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Log Twenty-Nine: Bury The Crown

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Jul 12th, 2013
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  1. <Ramon> yes True Sight of Air
  2. <Silas_> :p
  3. <Nyaa> k
  4. * Freespace shakes his finger at nyaa
  5. <Silas_> would be very handy then
  6. =-= YOU are now known as Momo
  7. <Freespace> So, this is going to be the conclusion of the crown jewels adventure, then?
  8. =-= Freespace is now known as Gustbran
  9. <Momo> unless someone drop the bag
  10. <Momo> then it will be another undersea adventure
  11. <Gustbran> I sure hope I don't have to fight anyone immediately with a medium wound.
  12. <Ramon> grr dont work as writen as +1 touch misses
  13. <Gustbran> I wonder If I can chirurgery myself...
  14. * Gustbran knows self-surgery is a bad idea!
  15. <Momo> chocke yourself is a valid way to suicide
  16. <Silas_> we still have to bury it and get a ghost to guard the damn thing...
  17. <Momo> summon some previous ghost
  18. <Ramon> What was the Fog Imaginem spell we used so fare on Sedalas sadle?
  19. <Ramon> anyone have the calculation for it?
  20. <Momo> makara didn't cast it this time did he?
  21. <Momo> mine is Image Phantom Mulm 20
  22. <Ramon> CrIm Fog Base 1, +2 Sun, +1 Touch, +1 Size = lvl 5 Affect only sight
  23. <Ramon> ok +1 moving = lvl 10
  24. <Momo> won't that need concentration to control the moving?
  25. <Ramon> not sure if the moving is fixed to the lovation of the spell
  26. <Silas_> I just read that summonig a ghost is a rego mentem ritual with a base of 15,.. I really hope we can find one with intellego instead
  27. <Ramon> if you want to seperate move the illusion than its +2 and need concentration
  28. <Gustbran> sounds like "maintaining OTHERS demanding spell" is definately a future spell for aiden. :p
  29. <Silas_> Sounds good :)
  30. <Ramon> I just reduced the spell to concentration and add maintain concentration to the item ^^
  31. <Silas_> it seems to be a good way to go about it :)
  32. <Momo> where to find rule about lab's ward and trap?
  33. <Ramon> you find some in Covenants
  34. <Gustbran> By the way, does anyone know what the proper name of <magic realm>'s eternal oblivion is?
  35. <Silas_> no idea, sorry
  36. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10 (will CJ remember to come today?)
  37. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran, (will CJ remember to come today?): 2
  38. <Taitale> Yo, mons & monsettes
  39. <Gustbran> saur! Vennnusaur!
  40. <Calpurnia> ...
  41. <Gustbran> well, he did say 'mons'....
  42. <Calpurnia> I guess so
  43. =-= Taitale is now known as Baruch
  44. <Gustbran> ...
  45. =-= Calpurnia is now known as Corbenik
  46. <Gustbran> with only a 2, I'm a little nervous...
  47. <Silas_> means I'll have time to run to the bathroom, brb :p
  48. <Gustbran> good idea.. brb.
  49. <Ramon> Baruch just sended a update of Ramon and Sedala to you and CJ per mail did you recive it?
  50. <Ramon> and Hi Wits ^^
  51. <Baruch> Didn't get it yet, probably under way
  52. <Ramon> Haved Group with only +1 and needed +1 Magnitute for Size in some spells beside that penetration for extern spells on sedala is a problem ^^
  53. <Baruch> What external spells would those be? Ramon can't cast, right?
  54. <Ramon> but he haved a blanket that let Sedala look like a normal horse
  55. <Ramon> remember Redcap get magic items
  56. <Silas_> I hope the crown is in one of the remaining bags...
  57. <Silas_> (and that we can get it..)
  58. <Momo> can't we intellego it?
  59. <Silas_> we can, most likely
  60. <Silas_> it's probably there anyway
  61. <Ramon> Hi CJ
  62. <Silas_> Hiya CJ
  63. <Corbenik> CJ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  64. <CJR> Sorry about that chaps. Blasted pc was installing update to virus software, took me ten minutes to get in.
  65. <Ramon> ^^
  66. <CJR> How it go last week?
  67. <Silas_> well, we got a few dragonscales and a sickly dragon infestation :p
  68. <CJR> :D
  69. <CJR> We finishing Lost In the Wash today?
  70. <Baruch> Depends - if a dragon dissolving into our city counts as good, then it wen good :D
  71. <Baruch> Yes
  72. <Silas_> Yep sounds right
  73. <CJR> OK, cool. I need to grab my stuff, so everyone just work out hwere exactly they were whe we ended - back in 1 min
  74. <Silas_> we 'finished' the story last time, but we may have to figure out how to get rid of the dragon thing at some point :p
  75. <Ramon> (Sorry CJ haved to send you update for Ramon and Sedala because I stumbled up some huge mistakes in Sedalas Spells and a magic item of Ramon)
  76. <Momo> :p
  77. <Silas_> I was with Ramon and Baruch on Sedala, and we just caught a bag, didn't we?
  78. <Momo> we caught like two bags, both not the jewel
  79. <Momo> rare stuff though
  80. <Baruch> I am up by Sedala, yes, and the crown is probably either on the superknight or on one of the two women who remain on the opposite shore still
  81. <Ramon> And Ramon was kind of pissed because Baruch nearly hit one of the giant wings of Sedala
  82. <Baruch> Unless they gave the crown to the mercenary, who was washed away
  83. <Baruch> Which would be a problem
  84. <Silas_> ah right, it was the scepter we got on Sedala, and Gust has the apple
  85. <Momo> I doubt it
  86. <Momo> have to be superknight
  87. <Silas_> Edith is sitting on the King's family jewels...
  88. <Gustbran> I agree with momo
  90. <Silas_> tisk tisk
  91. <Gustbran> I also agree with corbenik.
  92. <Baruch> I think he'll take your arm if the bag suddenly disappears, though
  93. <Momo> worth your grog arm for it
  94. <Baruch> I doubt he'll buy "it just took off suddenly and flew into that cloud" :D
  95. <Silas_> lol
  96. <Gustbran> at least he has a head start if he isn't right in front of the guy.
  97. <Corbenik> Well heres the thing, I don't have a bag on me, also by then running time.
  98. <Corbenik> also it's a companion arm
  99. <Silas_> He's on horse though..
  100. <Corbenik> off
  101. <Gustbran> I'd be tempted to take the guy on regardless if I was still at full strenght.
  102. <Baruch> Not anymore, he took off to look for th eking
  103. <Corbenik> He got off after reaching the shore
  104. <Silas_> ah right
  105. <Momo> we can catch them
  106. <Baruch> I think I'll try putting him to sleep if I can still see them
  107. <Silas_> good thing we are recapping a bit clearly :)
  108. <Momo> we need a intellego expert for all these adventure
  109. <Silas_> my memory is a bit selective
  110. <CJR> OK, who who is where? :)
  111. * Momo with sedala
  112. * Baruch likewise
  113. <Corbenik> I am by Edith and awesome knights horse
  114. <Gustbran> I was being dragged by the noblewoman to the shore.
  115. * Silas_ on Sedala cltuching the bag containing the Scepter
  116. <Ramon> Momo, Baruch, Dirk on Sedala hiden in a strang low flying cloud
  117. <Silas_> clutching*
  118. <Ramon> ah right SIlas also on Sedala
  119. <Silas_> Dirk is at home though, isn't he? :)
  120. <CJR> OK< time in.
  121. <Ramon> yea Ramon not Dirk ^^
  122. <Ramon> ----------------------------------------------------
  123. <CJR> The Wellestreame is still a swirling mass of faoming water, but the bore has passed
  124. <Silas_> "We need to land, and find the crown" [to Ramon]
  125. <Corbenik> (aka, we can stop worrying about water and start worrying about other things)
  126. <Gustbran> (like the superknight)
  127. <Momo> (It's always water for momo)
  128. <CJR> The waers are still treacherous...
  129. <CJR> Lady Marion (who is almost supernaturally beautiful) pills Gustbran ashore.
  130. <Baruch> Are the king and the knight anywhere to be seen?
  131. <CJR> Edith look t aher with disdain and mutters something about she-devils
  132. <Ramon> Wispering tot he other on Sedala "Whats our plan now?"
  133. <Momo> "Bah, let's go hooome, can't be more safe than home~"
  134. <Silas_> "We should land, we need the crown, and we should make sure everyone is alright.."
  135. * Silas_ is pleased Edith is fine - if wet
  136. <Ramon> "And Baruch be more carfull with your spells next time you nearly hit a wing of Sedala what would probably end in a bad landing"
  137. <Baruch> Are the king and the knight anywhere to be seen?
  138. <CJR> King John was in the bushes, apparently praying, and the mercenary has vanished along with his horse swept off by the waters
  139. <Baruch> "Yes, sorry about that - this is tricky."
  140. * Momo point at the king, "let's save the king and ask the jewel as reward!"
  141. * Silas_ waves Momo to calm
  142. <CJR> The noblewoman Marion cheerfully drops Gutsbran on the shore and makes her way over to The Greatest Knight in The World, or William Marshal as his friends know him.
  143. <Silas_> "I have an idea of how to explain this to the king.."
  144. <Gustbran> "Ow! that was rough!"
  145. <CJR> You can't exactly see whatthe king was up to, but he is emeging from the ushes now
  146. <CJR> The roar of the waters is subsiding a bit...
  147. <Ramon> "Wasn't there france kights on the other side?"
  148. <Silas_> [turns to Baruch] "We need to land Baruch the others may need help"
  149. <CJR> Heading that way yes!
  150. * Gustbran moves over to the closest companion on the ground.
  151. <Ramon> "So you sugest we land as cloud next to them?"
  152. <Baruch> "That seems .. dangerous .. given the circumstances."
  153. <CJR> Mirabelle is on a horse, but King John and Edith and William Marshal are all on foot now?
  154. <CJR>
  155. <Corbenik> (I'm pretty certain yeah)
  156. <CJR> Per + Awareness rolls from those on the cloud
  157. <Baruch> "I would suggest we try to put the retinue to sleep from up here before proceeding - we cannot be certain they will choose not to attack us, correct?."
  158. <Silas_> "We cannot stay here surely... How do you propose we get them all up here if we don't land"
  159. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1
  160. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 9 :8+1
  161. <Ramon> "I also think its not the most keen idea unless you have a good idea how to tell them what this cloud is up to"
  162. <Silas_> !roll 1d10+1 (if alterness +1 -3 if sight)
  163. <Magic_Dice> Silas_, (if alterness +1 -3 if sight): 5 :4+1
  164. <Ramon> Roll 1d10+2 (Dirk +1 if Body Language)
  165. <CJR> Baruch, Three French Knights approaching the Prioress and Fishwife on the other shore. Currently at 150 paces
  166. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+2 (+1 if Body language for Dirk)
  167. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (+1 if Body language for Dirk): 10 :8+2
  168. <Baruch> How does that translate to range, again? Are they at voice yet?
  169. <Corbenik> to edith "Soooo any idea what the magus' are up to" looks at pack in front of him on a horse "I hope they have the sense enough to get this thing themselves with magic"
  170. <CJR> RAmon, a French barge is manoeuvring about a mile to the north
  171. <CJR> 150 meters
  172. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+4 (+1 if keep watch Sedala)
  173. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (+1 if keep watch Sedala): 7 :3+4
  174. <CJR> Sight rnage right now :)
  175. <Momo> "We will have to act fast before those french knights we saw before reaches here."
  176. <CJR> For both the barge and the knights
  177. <Ramon> "Ups we have a incoming Frence Barge ... look North"
  178. * Silas_ mutters to himself, looking towards the king and then to Edith
  179. <Gustbran> (I thought edith jumped down too?)
  180. <Baruch> I'll snatch the knight's pack using the wind spell as before - there's nothing blocking that, correct?
  181. <Momo> "Do something." Momo pats at random people with his paw
  182. <Silas_> (she did)
  183. <Corbenik> (she did, she was the first)
  184. * Momo pat pat pat pat pat
  185. <Silas_> (was looking down to people, trying to work out a good approach)
  186. <Baruch> The knight isn't near his saddlebag currently, correct?
  187. <CJR> Nope, William Marshal's pack is able to be grabbed Baruch
  188. <Silas_> "Yes yes yes! I am thinking Momo. Stop that please"
  189. <Baruch> ok
  190. <CJR> No Ed9ith is talking ot him.
  191. <Gustbran> (all right, If you two are talking to each other, I'm going to try to meet up with the both of them.)
  192. * Momo pat pat p--stop.
  193. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+43 (spell against 30)
  194. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (spell against 30): 50 :7+43
  195. <Baruch> "Another pack incoming, catch."
  196. <CJR> Finesse roll please!
  197. <Momo> (who catching?)
  198. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+8 (finesse)
  199. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (finesse): 9 :1+8
  200. <Ramon> (Probably from behind sedala as sedala is still hovering in the downstream direction)
  201. <Silas_> !roll 1d10+0 (no training)
  202. <Baruch> !roll 1d10 (finesse)
  203. <Magic_Dice> Silas_, (no training): 8 :8+0
  204. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (finesse): 6
  205. <Silas_> (catching)
  206. <Baruch> So 20 for the finesse
  207. <CJR> !roll 1d10+3 (Awareness)
  208. <Magic_Dice> CJR, (Awareness): 10 :7+3
  209. <Ramon> (lol it actual land soft on Sedalas back with that roll ;) )
  210. <Silas_> (hehe)
  211. <CJR> !roll 1d10+4
  212. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 10 :6+4
  213. <CJR> William MArshal sees his pack fly in to the cloud, and tries to grab it!
  214. <Corbenik> (Wait I just thought of something, could the crown have been on John's head?)
  215. <Gustbran> (uh oh!)
  216. <Baruch> (Ohshit)
  217. <CJR> He turns to Gustbran and Edith: "what deviltry is this!"
  218. <CJR> (Corbenik make a Per + Awareness)
  219. <Momo> (Two ghost for the burial, mission accomplish)
  220. <CJR> :) at Momo
  221. <Gustbran> "If I knew how that worked I'd be a lot richer..!)
  222. <Gustbran> "
  223. <Corbenik> !roll 1d10-1 (+1 if spotting)
  224. <Magic_Dice> Corbenik, (+1 if spotting): 3 :4-1
  225. <CJR> MAke a Pre + Charm roll Gustbran!
  226. <Silas_> (lol)
  227. <Momo> (Against the great knight? Pointless gesture)
  228. <CJR> Corbenik, the Kingis still slightly in cover (bushes) but you see he is wearing something on his head
  229. <Ramon> (he didn't lie ^^)
  230. <Corbenik> (.....................)
  231. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+1 (untrained!)
  232. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran, (untrained!): 2 :1+1
  233. <Momo> (He might as well work Chirugy on his neck now)
  234. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10
  235. <Corbenik> (YES!!!!!!!!)
  236. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran: 1
  237. <Corbenik> (yes)
  238. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10
  239. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran: 10
  240. <CJR> lol!
  241. <Momo> (oh shiit)
  242. <Corbenik> (YES)
  243. <Baruch> Haha
  244. <Ramon> (Wooow)
  245. <CJR> 41 I think?
  246. <Gustbran> (AHAHAHAHAHAAH!)
  247. <Ramon> (yes think so)
  248. <Momo> (yeah)
  249. <Corbenik> (what was that for?)
  250. <Momo> (charm)
  251. <Ramon> (the Pre+Charm roll)
  253. <Momo> (William is now gay for Gustbran)
  254. <Momo> (King, forget him, my dear gustbran)
  255. <CJR> The Marshal laughs at Gustbran, and says "and you shall be, and you shall be. I will grant you a castle, Good Sir Knight, if we can recover that bag!"
  256. <Corbenik> O_o
  257. <Gustbran> (..)
  258. <Silas_> (oooo)
  259. <Momo> (You should stay)
  260. <CJR> "What is your name? I am William, Marshal of England"
  261. <Silas_> (They are within voice range?)
  262. <Gustbran> "I am aware of who you are, and am honored to meet you!"
  263. <CJR> The French knights are still just outside: 75 paces
  264. <Silas_> (but the king and knight?)
  265. <CJR> Baruch you unwrapping your parcel?
  266. <Corbenik> "Edith do you see what's on the kings head?"
  267. <Gustbran> (am I aware of the knights!?)
  268. <Ramon> (CJ are you allowing the updated Sedala already or should I play with the old?)
  269. <Corbenik> (Yeah you saw them when we came over)
  270. <Momo> (we saw the knights last session)
  271. <CJR> Use the old I have only jut got the file
  272. <Ramon> (KK)
  273. <Gustbran> "However I think we have other problems!" points at the french knights!
  274. <CJR> Baruch, you about?
  275. <CJR> (Silas In voice range)
  276. * Corbenik going to start walking towards the king
  277. <Baruch> Yes, sorry, I unwrap it
  278. <CJR> The King looks rather red faced and flustered, and is pulling up his breeches Corbenik
  279. <Baruch> What do we got?
  280. <Ramon> wisper "The French Kings aproching"
  281. <CJR> BAruch, within you see the glistening of gold --- a golden chalice, set with gems, that glow beautifully even in the misty half light
  282. <Ramon> "Knights" ^^
  283. * Corbenik looks to see if he is whereing anything on his head, or if there is a crown around here
  284. <Momo> (Holy grail? :D)
  285. <CJR> French knights voice range from the women on the far shore
  286. * Baruch curses silently
  287. <CJR> The King is wearing a silver headband, but no crown. He startes at Corbenik, and asks in French - "are you a froggy come to saly me?"
  288. <Silas_> "We need to get the crown before we get even more involved in this.."
  289. <Baruch> I'll get the saddlebags of the two women on the other shore as before
  290. <Ramon> wisper "I only have fire bolts to attack them but thats not good enough, maybe some of you can creat something burnable on the other side"
  291. <Baruch> The french knights were not yet at voice range from us on sedala, correct?
  292. <Corbenik> "Hmmm, not today king, though I do speak the... froggy language. I am not a part of their invasion nor a supporter of it"
  293. <CJR> Nope they are now at voice range is sedla manouvers :)
  294. <Silas_> (There was also the sadlebag of lady.... something wasn't there? the one who saved Gust)
  295. <CJR> Then come good Sir, and help me mount a horse.
  296. <CJR> !Per + Medicine Corbenik, if oyu have it, Chirurgery if not?
  297. <Corbenik> nope
  298. <Baruch> "Silas, can you put those french to sleep, please? I have to get the saddlebags, and they might kill the women if we don't stop them."
  299. <CJR> Lady Mirabelle's bag already taken
  300. <Silas_> "I suppose.."
  301. <Baruch> Yeah, that's where the holy hand grenade was I think
  302. <Corbenik> "GUSTBRAN get over here" (first part should be reconisable as french doesn't mutilate names)
  303. * Silas_ attempts to call to slumber the first knight of the french
  304. <Silas_> !roll 1d10+19 (known spell)
  305. <Magic_Dice> Silas_, (known spell): 28 :9+19
  306. * Baruch attempts to get the bag of the nun on the shore (there's nothing preventing that, right? She's not sitting _on_ the bag or anything like that?)
  307. * Gustbran looks over at corbenik and wonders what the hell he's saying.
  308. <Ramon> (That should let him fall of his horse)
  309. * Corbenik waves his hand over
  310. <CJR> Nothing preventing it :)
  311. <Corbenik> (also how dare you not know the language of your nations enemy)
  312. <Silas_> (Wasn't that from the king's saddlebag? the one Ramon hit with an arrow? the Apple that is)
  313. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+43
  314. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 47 :4+43
  315. <CJR> Corbenik even untrianed it is clear the king is VERY ill
  316. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+8 (finesse)
  317. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (finesse): 18 :10+8
  318. <Baruch> !roll 1d10
  319. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 10
  320. <CJR> roll botch.
  321. <Baruch> (What the fuck is this)
  322. <CJR> Ouch!
  323. <Corbenik> (well he did die from it so yeah)
  324. <Baruch> (ARRRGH(
  325. * Gustbran runs over to corbenik.
  326. <Baruch> "Another bag incoming, please catch)
  327. <Gustbran> "One moment, sir William!"
  328. <Silas_> (what do you want for a catch roll?)
  329. * Corbenik starts pointing at king and making coughing gestures
  330. <CJR> The saddle bag blows unexpectedly forward, and catapults among the three French knights. They stop too pick it up, and are dismounting
  331. <Baruch> (Haha :D)
  332. <CJR> The King turns and runs back in to the bushes
  333. <Silas_> (one of them should be falling asleep btw :) )
  334. * Corbenik follows
  335. <Ramon> (lol ^^)
  336. <CJR> "oi you rum froggy buggers leave that alone!" shouts the fishwife, spurring her donkey towards the French!
  337. * Silas_ attempts to catch the bag
  338. <Baruch> "Ah... sorry about that."
  339. <CJR> One of the Fench knights is now lying by the road
  340. <Baruch> I'll put one of the french to sleep as soon as I can
  341. <CJR> Silas; Sorry confused, which bag?
  342. <Baruch> "You do the other one."
  343. <Baruch> (Silas didn't realize I botched the roll)
  344. <Silas_> (ah right)
  345. <Corbenik> (they are just going to keep following over)
  346. <Silas_> (misread how badly the botch was)
  347. * Momo will help catch it too if a bag come flying
  348. <Corbenik> (falling)
  349. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+16 (sleep spell on knight against 10)
  350. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (sleep spell on knight against 10): 24 :8+16
  351. <CJR> Baruch, you spoell fails to effect the Knight. He must have magic resistance He grabs the bag
  352. <CJR> Momo, what you up to?
  353. <Baruch> (I have penetration 1 , so penetration 15)
  354. <Corbenik> (fing divine magic)
  355. <Silas_> (CJ, is there still a saddlbag on our side of the river, like on lady beutiful's horse?)
  356. <Baruch> (Still no effecT?)
  357. * Momo will help catch it too if a bag come flying
  358. <Momo> otherwise momo just sit
  359. <Momo> on sedala
  360. <CJR> No saddle bags on your side of river
  361. <Gustbran> "What!? What's this about!?" to Corbenik.
  362. <CJR> One on Fishwifes donker who is approaching the French, one on Mercernary who was swept away!
  363. <Ramon> (oO if 15 not penetrate then Sedala dont need to try ^^)
  364. <Corbenik> Speaking whatever Gustbran spoke in "Thing king appears to be REALLY ill, can you do anything"
  365. <Corbenik> whispers "not killing"
  366. <CJR> William MArshall shouts to Gustbran "Kneel boy before me, quickly!"
  367. <Baruch> (CJ: my penetration bonus didn't help? Still no effect on the knight?)
  368. <CJR> Unpleasant noises come from the bushes.
  369. <Silas_> "If they don't find a crown in that bag then we may need to land - to learn what the king knows..." [to Baruch]
  370. <CJR> What si your pen bonus, that might work Baruch?
  371. <Baruch> Pen bonus is 1, so penetration of sleep spell altogether 15
  372. * Gustbran yells at the top of his voice!
  373. <CJR> You failed by 5.
  374. <CJR> Nope.
  375. <Gustbran> "THE KING IS ILL!?"
  376. <Baruch> Ok
  377. <Corbenik> "...... yes"
  378. <Ramon> (outch )
  379. <CJR> OK pause:
  380. <CJR> Two French knightstill up, one of who has bag, the other is about to slaythe Fishwife
  381. <CJR> The Prioress is wtching aghast
  382. <CJR> The mercenary is lost in the flood
  383. <Silas_> (oh no!)
  384. <Gustbran> (sir william is probably a better medic than me.)
  385. <CJR> Lady Mirabelle is watching the river
  386. <CJR> William is talking to Gustbran, asking him to kneel before him!
  387. <Corbenik> (probably not as he is only a warrior and probably has others treat him)
  388. <Gustbran> (have him fix up the king while we make a discreet escape!)
  389. <CJR> The King is in the bushes, suffering explosive diarrhoea
  390. <Silas_> (Does Gust still have the Apple? and did he hide it? :p )
  391. <CJR> Momo, what you doing?
  392. <CJR> Guts has it about his person
  393. <CJR> OK, time in
  394. <Momo> Can Momo do voice range on the french knight?
  395. <CJR> Yes :)
  396. * Momo turn one of the knight that's about to kill the woman into a mouse
  397. * Silas_ tries a sleep on the 'knight' about to slay the fishwife
  398. * Ramon shot a ignited bolt at the knight having the bag
  399. <Silas_> (hehe ^^ )
  400. <Corbenik> (oh yeah gustbran what did you speak in)
  401. <Ramon> (Maybe I get rough the armor but doubt it)
  402. <CJR> OK cool, everyone else declare actions please
  403. * Corbenik waiting for Gust to aid king
  404. <Gustbran> (I spoke in the same language you told me in!)
  405. <CJR> Momo, roll or tell me your power total please
  406. <Corbenik> (I spoke in french the first time)
  407. <Gustbran> (I don't speak french!)
  408. <CJR> The King has spoken French, English and Latin so far
  409. <Momo> 30 spell level (base 10, +2 voice, +2 sun)
  410. <Corbenik> (it matters as I can only speak in a language that I just heard)
  411. <Gustbran> (I only have latin and english!)
  412. <CJR> any Penetration on that Momo?
  413. <Gustbran> (I see! Then let it be in english so that William will have overheard the king is ill)
  414. <Momo> none
  415. <Baruch> (What is momo's might? That's the penetration, right?)
  416. <Momo> might is 10
  417. <CJR> So Penetration is 0
  418. <CJR> OK, roll me a dice, 50/50 chance depending which fo the two knights you went for
  419. <Ramon> (Yes as I expected Penetration is not part of Might)
  420. <Momo> hmm actually, I will do it on the woman.
  421. <CJR> (Penetration is Might - (points to use x 5)
  422. <Corbenik> (this will be the second time a woman has become a mouse)
  423. <Momo> (3 point to use)
  424. <CJR> OK the fishwife becomes a frog!
  425. * Baruch tries to snatch the bag from the french knight's hands using the wind spell, as before.
  426. <Momo> mouse?
  427. <CJR> !roll 1d10+3
  428. <Corbenik> (awwwwwwwwwwwwww)
  429. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 9 :6+3
  430. <CJR> The French knights top in amazement!
  431. <CJR> Mouse sorry!
  432. <Silas_> !roll 1d10+21 (large voice and gestures, casting sleep on the one about to slay a girl)
  433. <Magic_Dice> Silas_, (large voice and gestures, casting sleep on the one about to slay a girl) : 30 :9+21
  434. <CJR> Twenty, that cuts through their resistance and yawn and slip over their horse snoring!
  435. <CJR> Roll Baruch!
  436. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+45 (shout & wave against 30)
  437. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (shout & wave against 30): 54 :9+45
  438. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+3 (to hit with the Light Crossbow Dmg+5+fire)
  439. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (to hit with the Light Crossbow Dmg+5+fire): 10 :7+3
  440. <Baruch> (So penetration 26, because penetration specialization auram)
  441. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+8 (finesse)
  442. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (finesse): 18 :10+8
  443. <Baruch> (WTF!
  444. <Baruch> !roll 1d10 (finesse)
  445. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (finesse): 1
  446. <Baruch> No botch, so just 8
  447. <Corbenik> (someone else catch the bastard)
  448. <CJR> The bag flies in to the air and circles...
  449. <Baruch> (This is bad for Baruch's self-esteem :D)
  450. <Silas_> "Careful with that! If it hits the water..."
  451. <Corbenik> (what self-esteem?)
  452. <Baruch> (:)
  453. <Momo> (Not as bad as Antonious)
  454. <Corbenik> :R
  455. <Silas_> (hehe)
  456. <CJR> Corbenik?
  457. <CJR> Gustbran?
  458. <Gustbran> (I assume that sir william knows that the king is ill at this point?)
  459. <Ramon> (Did I hit with my meager 10)
  460. <Momo> (Gustbran, the knight tell you to kneed)
  461. <Silas_> (When you are gone CJ Antonius usually suffers from public humiliation :p )
  462. * Corbenik still waiting for Gust
  463. <CJR> Yes. William again says "Gustbran, kneel before me!"
  464. <CJR> (He suffers from it when I'm around too!)
  465. <Gustbran> (dammit, whatshoud I do!)
  466. <Momo> (Do it gust, he might be knighting you)
  467. <Corbenik> whispers "kneel"
  468. <Silas_> (did you ever want to be a knight? :) )
  469. * Gustbran kneels.
  470. <Momo> (Heads off, yay, ghost)
  471. <Gustbran> (I *KNOW* I'm gonna regret this.)
  472. <CJR> I dub thee a knight says william, and knocks you over with the flat of his sword
  473. <Silas_> (oh I should hope so :) )
  474. <Momo> ((win win for us either way))
  475. <Corbenik> (not surprising)
  476. <CJR> Ok back to catching the bag
  477. <CJR> Who is doing that?
  478. <CJR> Ramon?
  479. <Momo> ( I already used my action this turn : ( )
  480. <Gustbran> (I'm not really interested in killing a king, too.)
  481. <Ramon> (I shot a the Light Crossbow!)
  482. <CJR> Yes what was the roll, sorry Ramon it moves so fast!
  483. <Momo> (It circles too, so it unpredictable!)
  484. <Corbenik> (Do it, the guy has explosive dieharrea and yeah he would have already been cured if William could do it)
  485. <Ramon> 10
  486. <CJR> it was an ignited bolt...
  487. <Ramon> yes
  488. <CJR> 10 total of ten on the dice?
  489. <Momo> (jewel is fireproof I hope)
  490. <Ramon> (totall of 10
  491. <CJR> at the knight.
  492. <Gustbran> (all right, I'll head over to the king as soon as I can.)
  493. <CJR> His armour will stop that, but he will be waking up, and worse still on fire!
  494. <CJR> OK new round
  495. <CJR> Gustbran, you find the King graoning and squatting emtyying his bowls
  496. <CJR> bowels even!
  497. <CJR> lol
  498. <Corbenik> (he really needed to empty those bowls water got all in them:P )
  499. <Gustbran> (If I roll it It'll be at -2 because of my medium wound, right)
  500. <Gustbran> (?)
  501. <Momo> (better not chirugy the king)
  502. <Silas_> (hehe)
  503. <Corbenik> (Why you have to go and get hurt)
  504. <Ramon> (He can use it to diagnostic whats up)
  505. <Corbenik> (oh yeah, are you only allowed to use 1 confidence or can you spend more? always figured 1)
  506. <Ramon> (Only when you have a special Virtue you can put more then 1 in)
  507. <Corbenik> (ahhhh)
  508. <Baruch> (Yes, 1 normally)
  509. <Gustbran> (yeah, I'll do it with confidence if needed *gulp*)
  510. <Momo> (Confidently botched)
  511. <Baruch> (:D)
  512. <Corbenik> (.............. don't)
  513. <CJR> Yes you will be at -2
  514. <Momo> (with a smug)
  515. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10-2 (chirurgery on king)
  516. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran, (chirurgery on king): 0 :2-2
  517. <Momo> (chocking the king as you smile)
  518. <CJR> Have you got any chrurgery?
