...long story that, Marco. I don't really remember much of it myself..."-Janna said, buying herself time to think up a better excuse while at the same time spotting Marco's wake-up woodie
  17. >"My my Marco...someone woke up on the right side of the bed this morning." -Janna said while lazily stretching just enough that Marco could almost see the top part of her ham wallet
  18. >Averting his eyes, Marco started backing toward the door, covering himself with a schoolbook off his desk
  19. >"I don't know what angle your playing Janna, but odds are I'm not interested. If you leave now, I won't tell either of our parents about your odd sleeping habits..." -Marco said, trying to find the door's handle with one hand while facing Janna and holding his schoolbook with the other
  21. >When Marco turned around to open his door, Janna jumped out of the bed and pounced on him
  22. >They both hit the floor, thankfully covered with a nice rug that Marco's parents had gotten him on one of their vacation
  23. >"Janna what are yo-" -Marco started, but Janna covered his mouth with her hand and shushed him
  24. >Both teens then heard what sounded like Star's door open, then the patter of feet as she walked to the bathroom in the hall and closed the door
  25. >Marco started trying to say something, but Janna's hand kept him from making much noise
  26. >That, and she had started fondling his family jewels through his jamjams, as he had dropped the schoolbook on the fall down
  27. >Grinning deviously at Marco, Janna continued her ministrations while he started slightly moaning against her hand, while at the same time trying to tell her to get off him
  28. >"Don't fight it Marco, you know you want it...besides, what would Star think, finding us in this position? Or your parents?" -Janna said softly, as she started grinding herself against his leg and gently licking the side of his neck
  29. >"Please Jan-na, stop...this isn't...aah...isn't right...I'll see if I..hhha...can borrow Star's spellbook for...for you...just..stop" -Marco begged her, trying to keep his head while the rest of his body wasn't doing such a good job
  30. >"Who said I wanted her spellbook? I want you Marco...and I've got you right where I want you..."-Janna teased while increasing the rhythm of her attentions to Marco's various body parts as she kept toying with him.
  32. >At this point Marco was having trouble thinking about anything not related to what Janna was doing to him
  33. >This is so wrong, but I...kinda like it...-Marco thought, somewhat conflicted with what was happening and who it was happening with
  34. >On a hormonal whim Marco quickly moved his head around Janna's hand, and pecked her cheek with a light kiss
  35. >"I knew you c-couldn't resist me forever Marco." -Janna panted while returning Marco's kiss with a much heavier one of her own
  36. >Marco started running his hands over Janna's lower body, much to her delight and slight embarrassment
  37. >"Don't stop Marco..." -Janna whispered while she took off the hoodie she was wearing, showing off her sweater puppies to him for the first time
  38. >Then she held one of his hands and gently guided it to one of her breasts, gasping lightly
  39. >Janna was on cloud nine
  40. >She'd always dreamed of having Marco all to herself, but he'd seemed too dense or inattentive to catch any of her hints
  41. >Finally she'd decided to take her strategy to the next level and sleep in his bed after he'd fallen asleep for the night
  42. >It had worked pretty well, and her phone always woke her before he'd normally wake up
  43. >But her phone didn't go off last night, so she had slept in
  44. >Ended up being the best mistake she'd ever made
  46. >Just then a knock came from Marco's door, then the door handle started shaking
  47. >To no avail
  48. >Janna had started locking Marco's door during her night "visits" and unlocking it before she left
  49. >Didn't want Star or one of Marco's parents walking in while she was sleeping after all
  50. >"Hey Marco, you awake yet? Your mom just started cooking, but I wanted to see if you were up yet...and why is your door locked? -Star asked through the door while Janna and Marco stared at each other, still lying on the same rug they had fallen on
  51. >"Yeah, I'm *cough* up, I'll be out in a few minutes
  52. >"Ok...but why is your door locked? You don't normally lock your door..." -Star said as she tried the knob again
  53. >"I must have locked it on accident, I'm...not decent at the ahh...the moment anyway" -Marco said as Janna started trying to stroke his shaft again
  54. >"Ooook then, I'll meet you downstairs in a few" -Star said finally as Marco grabbed Janna's hand and tried to remove it from his member gently
  55. >"Awww...you make the cutest noises when I'm touching your sausage Marco..."-Janna whispered to him, teasing him slightly
  56. >"Do you want us to get caught? If your hungry, I can bring you back something from breakfast, but then you'll have leave through the window or stay in my room most of the day until night. I assume you snuck in through my window to get in last night?" -Marco asked, trying to think of any way to get Janna back home without Star or his parents knowing she was here
  57. >"I'll be fine Marco...I'm not hungry anyway...I'll see you tonight then" -Janna said as she kissed him on the lips and started putting on the clothes that she had stashed in her overnight bag that she'd brought with her
  58. >Blowing Marco a kiss, she stepped through his window and disappeared into the morning sunlight with a smile on her face and a spring in her step that she hadn't had all the other times she'd left his room early in the morning
  60. >With Janna gone, Marco swapped his jamjams for one of the hoodies he had lying around and a pair of pants, and headed downstairs for breakfast
  61. >His mom had just placed his share of breakfast (ham and eggs with a slice of buttered toast) on the table when he sat down
  62. >"Thanks mom" -Marco said while waving at his Dad, who was helping clean up
  63. >"So Marco...why was your door locked? And what's with those red marks on your face?" -Star inquired while she slowly ate her share of breakfast, waiting for Marco to catch up
  64. >"I already told you Star, it was an accident, and what red marks?" -Marco asked, feeling his face for pimples or the start of a rash
  65. >"Aww, did you have a date last night with that Jackie girl Marco?" -His mom Angie asked him, noticing the slightly faded lipstick marks on his face
  66. >"What? Noo...I must have slept on my face oddly...and I did fall out of bed this morning" -Marco tried to explain away the marks
  67. >"It's fine Marco, your a growing boy, and these things happen, just remember to always use protection." -Rafael, Marco's dad said, laughing at his son's protests
  68. >Star just stared at the marks
  69. >Whenever Jackie wears lipstick, it's usually green...-Star thought to herself, not buying Marco's explanation and wondering who was macking on her bestie and wondering if it had something to do with Marco's closed door earlier...
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