  519. <CJR> (At least you did not botch!)
  520. <Corbenik> (........ why, what is your specialty)
  521. <Momo> (any specialization)
  522. <Gustbran> (I have two points!)
  523. <Momo> total is 2 with condident
  524. <CJR> Gustbran realises the King is far beyond his ability to treat.
  525. <Baruch> (You're just diagnosing him, right?)
  526. <Corbenik> (thank god)
  527. <CJR> RAmon, the barge is now closing fast, and is full of french spearmen
  528. <Corbenik> (Baruch~~~~~)
  529. <CJR> The bore has slowed them in the backwash, but they are now moving up river
  530. <Momo> (If we attack an army, we would really be interfearing with mandane)
  531. <Baruch> (Yep)
  532. <Corbenik> (uhhh have you not seen what we already have done?)
  533. * Ramon fire a empty shot = Fire Damage 5
  534. <Momo> (I mean in a major scale)
  535. <Silas_> (Are the french by the fishwife doing anything?)
  536. <Ramon> Target the boat
  537. <Corbenik> (you guys don't know this in character but we actually lead to the saving of that English town)
  538. <CJR> One is flailing around outting out a fire, two are snoring!
  539. <CJR> RAmon, sorry confused, whgat that?
  540. <CJR> Got ya!
  541. <CJR> OK, suddenly you all here shouts from other river as a bolt of fire hits the sail on the barge
  542. <Baruch> Where did the bag I rolled finesse 8 with go?
  543. * Ramon target the barge with a dmg 5 Fire bolt voice range)
  544. <CJR> (technically a wherry)
  545. <CJR> Fell in to the river!
  546. <Silas_> (flying in circles I think :) )
  547. <Baruch> (Fuuk)
  548. <Momo> (down the drain)
  549. <CJR> It was but no one grabbed it so it slipped beneath the waves
  550. <Silas_> (it fell into the water? :( )
  551. <Silas_> (damnit...)
  552. <CJR> Sedala Per + Awareness
  553. <Momo> (if only I didn't use my action~)
  554. <CJR> please
  555. <CJR> and MOmo too, Per + Awareness
  556. <Momo> (IF ONLY FISHY IS HERE)
  557. <Ramon> (Who do you think should grab it last rund all persons acted ^^)
  558. <CJR> Yes Fishy would be ideal!
  559. <Momo> !roll 1d10+4 (+1 if noise)
  560. <Magic_Dice> Momo, (+1 if noise): 13 :9+4
  561. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+4 (+1 if keeping Watch)
  562. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (+1 if keeping Watch): 6 :2+4
  563. <Ramon> (momo if at all ^^)
  564. <Momo> (Fishy could had grab them all in water)
  565. <CJR> Momo, that bag from the fishwifes horse was round and suspiciously crown shaped!
  566. <CJR> BAck to Corbenik abd Gustbran, what you doing?
  567. * Momo point at the bag, "I think it's that one! It's crown shaped!"
  568. * Corbenik standing
  569. <Baruch> (Is that the one that went into the water or the one that is still down with the wife?)
  570. * Corbenik actually going to go back to Edith
  571. <Baruch> (It's the one that didn't go in the water, right? Since I targeted the nun with the original botched spell, and the one that went into the water was that same one)
  572. <Momo> (So many damn bags!)
  573. <CJR> Edith is watching with Mirabelle a plume of smoke rising up the river
  574. <Corbenik> (look at it this way, we are going to have a lot of money after this)
  575. <CJR> Sorry the nun's bag s the one i intended to say
  576. <CJR> apologies!
  577. <Baruch> (So the one in the river?)
  578. <Ramon> (Grr so its the one in the watter)
  579. <CJR> Ramon, the barge is burning nicely. Well the sial is.
  580. <Momo> (Two jewel in the water)
  581. <Baruch> I'll spont clear sight of the naiad on myself and look for the bag in the water - it makes me see through water as if air, so should be able to spot it easily
  582. <Gustbran> (I'm not in the shape to try swimming again)
  583. <Silas_> (good idea :) )
  584. <Momo> (someone need to learn swimming skill at this ratE)
  585. <CJR> Go for it Baruch!
  586. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+8 (sponting clear sight of the naiad, against level 5)
  587. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (sponting clear sight of the naiad, against level 5): 13 :5+8
  588. <Corbenik> (I would go swimming, but i don't have swimming skill)
  589. <Ramon> (Even raised in a coastal city ramon never lerned to swimm)
  590. <Momo> (This is why we need a fish character at all time)
  591. <CJR> OK Barch's spell works
  592. <CJR> BAruch make a Per + Awareness please!
  593. <CJR> :)
  594. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1
  595. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 9 :8+1
  596. <Momo> (Wind the bag up!)
  597. <CJR> The bag is bowling rapidly along the bottom in the currrent towards the Frenc barge
  598. <Ramon> (Under watter the boundary of Air ends so he need a different trick ^^)
  599. <Momo> (spont aqua maybe)
  600. <Momo> (aquam)
  601. <Corbenik> (hmmm make a water spout)
  602. <Corbenik> (or water twister)
  603. <Momo> (Makara would had that spell!)
  604. <Momo> (ahhhh all my char ~~~)
  605. <CJR> It wiould indeed make a water sopout, fromthe target to Sedala
  606. <CJR> phone.
  607. <CJR> Need a 5 min break sorry :(
  608. <Baruch> What difficulty would it be to rego aquam it to the shore? Base 4 "control liquid in a forceful but calm way"? Or would base 3 be enough?
  609. <Baruch> Ok, break
  610. <Corbenik> (hmmm isn't a water spout could be considered a part of weather?)
  611. <Gustbran> (Yeah, a tornado on the water!)
  612. <Gustbran> (If the water's shallow, which it is!)
  613. <Gustbran> (It should suck up the bag)
  614. <Corbenik> (I just had a, something, it's amazing magic hasn't screwed over the world with all you can do)
  615. <Ramon> (Wow that would be drastical probablky need +2 very unnatural)
  616. <Baruch> (I think the level of the tornado idea might be too high for baruch to spont)
  617. <Ramon> (its just lvl 5 Base ^^)
  618. <Silas_> (if you can coerce it into shore then it would be enough
  619. <Momo> (Blow wind to wash the water ashore)
  620. <Momo> (If the bag haven't sunk too deep)
  621. <Ramon> (the problem ist that its probably considerd unnatural)
  622. <Momo> (Wind blow on water all the time!)
  623. <Gustbran> (
  624. <Baruch> (Did CJ say whether the bag was animal or plant matter? Leather probably?)
  625. <Silas_> most likely)
  626. <Ramon> (Base 5 +2 Voice +1 diam/conc +? Unnatural)
  627. <Momo> (Rich king have expansive leather)
  628. <CJR> Leather. Animal
  629. <CJR> I'm back now
  630. <Ramon> (For the TOrnado)
  631. <CJR> Sorry about that
  632. <CJR> (friend ill in hopsital, arranging visit)
  633. <Gustbran> (bummer.)
  634. <Silas_> (no worries, we are figuring out how to get a crown)
  635. <CJR> Whatsthe plan?
  636. <CJR> Okey doke, keep plotting!
  637. <Silas_> (ah, sorry to hear)
  638. <Ramon> (its allways bad if a friend is at the hospital)
  639. <Gustbran> (Well, let's see if plan A is even plausible)
  640. <Baruch> (Would base 3 be enough to rego animal the bag? There's no proper guideline in animal, but in herbam it's "control an amount of wood", so probably any plant matter. If it's base 3 I can do it)
  641. <Baruch> (Or there is base 1 rego animal "manipulate things made frmo animal products")
  642. <Baruch> (Which would make it trivial)
  643. <Momo> (turn it into air)
  644. <CJR> Base + 1 for complexity I think, and moving totally unnaturally so Base 3
  645. <Ramon> (bad idea as then the crown would sink ^^)
  646. <Gustbran> (I still like the tornado idea.)
  647. <CJR> Base 3 for the bag.
  648. <Momo> (Air would bubble up the wateR)
  649. <Ramon> (and whats inside would sink)
  650. <Baruch> (No the crown won't sink, it's in the bag)
  651. <Momo> (ah)
  652. <Ramon> (If you turn the bag to air it would sink)
  653. <Baruch> Ok, so I think I'll try to spont the bag out of the water with rego, base 3 + voice + concentration so level 10
  654. <Baruch> That ok?
  655. <Baruch> (No wait, base)
  656. <CJR> Voice is =2, s 5 and Conce + 1 for twen so yeah
  657. <CJR> That si 10
  658. <Baruch> ok
  659. <Momo> (roll a 10~)
  660. <CJR> Base 3 +2 for Voice, +1 Concentration
  661. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+17 (shouting & waving)
  662. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (shouting & waving): 23 :6+17
  663. <CJR> Go for it Baruch!
  664. <CJR> so 12...
  665. <Ramon> thats enough unless ther is some MR :)
  666. <CJR> Everyone on the ground stares at the shouting cloud!
  667. <Ramon> (loool)
  668. <Silas_> (hehe)
  669. <Baruch> (Damndamn, we are being subtle about this aren't we :D)
  670. <CJR> OK BAruch's magic grabds the bag, and like a fisherman he pulls it to the surface, then into the air --
  671. <CJR> Please make an Int+Finesse roll
  672. <Ramon> (next botch chance ^^)
  673. <CJR> Corbenik, Gustbran, Sir illiam is staring in amazement as another crown Jewel prepares to vanish n to a cloud!
  674. <Silas_> (yeaaah...)
  675. <Corbenik> (lolz)
  676. <Silas_> (God is taking his due...)
  677. <Momo> (There goes Gustbran's castle)
  678. <Gustbran> (haha)
  679. <Silas_> (obviously)
  680. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+7 (finesse)
  681. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (finesse): 12 :5+7
  682. <CJR> and Ramon grabs the bag (free action)
  683. <Ramon> (Finaly no 0)
  684. <Ramon> (what roll)
  685. <Ramon> (Ride+? to catch it with sedalas help?)
  686. <Momo> (I think it's free)
  687. <CJR> No it's free, you don't have to roll
  688. <Ramon> (OK just wondered because dirk only have one hand free)
  689. <Baruch> (Baruch's finesse didn't suck for once :)
  690. <Ramon> (err Ramon ^^)
  691. <CJR> Corbenik, Gutstbran, Silas, all the Kings party are now staring ta what Sir William is calling "the French cloud!"
  692. <CJR> What you going to do?
  693. <Momo> (fly away?)
  694. <Baruch> Look in the bag
  695. <CJR> The King emerges from the bushes, and shouts "let us ride on to Newark at once!"
  696. <Ramon> "I think we should gain hight to get out of target range and then check if we have everything!"
  697. <CJR> Baruch: it contains an impressibe silver crown!
  698. <Corbenik> ".... uhhh should we flee from that" points at cloud, in english
  699. <Corbenik> (to william and king)
  700. <Gustbran> (yay!)
  701. <Silas_> "Finally!"
  702. <CJR> Corbenik, Pre + Leadership please!
  703. * Ramon direct Sedala to gain hight
  704. <Momo> (Leave gustbran with them)
  705. <CJR> The Prioress is still watching wher the fishwife turned in to a mouse in astonishment!
  706. <Corbenik> !roll 1d10+7 (+1 if intimidation)
  707. <Magic_Dice> Corbenik, (+1 if intimidation): 9 :2+7
  708. <CJR> The surviving members of the Royal Party are grabbing horses
  709. <Silas_> "Should we set down in secret and go find Edith and the others?" [to Baruch]
  710. <CJR> "Yes good sir!"" shouts the King "away, and to hell with the crown jewels!"
  711. <Momo> "I suggest we leave Gustbran and Edith with them so we don't have to sacrifice them to Antonious"
  712. <Baruch> "There is that."
  713. <Momo> "Gustbran also seems to be treated nicely, so they should be fine"
  714. <Ramon> (How long till dawn?)
  715. <CJR> Corbenik, Silas, Gustbran and Edith are down there though
  716. <Baruch> Not silas
  717. <Momo> (Momo seperating people since calpurnia~)
  718. <CJR> It's afternoon. About t four hours till sunset
  719. <Ramon> (Ok so 4h still to act and pick them up but for now a tactical retreat is best)
  720. <CJR> You have what you came for, but the French are swarming out of that barge
  721. <Silas_> "... No, I don't think so. Edith knows where to bury it, we need her aid"
  722. <CJR> Ramon Per + Awareness please
  723. <Baruch> "We should come back for them later. We cannot leave Corbenik, to be sure. But we should not announce their connection with us."
  724. <CJR> for you and Sedala
  725. <Gustbran> (you remember I've still one of the jewels!)
  726. <Momo> "We can come back later, now we need to bring the jewel to safety!"
  727. <CJR> OK the Royal party or what is left of it has gathered on horses, and prepare to ride on.
  728. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+2 (Ramon)
  729. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (Ramon): 12 :10+2
  730. <Baruch> "With luck, none of the retinue realize our allegiance to the Order."
  731. <Momo> "Europe's fate ride in this!"
  732. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+4 (Sedala)
  733. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (Sedala): 5 :1+4
  734. * Silas_ nods to Baruch
  735. <Ramon> !Roll 1d10 (botch?)
  736. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (botch?): 9
  737. <CJR> Sir William looks ot Sir Gustbran - "get a horse for you and the other knight, and bring the lady to us at Newark. We must leave now."
  738. <Ramon> !Roll 1d10 (sedala rerol)
  739. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (sedala rerol): 3
  740. <CJR> Farewell my friends!
  741. <Ramon> (Sedala = 10 Ramon =2)
  742. <Momo> "We also can't risk exposing ourself"
  743. <CJR> Sedala, the area is swarming with French knights approaching from various directions, not to mention the fifty spearmen rapidly escaping the burning barge
  744. <Momo> "And and that army over there."
  745. <Momo> "so yeah, go home."
  746. <Ramon> "We need to get our groun members up or the French get them!"
  747. <CJR> The royal party heads off, leaving the characters on the river bank
  748. <Momo> "Do some illusion to let them get away"
  749. <Silas_> "We can't go home..."
  750. <CJR> belatedly the priorss rides over towards you
  751. <CJR> (sorry duded back in minute: Phone: make a plan!)
  752. <Momo> (gustbran could have william become his mentor!)
  753. <Ramon> (Baruch is drained so Silas any good magic?)
  754. <Baruch> (Can you spont rise of the feathery body at rego 10 Silas?)
  755. <Silas_> We can't go back, not without the others, Antonius would not let us return for them, I think
  756. <Silas_> corpus?
  757. <Baruch> (Baruch is only at -1, but can't really spont more than 1 spell at level 10 anymore)
  758. <Baruch> (Yeah rego corpus)
  759. <Ramon> "We can't let them become french prisoner!"
  760. <Silas_> (I could probably, once..)
  761. <Corbenik> (if you told that to Corbenik he would laugh and draw his sword)
  762. <Silas_> Can you call fog Baruch?
  763. <Baruch> (That's a good idea, actually - lessee how big I could make it)
  764. <Ramon> (You can anouce you cast a fog as big as posible with Sponatan)
  765. <Baruch> (Yeah, that seems like a good idea)
  766. <Silas_> Since we've likely seen the King and knight leaving we can likely land with th fog in
  767. <Silas_> and gather the others
  768. <Baruch> Yes, that shall be the plan
  769. <Silas_> Then, I suggest, we follow to where ever Edtih wishes to go, to Bury it - and find a way to summon the guardian ghost
  770. <Momo> (You better gather other mage to help out then)
  771. <Baruch> (We don't know if there's a ritual needed, though do we?)
  772. <Ramon> (Depend if its a non Hermetic Ritual we mages are also not of to much help)
  773. <Momo> (Most certainly for something so powerful)
  774. <Silas_> which other mages though :p Antonius would likely save the vis and just murder someone
  775. <Momo> (Well, just Gustbran)
  776. <Silas_> or Edith..
  777. <Baruch> (We should ask Edith if she knows how that stuff works - if she knows how to do it we could try without going to Antonius)
  778. <Silas_> or Anna..
  779. <Momo> (Antoniouis did promise to extend edith life or something)
  780. <CJR> OK< I'm back now
  781. <CJR> OK, back to game
  782. <CJR> What is ahppening?
  783. <Baruch> CJ: The plan is for Baruch to spont as big of a fog he can, and try to land in the fog and get the people
  784. <CJR> OK, ther ei salready mist, is rego coule draw it together, muto could make it more opaque, or you can just creo it
  785. <CJR> What si the plan1
  786. <CJR> is already mist
  787. <Momo> (against an army, more creo seems betteR)
  788. <Baruch> Well, Baruch's creo is as good his rego, so unless there's a difference in difficulty or smth it should be the same, right?
  789. <Silas_> (agrees with Momo)
  790. <Ramon> (I would say it depend where Baruch is beter)
  791. <Baruch> I think I'll creo it then, since the base individual and all is the same, maybe we'll get a thicker fog that way?
  792. <Momo> techinically
  793. <Momo> (Now start farting those fogs out)
  794. <CJR> Yes Creo it is then
  795. <Ramon> (rego could control the mist to thiken what is probably lvl 3)
  796. <CJR> OK, well the target is an issue
  797. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+43 (no shouting and waving just in case)
  798. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (no shouting and waving just in case): 50 :7+43
  799. <CJR> Group will do :)
  800. <CJR> OK< a thick mist speings up round the chartacters, and moves out from them!
  801. <CJR> The Prioress who was crossing the river on her donkey yells in terror
  802. * Ramon fly with sedala in the fog and land
  803. <Baruch> I'll do it at concentration so it remains until I stop it
  804. <CJR> she can't see where to go!
  805. * Gustbran mutters under his breath. "Not again!"
  806. <CJR> Sedala lands
  807. <CJR> you are all back together!
  808. <Corbenik> "Well at least this time we can guess what caused it"
  809. <CJR> However the prioress is sin trouble
  810. <Silas_> (can we see that though? :p )
  811. <Ramon> "Put her in slep and drop her of somewhere?"
  812. <Baruch> I'll maintain concentration on the fog until we are out of there
  813. <Corbenik> (question who is this prioress, and what is it at that)
  814. <Gustbran> (one thing after another...)
  815. <Baruch> I can see through the fog since I cast that spell earlier and it's duration sun
  816. <Ramon> (Ramon didnt chancel his spell and Sedala see also)
  817. <CJR> Sure you can see her and her donkey. She is clutching a mouse1
  818. <CJR> RAmon nd Sedala see her
  819. <Momo> (That mouse)
  820. <CJR> she might plunge off the ford any momemt
  821. <Silas_> (hungry Momo? )
  822. <Momo> (No that woman I turn into mouse)
  823. <Ramon> (Momo there is a mouse!)
  824. <Momo> (You want me to roll cat isn't it?)
  825. <Silas_> (up to you hehe)
  826. <Ramon> (No you keep on sedala)
  827. <Momo> (Well I can't eat human-mouse)
  828. <CJR> You know her name is Mother Isabelle
  829. <Silas_> (might be bad when it returns back)
  830. <CJR> Whats the plan?
  831. <Baruch> (Momo can't see the mouse, though I think, because of the fog)
  832. <Ramon> can I try to grab her?
  833. <Momo> (yay)
  834. <Ramon> (if the fog is including her)
  835. <CJR> Sure, on foot or on sedala?
  836. <CJR> Yes the fog is why she has a problem!
  837. <Silas_> (gather everyone back on the Sedala and ask if Edith knows where to go and how to find the ghost guardian)
  838. <Silas_> (for the slightly longer term)
  839. * Corbenik stand in place and wonder what's going on back at the city
  840. <Ramon> foot and hand her of to edith
  841. <CJR> Edith says the crown was buried near Bures...
  842. <CJR> Mother Isabelle is led to safety by RAmon.
  843. <Ramon> "I couldn't let her on her own as mouse"
  844. <Baruch> (One of the women is a mouse and is held by the second woman, prioress, who is not a mouse)
  845. <Silas_> "It was very kind of you Ramon, I had almost forgotten them"
  846. <Baruch> "Well done. Let us get out of here, now.
  847. <Ramon> "Ok then up up and away"
  848. <Ramon> (just wanted to say this as player ^^)
  849. <Momo> "To home or bures?"
  850. <Silas_> "Bures"
  851. * Gustbran relates to the party what happened on the ground.
  852. <Momo> "I hope you know what you are doing"
  853. <Silas_> "We cannot return back with the crown..."
  854. <Momo> "I thought that's what antonious asked"
  855. <CJR> Mother Isabelle
  856. <CJR> Characteristics: Int +5 (4), Per +1 (1), Pre +1, Com +2 (1), Str -1 (1), Sta -2 (1), Dex -1, Qik -1 (1)
  857. <CJR> Size: 0
  858. <CJR> Age: 42 (42), Height: 162 cm, Weight: 60 kg, Gender: Female
  859. <CJR> Decrepitude: 2
  860. <CJR> Warping Score: 0 (0)
  861. <CJR> Confidence: 1 (3)
  862. <CJR> Virtues and Flaws: Prioress, Social Contacts (Church), Apt Student (Learning Bonus: +5), Book Learner (Book Quality: +3), Good Teacher, Great Intelligence, Improved Characteristics, Arthritis (Repetitive Movement: -3), Fragile Constitution (Healing: -3), Lame (Penalty: -6 on moving quickly and agility, -3 Dodge and -1 combat), Pious, Soft-Hearted, Dependent
  863. <CJR> Personality Traits: Pious +6, Soft Hearted +3, Suspicious +2
  864. <CJR> Reputations: Selfish Shrew (Local) 2
  865. <CJR> Combat:
  866. <CJR> Dodge: Init: -2, Attack --, Defense -4, Damage --
  867. <CJR> Fist: Init: -2, Attack -2, Defense -2, Damage -1
  868. <CJR> Kick: Init: -3, Attack -2, Defense -3, Damage +2
  869. <CJR> Soak: -2
  870. <CJR> Fatigue levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
  871. <CJR> Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20)
  872. <CJR> Abilities: Arabic 1 (medical terms), Area Lore: The Fens: Area 3 (religious houses), Artes Liberales 3 (rhetoric), Bargain 3 (ferociously), Charm 3 (Saint Etheldreda), Church Lore 6 (Convent of Ely), Civil and Canon Law 4 (rights of Ely), Devotion: St. Etheldreda 5 0, English 5 (women), Etiquette 3 (nobles), Folk Ken 2 (Fen Folk), French 5 (debate), Intrigue 2 (church politics), Latin 5...
  873. <CJR> ...(academic debate), Medicine 1 (women's illnesses), Philosophiae 3 (moral philosophy), Ride 3 (Fenland riding), Teaching 3 (Artes Liberales), Theology 2 (status of women)
  874. <CJR> Equipment: Clothing; Slate
  875. <CJR> Encumbrance: 0 (0)
  876. <CJR> Ooops!
  877. <CJR> Sorry, did not meant to paste that
  878. <CJR> Still Mother isabelle thanks you for your help, curses the fog and assure you she can get home safely
  879. <Silas_> hehe
  880. <Gustbran> haha
  881. <CJR> Iguess i could post th nOPC's in a thread on the forum in case anyone wnats to use them in later stories?
  882. <CJR> NPCs
  883. <Silas_> "What was asked, I think, was to solve the issue, we just know a better way than Antonius.."
  884. <Baruch> "Edith, do you know how to fix the ritual your father was maintaining by guarding the crown? Did he ever tell you hwo it works?"
  885. <CJR> Edith looks uncomfortable
  886. <CJR> She whispers. "i Can't rightly say..."
  887. <Baruch> (CJ: It would be good if you posted them, yes)
  888. <Corbenik> (hehehehhe if it's the same ritual then lolz)
  889. <Baruch> "You can't or you won't?"
  890. <Momo> "Just summon her father ghost and ask"
  891. * Silas_ gives her an encuraging smile
  892. <Gustbran> (Do *I* know anything about it?)
  893. <CJR> Edir goes quiet and takes Silas by the hand
  894. <CJR> Gustbran, you know the Crown Guardian was your uncle yes
  895. <Momo> (Gustbran might know)
  896. <CJR> You know eh knew the secret place, and th e "words"
  897. <CJR> but only his son would know them after him.
  898. <CJR> That is the way ot works
  899. <CJR> And he never had a son :(
  900. <CJR> The first time ever it happened
  901. <CJR> and now he si dead
  902. <Silas_> [to Edith] "we can solve this, we got the crown..."
  903. <CJR> The crown is magnificent.
  904. <CJR> It would buy you a county or three
  905. <CJR> The King of France would make you all incredibly rich for it
  906. <Corbenik> (okay time to buy france and hungary)
  907. <Silas_> (or save one ^^)
  908. <CJR> (Hungary richest kingdo in Europe, so not quit that rich!)
  909. <Corbenik> (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww)
  910. <Silas_> (but... there are french people in France...!)
  911. <Baruch> (We also have the scepter and the cup, so money isn't an issue is it :D)
  912. <Silas_> ( :p )
  913. <CJR> (Hungary has more cash that England France and Italian cities put together right now)
  914. <Silas_> (Gust has the Aplle too)
  915. <Silas_> (apple*)
  916. <Ramon> "So if Edith and Gustbran dont know the way we have to get back to the flying city!"
  917. <Momo> (We can wait till frence is richest, we have long lifespan anyway :p )
  918. <CJR> BAruch, plan?
  919. <CJR> EDith knows where
  920. <Momo> (MIND READ)
  921. <CJR> Silas Per + Folk Ken please, with +3 bonus
  922. <Ramon> "its up to Silas and Baruch if they want to investigate there first"
  923. <Silas_> !roll 1d10+5
  924. <Magic_Dice> Silas_: 11 :6+5
  925. <Baruch> (We don't have any idea what we should do with the crown beyond burying it and talking to Polandrus at the moment, do we?)
  926. <Momo> (Roll well and someone is not getting marry this spring :d)
  927. <Gustbran> (mmm...)
  928. <CJR> Silas: edith knows much more than she is saying! You think this is because she has sworn something
  929. <Silas_> [whsipering to Edith] "If we can bury this and restore the ritual then your family oath is forfilled"
  930. <Silas_> "please.."
  931. <Gustbran> (*fulfilled)
  932. <Silas_> (quite ^^)
  933. <CJR> Silas Pre + Charm
  934. <Silas_> (one of the words that still haunts my written language)
  935. <Corbenik> (roll it man)
  936. <Silas_> !roll 1d10+4
  937. <Magic_Dice> Silas_: 9 :5+4
  938. <Baruch> (Confidence?)
  939. <Silas_> (will spend if needed)
  940. <Ramon> (What language are you using for this conversation? English?)
  941. <CJR> Edith whispers to silas: I can take you tot he place, but only my father's son can know the words, and he never taught them to me
  942. <CJR> English
  943. <CJR> Unless we could talk ot my father, and find a son he never had, we can not do this thing
  944. <Silas_> [whispering] "Where can we find your father's son?..."
  945. <CJR> He has no son!
  946. <Gustbran> (no legitimate children, at least...)
  947. <Momo> (Time to summon that ghost to produce a son)
  948. <CJR> I was his daughter, as is Anna
  949. <Corbenik> "Enough of this foolishness, it is as she says there is no way we can do this"
  950. <Momo> "So... Can we turn Anna into a man?"
  951. <Gustbran> (hahahah!)
  952. <Momo> "Or Edith"
  953. <Momo> "Bam, Son."
  954. <CJR> Brother Gui may have issues with that plan!
  955. <Corbenik> "well first off she is already married and yeah)
  956. <CJR> She isn't married yet
  957. <Momo> "Edith it is"
  958. * Silas_ glares at you all
  959. <Corbenik> (anna isn't yet?)
  960. <Momo> "It's temporary"
  961. <Momo> "I guess"
  962. * Momo at baruch
  963. <Momo> look at
  964. <Ramon> "A Corpus Mage could do this but Anna didn't marry if I understand the news I got"
  965. <CJR> How can a dead man gain a son? says Edith
  966. <Corbenik> "He can't"
  967. <Silas_> "Do you suppose your father might say the words, if.... if you appeared, as a son?"
  968. <CJR> (CJ: there is a way actually - legally)
  969. <Silas_> (hopes very much she doesn't punch me off Sedala...)
  970. <CJR> "I think he would know I was his daughter)
  971. <CJR> Are you still on the ground btw? You cna hear knights approaching through the mist
  972. * Silas_ nods
  973. * Ramon lift off
  974. <Momo> "You are techincally a son in male form though"
  975. <Baruch> Nonono flying off :D
  976. <Corbenik> "Don't forget there just being a male there doesn't make it a son, the ghost must recognition it, also can we fight them"
  977. <Ramon> (Thats why I sayed Up Up and Away bevore"
  978. <Silas_> "ahh..."
  979. <Corbenik> (recognize)
  980. <Momo> "The ghost is not that stubborn I hope"
  981. <CJR> You leave the ground with second s to spare, as a party of knights lances levelled gallop through the fog!
  982. <Baruch> (What form is summoning and speaking with ghosts?)
  983. <Silas_> "I have an idea.."
  984. <CJR> OK< who has Magic Lore?
  985. <Silas_> "A son,.. it could be a son-in-law, could it not?"
  986. <CJR> Anyone with it can make Int + Magic Lore rolls
  987. <Ramon> <---
  988. <CJR> or Int + Common Law if anyone has that
  989. <Silas_> (has neither)
  990. <Momo> can momo's Profession: Autocrat works for law?
  991. <CJR> Yes that would count says Edith. A son in law is a son in inheritance terms here
  992. <CJR> Momo: only in the city :)
  993. <Baruch> (Baruch doesn't have anything)
  994. <CJR> (the covenant I mean!)
  995. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+2 (+1 if Regiones)
  996. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (+1 if Regiones): 5 :3+2
  997. <Gustbran> (hoo boy, silas might be the sacrifice!)
  998. <Corbenik> (okay time to sacrifice)
  999. <CJR> "So yes, if we marry you will be my fathers son" says Edith to Silas
  1000. * Silas_ nods
  1001. <Ramon> (Poor Silas ^^)
  1002. <Momo> "Good, good, let's go home to wrap this up."
  1003. <CJR> "and if he were living he would tell you the WORDS!""
  1004. <Silas_> "What more is needed? Your fathers words,... any more?"
  1005. <Corbenik> :P
  1006. <CJR> Edith looks confused. "We would have to marry in an English church, for the law to take effect"
  1007. * Ramon set his compass to the City of Ivory and Jade
  1008. <CJR> "No: but he is dead, and can not tll you the words!"
  1009. <CJR> OK RAmon, Sedala flies due northeast
  1010. <Momo> "We have a church in our covenant right?"
  1011. <Silas_> "yes..., we could though,.. if you would marry me there"
  1012. <CJR> (When we stopping btw?)
  1013. <CJR> "yes, if e amrry in a church, yes...)
  1014. <Ramon> "I fly toweard the flying city till you cleard up where you want to go
  1015. <Corbenik> "Don't forget the magus' who want to kill you"
  1016. <Corbenik> to silas
  1017. <Corbenik> "and the french army, and the dragons"
  1018. <CJR> !roll 1d10
  1019. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 4
  1020. <CJR> no drakes yet
  1021. <Silas_> "Not kill us, to make us appear before the Quaestor to answer questions..."
  1022. <Corbenik> "and be executed"
  1023. <Silas_> "We broke no law"
  1024. * Silas_ shakes his head
  1025. <CJR> You cross the coastline and fly through thick fog over The Wash
  1026. <Silas_> "I don't think so, it was a horrible misunderstanding, that is all
  1027. <Corbenik> "you have a grog who attacked the Quastor and as the Quastor is the law then yeah"
  1028. <Corbenik> "... Do you have any idea how many people have died due to a horrible misunderstanding?"
  1029. <CJR> Baruch, Ramon, Sedala, you see a sizable French Fleet scattered below, in great confusion.
  1030. <Baruch> "I would rather not go meet the quaesitor yet. If we are to stand a chance, we must conduct this ritual and appear at tribunal. If they catch us before that, we are in trouble far worse than I want to get into."
  1031. <Corbenik> "Baruch can you make a storm, as they will be a problem should we return?"
  1032. * Ramon think its a good brek point after we discused the things
  1033. <Corbenik> (agreed)
  1034. <Baruch> (Yeah, probably get this sorted out first though)
  1035. <Silas_> "please keep it to yourself Corbenik! I am sure the Quaestor would listen to us to ensure real justice. We need to bury the crown and stop the dragons, after all"
  1036. <Momo> "Oh how naive" Momo sneer
  1037. <Corbenik> "....... ignorance, I find this conversation going no where."
  1038. <CJR> (OK break once everyone agrees...)
  1039. <Baruch> "Corbenik, I think we have interfered enough. With luck, they will not be able to, or bother to, determine who is behind this."
  1040. <Silas_> (yep, a break here would be good)
  1041. <Momo> (break)
  1042. <Corbenik> "Let us hope then"
  1043. <CJR> (Are we finsishing now for today?)
  1044. <Corbenik> (okay I'm done)
  1045. <Ramon> "Now I dont think we should hassle with what happened but more with what to do now to prevent the dragon rising and from this resoulting the end of the world!"
  1046. <Gustbran> (I'm good till whenever)
  1047. <Baruch> Did Silas tell the rest of us about what Edith told him?
  1048. <CJR> You fly through the fog for an hour, discussing matters, and holding the crown of the Empress...
  1049. <Silas_> I'll tell the basic just of it
  1050. <Silas_> jist* of it
  1051. <Silas_> guist?
  1052. <Silas_> meh
  1053. <Gustbran> (jist is correct)
  1054. <CJR> (I need a break t get a drink. If we ant to finish here for the day we can, or if you want to bury the crown I can do another hour, but either way I can't be here next weekend :()
  1055. <Baruch> So what we know is this: Silas or Gui will do as "son" for the purposes of the ritual. We don't know the words yet, though, and would have to get them from their dad's ghost.
  1056. <CJR> Yep.
  1057. <Momo> (They would need to get marry first)
  1058. <Corbenik> :C
  1059. <Baruch> And Silas and Edith would have to get married first
  1060. <CJR> Yep.
  1061. <Baruch> In an English church
  1062. <CJR> Or Anna and Gui
  1063. <Ramon> (I thought Anna and Gui didn't Marry?)
  1064. <Silas_> (yep)
  1065. <CJR> Yep.
  1066. <Baruch> So everything is doable except for contacting Edith's dad
  1067. <Momo> (That's a whole session worth of stuff)
  1068. <Corbenik> (English Church aka in England)
  1069. <CJR> Edith's dad was last seen torm in half by a drake at Libellas
  1070. <Silas_> (also true)
  1071. <CJR> He will be buried there...
  1072. <Silas_> (yeah)
  1073. <Baruch> Oh shit
  1074. <Momo> (We will have to fly everywherE)
  1075. <Gustbran> (oh joy)
  1076. <Corbenik> (wait they surrvived the dragons?)
  1077. <Silas_> (they did)
  1078. <CJR> The good news is if buried ta the coovennat he won't have had a christian burial, maybe
  1079. <Baruch> (They rebuilt)
  1080. <Momo> (best to report to antonious if we need more than a wekk)
  1081. <CJR> The bad news - he is buried at Libellas
  1082. <Corbenik> (Ohhhhhhh shit that means fire woman maybe alive)
  1083. <Ramon> (OK I drop out for today, having 1h more time would be very helpfull bevore the tornament game)
  1084. <Baruch> Does Edith work as an arcane connection to his dad?
  1085. <CJR> Yep...
  1086. <Silas_> (The flamebou woman came out and torched a dragon till it fled)
  1087. <Corbenik> (wasn't there another one)
  1088. <CJR> Yep, Edith will be an arcane connection to her dad
  1089. <Silas_> (one would think so :) )
  1090. <CJR> As will Anna, and maybe even Gustbran
  1091. <Baruch> Ok, so if someone in the covenant had the ritual to contact ghost, we would be able to do it at the covenant EXCEPT for the wedding
  1092. <Momo> (We arent welcome in Liberlus I suspect)
  1093. <CJR> There were two drakes: a white one and balck one
  1094. <Ramon> (Thanks for todays session, see you all then probably next week)
  1095. <CJR> Liebblas is an ally of Voluntas.
  1096. <Baruch> CJ: Does Baruch know if any of the senior magi in the covenant know the rego mentem ritual to summon ghost?
  1097. <CJR> Stephen Eruditus will be DELIGHTED to see you all!
  1098. <Silas_> (ah yeah..)
  1099. <Baruch> (See you Ramon)
  1100. <Silas_> (had forgotten about him)
  1101. <CJR> Baruch: Whispers Through The black Gate? yes, its known
  1102. <Gustbran> (BRING AIDEN!!!!!!!!!)
  1103. <Ramon> (You forgoten about the reason why the problems are there at all?^^)
  1104. <Baruch> Ok, so it does look like we'll have to go back to the covenant
  1105. <Silas_> (I got that one I think)
  1106. <CJR> I the plot coming together a bit now?
  1107. <Corbenik> It's a good thing that Calpurnia is trolling in Scandinavia that way she doesn't have to deal with all this (waves hands at current events)
  1108. <Silas_> (the whispers spell, that is)
  1109. <CJR> have a look!
  1110. <Baruch> CJ: Yeh, I get it now :)
  1111. <Momo> (Oh I will bring you back if I could, Calpurnia)
  1112. <Silas_> (Yep, got the spell :) )
  1113. <Corbenik> (disturbing that thath comes from the cat that gave her away)
  1114. <Momo> (I have an adventure just to bring you back if I must)
  1115. <Corbenik> also by trolling I do actually mean trolling
  1116. <Momo> trollnig included
  1117. <Baruch> (What does the whipersing spell do? I was thinking about another wone)
  1118. <Corbenik> Oh yeah CJR you said you had 1 more hour of free time?
  1119. <CJR> Whisp0ers let's you talk ot a corpse. You have to dig it up though
  1120. <CJR> JUst under but yes :)
  1121. <Momo> finish up your calpunia thing with CJ
  1122. <Corbenik> Care to get skype open?
  1123. <CJR> Yes, I think we need ot do that
  1124. <Silas_> (oh... yay, time to get a shovel :p )
  1125. <Momo> private chat on other room
  1126. <CJR> Yes, give me 5-10 just to sort stuff out here
  1127. <Baruch> I was thinking about Incantation of the summoning dead, CJ
  1128. <Corbenik> M'kay
  1129. <CJR> That would work Baruch. You got it?
  1130. <Baruch> Does baruch know if anyone has that? It's level 40 rego mentem
  1131. <Silas_> ok, thanks for the run, and see you all next time :)
  1132. <Momo> post the result so i can bring you back next game if you haven't already
  1133. <Baruch> No, it's beyond Baruch, but maybe one of the senior magi has it?
  1134. <CJR> OK take care adrian
  1135. <CJR> Annoyingly I'm away next week
  1136. <Gustbran> CJ, what would be the name of the "eternal oblivion" spell variant for magical realm creatures?
  1137. <CJR> You can invent one. I think it's limited to one SORT of magical creature
  1138. <Corbenik> (Dragons, NOW)
  1139. <CJR> So you get Giant's Eternal Oblivion, Dragon's Eternal Oblivion, Spirits Eternal Oblivion, and so forth
  1140. <CJR> Yeah that si right
  1141. <CJR> Demons Eternal Oblivion only works on demons not ALL infernal creatures
  1142. <Momo> make sense
  1143. <Gustbran> I see.
  1144. <Corbenik> (shame)
  1145. <Baruch> CJ: Does Baruch know if any of the senior magi knows the level 40 rego mentem ritual Incantation of Summoning the Dead that allows you to summon ghosts per arcane connection?
  1146. <CJR> Likewise Faeries eternal oblivion works on TYPES of faeries
  1147. <Gustbran> oh?
  1148. <CJR> I'm going to have to check my NPC stats, but ask me on the forum and I'll let you know later
  1149. <Corbenik> (first person to make that spell dies)
  1150. <Gustbran> Even the fairy mage?
  1151. <Corbenik> Hermetic Law : don't molest the faeries
  1152. <Momo> Molest the dragon
  1153. <Gustbran> (it's one thing to know something, another to do so.)
  1154. <Corbenik> exactly
  1155. <CJR> OK I'll get a drink. Anyone log the session?
  1156. <Momo> me
  1157. <Gustbran> Regardless, dragons seem the #1 priority the upcoming season, anyway.
  1158. <Baruch> CJ: Ok, take a look and tell on the forum - it's important for the plan. In any case, I think the plan for now must be to get back to the covenant
  1159. <Corbenik> actually you can be killed knowing anything close to a infernal spell depending on what
  1160. <Baruch> And if someone has the ritual, we should summon Edith's dad by using her as an arcane connection, then ask for the words, then get Silas and Edith married in England, then complete the ritual
  1161. <Corbenik> Demons eternal oblivion is very contravertial from what I read and was for a time illegal
  1162. <Baruch> Hopefully without having to get anyone killed
  1163. <Momo> mainly because you can stack the effect
  1164. <Baruch> Corbenik: I think that concerns mostly spells that summon demons etc, woulnd't think that goes for spells that kill them?
  1165. <Corbenik> Spells the ward demons are shunned spells that summon demons flat out illegal, one momment as I get my infernal book open
  1166. <Momo> demon ward in sanctum is okay though?
  1167. <Gustbran> What!?
  1168. <Corbenik> Hmm one momment
  1169. <Gustbran> Then why is "Circular Ward Against Demons" part of the main list of spells?
  1170. <Corbenik> Wards against demons don;t work that well and are mainly used to keep demons within and not without
  1171. <CJR> You need to get them amried before you summon the ghost
  1172. <CJR> married
  1173. <Momo> the ward is mostly use for summoning
  1174. <Corbenik> yep
  1175. <Baruch> Right, because he won't tell the words otherwise.
  1176. <Gustbran> well, bugger.
  1177. <Momo> they are marring in.. spring?
  1178. <Corbenik> Actually why am I looking for the spell I should just find the law
  1179. <Baruch> So we should probably do the marriage now that we are down in england anyway
  1180. <Baruch> Before heading up
  1181. <Corbenik> DEALING WITH DEMONS
  1182. <Corbenik> The Order hunts down and kills any
  1183. <Corbenik> member found dealing with demons. This is
  1184. <Corbenik> the only clause enforced absolutely. Trying to
  1185. <Corbenik> destroy demons is normally acceptable, but
  1186. <Corbenik> even then drawing a demon’s attention to the
  1187. <Corbenik> Order is frowned upon.
  1188. <Baruch> I'll draft a plan as to what we should do next and post it on the forum
  1189. <Corbenik> Simply said destroying a demon can even get you in trouble should you draw the attention of others
  1190. <Momo> this is still autumn right
  1191. <Momo> ?
  1192. <Gustbran> (winter)
  1193. <Momo> late autumn
  1194. <Gustbran> (ehh?)
  1195. <Momo> few days before winter
  1196. <Momo> is where we begin
  1197. <Corbenik> .. damn I really need to figure out how far back she is, what year is it nyaa?
  1198. <Momo> 1216 I guess
  1199. <Corbenik> yeah year 1216 and autumn as the apollo worshipers was last season
  1200. <Gustbran> Ah, I've got to go but, I'll leave the magic dice for you.
  1201. <Gustbran> let me know how that goes.
  1202. <Corbenik> m'kay
  1203. <Gustbran> later
  1204. <Baruch> Bye!
  1205. <CJR> OK who left here?
  1206. <Corbenik> me
  1207. <Momo> going to, bye
  1209. -------------------------------
  1211. [INFO] Now logging to
  1212. <Ramon> Hi Nyaa
  1213. <Silas> Hiya Nyaa
  1214. <Nyaa> hi
  1215. <Ramon> so our King of cats is also here
  1216. <Silas> =)
  1217. <Nyaa> faerie ver.
  1218. <Ramon> Silas yes arcane connection is +4
  1219. <Silas> yes.. that is what I feared
  1220. <Silas> meaning using a spont spell through an arcane connection is a horrible idea
  1221. <Silas> any good spells for finding corpses? :p
  1222. <Baruch> back
  1223. <Ramon> lvl 3+4=lvl 15 for geting the direction
  1224. <Silas> yep
  1225. <Silas> meaning I (or someone else) would have to beat 30 in difficulty if sponting
  1226. <Ramon> yes
  1227. <Ramon> the question is if not the terram spell also work with a corpus requisit
  1228. <Silas> unless we find a magical aura or I'm exeedingly lucky there is no way for Silas to do it..
  1229. <Silas> hehe wouldn't make it easier, but it might be...
  1230. <Ramon> it make it easyer if someone know the terram spell
  1231. <Nyaa> how about finding the guy that bury him
  1232. <Silas> that is true
  1233. <Silas> hmm
  1234. <Ramon> and I think baruch learned the spell
  1235. <Baruch> Ramon: Baruch doesn't have it, he has a flaw that divides all totals with terram in half, meaning that he would have to have a ridiculous lab total to get it in one season
  1236. <Silas> If Baruch knows it then great :)
  1237. <Silas> ah well
  1238. <Silas> *cough*
  1239. <Ramon> ok then we have no one with us knowing the terram spell ( Dirk would know it and Ramon have a item but there we cant do the corpus requisit)
  1240. <Silas> You mean sending someone to find the undertaker Nyaa?
  1241. <Nyaa> I mean narrow it down through investigation
  1242. <Nyaa> if we are going the detective route
  1243. <Nyaa> there's always the "find a faerie that know corpse" route
  1244. <Silas> Actually, with so many faeries around, it might be quite fortuitous that Momo came along
  1245. <Baruch> Ramon: Can you add requisites to formulaic spells like that? I don't think that's possible
  1246. <Nyaa> yes, but we all will be drag into a faerie story as a price
  1247. <Silas> heh that is probably correct
  1248. <Nyaa> poor calpurnia
  1249. <Ramon> Not sure but the terram spell is so general writen that it might work there
  1250. <Silas> I'm not sure "poor" is the word... *cough*
  1251. <Baruch> Oh yeah, we must get silas and edith married in england before doing anything, because this has to be done when we summon the spirit in any case
  1252. <Ramon> and we are taliking about cating prequisite and not spell prequisit as this 2 are different things to my understanding
  1253. <Baruch> so that's the first thing regardless of anything
  1254. <Nyaa> and it have to be christian wedding?
  1255. <Silas> Hiya CJ
  1256. <Ramon> Hi Cj
  1257. <Nyaa> hi
  1258. <CJR> Apolgies for being late, PC took ages to start up
  1259. <Silas> Not only that it has to be a Chruch of England wedding
  1260. <CJR> Also humdity hereis tupid,and girlfriend only left 30 minutes ago
  1261. <CJR> Well a Church in England :)
  1262. <CJR> humidity here is stupid should say
  1263. <Silas> ah right
  1264. <Ramon> do we know if her dad have a chrisitian burial?
  1265. <Silas> the Chruch of England dind't get created before a few hundred years after
  1266. <Baruch> Are we all here? Nagas didn't mention he couldn't make it, but he's not here, but it might be he's sleeping again. Gustbran is afk as well, but probably will turn up
  1267. <Silas> I don't see how we would :p
  1268. <CJR> No, noone has been back to Libellas since the night he died
  1269. * Baruch slaps Gustbran around a bit with a large trout
  1270. <CJR> close but not to the covenant
  1271. <Silas> No, didn't Naga mention that he'd be away for almost a month?
  1272. <Baruch> Oh, I missed that
  1273. <Nyaa> pagan temple count as church?
  1274. <Ramon> I didn't se Gust writing when I was online for nearly 2h now
  1275. <Ramon> so he might sleeping
  1276. <Baruch> Damn, might be he's sammiching again. We better start, and he can join in if he gets back
  1277. <CJR> Nope, because you are using Church Law to create a legal son. So marriage must be in Church!
  1278. <Silas> Iiiii.... am not sure if Edith would fancy a pagan wedding though... with our future brother-in-law being a catholic
  1279. <CJR> OK so when we left off you had alll returned tot hre city?
  1280. <Nyaa> not decided yet
  1281. <Silas> didn't we just flee? :p
  1282. <Baruch> We hadn't yet - we were flying in that direction for a few minutes I think, but hadn't gone far
  1283. <Baruch> I think?
  1284. <Ramon> No we just fly toward the city of Ivory and Jade and discused what to do thats where we end
  1285. <Nyaa> either marry first or find the dead body now
  1286. <CJR> Yes, you were over the North Sea, about an hour from the city.
  1287. <CJR> OK, time in...
  1288. =-= YOU are now known as Momo
  1289. *NickServ* This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your
  1290. *NickServ* nick, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY ¬password¬ . Otherwise,
  1291. *NickServ* please choose a different nick.
  1292. <Baruch> We decided we should get Silas and Edith married before going back, right?
  1293. <Baruch> Ok
  1294. <Silas> (I think so)
  1295. <Momo> we can find a church on our way to find the body probably
  1296. <Ramon> "YOu realy want a unorganiced weeding if you dont even know if you can summon the ghost of her dad?"
  1297. <Baruch> (Yes, while flying, we keep an eye on a church where the wedding might be arranged - we have to do that before summoning the ghost)
  1298. <CJR> Right, who has Church Lore ability?
  1299. <Silas> "... the wedding would have to happen to speak to the ghost regardless, surely.."
  1300. <Silas> (not I, I'm afraid)
  1301. <Baruch> "We can organize a proper ceremony later."
  1302. <Baruch> (No lore, alas)
  1303. <Momo> (better find ask the priest)
  1304. <Ramon> (only Civil and Canon Law with Ramon but not Church Lore)
  1305. <CJR> OK, well let's have a think - you are turning due south back towards Libellas?
  1306. <Silas> (some year I promise I'll sit down and read up on some proper lore :p )
  1307. <CJR> OK< Civil and Canon Lore only half applies - but the Canon Lore bit will work well
  1308. <CJR> Make an Int + C&C Lore role please Ramon
  1309. <Ramon> (Its law not lore)
  1310. <Ramon> (So still should roll?)
  1311. <Silas> (can't hurt :) )
  1312. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+2 (Civil and Canon Lore)
  1313. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (Civil and Canon Lore): 5 :3+2
  1314. <Ramon> (grr law ^^)
  1315. <Baruch> (We're anachronistically unaware of the church)
  1316. <CJR> It's more than 3, so you know that the priest has to read banns, to annouce thw edding, for weeks before the actual service. & weeks is normal.
  1317. <Silas> (we are lawless and loreless :p )
  1318. <CJR> There are ways round it, but you don't know them!
  1319. <CJR> :D
  1320. <Baruch> (Do you tell us about that, ramon?)
  1321. <Momo> (What season would the covenant hover above endland?)
  1322. <Ramon> "Wait a second! Dont need Priest prepare a weeding ceremony for weeks? At last from what I know from Aragon it needed some ceremonies bevore the actual weeding"
  1323. <Momo> (England)
  1324. <Silas> "I still think we should find a priest, get married and think on how to find the grave..."
  1325. <Silas> "I am sure we can convince the priest that they are not needed, we were to be married anyway.."
  1326. * Silas takes Edith's hand with a smile
  1327. <Baruch> "The churchmen and their intricacies. We need to get this done as soon as possible."
  1328. <CJR> OK, you are somwhere over the North Norfolk fens now
  1329. <Silas> (How long did Antonius give us to complete this? a week yes?)
  1330. <Momo> (yep)
  1331. <Ramon> (yes
  1332. <CJR> Yes.
  1333. <Baruch> "Yes, we should try to negotiate with a priest, perhaps we can change this"
  1334. <CJR> It is late afternoon now
  1335. <Momo> "then start looking for a church!"
  1336. <Baruch> "Even if it fails, it's still better to have the preparations underway as soon as possible."
  1337. <Ramon> "We have to land during dusk anyway as sedala can't keep here size at this time"
  1338. <Baruch> "Can you take us back for the night, Ramon, and look for a church - preferably on the smaller side."
  1339. <CJR> RAmon, where you heading?
  1340. <Baruch> "Don't land us too near to Libellus, please."
  1341. <Ramon> (Right now still toward our city as we didn't decide otherwise9
  1342. <Silas> [with a wry grin] "We best avoid the nunnery we visited last too..]
  1343. <Silas> ""
  1344. <CJR> Yes, Borley and Bures and Long Melford all best avoided!
  1345. <Baruch> "Are we agreed on this?"
  1346. * Silas nods
  1347. <Silas> "We can't return the crown to Antonius yet.."
  1348. <Ramon> "I'm not the best person to look for something in england as usualy only travle the mainland"
  1349. <Silas> [Avoids meeting Corbenik's eyes]
  1350. <Baruch> (Gui and Anna weren't wed yet either, right?)
  1351. <Momo> (Borther Gui would know his church lore~)
  1352. <Ramon> (Didn't Anna drop him or do I remember something wrong?)
  1353. <Baruch> "Churches are tall old things, and we still have a few hours of light. I'm sure we can spot one."
  1354. <Ramon> (I think we haved this in the bar fight)
  1355. <Silas> (I think they are still to be married Schwartzbart :) )
  1356. <CJR> They argued and she walked out on him a while back. They are still rowing but together
  1357. <Baruch> "Can you take us back toward the land, Ramon, preferably away from everyone we have angered thus far?"
  1358. <CJR> OK, you see churches!
  1359. <Silas> (that is quite a tall order actually...:p )
  1360. <CJR> To the east a large domed cathedral
  1361. <Ramon> "Hmm ok"
  1362. <Momo> "We are a bunch of outlaws"
  1363. <CJR> To the south the huge Abbey Church at Bury St Edmunds
  1364. <Ramon> "Is this Abbey ok with you?"
  1365. <CJR> to the east further what appears to be a large Priory Church
  1366. <CJR> And from where you are about 60 smaller churches would be visible
  1367. <Baruch> "Nono, that would be the people we have angered, unfortunately"
  1368. <Silas> "It might be easier to convice them with a smaller church.. but I suppose.."
  1369. <CJR> (Suffolk is VERY flat, and there are over 600 churches in this period)
  1370. <Ramon> "Then one of the smaler ones"
  1371. <Momo> "Hope you enjoy sleeping in the barn"
  1372. <Baruch> "Pick one of the smaller ones that are further away from the centers. We want small and dominion-light."
  1373. <CJR> So really there are so many smaller ones, you can just tell me what kind fo church, howe big a settlement, in what terrain, and so forth, and I'll find one that you can see that fits
  1374. <Silas> (convince the vicar of a smaller chuch* - rather)
  1375. <CJR> There are some very isolated churcheds in the Breckland (sandy heath) and Fens (marshes)
  1376. <Baruch> "We also want woods near there, so we can land without being seen."
  1377. <CJR> Silas make a Per + Folk Ken roll please!
  1378. <Ramon> "Wood isn't that good as sedala need space"
  1379. <Silas> !roll 1d10+2 (magi special)
  1380. <Magic_Dice> Silas, (magi special): 6 :4+2
  1381. <Ramon> "dont forget she fly with her wings and not some kind of magicla way"
  1382. <CJR> Edith is annoyed Silas, but not saying anything
  1383. <Silas> "..."
  1384. <Silas> (I can't imagine why...)
  1385. <Baruch> "It's still better to be able to hide her among the trees, corret?"
  1386. <Ramon> "Edith where would you like to be married from the churches we have in sight?"
  1387. <Silas> "Anything wrong dear?" [quitely]
  1388. <Momo> "She want the dome~" Momo whisper
  1389. <Ramon> (:P)
  1390. <CJR> OK, looking round you can make out what appears to be a small tower in woods near a large town, with a tiny chapel attached. That si just below you know, on the breckland
  1391. <CJR> "Nothing" says Edith haughtily.
  1392. <Silas> (haha I can't stop laughing :p )
  1393. <Baruch> "How about that one?"
  1394. <Silas> (*cough* right..)
  1395. * Baruch points and the tower
  1396. <CJR> There are sandly clkearings around it, and no houses for three miles, just a little hut, a stone tower and the chapel
  1397. <CJR> No one appears to be around, and there are no fileds or gardens
  1398. <CJR> fields even.
  1399. <Momo> "...Looks abandoned."
  1400. <Baruch> "This is perfect. Would this suit you, Silas and Edith?"
  1401. <Silas> "Can we speak together when we land?" [Still to Edith, in a low voice]
  1402. <Ramon> "You realy think there is a priest there? it looks abonded"
  1403. <CJR> EDith is openly glaring at Momo
  1404. <Silas> "It could work,.."
  1405. <Baruch> "We don't know unless we check. Why would they have abandoned a place like that."
  1406. <CJR> It does actually. Deserted at least. However about thirty yards away there is a bell (hanging from a tree!) on a rope, and a large wicker basket :)
  1407. <Ramon> "I would prefer something more populated so we dont have to tell where we come from but its your decission"
  1408. <Momo> "I doubt it~ The ghost might not approve of this low-key marriage too "
  1409. <Baruch> "Bah, it simply has to be legally binding."
  1410. <CJR> You landing?
  1411. <Momo> "It will be harder to convince him later."
  1412. <CJR> The spot does have a slightly eerie feel. Maybe it is just the sun slowly sinking over the horizon making everything flow blood red
  1413. <Ramon> "I strongly have to disagree with you here as it is a bound for the live and so it have to be some special event even in a hurry!"
  1414. * Silas looks a bit torn
  1415. <CJR> Easy enough to keep flying if you prefer
  1416. <CJR> or fly in to that big town, that Gustbran tells you is Thetford
  1417. <Baruch> "You decide, Silas. As long as it gets done, nothing else matters."
  1418. <Momo> "We should go for the dome~"
  1419. <Silas> "We don't wish too many to pry into our affairs though... but... [looks to Edith] "
  1420. * Ramon fly toward Thetford
  1421. <Momo> "That curiously round building~ So round~"
  1422. <CJR> The dome is very impressive. You flew past it earlier - Ely Cathedral
  1423. <Momo> "So smooth~"
  1424. * Momo want to climb the round thing.
  1425. * Ramon look for a good place to land outside of they preying eyes even if we have to walk for 1h
  1426. <CJR> Not really a dome, just look like it from twenty miles
  1427. <CJR>
  1428. <Baruch> "Decide either way. I cannot follow you into the cathedral, but I am probably not needed."
  1429. <CJR> (Momo will be disappointed!)
  1430. <Momo> (What a good building to stab a dragon with)
  1431. * Silas frowns
  1432. <Ramon> (As mentioned I get down near Thetford in a place where we not easy to spot)
  1433. <Silas> "Either way, we can find a room in this city (Thetford) and figure out how to proceed from there.."
  1434. <CJR> There is a river that runs through town
  1435. <CJR> You put down in the woods to the east of the town
  1436. <CJR> There is a parish church in the centre of town, and a goirgeous large Priory Church
  1437. <Silas> "I suspect we can convince the vicar in one of the smaller churches.."
  1438. <CJR> As you land you quickly hide yourselves in the gorse bushes
  1439. <Ramon> "Lets try here if you can convince one of the priest to do the ceremony in the next 2-3 days"
  1440. * Silas nods to Ramon
  1441. * Silas dismounts and attempts to help Edith down
  1442. <CJR>
  1443. <CJR> Edith vaults down on the other side of Sedala
  1444. <Silas> (yeah..)
  1445. <Baruch> "I will wait by Sedala with Gustbran and the jewels - my presence in the town will be more a hindrance than anything else, and we cannot risk losing the crown."
  1446. <CJR> Someone is singing a rude song about the "Lady and the Stableboy" and walking across the heath from town towards that tower and chapel
  1447. <Silas> "You would not wish to take a room in an inn?" [to Baruch]
  1448. <CJR> they pass you and walk on in to th darkening woods
  1449. <CJR> Right sunset, Parma Magica anyone?
  1450. <Baruch> "Discuss with the priests first, if you can gain an audience at this hour."
  1451. * Baruch renews parma
  1452. * Silas takes a minute to renew parma as well
  1453. <Ramon> (Sedala get down to her normal horse size and the fog or cloud spell ends)
  1454. <Baruch> "If they cannot be convinced, we should not stay here at all."
  1455. <Silas> "ah, yes.."
  1456. <Ramon> "I would need some sleep"
  1457. <Momo> "Hope you bring lots of silvers"
  1458. <Silas> "As you will, Edith?" [Holds a hand out to her]
  1459. <Ramon> "Dont forget I just arived at the city bevore you let me call"
  1460. <Baruch> "I have a fair amount" *brings out a pouch with 80, hands over to Silas*
  1461. <Baruch> (What did Ramon just say? I didn't understand)
  1462. * Silas takes the bag cautiously
  1463. <CJR> The City has two obvious gates - one across the river, one on the road
  1464. <Ramon> (That he is tired!)
  1465. <Silas> "Thank you, I shall return it to you in full"
  1466. <CJR> There are a number of barges, wherrys and boats of all sizes tied up on the riverbanks, and a few houses here outside the town.
  1467. <Baruch> (Was sedala able to disguise as a horse again?)
  1468. <Ramon> (He haved the trip to the city of Ivory and Jade and then was called to the meeting and now he is flying for nearly the complet day)
  1469. * Silas waits for Edith before heading into town
  1470. <CJR> The singing man has returned, walking back towards town
  1471. <CJR> YOu can't see him because f the bushes
  1472. <Ramon> (Yes in the old bversion it was a blanket and in the new she do it her self)
  1473. <Baruch> (Ok)
  1474. <CJR> Suddenly he stops singing.
  1475. <CJR> Per + Awareness please
  1476. <Baruch> "Have it your way, then - we'll all go into town, and stay the night in either case."
  1477. <Momo> !roll 1d10+4 (Noise special)
  1478. <Magic_Dice> Momo, (Noise special): 7 :3+4
  1479. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1
  1480. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 5 :4+1
  1481. <Silas> !roll 1d10+1(+1 alertness)
  1482. <Silas> !roll 1d10+1 (+1 alertness)
  1483. <Magic_Dice> Silas, (+1 alertness): 11 :10+1
  1484. <Silas> !roll 1d10
  1485. <Magic_Dice> Silas: 3
  1486. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+4 (sedala +1 keeping watch)
  1487. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (sedala +1 keeping watch): 9 :5+4
  1488. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+3 (Ramon)
  1489. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (Ramon): 6 :3+3
  1490. <CJR> Sedala -- you hear a weird hisling, like a flute being played, and the distanmt roar of a sandstorm approaching
  1491. <CJR> Odd in October!
  1492. <CJR> whistling hot histling...
  1493. <CJR> not not hot
  1494. <Silas> (histling?)
  1495. <CJR> Whistling
  1496. <CJR> ;)
  1497. <Baruch> (you hear a weird whistling)
  1498. <Silas> (ah)
  1499. <Silas> (google failed me :p )
  1500. <CJR> Right, everyone ot town?
  1501. <Silas> "Let us go then"
  1502. <CJR> The singing stranger has run off that way fast
  1503. * Silas moves to walk next to Edith
  1504. <Baruch> (Does Sedala mention anything to Ramon?)
  1505. <Ramon> (Yes with sedala disgusied as horse)
  1506. <CJR> By the time you get to the gate sof Thetford a sharp cold wind blows stinging sand in to your faces, hurting your eyes, blurring vision and clogging your noses
  1507. <Ramon> In occatin "There is some strange windwistling and it sound like sand wind is comming"
  1508. <CJR> Any Magi with a Terrma art is on: anyone else doing anything?
  1509. <Baruch> "Yes, let us, then. I worry about the cathedral."
  1510. <CJR> Terram art is OK: the soak of 1 will protect
  1511. <CJR> The gate is not far now
  1512. <Silas> Tries to hurry to town
  1513. <CJR> Silas, Edith ties her scarf across her face, as does Gustbran.
  1514. <Ramon> (CJ Updated sedala or still old one?)
  1515. <CJR> They are clerly used to this
  1516. <CJR> Updated
  1517. * Silas takes his sleeve up to his face
  1518. <Momo> (momo have 10 might so he's fine~)
  1519. <Ramon> Sedala uses Quit the Raging Winds PeAu (4 might points)
  1520. <CJR> You arrive at the gate. There are a number of cottages to either side, and one large house, but the gate is closed against you for the night
  1521. <CJR> OK Sedala does that and the sand stops blowing
  1522. * Baruch stays far back
  1523. <CJR> The gate is closed.
  1524. * Silas knocks on the gate door (if any)
  1525. <CJR> The wall is only about 12' high though, and does not look very formidable as made of flintstones and heavily overgrown with ivy
  1526. <CJR> Yes, the knock echoes through the evening
  1527. <CJR> #The door opens, and a young sandy haired man with thinkn features looks out
  1528. <Ramon> "Gustbran or Edith can you do the talk?"
  1529. <CJR> "Good evening. Why are you knocking? Arrived late?"
  1530. <CJR> Edith snaps at him "obviously!"
  1531. * Silas moves to let Gust or Edith do the talking
  1532. <CJR> He looks taken aback, and tries French.
  1533. <Silas> (lol, poor man, he's getting all her pent up anger...)
  1534. <CJR> Finally Edith says "Well let us in then" and just barges past him.
  1535. * Silas looks to the others and shrugs, before moving past him as well
  1536. <CJR> He watches her go, and then steps aside. Gutsbran hands him a silver penny a head, as is the normal gate tax
  1537. <Momo> (Silas and his next 50 years of shrugs)
  1538. * Ramon follow them
  1539. <Silas> (I can't imagine Silas living 50 years :p )
  1540. <Momo> (Assuming you get logertivity)
  1541. <Silas> (if his naive streak doesn't kill them then Edith is sure to)
  1542. <Ramon> (No he will live a vew hiundert years unless someone kill him ^^)
  1543. * Baruch follows
  1544. <CJR> As you emerge from the gate you ar eon the south side of the river. The twon centre is ahead. A wooden bridge crosses over the othe magnificent Priory gate
  1545. <CJR> The Priory Churhc si impressive
  1546. <Silas> (haha yeah, but even with the rituals ^^)
  1547. <Ramon> "Lets look for a Inn"
  1548. <Baruch> "Agreed"
  1549. <Silas> "Yes... and without haunting and rogue mages this time..."
  1550. <CJR> Straight ahead, by the impressive stone bridge that crosses the river thet, you can see tow inns - the anchor & the Bell
  1551. <CJR> The bell is teh alrger
  1552. <CJR> The Bell is the larger
  1553. <CJR> you pass tHetford Priory, and come to the inns
  1554. <Silas> (which looks more cozy? :p )
  1555. <CJR> The Anchor is teh smaller, and right by the river
  1556. <Ramon> (What looks like the bether one?)
  1557. <CJR> The Bell overlook sthe Parish church
  1558. <CJR> Int + Streetwise?
  1559. <Ramon> (Do the Bell have a stable?)
  1560. <Silas> "Shall we take room here [the Anchor] and then Edith an I will speak to the vicar?"
  1561. <CJR> Yes it does!
  1562. <CJR> Both do
  1563. <CJR> There ar elaods of horses in town
  1564. <Silas> (street wise is an ability?)
  1565. <CJR> For some reason horses seem to be very common her e- even prosperous peasants have horses
  1566. <CJR> Sorry Folk Ken!
  1567. <CJR> :)
  1568. <CJR> (Wromng game system!)
  1569. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+4
  1570. <Magic_Dice> Ramon: 10 :6+4
  1571. <Silas> !roll 1d10+2 (folk ken)
  1572. <Magic_Dice> Silas, (folk ken): 8 :6+2
  1573. <Silas> (haha fair enough ^^)
  1574. <Momo> !roll 1d10+3
  1575. <Magic_Dice> Momo: 4 :1+3
  1576. <Momo> !roll 1d10
  1577. <Magic_Dice> Momo: 3
  1578. <Momo> 9 total
  1579. <Ramon> (Ramone probably pick the more expensive from his taste)
  1580. <CJR> Ramon, the bell is a horse dealers and prosperous merchants tavern. The Anchor is for visitors but more cozy
  1581. <CJR> Momo, a ghostly maid is watching you from the garret window of a room in the Anchor
  1582. <Momo> (I see dead people_
  1583. <CJR>
  1584. <Ramon> "I think we bether go the merchant tavern, the Bell"
  1585. <Momo> "Nah, this anchor seems better"
  1586. <CJR>,%20Thetford.JPG
  1587. <Silas> "They may not have enough rooms, so we can split up.."
  1588. * Silas hands the money bag back to Baruch
  1589. * Baruch ok
  1590. <Baruch> "Pick one, it is hardly significant."
  1591. <CJR>
  1592. <CJR> That's the Church
  1593. <Ramon> "I go ahead into the Bell and ask how many beds they have enmpty"
  1594. <Silas> "Gust can go with Ramon and Edith and I will stay at the Anchor
  1595. <CJR> Ramon, you look wealthy and Owd George the innkeep is happy to let you have up to eight rooms
  1596. <Silas> (Gust so you have an english speaker :) )
  1597. <Ramon> "let me ask there first bevore we decide to split"
  1598. <CJR> You take Gustbran to do the talking
  1599. <Silas> "alright.."
  1600. <Ramon> (its a mercant tavern so I should be ablte to get trough with latin)
  1601. * Baruch stands behind everyone looking uneasy and irritable
  1602. <CJR> He knows a little Latin, a few words.
  1603. <CJR> There is quite a bustle all around, but then...
  1604. <CJR> Baruch [please make a Per +Awareness
  1605. <Ramon> (I intentional left the mages outside)
  1606. <Baruch> !roll 1d10 (plus1)
  1607. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (plus1): 6
  1608. <CJR> Yes I know...
  1609. <CJR> Baruch a horse suddnly seems to notice you and starts, then bolts. The young man on it shouts in terror as ot runs way startled by Baruch
  1610. <Ramon> "Do you still have place for 7 people wo prefer to have theyr own room?"
  1611. <Ramon> "and 1 horse"
  1612. <Baruch> (He already mentioned there were 8 rooms, I think)
  1613. <CJR> Ramon is able ytop get rooms for you all
  1614. <CJR> Baruch, you doing anything about the poor lad on the bolting horse?
  1615. <CJR> Yiur Gift is a real curse around animals
  1616. <Baruch> (So he's still on it)
  1617. <CJR> Yep.
  1618. <CJR> Ramon the innkeep says he will shwo you all to the rooms
  1619. <Baruch> (ARe there people around who could see me casting?)
  1620. <CJR> Anyway, rooms are arranged, and everyone can gather in the alrgest room with a fireplace cheerily burning and a window ovberlooking the church
  1621. <CJR> Yes, lot sof people Baruch!
  1622. <Ramon> "I will visit the rooms and then show them to my companions"
  1623. <Baruch> I as Gustbran to see if he can do anything, or at least help the lad in the end. I then head inside to my room quickly.
  1624. <Ramon> (The later he learn about the mage aura the bether ^^)
  1625. <Baruch> (I mean go to the common room with a fireplace)
  1626. <Ramon> (After I inspected the rooms and think they are wort the money I pay upfront)
  1627. * Silas tries to ask Edith what the matter is, if it is due to the suddenness of the wedding or something else
  1628. <CJR> Gutsbran chrages off to chase the runaway hjorse. He will be back later
  1629. <CJR> Silas, make a Pre + Charm roll
  1630. <Momo> (stress roll)
  1631. <Silas> !roll 1d10+4
  1632. <Magic_Dice> Silas: 8 :4+4
  1633. <Silas> (is always stress :p )
  1634. <Silas> (I'll get grey hair at 25 at this rate..)
  1635. <Momo> (A normal conversation with stress roll for the rest of your life)
  1636. <Baruch> (:D)
  1637. <Momo> (How's the dinner dear? did you feed the baby?)
  1638. <Silas> (wham! Stress roll)
  1639. <Ramon> (Ramon probably will get sayed who he have to marry so Silas is still bether of)
  1640. <Silas> (don't be so depressed, arranged marriages between nobles can be lived seperately if it is really needed..)
  1641. <CJR> Edith explains that she always expected to get married in Long Melford church, her parish church
  1642. <Silas> (you just need an heir at some point)
  1643. <CJR> It is normal practice for people to mary in their Parish
  1644. <CJR> Furthermore she is upset because Libellas hold her dowry.
  1645. <CJR> And she can't marry without a dowry.
  1646. <CJR> The things left to her by her mother
  1647. <Ramon> (dowry? Have to look at translation)
  1648. <Ramon> (Ahh ok)
  1649. <Silas> (It is stuff.. money or household goods usually, that a woman brings to a wedding)
  1650. <Momo> (If only we can redo a wedding ceremony)
  1651. * Silas asks how close Long Melford is to Libellas
  1652. <Ramon> (Btw messed up with the people nuber as we are only 6 acential added momo as person ^^)
  1653. <Silas> (what, Momo doesn't get a room? :p )
  1654. <CJR> thre emiles from Long Melford to Libellas
  1655. <Momo> (And so it shall)
  1656. <Momo> (A room for the king)
  1657. <CJR> Momo takes the largest room with the fireplace.
  1658. <CJR> OK, so let's skip ahead and discuss what happens.
  1659. <Silas> (to be fair, if we had a snug corner in one of the rooms Momo might end up sleeping there anyway :p )
  1660. <CJR> So whats the plan?
  1661. <Momo> (Nope, the corner of his own room :p)
  1662. <Baruch> Is the dowry literally needed as in you can't get married without it, or is it needed because Edith would prefer it?
  1663. <Ramon> (Yes as mentioned I accential counted momo as a human and so asked for 7 bed ^^)
  1664. <CJR> Much as I am happy to describe medieval Norfolk building by building! :P
  1665. <Momo> (Let's find d a priest and discuss with it first)
  1666. <Silas> [to Edith] "I fear that news might spread to Libellas if we were to marry in Long Melford.." [strokes her cheek fondly - to tries to] "I am sorry.."
  1667. <Silas> (or tries to* rather)
  1668. <CJR> Silas Pre + Charm
  1669. <Silas> (damn..)
  1670. <Silas> !roll 1d10+4
  1671. <Magic_Dice> Silas: 13 :9+4
  1672. <CJR> Momo, looking out the windw ther ei aparish priest in the graveyard fo the church oppoisite
  1673. <Silas> (I can see that I'm gonna have to boost my charm at some point :p )
  1674. <Momo> "There's a priest out there, we can ask him some question"
  1675. <CJR> Edith brightens up. She says she will happily marry anywhere, but she will need a dowry
  1676. <Momo> "Alright, someone go get that dowry while we set up the wedding here."
  1677. <Ramon> "Let me suspect this someone is at last Edith and me?"
  1678. <Momo> "And sedala"
  1679. <Baruch> "Where is your dowry precisely, Edith? Can we buy new things, or do you need the things you used to have?"
  1680. <Ramon> (LOL Baruch it have to be the things she get from her parents)
  1681. <Silas> (details hehe :p )
  1682. <Baruch> (Baruch doesn't have much idea, or care much, about such things.)
  1683. * Silas frowns trying to find a way to solve the problem
  1684. <CJR> My mother left me the best linen, her silver ring, and three wooden chairs, a spoon, a spinning wheel, a loom and a table" says Edith " oh and six apostle spoons, and a piece of magic stone"
  1685. <Silas> (good lord woman..)
  1686. <Baruch> "I see. And where are all these things, precisely?"
  1687. <CJR> "They were in our cottage, just inside the gate of Libellas, next to Lucidia's sanctum"
  1688. <Silas> "That was... the woman from Flambau, was it not?"
  1689. <Momo> "I heard Lucidia is the... Flambleu mage??"
  1690. <CJR> Yes, the fiery one who likes ot burn people" says Edith cheerfully
  1691. * Silas looks a bit nervous
  1692. <Momo> "Better bring someone that wasn't wanted"
  1693. <Silas> "Do you suppose she would keep your return a secret?" [with a slight conspiratorial hint in his voice]
  1694. <Ramon> "Thats not good we might need a other Redcap to get this delivery made"
  1695. <Baruch> "How do you think they would react if you simply went there to get the dowry?"
  1696. <CJR> Eith looks suprprised at Silas - "I was not foing to tell her. She lives in the next cottage!"
  1697. <Momo> "It would take week for a redcap to deliver it"
  1698. <CJR> Edith looks - sad - "of cours ei tmight have burned down when the dragon destroyed much of the covenant!"
  1699. <Ramon> "yes but can Edith let her face show n there?"
  1700. <CJR> Edith "I think Stephen Eruditus might turn me in to a mouse again!" (indignant)
  1701. <Momo> "We just aren't going to stop taking things from Libellas aren't we."
  1702. <Baruch> "It does seem probably they might have burnt, yes. Perhaps we should move on?"
  1703. <CJR> There is alot of noise outside. French soldiers marching down the street
  1704. <Silas> "He might try worse to cover up his crimes.."
  1705. <Momo> "Perhaps we should just bring your mother here and buy you a new gift"
  1706. <CJR> "my mother is long dead!" says Edith
  1707. <Silas> "..."
  1708. <Momo> "Your mother ghost then"
  1709. * Silas sighs
  1710. <CJR> Edith loos horrified
  1711. <Silas> "please, don't. Momo..."
  1712. <CJR> "First my father, now my mother!" she splutters!!!
  1713. <CJR> "Bad kitty!"
  1714. <Baruch> "PCould we simply buy you new things to replace the ones you have lost, edith?"
  1715. <CJR> She turns her back on Momo
  1716. <Momo> "Wahh" Momo hide at the corner
  1717. <CJR> Baruch, good idea. Pre + Charm roll please
  1718. <CJR> (no Gift penalty)
  1719. <Silas> "I wonder... what would make an Archmagus to leave the safety of his covenant?"
  1720. <Momo> "A burned down covenant"
  1721. <Baruch> !roll 1d10-2
  1722. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 2 :4-2
  1723. <Silas> "They had that, it didn't keep him away.."
  1724. <CJR> Edith looks at you scornfully "No!" she snorts
  1725. <Ramon> (CJ a rull question the Fast Mover essential trait can this help sedala dodge especial when she is in the air?)
  1726. <CJR> right, 5 minute break? I need to get a drink, and you need to plan?
  1727. <CJR> Yes she can dodge with that Ramon
  1728. <Baruch> Yeah, sure.
  1729. <Silas> (we always need a plan :p )
  1730. <Baruch> I'll take Silas aside for a bit.
  1731. <Ramon> (Good as this gives +3 to to relevant actions :) )
  1732. * Silas follows Baruch
  1733. <Momo> (Find the ghost and talk to priest first)
  1734. <Baruch> "You need to convince her about this. Use magic if you must. We cannot get a table out of Libellas."
  1735. <Momo> "Maybe the priest have some... exotic way to do this."
  1736. <Silas> "No, I don't see how we could, and I will try -"
  1737. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+2 (Civial and Canon Law if I know about some similiar case when a woman lost her dowry)
  1738. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (Civial and Canon Law if I know about some similiar case when a woman lost her dowry): 9 :7+2
  1739. <Momo> "We should make sure he would perform the wedding first before we even bring her stuff back."
  1740. <Silas> "There is an idea I have been toying with though. Archmage Stephan is likely the only one who would know why we should not be allowed to speak with her father - if we could lure him out then..."
  1741. <CJR> Ramon: it is normal for some charitable person to find goods slightly higher in value to help, or she can not wed
  1742. <Ramon> (ups right 5 min break ^^)
  1743. <Momo> "We should grab more man power then."
  1744. <Silas> "We might have a good chance to speak with his ghost - and perhaps in so doing convince the people of Libellas to cast down Stephan"
  1745. <CJR> I'm back btw
  1746. <Ramon> "Now what if a noble replace the dowry you lost?"
  1747. <Silas> (nooo)
  1748. <Momo> (Suddenly a drake attack!)
  1749. <CJR> Ramon, you can try a Pre + Charm but its got harder since Baruch failed
  1750. <Ramon> "To my understanding this is a legal posibility"
  1751. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+5
  1752. <Magic_Dice> Ramon: 13 :8+5
  1753. <Silas> (he tried a roll to know if it was the case though, should give a small bonus maybe? :) )
  1754. <CJR> The hole lot wouyld only cost about £2 silver) plus a magic stone!
  1755. <Ramon> (Do you realy think I tryed this if I didn't know that ramon is good in social ^^)
  1756. <Momo> (And then the magic stone cost a million)
  1757. <CJR> Edith shrugs. If needs be Ramon, I would accept that yes!
  1758. <CJR> OK, so Edith smiles and looks happier.
  1759. <CJR> She wants to get married -if someone will replace her dowry, she can, so she will accept it
  1760. <CJR> Baruch is just a bit morose and difficult as far as he si concerned
  1761. * Silas sends a smile to Ramon when Edith isn't looking
  1762. <Momo> (With eye blink and thumbs up)
  1763. <CJR> :)
  1764. <CJR> What now?
  1765. <Ramon> "What can you tell me about this magical stone you mentioned?"
  1766. <Silas> [butts in] "We should perhaps find a vicar first, while they are still awake?"
  1767. <CJR> "My mother received it as a wedding present from my father. It is a stone, and magic. That was all I knew of it"
  1768. <Silas> (Welcome back)
  1769. <Silas> (Baruch, ready for a PM spam with the last bit you missed?)
  1770. <Momo> (Bah I knew I should had grab that stone from stonehedge)
  1771. <CJR> The french soldiers till march through town.
  1772. <CJR> They appear to be leaving for some reason, in the middle of the night
  1773. * Ramon wisper to baruch the stone is the harest think to replace and I don't have something like this
  1774. * Silas asks Gustbran if he could speak with the tavernkeep to find out about the French
  1775. <Baruck> (Sorry, someone walked away with the internet in the form of a telephone)
  1776. <CJR> lol!
  1777. <Baruck> (could someone msg me what happened in between
  1778. <Silas> (haha the nerve of some poeple!)
  1779. <CJR> Gustbran goes to make enquiries
  1780. <Silas> sure one sec Baruch
  1781. <Ramon> (just send it to him)
  1782. <Silas> (oh god I am spamming myself)
  1783. <Ramon> (Is this city big enough to get the things here she lost?)
  1784. <Ramon> (except for the magic stone)
  1785. <CJR> RAmon, yes definitely
  1786. <Momo> (grab a stone, wrap it in magic, done)
  1787. <Silas> (heh sent it first time to Baruch, which just gave me 300 error messages :p )
  1788. <CJR> Thetford is a sizable town
  1789. <Ramon> (Hm scratch that she get it back at the flying city as the transport up would be to problematic except for the clothing and the ring)
  1790. * Silas bows down with a flourish to Edith "Shall we go and wake a vicar?" He sports a devilish grin
  1791. <Ramon> (So we have to get her cloths and the ring here and the rest at the city is probably the best)
  1792. <CJR> Gustbran returns, and says the French received orders to withdraw, and the plan to take as many horses as possible from he market here famous for horses has been abandoned, but no one knows why. They are said to be marching to Cambridge overnight
  1793. <CJR> Edith laughs and agrees
  1794. <Momo> "There's a vicar down at the grave"
  1795. <CJR> ***** outsie by the church888
  1796. <CJR> OK who is dowen her ot talk to the priest?
  1797. <CJR> down here...
  1798. <Baruck> (Baruch stays behind, but tries to keep an eye on the others through the window)
  1799. =-= Baruck is now known as Baruch
  1800. * Ramon stay at the inn to eat something and then get the most needed rest after feed sedala
  1801. <CJR> OK< Edith and Silas approach the vicar who looks up in surprise at seeing them
  1802. <Silas> (the feeding part seems like a good idea, if the french are stealing horses...)
  1803. <CJR> Silas, are you Gentle Gifted?
  1804. <Silas> (yep)
  1805. <CJR> (I should know by now!)
  1806. <CJR> Cool.
  1807. <Silas> (naa you suspected it, its enough ^^)
  1808. <CJR> He smiles, and looks you both up and down "How can I assist you?" in English
  1809. <Baruch> "Ramon, you should make sure the French don't take Sedala from the stable."
  1810. <CJR> Edith says "We wish to marry, Father!"
  1811. <Silas> (hehe)
  1812. <Silas> "We do indeed wish to marry" [in latin]
  1813. <CJR> "is this so?" to Silas, in English
  1814. <CJR> "ah,and educated man! Come in, come in, says the priest!"
  1815. <Ramon> "They wont get fare with her as she only go with people she know but I still bether look in chase she think they attack her"
  1816. <Silas> [lets Edith go first and follows]
  1817. <CJR> He takes you to the Vicarage, poiur you both wine and has his housekeeper prepare a simple meal
  1818. <CJR> "so, tell me how you met, when you wish to wed, and who your familes are!"
  1819. <Silas> "Many thanks for your hospitality father"
  1820. <CJR> OK Silas, Edith looks ot you
  1821. <Silas> "We met, oh, almost a year ago now. You can almost say that it was fate that brought us together"
  1822. <Baruch> (Does Ramon go to the stables or do anything like that about the Sedala thing?)
  1823. <Ramon> (Yes he will look)
  1824. <CJR> Ramon, when you get to th stables and there are several other concerned locals standing around looking after thir horses, but the French are just amrching straight past right now
  1825. <Ramon> (Its not good if she eliminat a group of soldiers ;) )
  1826. <CJR> "really?" The priest looks interested. Wel tell me your kin and names
  1827. <Silas> "come from the south, germany, and buisness had brought me to England, here I found this radiant flower and we grew fond of eachother"
  1828. <CJR> "does the ladies father consent tot he wedding? or a brother or male guardian?"
  1829. <CJR> Edith explains her name and relatives
  1830. <Silas> [presents his old name, not mentioning the mage house]
  1831. <Ramon> (Gustbran is needed as "male guardian")
  1832. <Silas> (that is likely yes, but we can fetch him as needed :p )
  1833. <CJR> The priest looks relieved. "Then you are not within the bounds forbidden by consanguinity and may wed - a relief - " he says
  1834. <CJR> Edith looks annoyed at the idea of "male guardian", but quickly covers it up with a smile
  1835. <CJR> "and you are both free to marry, and have married no other?"
  1836. <CJR> "You have no wife in Germany Silas?"
  1837. <Silas> "I do not father"
  1838. <Momo> (They are call mistress ~)
  1839. <CJR> Edith shoots a very sharp glance at Silas, and looks relieved when he replies!
  1840. <Silas> (well, that wasn't what he asked Momo...)
  1841. <Silas> ( *cough* )
  1842. <CJR> "And you wish me to say bans from now, so you may marry in early December?"
  1843. <Momo> (what month is now?)
  1844. <Silas> "ah.. about that, father, could we perhaps hasten the marriage?"
  1845. <CJR> The prioest looks puzzled. "Why?" he asks with a very direct look at Edith's stomach.
  1846. <CJR> "I can see no sign of child?"
  1847. <Silas> "We have long been intended to marry you see.."
  1848. <Silas> "No of cause, we are not married!"
  1849. <Silas> "But, you see"
  1850. <Momo> (Because you two can't stay long)
  1851. <CJR> "i am aware you ar enot married Silas" says the priest, seemingly puzzled
  1852. <CJR> "she is not your cousin, or pregnant, and no other wife is likely to turn up... so why the hurry?"
  1853. <Momo> (You two live in a flying city and need to do it fast)
  1854. <CJR> Baruch, you still watching the street?
  1855. <Silas> "We have been engaged for a time now, but due to this... war... our scheduled marriage was impossible" [crosses fingers]
  1856. <Baruch> (Yes, I'm waiting for Edith and Silas and looking out, watching for trouble.)
  1857. <Silas> (scaring horses, the usual ^^)
  1858. <CJR> OK, a large black raven has just landed on the church roof.
  1859. <Momo> (scare it off, baruch)
  1860. <Baruch> Does it look familiar from before? Like Meles or whatwashisname of Libellus?
  1861. <Silas> (ah right, I had almost forgotten him)
  1862. <Ramon> (Corvus or how he was called was a other one)
  1863. <Momo> (That guy is our ally I think)
  1864. <CJR> It looks a bit like Corvus of Voluntas yes
  1865. <Silas> (he hit it off with Class at least :) )
  1866. <Silas> (if I recall)
  1867. <CJR> The Father looks at Silas: well if you have waited so long, what is a few more weeks while i read the banns?
  1868. <CJR> You are not residents of this parish, or i coudl theoretically marry you sooner
  1869. * Silas frowns and looks to Edith
  1870. <CJR> The only problem is I would need a special license from the Bishop of Norwich to marry you sooner
  1871. <CJR> And that will take money, and some time...
  1872. <Silas> "ah, might I speak with you in private, father?"
  1873. <Silas> "I shan't take long" [to Edith]
  1874. <CJR> Yes, yes of course says the priest
  1875. <CJR> Edith looks worried
  1876. <Silas> (I am going to spend some points in intrigue after this..)
  1877. <CJR> OK Silas what is the plan
  1878. <Silas> "You see father, my own esteemed father has not long for this world."
  1879. <Silas> "The will for his estates has been made clear to me, he wishes me to marry before he dies or I shall inherit nothing"
  1880. <CJR> "I see, I see"
  1881. <Silas> "- he is not long for this world I fear, but I did not wish for my beloved to think I am marrying her for the money.."
  1882. <CJR> !roll 1d10+3 Per+Guile for Vicar
  1883. <Magic_Dice> CJR, Per+Guile for Vicar: 4 :1+3
  1884. <Silas> "I can compensate you of cause, for your trouble..."
  1885. <CJR> Make a CXom + Guile or Intrigue roll please
  1886. <Ramon> (wasn't that a 1?)
  1887. <CJR> oh yes!
  1888. <Momo> (Not a stress)
  1889. <Silas> !roll 1d10
  1890. <Magic_Dice> Silas: 10
  1891. <CJR> !roll 1d10
  1892. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 9
  1893. <CJR> Yes it was a stre
  1894. <Silas> !roll 1d10
  1895. <Magic_Dice> Silas: 4
  1896. <Silas> (well shite)
  1897. <CJR> OK, the vicar grows angry!
  1898. <Baruch> I'll spont a fog at base 2, concentration duration, touch range, +1 size, so level 5. I'll have it spread out from Baruch fairly slowly, and try to make it seem natural-ish,
  1900. <CJR> So the fog fills the street?
  1901. <CJR> The vicar throws you out Silas
  1902. <Silas> (think fast think fast...)
  1903. <Silas> (darn)
  1904. <CJR> He stops to tell Edith something
  1905. <Momo> (Next priest)
  1906. <Baruch> Yes, that's about a square kilometer of fog in the end, CJ
  1907. <CJR> You can try something as you are being thrown out if you want!
  1908. <Silas> (at least we have other priests :p )
  1909. <CJR> wowe, the whole of thetford will get caught up in mists
  1910. <CJR> but it is foggy day so cool :)
  1911. <Momo> (Just don't mess up on the bishop)
  1912. <Silas> (naa, I don't think enspelling a vicar is a good idea.. sadly)
  1913. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+44
  1914. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 49 :5+44
  1915. <Silas> (I'd love to though!)
  1916. <Momo> (welcome to fog land)
  1917. * Silas can't see a hand in front of his face
  1918. <CJR> The fog filsl the streets, and the raven caws and flies off startled.
  1919. <CJR> So SIlas, you cna try if you want but at -12 for Dominion aura
  1920. <Baruch> (Do you do anything abou the vicar, silas?)
  1921. <Momo> (damn strong aura)
  1922. <Silas> (nope, it is a poor idea, even Silas would realize it)
  1923. <Momo> (That's why the vicas can see through you lie~)
  1924. <Ramon> (oO sedala dont like this place)
  1925. <Silas> (I can't think of a good way to salvage this either way..)
  1926. <Momo> (I begins to think this will take 5 session to finsh)
  1927. <Silas> (the enxt vicar I'll try bribeing...)
  1928. <Silas> (faster and less morally perverse..)
  1929. <CJR> OK, Edith and Silas find their way back to the hotel, meeting Ramon at the stable on the way
  1930. <CJR> Everyone gather sback in the room.
  1931. <Silas> [to Edith, with a bit of an annoyed frown] "what did he tell you?"
  1932. <Baruch> I'll stop concentrating on the fog spell, so the fog begins to thin after a while
  1933. <Momo> "Well, at least it's good that we have like hundreds of churches around here."
  1934. * Silas explains that the vicar didn't buy my story and won't wed us
  1935. * Ramon also get back to the room as the soldiers have left by now
  1936. <CJR> EDith says "that you are a liar and blaggard and no good and I should leave you at once!" She laughs
  1937. <CJR> "you had best not be!"
  1938. * Silas laughs
  1939. <Baruch> "Let us sleep the night and try at another, smaller church, shall we? Less of a dominion aura means easier magic, remember."
  1940. <CJR> OK, everyone cool with that plan?
  1941. <Ramon> "Now thats defenitve not true to my knowledge but I ned rest"
  1942. <Momo> "If the other church is closeby, we should walk there now"
  1943. <Ramon> "Good Night"
  1944. <Silas> "I am too bad a liar to be doing this on a regular basis" [grins to Edith]
  1945. <Silas> (agrees to bed)
  1946. * Baruch heads off to bed
  1947. <Momo> "Oh well."
  1948. <CJR> EDith can tell you that once you cross the border to Suffolk the Abbott of Bury St Edmunds abbey would be the equivalent of the Bishop here.
  1949. <CJR> OKey doke, thre eminute break
  1950. * Momo spend some time chatting with the ghostly maid until nap time
  1951. <Baruch> (I'll have to go in about 30min)
  1952. <Ramon> (I also have to drop out in ~34 min)
  1953. <Silas> (Does she have any good ideas of how to coax the next vicar or bishop? - edith that is)
  1954. <Baruch> (who's the abbot of bury again? Isn't that one of the people we angered?)
  1955. <Silas> (is it..?)
  1956. <Silas> (... my memory is too poor apparently..)
  1957. <Momo> ( I thought we only anger some nun)
  1958. <Momo> (assuming they see us)
  1959. <Baruch> (Right, it was a nun. Who was this abbot again?)
  1960. <Silas> (I'm fairly sure it wasn't Bury though)
  1961. <Baruch> (Bury is where the crown was buried, right?)
  1962. <Baruch> (I guess there would be a kind of synergy to going there.)
  1963. <Silas> (yeah I think that is why it sounds familair)
  1964. <Ramon> (baruch and I have to drop out in ~30 MIN)
  1965. =-= CJR_ is now known as CJR
  1966. <CJR> Same here
  1967. <CJR> I have thirty minutes no more
  1968. <CJR> OK, morning.
  1969. <Baruch> In the morning, I'll ask Edith if she is familiar with the abbot - would he agree to a hastened wedding?
  1970. <CJR> What is the plan?
  1971. <CJR> She knows of Abbott Samson, a kind and just man.
  1972. <CJR> Bury St Edmunds is sixteen miles dues south from here, the biggest city in the area
  1973. <CJR> Fourteen miles further south is long Melford and libellas.
  1974. <Silas> Does she have an idea of how to hasten the wedding, would bribing be... decent?
  1975. <Silas> Acceptable, is perhaps better
  1976. <CJR> Samason is very concerned with money as he is doing extensive rebuilding of the shrine of St Edmund at the moment
  1977. <CJR> A gift would be welcomed she thinks
  1978. * Silas smiles widely
  1979. <Momo> "Alright, let's go. We only have half a week left"
  1980. * Silas suggests we try the abbey then
  1981. <Baruch> "The abbot seems like a good next alternative. Let us go to Bury, shall we? Another town, unfortunately, but I am not certain that it can be helped"
  1982. <CJR> How you getting there?
  1983. <CJR> Sedala?
  1984. <Ramon> "Should't we first look if we find some good replacement for the dowry here?
  1985. <Baruch> "This is also where the crown used to be, is it not? Do you know the exact place, Edith?"
  1986. <Silas> "We can do that at the covenant, I think.."
  1987. <Baruch> "No, we will purchase the things at Bury, it is a town as well, is it not?"
  1988. <Baruch> "Or at the covenant, that would be best, of course."
  1989. <Ramon> "Yes but should't she have good cloths for the weeding?"
  1990. <Ramon> "Also isn't a ring needed?"
  1991. <Baruch> "We can arrange all that in Bury. Shall we?"
  1992. <Momo> "Look at you all shopping like a bunch of refined ladies."
  1993. <Silas> "ah, of cause.. but... the heavier stuff would be easily gotten in the city of Ivory and Jade
  1994. * Baruch heads off to Sedala
  1995. <Ramon> "I agre with this bit the things you 2 whear at the ceremony is what is important to get early"
  1996. <CJR> Bury is a lkarge town. St Edmund's body is there. The crown was not however, it was buried elsewhere.
  1997. <CJR> OK, an hour later Sedala flaps gdown in ameadown just north of Bury.
  1998. <CJR> It is by the River Lark
  1999. <Ramon> "OK I just thought we look here if you 2 find something nice the have a good sit but we can get to the other city also
  2000. <CJR> Exactly two years ago it was filled with the tents of the Barons encampment
  2001. <CJR> YOu have been here before
  2002. <Silas> (ah right)
  2003. <CJR> A guardsman stands bored on the riverbank -= George, and Harold is fishing nearby
  2004. <Silas> (I think I might have visited Bury too, now that I think about it, but I can't have been very old)
  2005. <CJR> Town is ten minuts walk away through the tollgate
  2006. <CJR> ***Time in***
  2007. * Silas moves towards the abbey with Gust and Edith
  2008. <Ramon> (Sedala looks like a normal white horse once again)
  2009. * Baruch walks far behind the others, again, klooking even more uncomfortable
  2010. <CJR>
  2011. <CJR>
  2012. <Ramon> (Wow your very prepared didn't think you have all the pictures of catedrals ^^)
  2013. * Ramon sit on Sedala
  2014. <Ramon> ... following the others
  2015. <Silas> (pretty neat :) )
  2016. <CJR> You arrive at the Northgate, where the schoolmaster who teaches his class here talkes a penny form each of you, and two for the "horse"
  2017. <CJR> Heading to the market, or straight round to the Abbey?
  2018. <Silas> (Abbey I think..)
  2019. <Ramon> "Lets meet a bit later again, I want to have a look at the market"
  2020. * Silas nods
  2021. <Momo> (ten for the king of cat of couse)
  2022. * Ramon look for a good weding present for this 2
  2023. * Momo sadden a little at the free entry.
  2024. <Baruch> "you go discuss with the abbot, I will wait outside"
  2025. <Silas> "Alright, I will see you later"
  2026. <Silas> [bows lightly]
  2027. <CJR> (I used to have a virtual reality full model of Bury and the abbey in 1220 you could walk round but I can't find it and time is pressing..)
  2028. <Silas> (pretty neat either way :) )
  2029. * Baruch tries to find an inconspicuous place to wait outside the abbey
  2030. <Ramon> (Baruch good that Sedala dont mind the gift if I understand your problems with animals right ^^)
  2031. <Baruch> "Can you wait with me, Gustbran? I am uncomfortable here."
  2032. <CJR> Baruch, this is the entry. There is a cloth market on Angel Hill, but slip gown raingate street and then walk back across the Great Churchyard which is overgrown
  2033. <CJR>
  2034. <CJR> Baruch waits here:
  2035. <CJR> Ramon, you looking ot replace the dowry?
  2036. <CJR> Silas, you find many monks and clerks scurrying around. Onme stops you and Edith and asks what you want?
  2037. <Silas> "We would wish to speak to the abbot or a vicar if they would wed us"
  2038. <Ramon> (Yes at last some of the light wight things)
  2039. <CJR> The clerk says "Prior's office, third door on West Front off Great Churchyard" and scurries on
  2040. <Ramon> (like a tradetional scarf and such things)
  2041. <Silas> (I am clueless on most religious matters so this fits well with Silas :p )
  2042. <CJR> OK Ramon Com + Bargain roll please
  2043. * Silas moves to follow the directions
  2044. <Ramon> (ohh and I get a ball of woll for momo :P)
  2045. <Momo> (AHHHHHHHH)
  2046. <Silas> (aww :) )
  2047. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+4
  2048. <Magic_Dice> Ramon: 10 :6+4
  2049. <Silas> (such a nice man)
  2050. <CJR> Ramon, you end up laden with goods. Prices are steep, but you are great at haggling :)
  2051. <CJR> Silas, you finding the Priors office?
  2052. <Silas> Yep
  2053. <Silas> (hopefully :p )
  2054. <CJR> OK, once you arrive you see Baruch loitering under a tree, and a long quue of maybe fifty people waiting to see the Prior
  2055. <CJR> An old monk is pruning roses nearby
  2056. <CJR> Rather plump. He hands a rose to Edith
  2057. <CJR> What now?
  2058. * Silas smiles and gives a small bow
  2059. <Silas> [to the monk that is]
  2060. <Ramon> "Baruch do you mind having a eye on Sedala and the goods I load on her while I enter the curc for some private prayer"
  2061. <CJR> "Bless you my son" says the monk. here to see Prior Hugh? His face darkens
  2062. <Silas> "Yes, we are. Is it always this busy?"
  2063. <Ramon> "Ohh and momo I have something here for you"
  2064. <Baruch> "Go ahead, I will be bhere."
  2065. <CJR> "while he extorts all he can, yes, it is always this busy. Sometimes busier."
  2066. <Momo> "Oh what what?"
  2067. <Gustbran> (FRIGGIN OVERSLEPT AGAIN...)
  2068. <Ramon> (Ok now Silas part that get simmultan to my soping trip ^^)
  2069. <CJR> Hullo!
  2070. <Ramon> (Hi sorry we close soon for today)
  2071. <Silas> "Or,.. that is, we are here to get wed, I am unsure if Prior Hugh is the man we should see..."
  2072. <Gustbran> (^%&*(^)
  2073. <CJR> Make a Pre + Charm roll
  2074. <Silas> (me?)
  2075. <CJR> yes
  2076. <Silas> !roll 1d10+4
  2077. <Magic_Dice> Silas: 6 :2+4
  2078. <Gustbran> (i suppose I'l just watch now.)
  2079. <Silas> (friggin..)
  2080. <CJR> You are wandering around Bury Gustbran :)
  2081. <CJR> Want to spend Confidence?
  2082. <Silas> (Hiya Freespace :) )
  2083. <CJR> Silas
  2084. <Silas> Yes
  2085. <Silas> He gave Edith a flower after all
  2086. <CJR> "Well you can marry in any church, if you have the banns read, or your parish shurch, if oyu both reside in the same parish?"
  2087. <Baruch> (Gust is loitering with me, I wouldn't dare wait around in the city without protection.)
  2088. <CJR> Okey doke, you are in the great churchyard
  2089. <CJR> You can see Edith and Silas talking to an elderly plump monk
  2090. <Silas> "Yes,... we hoped to be married sooner though.."
  2091. <CJR> "I see, I see. May I ask why?"
  2092. <CJR>
  2093. <CJR> (3d model downloadable here)
  2094. <CJR> SIlas???
  2095. <Silas> (typing ^^)
  2096. <Silas> "Yes... I am afraid that it is a matter of some urgency, if we do not wed soon a terrible fate will befall my home, a wise-man has forseen it"
  2097. <Silas> (all without lying ^^ )
  2098. <Momo> (Just don't say the wiseman is pagan)
  2099. <Silas> (stretching the truth a bit perhaps, but still...)
  2100. <Baruch> (I must go. Thanks for tonight, everyone!)
  2101. <CJR> "ah yes, Saint Edmund told me to expect you. I will grant the licence. I shall marry you at noon in St Mary's Church: gather the witnesses"
  2102. <Silas> (Thanks Wits take care)
  2103. <CJR> My name is Samson by the way
  2104. <Silas> "!"
  2105. <CJR> abbot Samson reaches in ot his hood and produces two silver rings
  2106. <Silas> "oh, thank you. Aboot Samson"
  2107. <CJR> You have three hours to prepare young man
  2108. <CJR> I will see you at noon!
  2109. <Ramon> (Wooow)
  2110. <CJR> He returns ot his roses, a little thoughtful.
  2111. <Silas> "As you wish!"
  2112. <CJR> And there we must stop for today.
  2113. <Momo> (who can do sunday too?)
  2114. <Ramon> (Grats this did go easy)
  2115. <Silas> (indeed)
  2116. <Ramon> (Sorry I can't)
  2117. <Momo> (k)
  2118. <CJR> Samson was expecting you.
  2119. <CJR> Sorry it is taking so long ot resolve though
  2120. <Silas> A little divine aid never killed anyone
  2121. <Silas> ...
  2122. <Silas> save maybe a few french
  2123. <CJR> Next week ok for the wedding???
  2124. <Ramon> (No problem I just hope we can continue next week)
  2125. <CJR> I'm free Saturday
  2126. <Silas> Next week is fine, either day
  2127. <Ramon> (Should work for me)
  2128. <Momo> (works for me)
  2129. <Silas> Nyaa, did you keep a log for today? :)
  2130. <Momo> yes
  2131. <Ramon> (Gust and this time you dont oversleep :P)
  2132. <Silas> Goodie, otherwise I had one as well
  2133. <Momo> better figure out how to find the ghost too
  2134. <Silas> haha no, or we might just sacrifice you :p
  2135. <Momo> maybe saint edmond might tell us the location
  2136. <Silas> I really have to run though, see you all later and thanks for the adventure :) its a lot of fun
  2137. <CJR> OK cool, sorry Freespace you missed it.
  2138. <CJR> Has someone got the log?
  2139. <Ramon> yes thank you for the adventure
  2140. <Momo> i do
  2141. <Gustbran> I'll ha ve to sta up all nigt to ensure I don't oversleep....
  2142. <CJR> Cool, can someone show Gustbran what happened?
  2143. <Gustbran> ^*^%
  2144. <CJR> Not much to be honest!
  2145. <Gustbran> Ive got the log.
  2146. <Ramon> he was present the complet time
  2147. <Ramon> but not mentaly
  2148. <CJR> Ah yes of course
  2149. <Gustbran> my clients been active the whole time
  2150. <CJR> Bit slow session, but at least plot advanced :D
  2151. <Gustbran> 'just in case'
  2152. <CJR> Sadly I must dash. Catch you all soon!
  2153. <CJR> cj x
  2154. <Momo> bye
  2156. ------------------------------------
  2158. <Baruch> The weather's pretty awesome here, too: just right temp, at around 20, and gets nice and cool in the evenings, perfect biergarten weather :)
  2159. <Silas> Its 15ish degrees here, but constantly cloudy and with (supposedly) bouts of rain
  2160. <Gustbran> my younger bro is getting married next month.
  2161. <Silas> ah neat, hopefully it will get a bit cooler by then :)
  2162. * Gustbran is feeling a little too old.
  2163. <Silas> because he is getting married? :p
  2164. <Silas> phah
  2165. <Gustbran> I'm way too young and immature at 29 to get married, and I'm not the family screw up.
  2166. <Silas> lol I'll not tempt fate and ask if your brother is the screw up then
  2167. <Silas> there are too many people in the world either way, so good for you!
  2168. <Gustbran> well, hes got a good heart but he's a sometimes stoner and drunk.
  2169. <Gustbran> only 3 years younger than me and HE's getting married.
  2170. <Gustbran> I just hope it's not one of those marriages that are built only on hormones..
  2171. <Silas> well he better quit that, at least if he plans to produce kids
  2172. <Gustbran> When I was in the navy a superior once told me about how so many marriages fail today because of 'puppy dog love'
  2173. <Baruch> Is the conclusion of our forum discussion that we'll get Silas and Edith married and then fly back to the covenant and try to contact the ghost from there?
  2174. <Silas> I think I started the topic too late to make any real progress...
  2175. <Gustbran> I'm cool so long as i doin't die.
  2176. <Silas> Which covenant are we talking about here? ours or Libellus?
  2177. <Silas> haha that is a positive attitude Freespace :p
  2178. <Silas> But Silas would prefer to do it like that
  2179. <Silas> going to Libellus, that is
  2180. <Ramon> Do we have someone who can summon the ghost via Arcane Connection?
  2181. <Silas> Hoping Edith knows where they would bury them
  2182. <Silas> Not through an arcane connection...
  2183. <Baruch> Oh yeah, we haven't asked her yet.
  2184. <Silas> maybe one of our Parens
  2185. <Silas> but even there I'm not sure
  2186. <Baruch> I don't think we know if someone has the ritual, or at least CJ hasn't answered me about that though I've asked multiple times
  2187. <Silas> hehe I'm not sure how we (the few mages) would know, it is hardly something to bring up in a casual chat
  2188. <Baruch> Yeah, you're probably right.
  2189. <Ramon> oO CJ is very late today once again :(
  2190. <Baruch> Yah :(
  2191. <Silas> He can still be early (compared to your roll earlier Schwartz ^^)
  2192. <Gustbran> or compared witgh me last week.
  2193. <Ramon> I hope he didn't mean SUnday as when he write the post it was already saturday for him
  2194. * Gustbran facepalms
  2195. <Silas> ...
  2196. <Silas> naa I don't think so
  2197. <Baruch> I don't see how he could have meant that, seeing as how we have defaulted to saturday always
  2198. <Silas> with emphasis on 'think'
  2199. <Baruch> I think we should more often start in-character planning threads like Adrian did. Because typing is so slow, it's hard to play stuff like that out here.
  2200. <Silas> yeah.. it was so we didn't have to 'waste' time mulling about planning in game time
  2201. <Silas> So, since we are waiting either way; do we risk going to Libellus if Edith has an idea of where to go?
  2202. <Nyaa> we are totally clueless
  2203. <Silas> Also, are covenant wizards alerted if people enter their covenant?
  2204. <Silas> Or is that only if it is other mages?
  2205. <Nyaa> pretty sure the aegies do that
  2206. <Ramon> It depend on the defences they set up
  2207. <Silas> hmm,.. I was thinking we might be able to slip a grog or maybe Momo in to snoop around
  2208. <Ramon> Momo might mor problematic then Gust
  2209. <Silas> but if they are alerted one way or another when people enter their area...
  2210. <Nyaa> hmm, yeah, they are faerie heavy, so Momo might even be welcome in
  2211. <Silas> Momo is smaller though...
  2212. <Ramon> as Momo have a might score and so probably can't even enter
  2213. <Gustbran> Stealth 1 (skulking around listening)
  2214. <Silas> ah right...
  2215. <Silas> Aegis and might issues
  2216. <Nyaa> there's talking mandane animal in there, I think Momo will be fine
  2217. <Silas> well... maybe, if Momo can enter, then it should be good, but yeah
  2218. <Baruch> They will probably have pretty heavy defenses as it seems it's fairly controversial that they are there in the first place
  2219. <Ramon> Aegis is just the basic covenant defence you can expect in nearly all covenants
  2220. <CJR> Agggh.
  2221. <Gustbran> YAY
  2222. <Silas> Hiya CJ
  2223. <CJR> Sorry.
  2224. <Ramon> Hi CJ
  2225. <Gustbran> HIYA
  2226. <Baruch> hi
  2227. <CJR> Becky is in bed with a fever and i had to go to the pharmachy get her prescription
  2228. <Gustbran> I"M HERE THIS TIME< SEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2229. <CJR> Expected to be back earlier, had to wait ages
  2230. <CJR> Here now
  2231. <CJR> Hey Gutsbran good to see you!
  2232. <Silas> no worries, we were plotting :p
  2233. <CJR> We missing anyone?
  2234. <CJR> :)
  2235. <Silas> I don't think so
  2236. <Ramon> The core team is present
  2237. <CJR> she is in bed feeling very sorry for herself poor thing
  2238. <CJR> excellent
  2239. <Silas> :(
  2240. <CJR> How is the plotting going?
  2241. <Ramon> Not good ;)
  2242. <Silas> Heh, it's flaky
  2243. <Silas> but better than nothing, I think
  2244. <Baruch> I guess we'll just get the wedding out of the way and decide whether we go back to the covenant or try for libellus after that
  2245. <Silas> heh.. yeah
  2246. <Ramon> The problem is we dont know where his grave is
  2247. <Baruch> Yeah, but let's not get bogged down in that anymore - we'll just do it either way once we get there, amiright?
  2248. <Silas> Edith might know where he is likely to be buried though..
  2249. <Silas> yep
  2250. <Baruch> Oh yeah: let's ask Edith if she knows their graveyard
  2251. <CJR> Edith looks puzzled.
  2252. <CJR> The gravewyard is around Long Melford Church
  2253. =-= YOU are now known as Momo
  2254. *NickServ* This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your
  2255. *NickServ* nick, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY ¬password¬ . Otherwise,
  2256. *NickServ* please choose a different nick.
  2257. <Silas> We still need to find a goldsmith/silversmith/jeweler of a kind for wedding bands
  2258. <CJR> No one had died in the two years Libellas stood, so she has no idea if they would have their own
  2259. <CJR> They had a chapel though
  2260. <Momo> Time to get everyone a shovel
  2261. <CJR> :)
  2262. <Silas> (lol)
  2263. <Baruch> Ok, let's get the wedding stuff on, shall we? :)
  2264. <Silas> (*mutters* Aiden might even know... *sigh*)
  2265. <Ramon> (Hopefull he didn't get a cristian burial as then our complet plan turn to dust)
  2266. <Silas> (Even so, he might have been forced to remain behind..)
  2267. <CJR> OK, when you are ready to start just say, but plotting useful
  2268. <Silas> (there is a bit of tradition in the family after all)
  2269. <Ramon> (ready)
  2270. <Silas> (ready I think, it is mostly theoretical either way)
  2271. <Momo> (ready for dragon)
  2272. <Silas> (dum dum dummm!!)
  2273. <CJR> OK, the winter sunshine dapples the great Churhyard in patches of light. Abbot Samson continues to prune his winter roses, ad you have an hour to prepare for the wedding.
  2274. <CJR> JI Aiden!
  2275. <CJR> Hi even!
  2276. <Baruch> (Aiden's not with us, though.)
  2277. <Gustbran> (aiden is me, shh)
  2278. <Silas> (its freespace :) )
  2279. <Silas> (we might have to pay him a visit tho..)
  2280. <Gustbran> *its a secret to everyone
  2281. <Baruch> "If there is any way I can help, Silas and Edith, just say so. I am not terribly well acquainted with situations like these."
  2282. <Gustbran> (hence I brought him out in advance)
  2283. <CJR> (laughs at Baruch, wedding organiser extraordinaire!)
  2284. * Ramon is still in the city shoping
  2285. * Silas explains what the abbot said last time to Gust and Baruch, that we need to get witnesses and likely some wedding bands
  2286. <CJR> Edith looks excited. "Baruch, can you magic me a lovely dress?"
  2287. * Silas grins
  2288. <CJR> (You have wedding rings, Abbott Samson had some ready and gave you them)
  2289. <Baruch> "Oh, ahem, let me think."
  2290. <Silas> (ah, I must have forgotten)
  2291. <CJR> "a bit flouncy, with a hood, and a nice long train, and little flowers omn the hem. Please Baruch?" :)
  2292. <Silas> "Gustbran, I think you should be one of the witnesses, if you would like. You are family after all"
  2293. <Ramon> (Iks that sound like Creo Herbam with Finesse roll)
  2294. <Gustbran> "certainly
  2295. <Baruch> (It's base 1, right, for a single sense? So for +1 Sun, +1 Touch, Individual it's just 3)
  2296. <Gustbran> "
  2297. <CJR> THis place is incredibly busy. A peasant woman walks buy followed by twelve ducks in a long line. Two carpenters walk past with a plank. A man pushes a wheelbarrow of cabbages past, the squeaky wheel very loud
  2298. <Baruch> (I was thinking Imaginem, much easier like that)
  2299. * Momo wish with all his feline might that Baruch botch the spell.
  2300. <CJR> Yes, that would work :)
  2301. <Baruch> (I
  2302. <Silas> (lol, bad kitty)
  2303. <Baruch> "We'll need to do this somewhere private. And it won't be a real dress, I'm afraid, but should serve for this purpose."
  2304. <CJR> A tabby cat in a nearby try calls out "hi Sexy!" to Momo
  2305. <CJR> tree not try
  2306. <Baruch> (No wait, +2 sun, so it's level 4)
  2307. <CJR> Edith looks happy. " A fairy dress?"
  2308. <Baruch> "... Yes, something of that kind."
  2309. <Baruch> Is there anything like an empty room or something anywherE?
  2310. <CJR> There is some kind of building across in the moddle of the Churchyard, with an open door, that people don't seem to be entering
  2311. <Momo> "Hi babe!" to tabby cat
  2312. <Baruch> "Follow me" *heads to empty building*
  2313. <CJR> The tabby cat clambers down slowly, stretches languorously and wanders over to sniff Momo. "Clover" she introduces herself
  2314. <CJR> Baruch, the place has a slightly desolate air
  2315. <CJR> A monk wanders out as you approach, nods and keeps walking
  2316. <Momo> "Momo" He offer a cat version of handshake
  2317. <CJR> Inside the place is a single drak room, about thirty by twenty
  2318. <Baruch> Once we're there, I'll try for the level 4 imaginem sight-only dress for Sun duration. "Hold still, I can't promise this will work here." *Closes door*
  2319. <Silas> "I will try and find Ramon, maybe see if he will be the second witness.."
  2320. <CJR> Clover rbites your ear playfully Momo
  2321. <CJR> Yes, Ramon is still shopping
  2322. <CJR> He has bough stuff for wedding
  2323. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+17 (shouting and waving)
  2324. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (shouting and waving): 25 :8+17
  2325. <CJR> The room has an aura of 3, so -89
  2326. <CJR> so -9 even
  2327. * Silas heads towards the market
  2328. <CJR> Baruch, it's very dark and cold in here.
  2329. <CJR> Edith shivers
  2330. <Baruch> It works
  2331. <CJR> there is a staircase leading down in one corner
  2332. <Baruch> 13-9=4
  2333. <Baruch> Or is it rounded down?
  2334. <CJR> Sure. You subtract from the roll anyway before you halve?
  2335. <CJR> So you make it easily
  2336. <Baruch> Ah ok, so it's easy
  2337. <Baruch> Do I roll Finesse?
  2338. <CJR> Edith sits on a wheeled cart, and tries to admire the dress but it is too dark
  2339. <Baruch> With what attribute?
  2340. <CJR> Absolutely. Int + Finesse, difficulty 12
  2341. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+7
  2342. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 10 :3+7
  2343. <Baruch> Heh, not quite the spectacular one
  2344. <CJR> Momo, Clover asks you why they have gone in to the Charnal House
  2345. <Momo> (A hole on the butt, nothing spectacular)
  2346. <CJR> Ah, do you want to spend confidence Baruch, or just have an annoyed Edith?
  2347. <Ramon> (i think it more like the flower muster is not as it should be)
  2348. * Momo reply his human friend is having a wedding prep
  2349. <Baruch> I think I'll spend the confidence ;)
  2350. <Baruch> "There, that should do it. Hope you like it."
  2351. <CJR> :) OK. Edith looks at the coffins full of bodies stacked around the walls, and gently points them out to you
  2352. <CJR> "A little er, somber, Baruch, for my wedding day!"
  2353. <Baruch> "Yes. Let us go back outside, this is unpleasant."
  2354. * Baruch heads back out
  2355. <Gustbran> (some people just can't be satisfied)
  2356. <CJR> Clover looks stunned. "in a receiving tomb? Silly humans! Are you the Best Cat?"
  2357. <CJR> Gustbran, Momo appears to have made a friend
  2358. <Momo> "Only the best cat can take care of these silly human~"
  2359. <CJR> Silas, in the hectic bustl eof the market you finally bump in to Ramon laden down with goods
  2360. * Silas explains the meeting with Abbot Samon and if he would want to be the second witness for the wedding
  2361. <Ramon> "Hmm sure why not"
  2362. <CJR> Clover explains to Momo that church mice are strictly off limits here. Yet they are delicious.
  2363. <CJR> OK, Edith has her dress, anyone else got anything to do before the service?
  2364. * Momo thansk clover for the info
  2365. * Gustbran looks for the wine
  2366. <Silas> "I am glad to hear, you have been a big help to Edith as well as me, so it was only fair to ask" [smiles]
  2367. <CJR> Clover invites Momo to a bask. That's when a whole bunch of cats lay on a high roof and enjoy whatever sun there is. :)
  2368. * Silas looks around for some flowers in the market
  2369. * Momo goes bask and forgot about the team
  2370. <CJR> Gustbran, just at that moment a wagon pulled by a donkey wityh a large number of casks of wine arrives. Each is painted with the Abbott's head on.
  2371. <Ramon> "Do you think she will like this scarf? The vendor told me its traditional around this region"
  2372. <CJR> It seems to be waiting to enter the town - it came form the monatsery
  2373. <CJR> Silas, flowers are out of season. It's October remember. Hence the oddity none of you spotted - the Abbott pruning his flowering roses! You realise now with a start
  2374. <Silas> "I am sure she will love it"
  2375. <CJR> The wine merchant looks at Gustbran curiously.
  2376. <Silas> (I failed to realize! gaspness!)
  2377. <Gustbran> "you wouldn't happen to be sellin those, yea?"
  2378. <Gustbran> "I'll buy onme of them."
  2379. <CJR> Momo, the bask takes place on a tower roof. The sunlight there is much warmer than it should be, and twenty town cats lay supine, enjoying the sun
  2380. * Momo joins in
  2381. <CJR> The ine merchant looks happy enough, and unloads a keg. For the wedding sir?
  2382. * Silas looks around for a quiet corner, perhaps a bit outside the market for a quick spell
  2383. <Gustbran> "we'll best make one for me and another for the wedding"
  2384. <CJR> "last night I dreant of our good saint and martyr, and he told me to find a guard in armour here in the churchyard, and give him a barrel of my best. No charge. Just twenty gallons"
  2385. <CJR> "You wish another sir?"
  2386. <CJR> Silas, there is a little courtyard off the market currently quiet
  2387. <Ramon> (oO strange things happen here)
  2388. <Momo> (Saint)
  2389. <Gustbran> "nah, I'f your're giving, just one is surely enouhg.(
  2390. <CJR> The cats roll around contentedly in the sun that should not be here
  2391. <Silas> (No kidding, God has ordained this wedding..)
  2392. * Gustbran is taken aback temporarily from the generousity.
  2393. * Silas moves to the courtyard and casts a creo herbam
  2394. <CJR> The merchant asks you to lend a hand unloading, or where you want it delivering
  2395. <CJR>
  2396. <Ramon> (Or her fater)
  2397. <CJR> Momo, thats the tower roof you are basking on.
  2398. <CJR> Ramon, a woman approaches you. She is heavily cloaked and veiled, but she sees to want you to speak with her
  2399. <Silas> !roll 1d10+11 (Going towards a white lily)
  2400. <Magic_Dice> Silas, (Going towards a white lily): 14 :3+11
  2401. <Gustbran> (looks like the ghostbusters building a little)
  2402. <Ramon> "Madam?"
  2403. <CJR> OK Silas, make a Finesse roll
  2404. * Gustbran helps the merchant and points the way
  2405. <CJR> The woman says nothing, but gestures for you to follow her, and moves south down St. Andrew's Street
  2406. <Silas> !roll 1d10+2 (untrained)
  2407. <Magic_Dice> Silas, (untrained): 12 :10+2
  2408. <CJR> Where to Gustbran? St. Mary's chuirch?
  2409. * Ramon follow her
  2410. <Silas> (that is 2 rolls for a botch then?)
  2411. <CJR> just one :)
  2412. <Silas> !roll 1d10
  2413. <Magic_Dice> Silas: 3
  2414. <Silas> (are you sure, since it is untrained..)
  2415. <CJR>
  2416. <CJR> yep, three then
  2417. <Gustbran> (I'm kinda winging it here, I assumed I was not too far from where it was going down since I stumbled on the guy pretty fast/)
  2418. <CJR> #three rolls, sorry
  2419. <Silas> !roll 1d10
  2420. <Magic_Dice> Silas: 7
  2421. <Silas> !roll 1d10
  2422. <Magic_Dice> Silas: 3
  2423. <CJR> yep, I just posted picture fo the churh from where you are standing Gustbran
  2424. <Gustbran> "To there, then!"
  2425. <CJR> Ramon, the woman leads you down the street, then through a gate in ot a courtyard. There is a forge here, and a stables - back of what look like a prosperous merchants house.
  2426. <CJR> She slooks at you in Catalan and says "The wedding feast and upper room are prepared. Here is the key. No I must away to my husband."
  2427. <CJR> She walks quickly off, not looking back, but hands you a key and points to the stairs to the room above the forge and stables
  2428. <Ramon> "Huh, thank you mam"
  2429. <CJR> Silas looks around. No Ramon now, and you have a rather wilted looking lily.
  2430. <CJR> Edith and Baruch?
  2431. * Ramon take a look first and then look it again to go back to the curch
  2432. <Ramon> (err lock)
  2433. <Baruch> Yes, we were trying to get out of the catacomb building
  2434. * Silas sighs and returns towards the church
  2435. * Silas places the lily by one of the tombs he passes
  2436. <CJR> Ramon, a large upper room has been laid out with a table, and place settings for a dozen folks, and decorated with green boughs, red berries and brightly lit candles. The whole room smells of pomanders (oranges which have been stuck all over with nutmeg and cloves)
  2437. <CJR> Ramon, the crown jewels ar eon Sedala right?
  2438. <CJR> Where is Sedala?
  2439. <CJR> Just checking.
  2440. <Baruch> (We if we left her alone somewhere, we probably wouldn't have left the jewels on her :P)
  2441. <Silas> ( sweet god :p )
  2442. <CJR> Well they are heavy
  2443. <Ramon> (Didn't I left her by gustbran so he can have a eye on her?)
  2444. <CJR> Just thought I'd ask...
  2445. <Silas> (Sure we would haha)
  2446. <Gustbran> (I'm fairly sure i still have the one i saved)
  2447. <CJR> Yes, you did, in the meadows about three miles away
  2448. <Silas> (Corbenik might be keeping watch though..)
  2449. <CJR> Ah OK Corbenik stands guard over the jewels
  2450. <Baruch> (Yes, that's good)
  2451. <CJR> Cool.
  2452. <Ramon> (that sound good yes)
  2453. <CJR> OK, time to move on. Give me 5 mins to fetch bec drink and soup and i'll do the wedding
  2454. <Ramon> (I doubt I could get trough the market with her behind me)
  2455. <Silas> (He's by far one of the more competent of us :p )
  2456. <CJR> A short scene for once
  2457. <Silas> (sounds good)
  2458. <Silas> (will start some tea then)
  2459. <Gustbran> (already ate all my sammiches)
  2460. <CJR> Ok won't be asec
  2461. <Gustbran> (k)
  2462. <Ramon> "Someone must already aranged for everything I just got a key to a room for the fest afterwards"
  2463. <Baruch> "Excellent. This is proving a great deal less difficult than I had feared."
  2464. <Silas> "It seems Saint Edward agrees with our union" [he beams]
  2465. <Ramon> "I just wonder who helps us and what the price will be afterward for this"
  2466. <Baruch> "It does seem like the coincidences add up, yes."
  2467. <Ramon> "Who will stay outside during the weeding to have a eye on Sedala?"
  2468. <Silas> "The abbot told me that he had heard the saint speak to him, asking him to aid us, I think they just wish to correct the mistake archmage Stehan made when he took the crown.."
  2469. <Ramon> "Ohh and where is Momo?"
  2470. <Silas> "I thought Corbenik was.."
  2471. * Silas shrugs
  2472. <Silas> "Playing somewhere, I suspect"
  2473. <Baruch> "There was also the divine mist, if you recall. Perhaps the divine is indeed mixed up in all of this."
  2474. <Silas> "How much trouble would he be able to get into...."
  2475. * Gustbran arrives helping the cask inside
  2476. * Silas nods
  2477. <Gustbran> "hey everyone!"
  2478. <Silas> "maybe the mist was there to aid us.. - it certainly did"
  2479. <Ramon> "Gustbran we need the Cask at the other side of the city as we got a room"
  2480. <CJR> Momo: suddenly a large ild looking cat of mixed colours tarts up "Gentleman and Ladies - to the Church porch" he yowls
  2481. <CJR> wild looking
  2482. <CJR> Gutsbran arrives at the Church porch rolling a huge barrel of wine
  2483. <CJR> A small crowd of interested locals arrive
  2484. * Momo follows
  2485. <CJR> Silas, a woman steps forward, hands you a bunch of roses, and silently departs
  2486. <Silas> "It will have to wait, --"
  2487. <CJR> Momo = Dex + Athletics to leap down the roofs after them
  2488. <Silas> "Many thanks!"
  2489. <CJR> OK, who is gathering at the Church porch?
  2490. * Silas looks around for Edith
  2491. * Ramon is with the others
  2492. <CJR> She si standinga little away away, by Edith
  2493. <CJR> Abbot samso is slowly walking over - he is old and infirm
  2494. * Baruch gathers
  2495. <CJR> The whole town now basks in golden sunlight
  2496. <Momo> !roll 1d10+6 (+1 if parkour)
  2497. <Magic_Dice> Momo, (+1 if parkour): 14 :8+6
  2498. <CJR> Baruch, Gustbran, Per + Awareness please
  2499. * Silas walks to Edith, bowing slightly and presents her with the roses
  2500. <CJR> Ramon and Silas you are greeted by the abbott
  2501. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+3
  2502. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran: 8 :5+3
  2503. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1
  2504. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 10 :9+1
  2505. <CJR> Baruch, a fellow in a chain short in armour is riding fast across the square (called angel hill) towards you all
  2506. <CJR> chain shirt
  2507. <CJR> His horse seems very fast, and rather impressive
  2508. * Ramon bow toward the abbott
  2509. <CJR> Abbot Samson gestures
  2510. * Silas returns to Ramon and the abbot
  2511. <CJR> "Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here in the sight of God to join together Silas and Aeditha in holy Matrimony; which is an honourable estate, instituted of God in Paradise, and into which holy estate these two persons present come now to be joined. Therefore if any man can shew any just cause, why they may not lawfully be joined together, by God's Law, or the Laws of the Realm; let...
  2512. <CJR> ...him now speak, or else hereafter forever hold his peace.
  2513. <CJR> Momo and a frantic horde of cats arrive and join the crowd. Momo lead the way, and the big cat Tinker glares at him
  2514. <Momo> It's only natural for the king of cats
  2515. <CJR> The horseman thunders nearer, and the crowd start to part lest they are trampled.
  2516. <CJR> Anyone speaking out to object to the marriage?
  2517. * Silas only smiles at Edith
  2518. <Momo> (Pent up emotion anyone?)
  2519. <CJR> Samson pauses and looks around...
  2520. * Baruch is looking unusually not-worried
  2521. <CJR> Edith glares defiantly at everyone as if challenging them to speak
  2522. <Silas> (heh.. yeah)
  2523. <CJR> Samson "I require and charge you both, as ye will answer at the dreadful day of judgment when the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed, that if either of you know any impediment, why ye may not be lawfully joined together in Matrimony, that ye confess it. For ye be well assured, that so many as be coupled together otherwise than God's Word doth allow are not joined together by God;...
  2524. <CJR> ...neither is their Matrimony lawful."
  2525. <CJR> He looks at Silas and Edith. "Any reason not to marry you?"
  2526. <Silas> "None at all"
  2527. <CJR> Edith waits a moment, then says "no" quietly
  2528. <CJR> "Wilt thou Silas have this Woman to be thy wedded wife, to live together after God's ordinance in the holy estate of Matrimony? Wilt thou love her, comfort her, honour, and keep her, in sickness and in health; and forsaking all others, keep thee only unto her, so long as ye both shall live?"
  2529. <CJR> The horseman is now almost by you.
  2530. * Silas smiles to Edith
  2531. <Silas> "
  2532. <Silas> "yes"
  2533. <CJR> "Wilt thou Aeditha have this man to be thy wedded husband, to live together after God's ordinance in the holy estate of Matrimony? Wilt thou obey him, and serve him, love, honour, and keep him in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all other, keep thee only unto him, so long as ye both shall live?"
  2534. <CJR> Edith is about to say something when...
  2535. <CJR> !roll 1d10+4
  2536. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 9 :5+4
  2537. <Silas> (rolling for initiative, I am sure)
  2538. <CJR> the horseman grabs her, throws her across his saddle and charges past the astonished wedding crowd. "YES!" yells Edith as she is carried off....
  2539. <CJR> Roll for initiative now.
  2540. <Silas> !roll 1d10-1
  2541. <Magic_Dice> Silas: 6 :7-1
  2542. <Silas> (Get your grubbe hands off her..!)
  2543. <CJR> !roll 1d10+2 for the Edith abducting horseman
  2544. <Magic_Dice> CJR, for the Edith abducting horseman: 12 :10+2
  2545. <Momo> !roll 1d10+1
  2546. <Magic_Dice> Momo: 11 :10+1
  2547. <Ramon> !roll 1d10-1
  2548. <Magic_Dice> Ramon: 7 :8-1
  2549. <CJR> !roll1d10 for botch
  2550. <Gustbran> (Am I still injured)
  2551. <CJR> !roll 1d10
  2552. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 7
  2553. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+2 (Sedala)
  2554. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (Sedala): 8 :6+2
  2555. <CJR> Gustbran yes
  2556. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10-3
  2557. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran: 0 :3-3
  2558. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1
  2559. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 10 :9+1
  2560. <Momo> !roll 1d10 (for botch)
  2561. <Magic_Dice> Momo, (for botch): 7
  2562. <CJR> Everyone is rolling 0!
  2563. <CJR> 'Tis Calpurnia's fault!
  2564. <Momo> always!
  2565. <Baruch> (I rolled a 9, though)
  2566. <Momo> (You got 10, which include a 0!)
  2567. <Silas> (close though :p )
  2568. <CJR> Silas, roll for Edith. She is at +1
  2569. <Silas> !roll 1d10+1
  2570. <Magic_Dice> Silas: 7 :6+1
  2571. <CJR> OK Silas, you can play Edith.
  2572. <Silas> (at least it wasn't a zero :) )
  2573. <Silas> (ok)
  2574. <Momo> (the slowest kidnapper)
  2575. <CJR> BAruch you first
  2576. <Silas> (A shame she doesn't have her sword with her..)
  2577. <Momo> (don't forget divine domain)
  2578. <CJR> it's 5 here, so -15 to spell casting rolls
  2579. <Baruch> (Waitaminute, is pull of the skybound winds voice range? Can't cast it quietly then, right?)
  2580. <Silas> (I wouldn't think so, no)
  2581. <CJR> Correct. The victim must be able to hear you
  2582. <Momo> (You can hit the horse... Horse have better hearing...)
  2583. <CJR> (Silas: She forgot it, did she pick one up at the Mercer House?)
  2584. <Silas> (hehe regardless I don't think she would carry it under her wedding gown)
  2585. <Silas> (well...)
  2586. <Silas> (naa, probably not, even if she did pick one up on the way)
  2587. <CJR> Just this once she decided to leave it on Sedala. she makes a mental not to pick it up before the honeymoon
  2588. <Silas> (lol, comforting...)
  2589. <Baruch> I think Baruch will have to just run after them feebly, and try to find a spot where no one sees him
  2590. <CJR> OK, that's a difficulty 18 dex + athletics roll. :)
  2591. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1
  2592. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 2 :1+1
  2593. <Silas> (run Forest!)
  2594. <Baruch> !roll 1d10
  2595. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 10
  2596. <Baruch> (Haha)
  2597. <Silas> (its a good start..)
  2598. <CJR> Abbott Samson mutters "Those whom God hath joined together let no man put asunder." He looks bewildered.
  2599. <Silas> (holy...)
  2600. <CJR> :)
  2601. <Ramon> (oO)
  2602. <Momo> (God bless Baruch windy leg)
  2603. <CJR> roll two botch dice Baruch
  2604. <Silas> (Next when we have a marathon in the City of Ivory and Jade, we are making you run Baruch!)
  2605. <Ramon> (Why he go 21)
  2606. <CJR> oh sorry.
  2607. <CJR> I misread the dice. :)
  2608. <Momo> (running faster than the horse)
  2609. <Momo> (roll for horse?)
  2610. <Silas> (lol)
  2611. <Momo> (I want to see what the horse rolled lol)
  2612. <CJR> With 21 Baruch actually gets ahead of the horseman, leaping over cats, round monks, and finally leaping on to a wagon and ending up on the horse behind the knight
  2613. <Silas> (hehe..)
  2614. <Baruch> "Catch him!"
  2615. <CJR> The horses peed is less important, it;s the rider managing to ride through the crowds
  2616. <CJR> So many people sklow things down
  2617. <CJR> Baruch, do you want to jump on the horse, or just get ahead of it?
  2618. <Momo> (touch range tornado)
  2619. <Silas> (fwoooomm)
  2620. <Baruch> (Wait I'm able to get on the horse of the person who stole Edith away?"
  2621. <CJR> or you could spend confidence, get 24 a Mythic Success that will be talked about forever, and just declare the outcome?
  2622. <Momo> (Yes, you can hop to the backseat)
  2623. <CJR> Whatever that might be for a legendary act like that
  2624. <Momo> (spend it and be action movie star)
  2625. <CJR> With 24 you could do almost anything athletic :D Any suggestions?
  2626. <Baruch> (haha)
  2627. <Momo> (time to look up some hollywood flim)
  2628. <Silas> (not only jumped onto the horse, but also the rider. You force him to fall while you land on the horse and take the reigns
  2629. <Momo> (Backflip onto the horse)
  2630. <Silas> (yeah we need a backflip..)
  2631. <Momo> (Leg wrap the rider in midair)
  2632. <Momo> (Surplax him off the horse)
  2633. <CJR> (yep, and then make the horse trot back: that's a 24, levaing the rider in a water barrel, legs kicking wildly for instance?)
  2634. <Baruch> Yes, I think I'll spend the confidence, jump on the horse, land on the rider's back with both my feet, take a stranglehold of his throat with my legs, twist him off the horse, and grab the reins of the horse, bringing it to a halt
  2635. <Momo> (While free hand grab edith safely)
  2636. <Silas> (of cause)
  2637. <Momo> (or you could surplex the horse)
  2638. <CJR> OK, you do that. The rider crashes t the ground, and Edith laughs loudly, delighted! "Old Misery can really run!" she cries :)
  2639. <Baruch> (What's that?)
  2640. <CJR> Baruch are you making off with the horse and Edith or just waiting for the others?
  2641. <Momo> (All hail wind lord)
  2642. <Gustbran> "Oh wow!"
  2643. <Silas> "Thats..."
  2644. <CJR> Ramon, your action!
  2645. <Silas> [starts an applause]
  2646. <Baruch> I'll wait for the others, shouting "Halt, villain!"
  2647. * Gustbran wonders what magic baruch used.
  2648. <Silas> (ah sorry)
  2649. * Momo applause with the cats
  2650. <CJR> The cats yowl delightedly in a cat like cacophony of glee!
  2651. <CJR> Ramon, you action please?
  2652. <Ramon> (Sedala first I think?)
  2653. <CJR> !roll 1d10
  2654. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 5
  2655. <CJR> Did you getch Sedala? Thought she was in meadown with Corbenik?
  2656. <CJR> meadow
  2657. <Ramon> (ups ok then she is not here I though Corbenik and Sedala was in front of the Church)
  2658. <CJR> The knight takes a light wound for a bumped head for the fall from the horse
  2659. <Ramon> (And how did we get here if not with Sedala)
  2660. <Silas> (walked, we are in the city after all)
  2661. <CJR> You left sedala outside the town I thought, with Corbenik.
  2662. <Momo> (with 24 athletic of course)
  2663. <CJR> And all walked in to town. Hence my question earlier?
  2664. <Ramon> (I thight I gave Sedala last time in care of Gust outside of the curch but then let it this way you think it is)
  2665. <CJR> Edith has jumped off the horse and is running back, having only paused to kick the knight
  2666. <CJR> !roll 1d10+2
  2667. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 9 :7+2
  2668. <CJR> ouch!
  2669. <Silas> (lol)
  2670. <CJR> He takes another light wound.
  2671. * Ramon walk toward edith to make sure she get save back
  2672. <Baruch> "Restrain that man!"
  2673. <CJR> RAmon, Edith grabs you by the hand and says "quick, the wedding!" and rushes towards church.
  2674. <Ramon> (the ceremony is right now more important then keep this man a prisoner for Ramon)
  2675. <CJR> What you gonna do Ramon?
  2676. * Ramon lead Edith back to the Abbott
  2677. <CJR> And Silas, you too?
  2678. <Silas> Go embrace Edith and return with them to the Abbot
  2679. <CJR> Ramon and Edith are running back to the church porch (where medieval weddings took place, the doorway to the church, not inside!)
  2680. <Silas> (They moved them inside to avoid bride abduction? :p )
  2681. <CJR> Edith appears to be enjoying herself immensely Silas. "bit slow on rescuing me!" she says in mock fury as she reaches you
  2682. <CJR> Momo, your action please?
  2683. <CJR> Clover looks at Tinker, then you.
  2684. <Silas> "I was sure you would have knocked him off the horse! There were no worry"
  2685. <Silas> ("Looks like meat is back on the menu boys! *noms on the knight* )
  2686. * Momo joins in the delightful glees of the cats
  2687. <Baruch> (When the knight gets up, I'm fucked)
  2688. <Momo> (Or he is)
  2689. <CJR> "no Worry when your wife is carried off?!!" Edith looks at the crowd and shakes her head ruefully. "should I really marry this turnip headed man, people? Any better offers??!"
  2690. <Silas> (naa he'll get lynched by the crowd)
  2691. <CJR> OK, Gustbran!
  2692. <CJR> What you doing?
  2693. * Silas laughs
  2694. <Momo> (Put down the spear)
  2695. <Silas> (stab the priest, all that pent up anger must go somwehre)
  2696. <CJR> Gustbran, this guy has a shortsword :)
  2697. * Gustbran puts down his spear and raises his sling
  2698. <CJR> lol! excellent. Roll it :)
  2699. <Ramon> (Gust and I are needed to finish the ceremony thats why I decided to lead Edith back)
  2700. <Baruch> (Uh oh. You did hear me exclaim about RESTRAINING him, right? :D)
  2701. <CJR> !1d10 -1 defence
  2702. <CJR> !roll 1d10-1 defence
  2703. <Magic_Dice> CJR, defence: 7 :8-1
  2704. <CJR> Go for it Gustbran?
  2705. <Silas> (meh, if Edith can get away with a spot of violence then who are we to judge)
  2706. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+4
  2707. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran: 10 :6+4
  2708. <Baruch> (Haha, Gustbran's reign of terror continues!)
  2709. <Momo> (god approve of this violence retribution)
  2710. <Gustbran> (if only I wasn't wounded..)
  2711. <Baruch> (How much damage is that?)
  2712. <Ramon> (Momo isn't the knight a good place to sharp your claws? ;) )
  2713. <CJR> so 3 + damage please?
  2714. <Silas> 3 I suppose, not sure you add strength to ranged?
  2715. <Momo> ( I am on a roof)
  2716. <CJR> Actually will bounce off armour, and yes you aren't
  2717. <Gustbran> dam is +6
  2718. <Silas> (heh..)
  2719. <Silas> (poor guy)
  2720. <CJR> OK the "knight" gets up this round, drawing a sword.
  2721. <CJR> Baruch?
  2722. <Momo> (touch range tornado)
  2723. <CJR> Your action again!
  2724. <Baruch> (Wait a sec, the damage for the sling is +6, so that means +9 with the bonus, right?)
  2725. <Gustbran> yup
  2726. <Silas> (yes)
  2727. <Momo> (You firing diamond or something)
  2728. <CJR> Ah, OK, a third light wound :)
  2729. <Ramon> (Wow +6 dmg thats even bether then a shortbow)
  2730. <Baruch> (Are there people around me?)
  2731. <Silas> (a jagged diamond, into his eye)
  2732. <CJR> Yes, watching in amazament
  2733. <Silas> (what will the man do now I wonder? make the horse dance? ^^ )
  2734. <CJR> Abbott Samson says "Bless these Rings, O merciful Lord, that those who wear them, that give and receive them, may be ever faithful to one another, remain in your peace, and live and grow old together in your love, under their own vine and fig tree, and seeing their children's children. Amen."
  2735. <CJR> (You get the impression he is not really sure what is going on)
  2736. <Silas> (he speaks with saints, it isn't required for him :p )
  2737. <CJR> (and all his bits are in Latin, of course)
  2738. <CJR> Baruch, what you doing? :)
  2739. <Ramon> (So no problem for us to understand :) )
  2740. <CJR> :)
  2741. <Baruch> I'll try to ride the horse away from the man
  2742. <Baruch> If it looks at all possible - if there aren't too many people blocking my way, that is
  2743. <CJR> OK just make a Dex Ride at -3 unless Gentle Gifted?
  2744. <Baruch> (Oh yeah there's the goddamn gift bonus. Argh.)
  2745. <Baruch> (Scratch that)
  2746. <Silas> ("bonus" :) )
  2747. <Momo> (Just scare the horse away will do too)
  2748. <Baruch> I'll just get off the horse and run away, try to get people between me and the guy
  2749. <Ramon> (intimidation on the horse and your -3 get +3 ^^)
  2750. <Silas> (problem is when you are sitting on a fightened horse :) )
  2751. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1 (dex+athl)
  2752. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (dex+athl): 4 :3+1
  2753. <Ramon> (Not that glorius any more ^^)
  2754. <CJR> OK, Baruch runs back through the crowd, reaching you all without even breaking a sweat. No need to roll Athletis fo rthe rest fo the scene, it stays mythic
  2755. <Ramon> (looks like the Adrenalin left your body)
  2756. <Silas> (can't win them all, but still, the rescue was brilliant)
  2757. <Baruch> (Ah, ok)
  2758. <CJR> Edith and Silas exchange rings?
  2759. <Silas> (ah neat )
  2760. * Silas proceeds with the ritual
  2761. <CJR> "Forasmuch asSilas and Aeditha have consented together in holy wedlock, and have witnessed the same before God and this company, and thereto have given and pledged their troth each to the other, and have declared the same by giving and receiving of a Ring, and by joining of hands; I pronounce therefore that they be Man and Wife together, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the...
  2762. <CJR> ...Holy Spirit. Amen"
  2763. <CJR> The Abbott smiles. "You may kiss the bride... if you dare!" he whispers
  2764. * Silas smirks before giving Edith a kiss
  2765. <CJR> OK, end of scene. :)
  2766. <Momo> (To the torture chamber!)
  2767. <CJR> Anyone doing anything else that afternoon?
  2768. * Ramon lead the other to the prepared room and then get SCopernicus and Sedala
  2769. <Gustbran> (I wasn't going to risk a combat at -2)
  2770. <Gustbran> (so I kep my distance)
  2771. * Silas hopes someone catches the rider
  2772. <Gustbran> (I'm good until whenever
  2773. <Gustbran> )
  2774. <CJR> Qh yes, the prepared room is well stocked with food and ale (but no wine) when you arrive. Several maids stand around ot seve you, aid for by the Spanish lady
  2775. <CJR> Anyone inviting anyone?
  2776. * Momo having his own cat party
  2777. <Ramon> "Edith do you or Gustbran have distant relatives here?"
  2778. <CJR> And the important part - when are you setting off in search of Edith's father?
  2779. <CJR> !roll 1d10
  2780. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 10
  2781. <CJR> Yes Gustbran has many, and Edith a couple of second cousins
  2782. <Ramon> (Do I know of the local noble?)
  2783. <CJR> !roll 1d10
  2784. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 8
  2785. <Ramon> "The room is big enough to invite at last some of them"
  2786. <CJR> Abbott Samson. he rules West Suffolk on behalf of the King
  2787. <CJR> OK, you invite them then?
  2788. <Ramon> "Abboth would you give us the honer to have the meal with us?"
  2789. <CJR> Shame about Brother Gui and Anna not being here!
  2790. <CJR> Abbot Samson is delighted to come along
  2791. <Baruch> (I think we would spend the night here, and then set off to find daddy- o. I suggest the characters simply vote whether they would like to try Libellus or go back to the covenant, so we don't have to spend any more time pondering that)
  2792. <Momo> (we have like 1/3 week left)
  2793. <Momo> (like 3 days)
  2794. <CJR> OK, if oyu are spending the night here, and all enjoying selves, roll Sta + Carouse please :)
  2795. <Silas> (Sounds like a good idea to stay the day - this is only day 2 of the week I think)
  2796. <Ramon> (I agree let this day get past the weeding have to celebrated no mater if we are sort on time)
  2797. <Ramon> (yes its day 2)
  2798. <Baruch> (Yes, I think this is only the second day, so we will have 5 days still)
  2799. <Silas> !Roll 1d10+2 (Never got my carous sniff)
  2800. <Magic_Dice> Silas, (Never got my carous sniff): 10 :8+2
  2801. <Momo> (Cat use carouse?)
  2802. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1
  2803. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 2 :1+1
  2804. <Baruch> !roll 1d10
  2805. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 5
  2806. <Baruch> (B's having a good day)
  2807. <Silas> (no kidding ^^ )
  2808. <Momo> (Continue being the man of the hour)
  2809. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+3
  2810. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran: 9 :6+3
  2811. <Silas> Ramon joinnig the reveling? :)
  2812. * Ramon keep to much a eye to not drop his etiquette in front of the Abbott to have a good time
  2813. <CJR> Silas you have a great night. Baruch has an incredible time. Gustbran drinks heavily and no hangover. Momo runs over roofs showing off and annoying Tinker 7 impressing Clover.He is truly a King among cats.
  2814. <Silas> (But other than that, I'll vote for moving to Libellus tomorrow)
  2815. <CJR> Ramon entertains the Abbott, who seems very happy.
  2816. <CJR> You all sleep in the room, except for silas and Edith who head off to an inn.
  2817. <CJR> We will pick up the story in the morning, just need a quick break. Back in 5 that ok?
  2818. <Silas> Sure
  2819. <Gustbran> sure
  2820. <Ramon> (Sure)
  2821. <Momo> si
  2822. <Baruch> ok
  2823. <CJR> Oh Silas gains a Temporary Faith point, like a Confidence point, that can be used once only to protect his marriage vows or wife, on top of confidence.
  2824. <Silas> (so, quick vote? Libellus or City of Ivory and Jade?)
  2825. <Gustbran> (really need to reduce this wound. I say the city to pick up aiden)
  2826. <Silas> (So, both Faith and confidence, or was it just an instruction how how it works?)
  2827. <Silas> (1 City and 1 to Libellus, other votes?)
  2828. <Ramon> (we can have a look at the grave first if her fater is buried there but if not we should return to the covenant to look for other options)
  2829. <Ramon> (err graveyard)
  2830. <Silas> (good point actually, the Abbot might know..)
  2831. <Gustbran> (I agree)
  2832. <Momo> (How far is our city? We might as well bring someone that can summon ghost unless libellus have one)
  2833. <Silas> (not sure how far, but some hours travel on Sedala, but not sure Libellus would aid us, unless Momo can pull a miracle in that direction :) )
  2834. <Baruch> (If he's at the christian graveyard, he's had a christian burial and there's nothing we can do with Silas' spell then anyway)
  2835. <Ramon> (We dont whant make the Archmage awear of our intentions or would we?)
  2836. <Baruch> (Baruch votes for city)
  2837. <Momo> (The end of the week might really have something big that gonna happen too, so we should be efficient)
  2838. <Baruch> (I think we could make him aware, I think - we'd just have to convince him not to sacrifice anyone)
  2839. <Silas> 2 city and 1 Libellus
  2840. <Momo> (Just say we figure out a faster way to do this)
  2841. <Ramon> (No I mean by visiting Libellas)
  2842. <Silas> (Silas fears what he would do if Antonius knew)
  2843. <Ramon> (as Momo thought ^^)
  2844. <Baruch> (If we were able to figure a faster way, we would have done so already)
  2845. <Momo> (we are lying to him of course)
  2846. <Baruch> (I vote no to figuring anything out anymore, since we have a plan already)
  2847. <Silas> (what Antonius would do, rather)
  2848. <CJR> I'm back btw
  2849. <Momo> (It's 50/50 for him)
  2850. <Ramon> (As mentioned Ramon is fine if we visit the graveyeard near Libellas to look if her dead is there but if not we have to return to our City)
  2851. <Momo> (to libellas then)
  2852. <Baruch> (Ok, so 2 city, 2 libellus, with the reservation that we shouldn't do anything beyond looking for the graveyard.)
  2853. <Silas> (Silas will urge caution if we return, suspecting that Antonius is prone to sacrificing people preemptively)
  2854. <Ramon> Question to the Abbott "Do you know where her dad is burried so we can pay him a visit when we are already nearby?"
  2855. <CJR> The Abbott has no idea on that
  2856. <CJR> So you heading up towards Libellas? When you going? Day or night? On foot or on Sedala?
  2857. <Baruch> (Ok, let's head for Libellus then, just to *look* from afar if we can see a graveyard outside their Aegis)
  2858. <Ramon> (Edith mentioned already the graveyard at the start of todays game)
  2859. <Baruch> (That was the christian graveyard of smoe town)
  2860. <Silas> "Abbot Samson, I have a small gift, for all the aid you and the people have provided us" [hands him 15 silver]
  2861. <Baruch> (There's going to have to be another one for this to work)
  2862. <Baruch> I'll spont a creo auram cloud around Sedala (she can see through this, right?), so that we cannot be spotted with second sight or anything like that
  2863. <Baruch> We'll head out first thing in the morning, right? And on Sedala?
  2864. <Ramon> "Yes she can see trough illusions and natural wether phenomaens"
  2865. <Silas> [Still to the abbot] "Do you happen to know of a Polandus? He is supposedly guardian of Saint Edward's head. - Where we might find him?"
  2866. <CJR> OK, let's cut to early morning. You leave town by the gate, head in to the woods, sedala grows and you cast spells yes?
  2867. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+46 (cloud spont at day duration and rego requisite to keep the cloud around Sedala)
  2868. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (cloud spont at day duration and rego requisite to keep the cloud around Sedala): 48 :2+46
  2869. <CJR> !roll 1d10+5
  2870. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 10 :5+5
  2871. <Baruch> (Should be easily enough for the cloud)
  2872. <CJR> Abbott Samson nods. Polandus was the wolf who gaurded st. Edmund's head till it was recovered, a talking divine wolf! He is said to roam the woods between here and Long melford
  2873. <CJR> (that conversation was last night)
  2874. <Silas> (mhm=
  2875. <Ramon> (Yes expect so )
  2876. <CJR> OK, morning. A strange cloud flies south over the rolling Suffolk countryside!
  2877. <Ramon> (Sad Class is not here he would suggest to conact the cat ^^)
  2878. <Silas> "Many thanks abbot Samson, your aid has truely been a heaven sent!" [returns to the partying]
  2879. <CJR> Sedala, Perception + Awareness please
  2880. <Ramon> (Ramon use his Red Cap also)
  2881. <Baruch> (And Baruch casts true sight of the air a usual)
  2882. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+5 (Sedala)
  2883. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (Sedala): 15 :10+5
  2884. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+22
  2885. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 25 :3+22
  2886. <Ramon> !roll 1d10 (if botch)
  2887. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (if botch): 9
  2888. <Baruch> Succesful true sight, do I get to roll perception as well?
  2889. <CJR> To the south, ahead of you, there is are great plumes of fire, from many burning barns and houses
  2890. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+3 (+1 if Awearness for Ramon)
  2891. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (+1 if Awearness for Ramon): 4 :1+3
  2892. <Ramon> !roll 1d10 (if Stress Die)
  2893. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (if Stress Die): 3
  2894. <Silas> (Its the crazy pyromaniac from Libellus!)
  2895. <CJR> Then you see Libellas, the walls rebuilt, with four strong towers. A Circle of Great boulders rings it now.
  2896. <CJR> The fires are maybe ten miles further south.
  2897. <Ramon> (so 15/4 if Stressless or 5/10 if Stress)
  2898. <CJR> yes thats's fine
  2899. <Silas> "We best set down before we get into their Aegis.."
  2900. <CJR> Something large and draconic is laying wate to a town up there.
  2901. * Ramon avoid to fly over the burning area
  2902. <Momo> (great, back to our city)
  2903. <Silas> (wellp...)
  2904. <Ramon> "Ohh my good a Dragon in rampage"
  2905. <Momo> (Let's not get associate with dragon again)
  2906. <CJR> You see the woods near libellas, and a spot where once a chicken coop stood by a cottage
  2907. <CJR> The dragon breaks off burning Sudbury and flaps slowly in to the air
  2908. <Baruch> "I would rather not get down before we have spotted the graveyard. Keep your eyes peeled, everyone."
  2909. <Baruch> (How far away is it?)
  2910. <CJR> About ten to fifteen miles ta moment
  2911. <Ramon> "I prefer to keep my eye on the dragon and get high as I dont whant to encounter him"
  2912. <CJR> maybe less, actually by time you get to libellas about eight
  2913. <CJR> Plan please?
  2914. <Gustbran> (would my area lore help here?)
  2915. <Baruch> Can we roll perception for spotting the graveyard first?
  2916. <Ramon> "So where is this graveyeard Edith? if we have the waterfall and the covenant as 2 points what direction is it?"
  2917. <Silas> (Edith didn't know of a graveyard, I think)
  2918. <Ramon> (She told us about it)
  2919. <Baruch> (I was talking about the covenant's own graveyard)
  2920. <Gustbran> (Covenant: Area 5)
  2921. <CJR> You can see the churchyard at Long Melford, that is obvious, huge church!
  2922. <Baruch> (ARGH! That was the town's graveyard)
  2923. <CJR> You can't see one at Libellas.
  2924. <Baruch> (We're looking for the COVENANT's graveyard)
  2925. <Baruch> (Ok)
  2926. <CJR> Gustbran Per + Area lore roll please
  2927. <Ramon> (Can Gust see trough the cloud?)
  2928. <Gustbran> (do I get the full or -3?)
  2929. <Gustbran> (I don't need to see to tell you where to look)
  2930. <CJR> full here
  2931. <CJR> If he sticks his head out sure!
  2932. <Baruch> "Ramon, are you sure you wish to engage the dragon in the air?"
  2933. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+4
  2934. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran: 9 :5+4
  2935. <CJR> Dragon slowly flapping north now, towards you
  2936. <Baruch> "If we are landed, I can strike at the dragon with lightning, but I cannot summon a storm if we are in the sky ourselves"
  2937. <Ramon> "Bether in the Air then on ground because of Sedala"
  2938. <CJR> Gutbran, there appears to be a large shaggy dog waiting by the chicken coop site
  2939. <Gustbran> ?
  2940. <Ramon> "But I prefer to net encounter him at all that why I gain hight right now"
  2941. <Baruch> "Very well. Let us flee, then, and return to the covenant."
  2942. <CJR> about a mile west of Libellas. You remember that is witches cottage?
  2943. <Gustbran> (was that a lore roll or a awareness?)
  2944. <CJR> The dog is howling at your cloud.
  2945. <Silas> (Yes, not far from the Devil's chimney)
  2946. <Baruch> "There is no graveyard in sight."
  2947. <CJR> Area Lore. You were checking out the whole area you know so well
  2948. <Gustbran> (ah)
  2949. <Baruch> "Off to the covenant, quickly, before the dragon is upon us!"
  2950. <CJR> (nope, Devil's chimney is 150 miles due west of here, near Gloucester!) :)
  2951. <Silas> (ah, ok)
  2952. <CJR> Sedala, you make out the dog is a wolf
  2953. <Momo> (That wolf)
  2954. <Gustbran> (damn, we need to land and fight)
  2955. <Silas> (dum dum dum duuuumm)
  2956. <Ramon> "Sedala told me its a wolf!"
  2957. <Ramon> "Shoulkd we get down in hope it is the one you talked about yesterday?"
  2958. <Silas> "It may be Polandus then?" [can't see through the cloud, sadly]
  2959. <Baruch> "Ah. It must be Polandrus."
  2960. <CJR>,Long+Melford,+Suffolk,+UK&ei=zfPOUf_9OuXa4QSAxYHwAw&ved=0CCkQ8gEwAA
  2961. <Baruch> "Yes. Land us near the wolf, let us hope the forest can protect us from the drake."
  2962. <CJR> (view from Sedala for those who can see!)
  2963. <Momo> (Forest, fire...)
  2964. <CJR> ;)
  2965. <CJR> You going down Ramon?
  2966. <Ramon> (Yes)
  2967. <Momo> (anyone have common sense?)
  2968. <Momo> (at least momo is not with you all)
  2969. <Silas> (I do, actually :p )
  2970. <Baruch> (Why not?)
  2971. <Momo> (Thought he was left behind)
  2972. <Baruch> (I don't think so - why would we leave him behind?)
  2973. <Silas> (Don't tell me you are still flirting with that cat of yours!)
  2974. <Ramon> (huh how would you then get back to the covenant Momo?)
  2975. <Momo> (Can't find him? Anyway I am with you all then)
  2976. <Baruch> (Ok, so momo is with.)
  2977. <CJR> No Assuming Momo in basket!
  2978. * Momo pop out of the basket!
  2979. <CJR> OK, you flap in and land. Polandus looks at the cloud, slightly bemused.
  2980. * Momo saw dragon, "Oh." Momo pop back into the basket
  2981. <Silas> (^^)
  2982. <Ramon> "Your this talking wolf called Polandus my friend talked about?"
  2983. * Silas dismounts, attempting to aid Edith
  2984. <Baruch> Can we still see the dragon from where we are?
  2985. * Momo pop out and joins the team, it's safer.
  2986. <Silas> "Yes, with luck he can aid us"
  2987. * Ramon stays on Sedala and ready his small crossbow
  2988. * Gustbran dismounts and stands ready for if the drake appears
  2989. <CJR> POlandrus looks slight annoyed. "You took your time" says the wolf in Latin. The drakes have awakened, and the magi of Libellas seek to bind them to their will. One of them , a woman who dresses in these woods, is hunting us even now. She uses Edith's father's bones to find the girl.
  2990. <Ramon> "thats not good!"
  2991. * Silas frowns
  2992. <CJR> So Ramon, Edith and Silas, it is a time for action...
  2993. <Baruch> Can we still see the drake?
  2994. <Silas> "We must find her then, and stop her -"
  2995. <CJR> "Silas, you must leave the girl with the others. It is sour only chance. Then you must follow me, and take on your terrible destiny. You have the crown?"
  2996. <Silas> "We have the crown, yes..."
  2997. <CJR> No, you can't see it down here in the woods. You know it is approaching though.
  2998. * Silas gulps
  2999. <Momo> (Terrible destiny of losing a wife)
  3000. <Baruch> (Do I get to roll for something to see if Polandus is telling the truth?)
  3001. <CJR> Follow me - alone! cries the wolf, and sets off at a run.
  3002. <CJR> Right, Edith goes to follow the wolf.
  3003. <Silas> "Wait!" [goes to take the crown]
  3004. <CJR> Sure. Roll Per + Animal Ken Baruch :)
  3005. <Momo> Momo will do it too
  3006. <Baruch> I'll cast clouds of rain and thunder after I've rolled
  3007. <Momo> oh wait, don't have animal ken
  3008. <CJR> Momo, good plan :)
  3009. <Baruch> !roll 1d10 (+3 from virtue if lies, confusion, subterfuge)
  3010. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (+3 from virtue if lies, confusion, subterfuge): 4
  3011. <Momo> that's Makara...
  3012. <Ramon> (Animal Lore?)
  3013. <Baruch> (Oh, I don't have animal ken either, but you get to roll regardless, right?9
  3014. <Baruch> (It's not an academic thing)
  3015. <CJR> Polandus pauses, and looks at Edith. You must stay here! he barks. The red maga is hunting you, you must lead her here and away from Silas!
  3016. <CJR> Sure you can roll in this case :)
  3017. <Momo> !roll 1d10+1 (no animal ken)
  3018. <Magic_Dice> Momo, (no animal ken): 6 :5+1
  3019. * Silas fishes the crown up and runs after Polandus
  3020. <Ramon> (Animal Ken is Supernatular and Animal Lore ist the normal ABility)
  3021. <Ramon> (So no roll if dont have it)
  3022. <Baruch> (I got 7 altogether if my clear thinker virtue counts)
  3023. <Silas> "It would be safest if we split I think, if we can stop the dragons then we are all a lot safer..."
  3024. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+2 (Animal Lore for Ramon)
  3025. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (Animal Lore for Ramon): 9 :7+2
  3026. <Silas> "Best dodge all this if at all possible!"
  3027. <CJR> OK Baruch, you think Polandrus is telling the truth
  3028. <CJR> Ramon so do you
  3029. <CJR> ditto Momo!
  3030. <Silas> (Wouldn't that be tritto? :p )
  3031. <Baruch> Ok, I'll first spont the mirror image spell
  3032. <CJR> Edith goes to run after Silas :)
  3033. <CJR> mirror image spell?
  3034. <Baruch> Wizard's sidestep
  3035. <Silas> (Can I try to convince her it is a horrible idea to not run in the opposite direction?)
  3036. <Momo> "But the libellus mage are trying to control the dragon, stopping the dragon would be going against them"
  3037. <CJR> Ah!
  3038. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+17
  3039. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 26 :9+17
  3040. <CJR> Er, how exactly Silas?
  3041. <CJR> Cast Baruch :)
  3042. <Baruch> Succesful
  3043. <Baruch> After that, I'll cast the storm
  3044. <Ramon> "Baruch can you creat Wind that would help Sedala greatly!"
  3045. <CJR> Polandrus is getting impatient "Go back girl or I will gobble you up" he growls
  3046. <CJR> Edith laughs at the wolf
  3047. <Silas> "That we would both be safer if she went with Baruch and the others and went far away from here"
  3048. * Gustbran tries to grab edith's hand.
  3049. <Gustbran> "please edith!"
  3050. <CJR> Gustbran (only) Per + Awareness
  3051. <Momo> "Edith, Stephen might be here to turn you to mouse again!"
  3052. <Gustbran> "be reasonable!)
  3053. <CJR> She reluctantly takes Gutsbran's hand.
  3054. <Gustbran> "
  3055. <Silas> "I will see you soon.."
  3056. <Ramon> !Roll 1d10+4 (Leadership +1 if Inspiration)
  3057. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (Leadership +1 if Inspiration): 8 :4+4
  3058. <CJR> OK Silas, you running off with the wolf?
  3059. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+3
  3060. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran: 8 :5+3
  3061. <Silas> (yep)
  3062. <Ramon> "Eith you need to stay with us!"
  3063. <CJR> Edith likes Ramon so she stays, but mutters that if Silas does not come back she will have a wolfskin rug.
  3064. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+45 (against level 25, storm creation)
  3065. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (against level 25, storm creation): 50 :5+45
  3066. * Silas goes with the wolf
  3067. <CJR> Gustbran, want to spend confidence?
  3068. <CJR> As soon as Silas departs...
  3069. <Gustbran> (sure)
  3070. <CJR> OK you heare the words creo ignem spoken loudly from in the woods
  3071. <CJR> !roll 1d10+24
  3072. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 34 :10+24
  3073. <Silas> (holy moly people, start running!)
  3074. <Baruch> (Hih)
  3075. <CJR> Spend confidence for 37.
  3076. <Gustbran> "MAGES!"
  3077. <CJR> + Penetration = 43.
  3078. <Baruch> (oh-oh - wasn't that stress?)
  3079. * Gustbran moves to cover edith
  3080. <Baruch> (That botched, right?)
  3081. <CJR> -35 for Ball of abysmal flame - oh yes, stress...
  3082. <Ramon> (if Formulatic its not necesary stress)
  3083. <CJR> roll for botch
  3084. <CJR> !roll 1d10
  3085. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 9
  3086. <Momo> darn
  3087. <CJR> no botch. OK, 24 is casting total, 11 less than spell. iT fails ;)
  3088. <CJR> Someone just tried to fireball the party, and missed by one.
  3089. <Ramon> (pew)
  3090. <CJR> OK, everyone roll initiative please?
  3091. <Momo> (Spread out)
  3092. <Baruch> (Is my storm up yet?)
  3093. <Momo> !roll 1d10+1
  3094. <Magic_Dice> Momo: 6 :5+1
  3095. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10-3
  3096. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran: 5 :8-3
  3097. <CJR> !roll 1d10 initiative
  3098. <Magic_Dice> CJR, initiative: 5
  3099. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1
  3100. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 11 :10+1
  3101. <Baruch> !roll 1d10 (botching initiative here, sweet)
  3102. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (botching initiative here, sweet): 10
  3103. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+1 (Sedala)
  3104. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (Sedala): 9 :8+1
  3105. <CJR> Still casting Baruch, you can roll now.
  3106. <Silas> (I don't suppose I am rolling?)
  3107. <Ramon> !roll 1d10-1 (Ramon)
  3108. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (Ramon): 4 :5-1
  3109. * Silas is trying to keep up with Polandus
  3110. <Baruch> (I botched initiative - what does that do? I miss a round, right?)
  3111. <Ramon> (Baruch botched his ini sweet :( )
  3112. <Silas> (We are screwed...)
  3113. <CJR> baruch go last. However roll for your storm first
  3114. <Baruch> (I rolled that already up there - succeded)
  3115. <Ramon> (Btw do Sedala see the mage with here Eyes of the Bat?)
  3116. <CJR> !roll 1d10+1
  3117. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 10 :9+1
  3118. <CJR> Edith charges in to the woods, waving a shortsword and looking for the magus
  3119. <Gustbran> (we should have taken aiden.)
  3120. <CJR> !roll 1d10+3
  3121. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 10 :7+3
  3122. <Momo> (Should have voted to go home)
  3123. <Baruch> (:D)
  3124. <CJR> "Lucidia" she shouts, and closes to attack her!
  3125. <Silas> (hehe)
  3126. <CJR> SEdala's action
  3127. <Momo> (One sacrifice coming up)
  3128. <Gustbran> (so much for me protecting edith)
  3129. <Ramon> (Do she see the mage?)
  3130. <CJR> Silas you hear far behind you shouting, but Polandrus keeps running...
  3131. <Ramon> (Eyes of the Bath might help but not sure)
  3132. <CJR> Make aPer +A wareness for sedala
  3133. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+4
  3134. <Magic_Dice> Ramon: 14 :10+4
  3135. <Ramon> !roll 1d10
  3136. <Magic_Dice> Ramon: 7
  3137. <Silas> "..."
  3138. <Ramon> (no)
  3139. <Ramon> (bad angle)
  3140. <Silas> "I have to save her.."
  3141. <CJR> OK, Momo?
  3142. * Silas starts running back
  3143. <Ramon> (Silas your not even sure its Edith that shouted!)
  3144. <CJR> Polandrus snarls at you and jumps on youir back Silas.
  3145. <CJR> Momo, your action?
  3146. <Momo> delay action
  3147. <Silas> (no, but I know that either the mage or the dragon found the lot of you)
  3148. <CJR> "Muto Ignem!" shouts Lucidia
  3149. <Ramon> (Sedala hold her action till she spot a target or have to get away)
  3150. <CJR> !roll 1d10+21
  3151. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 25 :4+21
  3152. <CJR> OK, Penetration 16. Edith screams suddenly, and then there is just a roar of flames.
  3153. <Ramon> (Outch :( )
  3154. <Momo> can I interupt the action?
  3155. <Silas> (you know that huge ass fireball that passed? yeah, it is headed back..)
  3156. <CJR> Momo, sure, you delayed.
  3157. <CJR> what you doing?
  3158. <Momo> (Hmm turning edith to mouse would help?)
  3159. <Silas> (Would make her very much more susceptible to the fire..)
  3160. <Baruch> (Didn't edith and the magus both roll 10 for initiative?)
  3161. <Gustbran> (probably not)
  3162. <CJR> well harder target I guess! :)
  3163. <CJR> but mice burn...
  3164. <Momo> (Weaker body too)
  3165. <Momo> keep delaying
  3166. <CJR> OK, Gustbran, big flames over there
  3167. <CJR> Your action please?
  3168. * Gustbran runs after edith and with GUT any mage he sees if edith is hurt.
  3169. <Gustbran> *will
  3170. <CJR> OK, you see Lucidia readying her next spell. You also see something astonishing - a miniature castle 12' tall, made of flames! The hapless Edith, seemingly unharmed, stands trapped in the middle of it!
  3171. <Silas> (That is pretty impressive..)
  3172. <Gustbran> (if I can attack I will)
  3173. <CJR> (See Prison of Flames, ArM5 p.141 or 142)
  3174. <Momo> (Calpurnia would love to live in there)
  3175. <CJR> You can if you want!
  3176. <CJR> attack that is?
  3177. <Gustbran> *since I'm injured I'll use fatigue and confidence just so you know)
  3178. <CJR> OK, so roll :)
  3179. <CJR> !roll 1d10 (lucidia defence)
  3180. <Magic_Dice> CJR, (lucidia defence): 5
  3181. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+8 (conf or fatigue not accounted for)
  3182. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran, (conf or fatigue not accounted for): 17 :9+8
  3183. <CJR> Baruch, you rolled for that storm yet? It happene dlast round after all :)
  3184. <Baruch> (Yes, got 50 against level 25)
  3185. <Silas> (+12 so far,)
  3186. <Silas> (how much damage do Gust do?)
  3187. <Momo> (MASSIVE DAMAGE)
  3188. <Silas> (12 is already pretty high up there... but we haven't added the regular damage yet :p )
  3189. <CJR> Confidence adds +3. Ftraigues adds his weapon skill again. Take off wound penalties. Add damage. And the total is?
  3190. <Gustbran> *weapon skill is 8 with specialty, damage is 8, wound already accounted for
  3191. <Silas> (you add str to that?)
  3192. <CJR> So 32 damage with confidence.
  3193. <CJR> You take off 4 for her soak
  3194. <CJR> !roll 1d10+17
  3195. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 20 :3+17
  3196. <Momo> (Mundane, you are scary)
  3197. <CJR> OK, you run her through and she dies instantly!
  3198. <Silas> (how did you get 32 though?
  3199. <CJR> Gutsbran kills again.
  3200. <Silas> isn't it only 23?
  3201. <Silas> "only"
  3202. <CJR> 12 +9 (weapon + speciality) + damage (8) + 3 for confidence
  3203. <Silas> 8 damage, 12 combat advantage 3 confidence
  3204. <CJR> is that right?
  3205. <Momo> (one less crazy flambaue for the world)
  3206. <Silas> ah, thought weapon would have been added in the attack mod
  3207. <Silas> attack roll* rather
  3208. <CJR> H epsent fatigue, which adds his weapon skill (again) for +9
  3209. <Gustbran> (weapon skill is 8 with the specialty, not 9)
  3210. <Silas> ah, ok
  3211. <CJR> Gustbran, which is correct?
  3212. <CJR> Either way, she is very dead.
  3213. <Silas> (wasn't sure it worked like that, never mind me)
  3214. <CJR> CAre to describe the kill Gustbran?
  3215. <Momo> (Let's take over libullas with Gustbran killing all the mage)
  3216. <CJR> And add 5xp to your mage slayer reputation. That matters :)
  3217. <Gustbran> (sure)
  3218. <CJR> RAmon, action please?
  3219. * Ramon let sedala change her position upward and to the left to get in a angle where he can see the mage
  3220. <Silas> (loot corpse *cough*)
  3221. <Ramon> (Ramon dont know about the kill at the point ^^)
  3222. <CJR> Yous e eher now. :) Speared to a tree.
  3223. <Silas> (sad, but true ^^ )
  3224. <CJR> Any action?
  3225. * Momo follows baruch
  3226. * Gustbran killed the mage quickly and without and premeditation, solely due to seeing his cousin trapped in an inferno
  3227. <Ramon> NO hold action as the dragon is still somewhere
  3228. <Gustbran> *any
  3229. <CJR> Baruch, your action please!
  3230. <Ramon> (he botched so no action this round)
  3231. <Silas> (You'd be a good cousin to have when going out on the town ^^)
  3232. <Baruch> Is the storm up yet?
  3233. <CJR> Still gets an action, just after everyone else. :)
  3234. <Momo> (NO YOUR STORM IS NOT UP YET)
  3235. <Baruch> (I'll have to go soon)
  3236. <Gustbran> (I'm near worthless now, prepare for the drake!!!)
  3237. <CJR> It's whistling in now, shaking the trees with huge peals of thunder and causing rain to splatter everything wet and shiny
  3238. <CJR> Momo, you are getting cold and wet
  3239. <Momo> (It's like we are raiding libellus
  3240. <Baruch> Ok, I'll just maintain the storm and see if the drake comes for us or not
  3241. <CJR> Same here. Will try and wrap up quickly
  3242. <CJR> Okey doke.
  3243. <Ramon> (Sedala and Ramon is sparred from becomming wet)
  3244. <CJR> Silas, you versus the wolf.
  3245. <CJR> Make a dodge brawl roll
  3246. <Silas> hehe 1 sec
  3247. <CJR> !roll 1d10+11 for the wolf
  3248. <Momo> (why the wolf attack him?)
  3249. <Silas> !roll 1d10+1
  3250. <Magic_Dice> Silas: 5 :4+1
  3251. <Silas> (ran back to get you guys)
  3252. <CJR> !roll1d10+11
  3253. <Silas> (to a wolf that is a no-go)
  3254. <CJR> !roll 1d10+11
  3255. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 18 :7+11
  3256. <Silas> (13 advantage)
  3257. <CJR> Silas is knocked ot the ground easily, grabbed by the foot by the wolf's slathering jaws, and pulled bumping and yelping ta speed across the woodland floor by an irate wolf.
  3258. <Silas> (gee... thanks)
  3259. <Silas> (and nice and muddy to from Baruch's rain..)
  3260. <Momo> (You will make a good meal)
  3261. <CJR> Edith by the way is mouthing something at Baruch, ramon, Momo and Gustbran through the flames. She does not look impressed!
  3262. <Silas> (that may be an advantage though... but I'm not 100% sure on that)
  3263. <Silas> (lol)
  3264. <Momo> (Rain kill the inferno yet?)
  3265. <CJR> Eventually Silas the wold comes to a glade, and starts to dig a deep hole, dropping your foot
  3266. <Momo> (It better not be another crown, we need bone)
  3267. <CJR> No magical fire. Won't get through that. It's a +25 damage fire after all, a raging inferno. Edith is rather stuck.
  3268. * Silas looks back the way we came, but knows he has little chance to get back with the wolf around
  3269. <Ramon> (Silas will be the new guardian if we dont stop the wolf ^^)
  3270. <CJR> The wolf pull something from the hole - a human head, perfectly preserved. looks a bit like Gustbran, and has Edith's nose. He drops it by your feet.
  3271. <CJR> OK everyone else?
  3272. <Silas> "ah.. I thought we might need the bones..."
  3273. <Baruch> Where is edith? Is she exposed to the sky, i.e. would the drake see her from above, or is she under the trees or somesuch?
  3274. <CJR> Polandrus glares at you. "Do what you need to do. I have done my part"
  3275. * Silas begings casting Whispers Through the Black Gate
  3276. <Silas> !roll 1d10+14
  3277. <Magic_Dice> Silas: 23 :9+14
  3278. <Momo> (yes)
  3279. <CJR> She is very obvious ot a large hungry drake that uses these fires as beacons and is not at ll bothered by the heat, and which si now flapping steadily directly to her.
  3280. <Baruch> Ok, I'll blast the drake with lightning and see how it likes that
  3281. <Ramon> (Ramon or Sedala spot the Drake by now as he gaining hight?)
  3282. <CJR> You have the spell Silas? or you sponting?
  3283. <Silas> (ah sorry, I have it)
  3284. <CJR> Yes you both see the drake flapping straight for the fire
  3285. <CJR> OK Silas, the ghost of Edith's father appears before you "son..." he says "you are bound now to take on my terrible duty - and i must tell you the secret!"
  3286. <Momo> (hurry up, dad)
  3287. <Silas> "Yes.."
  3288. <Ramon> (Lets have the dragon fight next week shall we?)
  3289. <Baruch> (I don't have to roll for the lightning since it's invested in my talisman, so the drake gets hit by a penetration 32 damage 30 lightning as soon as it comes within my field of view)
  3290. <Momo> (Wait for the lightning attack first)
  3291. <CJR> (And Silas is told the secret, which the rest of you do not know, and which time will not permit be to tell now, but he learsn the Words of Sealing and where to bury the Crown!)
  3292. <CJR> OUCH!
  3293. <Momo> (I THINK WE ARE FINE)
  3294. <Silas> (holy....Ffff....)
  3295. <CJR> The drake screams in terrible pain, and flies rapidly away, trailing smoke and black reptillian blood.
  3296. <Silas> (I am *never* dueling you, Baruch!)
  3297. <Ramon> (oO Baruch at it once again)
  3298. <Momo> (why didn't you use that in the first place~)
  3299. <CJR> Shall we wrap here?
  3300. <Gustbran> (probably a pain to recharge)
  3301. <Baruch> Yes, let's do that
  3302. <Momo> k
  3303. <Baruch> (What first place?)
  3304. <Gustbran> k
  3305. <CJR> OK :)
  3306. <Baruch> (She was dead before I got my action)
  3307. <Ramon> Yes its a good place to stop here
  3308. <Silas> (all the previous dragons I think, :p )
  3309. <Momo> (always worth the recharge for something so powerful)
  3310. <CJR> I think everyone gets three confidence points here though.
  3311. <Gustbran> (good thing too!)
  3312. <Baruch> (I have to have the storm running before casting that)
  3313. <Silas> (thanks for the run)
  3314. <CJR> Anyone deserve an extra one? :)
  3315. <Momo> (Better quicken your storm magic)
  3316. <Baruch> (Oh, I only invested the spell after we met the drakes)
  3317. <Ramon> (Baruch should get a extra for his Athletic action)
  3318. <Gustbran> (oh, cj some questions before you go.)
  3319. <CJR> OK Baruch
  3320. <Momo> (baruch should get 5)
  3321. <Silas> (yeah, Baruch should get something for a rescue like that!)
  3322. <CJR> Sure let me just grab Becky a drink.
  3323. <Momo> (or just rep xp)
  3324. <CJR> Hope story vaguey amusing, sorry taken 3 or 4 sessions do far :(
  3325. <Silas> I'll call it here, thanks for the run =)
  3326. <Ramon> SO we need 1 more and then next GM?
  3327. <Momo> good amount for the main campaign
  3328. <Gustbran> 1. so there are no "oblivion' spells for realms?
  3329. <Silas> oh it is CJ, I like it :)
  3330. <Baruch> (It's been great, thanks for running CJ!)
  3331. <Ramon> Thanks for todays run :)
  3332. <Gustbran> (yeah, it's great!)
  3333. <Momo> still need to know what the stolen Lucidia's book is
  3334. <Momo> that calpurnia stolen
  3335. <Silas> (wasn't it a herbam one? I seem to vaguely recall)
  3336. <Momo> herbam is the one I stole
  3337. <Silas> (ah)
  3338. <Momo> I heard it's flambuae cult book
  3339. <Momo> calpurnia is dying to know
  3340. <Momo> she might be dying now for all we know
  3341. <Silas> Either way, best of luck to you all :)
  3342. <Ramon> btw CJ I wish Becky a fast recovery.
  3343. <Momo> me too
  3344. <CJR> I have not got an offcial anser, but it seesm Realms not domains are now used, so go with Realms on Vim Eternal Oblivion type spells
  3345. <CJR> She'll be ok, just a fever, but a very nasty one
  3346. <CJR> I ahve run a few hours with Calpurnia at various pints, but not sure if she is ready to return now. She has certainly done a great deal
  3347. <Ramon> thanks that makes it easyer to handle this spells
  3348. <Gustbran> Also 2. what was that 5xp for. a "reputation" should I treat that as a skill?
  3349. <CJR> I think we need half a session to wrap this, so next GM should be ready next week?
  3350. <Ramon> and make Dirk invent 3 of them winter 1217 if it possible for him ^^
  3351. <CJR> You have reputation "mage killer 1 with 7xp" according to my notes. It act's like a skill yes
  3352. <Ramon> lets have write in the PM who makes next
  3353. <CJR> What was question 1?
  3354. <Gustbran> Sweet. wasn't aware of that. I'll add that.
  3355. <Momo> half a session? I could continue the dragon attack aftermath with your team asking what the hell happened and stuff.
  3356. <Gustbran> The oblivion spells question were #1. previously you said that we had to go on a creature basis rather than realm.
  3357. <CJR> The Flambeau Cult Book is an initiation script, not a normal book. It acts as a Q6 Tractatus in Hellfire Cult Lore as well though. Ypu need that to understand how to use the script that follows, that initiates some weird kind of magic.
  3358. <Momo> k
  3359. <CJR> Ramon, when is your adventure set time wise?
  3360. <Ramon> Autumn 1217 because of the time needed to copy the books
  3361. <CJR> Cool :)
  3362. <CJR> Incidentally, standing invite as always to come game here at Grand Tribunal, which I run
  3363. <CJR> September 7th :)
  3364. <CJR> And the one in the USA at lake Tahoe or somewhere that way -
  3365. <CJR> Sorry not september 7th, clearly. It's mid August
  3366. <Ramon> Btw Cj if you find time can you make the VIs claims for l1215 and 1216 for the other mages?
  3367. <CJR> September 7th is a parapsychology conference at Bath Uni I am addressing :0
  3368. <CJR> Sure, we can do that on the forum :)
  3369. <CJR> OK any more questions?
  3370. <Ramon> we have aleread a thread for this :9
  3371. <Ramon>
  3372. <CJR> Yes. :)
  3373. <CJR> OK, well I'd best go sort Becky out. any thing else?
  3374. <Ramon> Not that I remember right now
  3375. <Ramon> thanks again :)
  3376. <CJR> OK catch you all soon!
  3377. <CJR> Take care
  3378. <CJR> cj x
  3379. <Ramon> cu all
  3380. <Gustbran> ;later!
  3382. ---------------------
  3384. <CJR> They are not standing on flame though
  3385. <CJR> Hey Nyaa!
  3386. <Silas_> Exactly
  3387. <Momo> hi
  3388. <Ramon> Hi Nyaa
  3389. * Gustbran puts away his CAT MAGNET!
  3390. <Ramon> so we are now complet
  3391. <CJR> :)
  3392. <Silas_> good job Freespace :)
  3393. <CJR> OK, ready to go?
  3394. <Baruch> Yea
  3395. <Ramon> yes
  3396. <Silas_> Yep
  3397. <Momo> y
  3398. <Gustbran> Nyaa, remember to log
  3399. <Momo> done
  3400. * Silas_ thanks Polandus and asks if he can show the way back
  3401. <CJR> *********SCENE: The Woods, near Libellus******************
  3402. <CJR> Edith is trapped within a roraring castle of living flame conjured by Lucidia, the now very dead maga. Her body lies pinned to a tree by Gustbran's spear. (Well he has probably removed it by now!) And Silas has snuck off with a wolf. An approaching drake has been struck by Baruch's lightning, and a terrible storm rages overhead
  3403. <CJR> However, through the crashing of thunder, something tells you you are still not alone.
  3404. <CJR> Silas returns, the wolf leading him through the woods
  3405. <Gustbran> (FUUUUUUU...!)
  3406. <Silas_> (time to work on that mage-killing rep you've gotten!)
  3407. <CJR> OK, over to you
  3408. <Baruch> I'll try to hit the drake with lightning again
  3409. <Ramon> (Didn't the Drake retreate?)
  3410. <Gustbran> (kill XP)
  3411. <CJR> OK, you can still see it through the trees. Go for it! It is flying away
  3412. <Momo> (Kill a drake, get rep)
  3413. <Baruch> Ok, there's no roll since it's invested, damage 30 penetration 32
  3414. <Ramon> (outch again ^^)
  3415. <Silas_> (any finesse for hitting?)
  3416. <CJR> Ouch! The Drake takes a second horrible wound!
  3417. <Silas_> (I'm almost feeling bad for it..)
  3418. <CJR> (It's not a targeted effect so prob no Finesse roll, as the Drake gets MR and the lightning is magical). The drake dives down low to avoid the lightning, but is fleeing now
  3419. <Baruch> As the lightning hits, you see something like this descend from the skies at the drake:
  3420. <Baruch> (Hope that works, couldn't find any other way to do it)
  3421. <CJR> Cool!
  3422. <Silas_> (mmm! roast dinner)
  3423. <Ramon> (nice!)
  3424. <Silas_> (dragon dinner even)
  3425. <Baruch> Something seems to be going for the drake, although it's way smaller - about the size of an eagle
  3426. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+10 (Kokko's initiative)
  3427. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (Kokko's initiative): 20 :10+10
  3428. <Baruch> (Well great :D)
  3429. <CJR> OK, the drake will be in very severe trouble!
  3430. <Baruch> !roll 1d10
  3431. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 5
  3432. <Baruch> (Any idea what the drake's initiative is?)
  3433. <Silas_> (My pity for the dragon seems to have faded, now I'm hoping that the birdy gets a good dinner)
  3434. <CJR> !roll 1d10-8
  3435. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 1 :9-8
  3436. <CJR> !roll 1d10
  3437. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 7
  3438. <Baruch> (That was a 9, so no reroll - it's initiative is 1)
  3439. <Silas_> (it wasn't a botch :) )
  3440. <CJR> oh no ignore te second roll
  3441. <CJR> It's initiative 1.
  3442. <Baruch> Ok, so the bird goes first. It seems to be going for the eyes.
  3443. <Silas_> (Vicious thing..)
  3444. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+18
  3445. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 28 :10+18
  3446. <Gustbran> (getting out my popcorn.)
  3447. <Baruch> (haha)
  3448. <Ramon> (botch ^^)
  3449. <Baruch> !roll 1d10
  3450. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 6
  3451. <CJR> !roll 1d10+2
  3452. <Baruch> So 18
  3453. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 7 :5+2
  3454. <Baruch> Damage is +5, so 16
  3455. <CJR> 11 points attack advantage. What's the eagles damage?
  3456. <CJR> OK the eagle does a light wound to the drake
  3457. <CJR> Realising pointless to try and flee it will attack back
  3458. <CJR> !roll 1d10+1
  3459. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 3 :2+1
  3460. <CJR> Beat a 3!
  3461. <Silas_> (I'll follow Gust and get some snacks, this is great)
  3462. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+2+0
  3463. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 10 :8+2+0
  3464. <Baruch> (20 that was supposed to be, so 28)
  3465. <Momo> (Someday, Fishy, someday...)
  3466. <CJR> OK, anyone else doing anything?
  3467. <Baruch> The bird seems to be clinging to the drake's eyelid with its talons and not letting go
  3468. <CJR> Roll for the attack :)
  3469. <Baruch> You can't see very well in the gloom, but it's nothing like you've ever seen before (unless you roll magic lore;)
  3470. <Ramon> (whats the distance? Still voice or just sight?)
  3471. <Baruch> Baruch looks astounded but goes for the lightning again
  3472. <Baruch> Are they in his sight still?
  3473. <CJR> Make a Per + Awareness difficulty 15
  3474. <CJR> Sight Range
  3475. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1
  3476. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 10 :9+1
  3477. <CJR> Spend Confidence?
  3478. <Baruch> I think I'll rather try to fly despite the storm
  3479. * Silas_ makes his way through the shrubs, ducking as he hears the sound of thunder overhead
  3480. <Ramon> (with a heavy crossbow I would aimed ans shot at the drake but I have just a light crossbolt and then sight distance is problematic)
  3481. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+8 (Finesse for flying despite the storm)
  3482. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (Finesse for flying despite the storm): 12 :4+8
  3483. <Ramon> (So I keep watch to look if there is more enemys around)
  3484. <CJR> Baruch moves up in tot he stormy skies
  3485. <Silas_> (Considering the battle hasn't been going on, I'll let Silas return once it's over)
  3486. <CJR> Roll for the eagle attack
  3487. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+18 (Kokko attacks again)
  3488. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (Kokko attacks again): 24 :6+18
  3489. <CJR> (Good plan!)
  3490. <CJR> !roll 1d10+1
  3491. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 6 :5+1
  3492. <CJR> So 18 + damage
  3493. <Baruch> So 23
  3494. <Silas_> (going on long* even)
  3495. <CJR> The drake's eyes is plucked out by the eagle, and the huge sinous mass crashed to the ground, thrashing.
  3496. <Ramon> (what roll so I need for Sedala and Ramon as Sedala is flying with ramon on the back)
  3497. <Ramon> (err so=do)
  3498. <CJR> None, you take off in to the skies as the drake falls
  3499. <Ramon> (Sedala is still in the air!)
  3500. <CJR> And at that moment Silas runs in to the clearing, and Edith yells "Get me out of here husband!"
  3501. <Baruch> The bird lands next to one of the eyes and starts feasting on it, boring into the gore.
  3502. <CJR> Okey doke, well you can see the drake fall.
  3503. <Momo> (That's one hungry bird)
  3504. <Baruch> It stops to stare at Baruch as he rises above the treeline
  3505. * Ramon shout "The drake got grounded by a strange lightning bird!"
  3506. <CJR> How is Silas looking as he returns?
  3507. <Silas_> (time to gather vis people)
  3508. <Momo> (Not like we are in libellus or something)
  3509. <Ramon> (He talk from the drake!)
  3510. <Momo> (With a bleeding leg)
  3511. <Ramon> (As every magical beast have vis in it)
  3512. * Silas_ looks ragged, mud is smeared from top to toe, several rifts across his hands and face but despite the rain, mud, and ocasional twich from the lightning strikes he seems almost happy
  3513. <CJR> Silas shortsightedly stumbles in to a bush
  3514. <Baruch> CJ: Is the drake's vis in its eyes? Kokko has a power to see that, so she knows, although Baruch doesn't
  3515. <Ramon> (Do Sillas still hold the skull?)
  3516. <CJR> Yes it is :)
  3517. <Silas_> (no, only the crown that I ran off with)
  3518. <Baruch> Ok, Baruch picks up the drake's other eye and slowly and carefully places it next to the thunderbird
  3519. <CJR> The eagle clutches the vis :)
  3520. * Silas_ untancles from the bush and moves/stumbles off to the rest of the group
  3521. <CJR> All that lightning has undoubtedly attracted Libellus attention though...
  3522. <Ramon> (Sedala can smell Vis but not in a storm at this distance ;) )
  3523. <Baruch> Kokko proceeds to devour the eyes as fast as it can
  3524. <CJR> OK, eaten 4 pawns of Animal vis :D
  3525. <CJR> And Silas joins you all...
  3526. <Baruch> Baruch tries to offer the bird his hand, but it simply cocks its head and stares at him
  3527. <CJR> Well joins Momo and Gustbran!
  3528. <Silas_> "I have spoken with Edith's father,.. where is.. Edith?" [looks around]
  3529. <Baruch> After trying for a bit, Baruch returns to the others
  3530. <CJR> Silas you can't see Edith but you can dimly through the rian see a large bonfire
  3531. <CJR> Ramon & Sedala?
  3532. * Gustbran points to the fire.
  3533. * Ramon keep in the air to see if anything other get close
  3534. * Silas_ runs off towards the fire
  3535. <Silas_> (3 secs, I got to find the core book. Another pc from my usual so the setup is a bit different
  3536. <Silas_> (there we go :) )
  3537. <Ramon> (Sedala is hiden in a real cloud if I remember right?)
  3538. <CJR> Yep.
  3539. <Silas_> [as Silas finds the flame prison] "Edith! The God you are alright!"
  3540. <CJR> Edith expresses her opinions in language unsuited to an IRC chat based game
  3541. <CJR> Momo, what you up to?
  3542. * Momo watches and ask if Silas likes "Hot woman."
  3543. <Ramon> (Prison of Flames is a lvl 20 spelkl but I think this is even of higher level as there was no bonfire bevore)
  3544. * Momo also like the warm fire
  3545. <CJR> She created it with an Creo req, so 25. Penetration 13.
  3546. <Baruch> (Affecting the fire with rego ignem would require an effect over level 25, right?)
  3547. <Silas_> (Can you make a spell that makes the earth move by itself away from an area?.. Rego Terram (2 base, 1 touch..)
  3548. * Gustbran searches the maga he gutted for any information/material
  3549. <Momo> (Loot~)
  3550. <Gustbran> (shhh!)
  3551. <Ramon> (protect her from fire and she can get out as well)
  3552. <CJR> She has 5 small pieces of sulphur in apouch gustbran, and thirty silver pennies
  3553. <Baruch> (Silas: I think that should work)
  3554. <CJR> How is the earth moving exactly?
  3555. <Baruch> (You can move ten cubic paces of dirt with target individual, so that should suffice to make a tunnel I think)
  3556. <Baruch> (Or maybe it has to be target part?)
  3557. <Silas_> (was thinking skidding a bit mole-like)
  3558. <Silas_> (fist a hole down then a tunnel under)
  3559. <Silas_> (may be very unnatural, and addition for size..
  3560. <CJR> Well making holes is Perdo Terram
  3561. <Baruch> (I think size is not necessary, 10 cubic meters is quite a lot.)
  3562. <CJR> You could dig a pit easily enough ;)
  3563. <Baruch> (But you can move it as well, can't you)
  3564. <Silas_> (heh my perdo and terram are both horrible though :p )
  3565. <Baruch> (That would just leave the dirt there, but it would not be in the way)
  3566. <Silas_> (would just make a dirt pile nearby
  3567. <Baruch> (I think base 2, "slowly move", and +1 part, +1 touch should do the trick)
  3568. <Baruch> (So level 4)
  3569. <Silas_> (4 then?)
  3570. <CJR> Yes, you can ReTe. Earth does not naturally make tunnels on it's own, so base 3. Size is fine. The tunnel will need + 1 for complexity, and it is Part +1.
  3571. <CJR> I make it ReTe5?
  3572. <Baruch> (Needs +1 for touch though)
  3573. * Gustbran searches the immediate area for any signs the maga had company after pocketing the coins.
  3574. <Silas_> The tunnel is not needed as such, it'd just have to undermine the "wall"
  3575. <Silas_> enough to duck under)
  3576. <Baruch> (I think making a depression in the dirt is natural, so that would be base 2 and no complexity, right?)
  3577. <CJR> Yes, but deep enough to avoid being singed :)
  3578. <CJR> Yes if just a gap under the edge sure.
  3579. <Baruch> (10 cubic paces you can make it deep enough to prevent her from gettin up :D)
  3580. <Silas_> so, 4-5 or so base?
  3581. <Silas_> ergh, total, rather
  3582. <Silas_> either way..
  3583. <CJR> Go for a ReTe3 if just a depression under one edge.
  3584. <CJR> 4 with Touch sorry
  3585. <Silas_> !roll 1d10+10 (rego terram, shouting/waving added)
  3586. <Magic_Dice> Silas_, (rego terram, shouting/waving added): 13 :3+10
  3587. <CJR> a great depression sinks in to the ground by the Castle of Flames!
  3588. <Silas_> "Can you climb under?" [to Edith]
  3589. <CJR> Edith is already out and running
  3590. * Silas_ follows her eample
  3591. <CJR> OK, what now?
  3592. <Silas_> (Example*)
  3593. <Ramon> (Everyone colected together again so I can pick them up?)
  3594. <CJR> Ok chaps, what is the plan now? :)
  3595. <CJR> Yes.
  3596. <Gustbran> (GTFO)
  3597. <Ramon> (hear from Silas where next ^^)
  3598. <Momo> (GTFO)
  3599. <Momo> (Mission accomplish)
  3600. <Baruch> "Let us leave quickly. Libellus will not take kindly to this."
  3601. * Silas_ agrees with Gust and Momo
  3602. <CJR> You can hear men in armour approaching through the woods
  3603. <Gustbran> "ah, crap!"
  3604. <Silas_> "We should head out quick"
  3605. * Ramon get down to get the men and women on sedala
  3606. <CJR> !roll 1d10+7
  3607. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 9 :2+7
  3608. * Gustbran throws the maga into her own fire!
  3609. <Silas_> [looks to Edith] "and we need to speak once we get safe.."
  3610. <CJR> The flames begin to lick round Lucidia, but do not consume here
  3611. <Ramon> (and then fly up and get away from here for now till silas tell where to )
  3612. <CJR> her.
  3613. * Gustbran pauses for a second at that unusual thing, and then runs after the others.
  3614. <Gustbran> (as fast as he can, all things considered)
  3615. <CJR> Everyone leaps on Sedala. As you take off in to the air the crossbow bolts start...
  3616. <Silas_> "Come on Gust!"
  3617. <Ramon> "where is Momo?"
  3618. <Momo> "Here"
  3619. <Momo> "Right behind you"
  3620. * Silas_ pads the saddlebag
  3621. <CJR> !roll 1d10+7
  3622. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 11 :4+7
  3623. <Ramon> "Good everyone here then lets get away"
  3624. <CJR> OK, Sedala please make a defnce roll against 11 :)
  3625. <Ramon> (flight or ground?)
  3626. <CJR> A crossbow bolt comes flying from the woods below, straight for the cloud!
  3627. <Baruch> Can I try initiative to fast cast wind against that?
  3628. <CJR> (flight)
  3629. <CJR> Sure initiative ot beat is 2
  3630. <CJR> roll Baruch :)
  3631. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+4
  3632. <Magic_Dice> Ramon: 6 :2+4
  3633. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+4 (Init for fast cast)
  3634. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (Init for fast cast): 7 :3+4
  3635. <Ramon> (Keep in mind we have storm)
  3636. <CJR> You get initiative baruch!
  3637. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+44
  3638. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 48 :4+44
  3639. <Baruch> succeeds
  3640. <CJR> What you doing?
  3641. * Silas_ is clinging on to Sedala and the crown for dear life
  3642. <Baruch> (I'm casting my mastered-for-fast-casting charge of the angry winds so that the wind blows from us in the direction of the armor sounds)
  3643. <Baruch> (I forgot to deduct the -10 fast casting penalty from the roll, but the level is 15, so 38 still succeeds)
  3644. <CJR> OK, ther eis a tremendous blast of wind and the crossbow bolt is blown away, and there is a lot of shouting.
  3645. <Gustbran> (the one trick pony is getting amazingly versatile!)
  3646. <CJR> Sedala climbs high in ot th stormy sky
  3647. <Baruch> (It's still the same trick, though, isn't it :D)
  3648. <CJR> YOu all get blasted by the lashing rains :)
  3649. <Baruch> (Just a mite faster)
  3650. <Ramon> (No we are not as Sedala protect us ^^)
  3651. <Silas_> (Note that we aren't complaining)
  3652. <Baruch> (She has a power like that?)
  3653. <CJR> OK, what now? In character scene as you discuss please! (in real time)
  3654. * Momo hate this rain
  3655. <Baruch> "What happened with the wolf, Silas?"
  3656. <Ramon> ( Ward against Rain, Hail and Snow Base 5, +2 Sun, Self, +2 Group, +1 Size)
  3657. <CJR> (FX: background music :) )
  3658. <Silas_> "I spoke with Edi- our father, and he told me what needs to be done"
  3659. <CJR> Cast Ramon. No roll needed.
  3660. <Baruch> "And? What needs to be done?"
  3661. <Silas_> We need to set down somewhere quiet first, I need to speak to Edith...
  3662. <Silas_> ""
  3663. <Ramon> (its a 0 might power of here so she put it up already)
  3664. <CJR> (yep)
  3665. <Silas_> "The matter is... best kept to as few as at all possible.."
  3666. <Baruch> "I see. Better get away from Libellus first, however."
  3667. <Silas_> "yes!"
  3668. * Baruch looks concerned. Throws a worried, unnoticeable glance at Gustbran.
  3669. * Gustbran notices.
  3670. <Baruch> (Heh, roll perception+awareness, maybe?)
  3671. <Baruch> (Or folk ken)
  3672. <Momo> "Fly harder, Sedala." Momo pat Sedala. Pat pat pat pat pat pat.
  3673. <Ramon> "Where should we head to?"
  3674. <CJR> (perception + folk ken?)
  3675. <Silas_> "Go north for now, anywhere but here is fine!"
  3676. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1 (Guile for Baruch)
  3677. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (Guile for Baruch): 2 :1+1
  3678. <Ramon> right now I fly away from libelus and up
  3679. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1 (Guile for Baruch)
  3680. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (Guile for Baruch): 7 :6+1
  3681. <CJR> OK you fly north towards Bury...
  3682. <Baruch> (Baruch gets 13 on the guile roll - he's all discrete-like:)
  3683. <Gustbran> "!roll 1d10-1 (per+folk ken untrained)
  3684. <Ramon> "Wasn't that the burned down city?)
  3685. <Gustbran> !Roll 1d10-1
  3686. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran: 7 :8-1
  3687. <Silas_> (no, that was further south)
  3688. <Baruch> You don't notice a tihng ;)
  3689. <CJR> (no that's Sudbury to the south. Bury is where the abbey is...)
  3690. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+3
  3691. <Magic_Dice> Ramon: 6 :3+3
  3692. <Silas_> (lol)
  3693. <Gustbran> (guess I don't notice, stupid double)
  3694. <Baruch> Can everyone roll perception +awareness, please?
  3695. <CJR> You can see the tower of Bury Cathedral through the storm
  3696. <CJR> Sorry the Abbey Church!
  3697. <Ramon> (Ok then back to where we left the knight)
  3698. * Ramon land somewhere nearby where no one can spot us
  3699. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+5 (Hidin')
  3700. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (Hidin'): 7 :2+5
  3701. <Silas_> !roll 1d10-2 (awareness)
  3702. <Magic_Dice> Silas_, (awareness): 5 :7-2
  3703. <Momo> !roll 1d10+4 (noise)
  3704. <Magic_Dice> Momo, (noise): 11 :7+4
  3705. <CJR> You land in a small wood outside of Bury town. The walls are in sight, just ten minutes walk away
  3706. <Ramon> "So here we are now tell us what is to to do to stop the end of the world!"
  3707. <Baruch> Momo spots the thunderbrid from a while back flying a good distance behind and above Sedala. When we land, it stays circling above.
  3708. <Momo> (It wants to eat Sedala)
  3709. <CJR>
  3710. <Silas_> "I.. can't, but it is not difficult now, I think"
  3711. <CJR>
  3712. <Momo> "The bird is above us"
  3713. <Momo> "Must be still hungry"
  3714. <Ramon> (Sedala will see here also unless she is also invisible to hearing)
  3715. <Silas_> "Maybe it is a spy?"
  3716. <Baruch> Momo, it's at once both natural predator and prey to a cat, conflicting emotions! ;)
  3717. <Silas_> "anyway.."
  3718. <Baruch> "I... I think it's interested in me. I felt a connection there, never felt anything quite like it before."
  3719. <Silas_> "Edith, I must speak to you, in private.. on how to proceed"
  3720. <Momo> "Your connection to it's stomach?"
  3721. <Ramon> (We are probably out of the storm by now?)
  3722. * Silas_ dismounts and offers her a hand
  3723. <Baruch> "I hope you understand the gravity of the task we have, Silas."
  3724. * Baruch remains on Sedala
  3725. <Silas_> "I do! You will have to trust me on this"
  3726. <Silas_> "I am sworn to secrecy though.."
  3727. <Momo> "Look what secrecy got us into"
  3728. * Gustbran dismounts and gets slightly angry!
  3729. * Silas_ blinks
  3730. <Silas_> "I.."
  3731. * Silas_ shakes his head
  3732. <Silas_> "The fewer people who know, the better.."
  3733. <Gustbran> (though not at silas)
  3734. <Momo> "Sure, sure, is not like we will have to do this all over again when someone dig the crown out of the earth again."
  3735. <Baruch> "Is something the matter, Gustbran?"
  3736. <Momo> "Digging the crown out of the earth, oh boy, how easy is that?"
  3737. * Silas_ nods at Momo
  3738. <Silas_> "Yes..."
  3739. <Gustbran> "I'm concerned about the fact that that maga knew exactly where Edith was...."
  3740. <Momo> "The system is faulted."
  3741. <Ramon> "OK Silas if you think you have to do it alone so be it."
  3742. <Baruch> "I suspect the guardian has be the one to dig it up. Whoever that will be, now."
  3743. <CJR> Edith has walked off to stand under a tree, and is looking at Silas. She seems put out.
  3744. <Silas_> "I am not going to argue with you Momo. - Edith?" [Holds out his hand, as if asking her to follow]
  3745. <Ramon> "Gustbran wasn't there something that you haved to go to a specivic location to become a Kight?"
  3746. <Baruch> "Hopefully someone reliable."
  3747. <Gustbran> "I didn't have much of a choice, given the circumstances, I think she would have killed me if I didn't first, but...."
  3748. * Silas_ goes to meet Edith
  3749. <Gustbran> (I've completely forgotten where that was, though.)
  3750. <CJR> Edith looks at Silas. "Well while you were off running around with the wolf I was nearly cooked! A fine start to a marriage!"
  3751. <Baruch> "You were correct to attack her, sadly. She made an unsuccesful attempt to slay us - I heard her weaving magic."
  3752. <CJR> Edith laughs
  3753. <CJR> Silas, what you asking Edith?
  3754. <Silas_> (started a new tab, unless people want to lsten in)
  3755. <Silas_> listen*
  3756. <Baruch> (I would like to, but that would be a code breach :P)
  3757. <Silas_> (in which case we can have it here ^^ )
  3758. <Momo> "Maybe the ritual would sterilize him." Momo yell over the walking away silas
  3759. <Baruch> (I have enough of those to deal with already ;D)
  3760. * Silas_ makes a gesture at the cat before returning to Edith
  3761. <Momo> "Guess that's not it."
  3762. * Ramon wisper to Momo "or he will become the new ghost to guard the crown!"
  3763. <Momo> "He's not gonna be a fine ghost."
  3764. <Momo> "Edith would do a better job."
  3765. <Momo> "Boy, Ghost Edith."
  3766. <Momo> "Can you imagine the wrath beyond the grave."
  3767. <Momo> "While Ghost Silas... Probably get blow away by the wind."
  3768. <Baruch> "It's a patrilinear prophesy, remember. Those things tend to be."
  3769. <Momo> "Whoever crafted this system clearly didn't do a perfect job."
  3770. <Ramon> "Now nothing on this world is perfect except god"
  3771. <Momo> "God make this as I recall."
  3772. <Baruch> "Mysterious ways and all that."
  3773. <CJR> Baruch, can I have a Per + Awareness from you and Ramon and Momo
  3774. <CJR> Gustbran, you too s0rry
  3775. <Momo> !roll 1d10+4 (noise)
  3776. <Magic_Dice> Momo, (noise): 6 :2+4
  3777. <CJR> Everyone but Silas
  3778. <Momo> welp, too distracted in the debate
  3779. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+3
  3780. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran: 4 :1+3
  3781. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10
  3782. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran: 8
  3783. <CJR> That will do, Gustbran sees it.
  3784. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+2 (+1 if Body Language)
  3785. * Silas_ moves back towards the group
  3786. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (+1 if Body Language): 4 :2+2
  3787. <CJR> The flying boat just flew overhead, heading south, and bearing the flag of the City of Ivory & Jade
  3788. <Ramon> (today the dicebot hate me my 3th 2 ^^)
  3789. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1
  3790. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 11 :10+1
  3791. <Baruch> !roll 1d10
  3792. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 8
  3793. <Baruch> (Heh, I'm getting lots of 10s as well)
  3794. <Gustbran> "Hey! isn't that the flying boat!????"
  3795. * Gustbran points toward it.
  3796. <Baruch> "What in the name of Bonisagus is this!"
  3797. <CJR> You all see it, very high, and criss crossing the sky...
  3798. <Momo> "Reinforcement?"
  3799. <Baruch> (South is where we came frmo, right?)
  3800. <Silas_> (it is)
  3801. <CJR> yep.
  3802. <Baruch> I'll take to the skies and fly toward it
  3803. <Silas_> "worrying.."
  3804. <CJR> OK, are oyu being stealthy? There are a few little white clouds to hid ein but not much else
  3805. <Silas_> "Edith, can you show Ramon the way to Haegisdum forest? - we should probably leave soon"
  3806. <Baruch> I'll make me a personal cloud first with creo(rego)auram
  3807. <CJR> OK yo can do that without a roll.
  3808. <Baruch> Yes
  3809. <Baruch> And I'll try to be stealthy about it as well, see who's in the boat
  3810. <CJR> As you approach the boat, you see Antonius and four crossbow armed grogs, staring intently at the ground...
  3811. <Baruch> Uh oh
  3812. <Gustbran> (not good.)
  3813. <CJR> make a Int + Stealth roll
  3814. <CJR> brb
  3815. <Momo> (I should had send him to twlight :d)
  3816. <Silas_> (oh yay, I'm sure no one will get hurt)
  3817. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+5
  3818. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 7 :2+5
  3819. <Ramon> "lets wait for Baruchs return bevore we fly to this forest"
  3820. <Silas_> "Yes, of cause"
  3821. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+2 (Area Lore Europe if I heared about this forest)
  3822. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (Area Lore Europe if I heared about this forest): 9 :7+2
  3823. * Silas_ ensures the crown is safely tugged into the saddlebag
  3824. <CJR> Ramon, you know nothing about the wood
  3825. <CJR> Right Silas. Antonius gave you a couple of pretty rings. Did you bring them? You used the rings abbott Samson gave you in the end as I recall?
  3826. <CJR> This is important now :)
  3827. <CJR> Baruch, I'll roll to see if you are noticed (well your cloud)
  3828. <CJR> !roll 1d10+3
  3829. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 5 :2+3
  3830. <Silas_> (I thought that he was going to have some made, not that hegae us - but if he did give me then yes, I'd have brought them)
  3831. <Silas_> (no time to get things in order if I recall)
  3832. <Silas_> (when we left)
  3833. <CJR> Nope, the boat has not notice3d Baruch yet.
  3834. <Gustbran> (phew)
  3835. <Silas_> (not that he gave us (any)* rather)
  3836. <CJR> OK, the boat turns and moves swiftly towards the wood in which Sedal and athe others are. Baruch, you see Antonius is concentrating on a spell AND flying the boat
  3837. <Baruch> Can I tell what spell it is?
  3838. <Gustbran> (fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!)
  3839. <CJR> You are not sure. If you had seen it cast maybe...
  3840. <Momo> (tracking our ring spell)
  3841. <CJR> Antonius and the flying boat are circling now, close by, clearly looking for something.
  3842. <Silas_> (seems a reasonable guess :p )
  3843. <Baruch> I'll cast wizard's sidestep on myself
  3844. <CJR> OK, what you gonna do?
  3845. <CJR> Okey doke :)
  3846. * Silas_ still patiently waits for Baruch down below
  3847. <Momo> (I swear if you got into twlight)
  3848. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+16
  3849. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 25 :9+16
  3850. <Baruch> My image appears beside the cloud
  3851. <Gustbran> (I'm gonna do something crazy. Why not?)
  3852. <Silas_> (that is the spirit!)
  3853. <Momo> (Stab sedala)
  3854. <Baruch> I shout "Antonius! A pleasant surprise, to be sure."
  3855. <CJR> !roll 1d10+5
  3856. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 13 :8+5
  3857. * Gustbran waves at the boat, not realizing the situation, while yelling at them
  3858. <CJR> Antonius drops his spell, and looks across!
  3859. <Momo> "yay, reinforcement"
  3860. <CJR> Ah there you are, there you are! You have recovered the crown for me i understand?
  3861. * Silas_ looks less pleased
  3862. <CJR> H ethen hears Gustbran shouting down below.
  3863. <Baruch> "We did even better: We are performing the ritual to remedy the situation as we speak."
  3864. * Silas_ moves closer to Edith, taking her hand
  3865. <CJR> "That won't be necessary. I have a new plan!"
  3866. * Baruch flies next to them
  3867. <CJR> "just bring me the crown!"
  3868. <Baruch> "Splendid. Which plan would that be?"
  3869. <Baruch> "We have reburied the crown, as necessary to complete the ritual."
  3870. <Ramon> (lol big liar ^^)
  3871. <CJR> "I intend to use the crown to defeat the French, and then control the dragons."
  3872. <Silas_> (guile roll? ^^ )
  3873. <Baruch> (Wait what. Isn't that what we did?)
  3874. <CJR> !roll 1d10+1 Per + Guile for Antonius
  3875. <Magic_Dice> CJR, Per + Guile for Antonius: 6 :5+1
  3876. <Silas_> (we haven't buried it yet)
  3877. <Baruch> (Correct me, please, I'm not truing to lie)
  3878. <Silas_> (Silas returned with the crown)
  3879. <Momo> (I LIKE HIS PLAN)
  3880. <Baruch> (Ohshit, scratch that. I thought Silas had buried it)
  3881. <Ramon> (No thats what we plan to do when we are at the forest ^^)
  3882. <CJR> "So, you have the crown?" says Antonius to Baruch.
  3883. <Baruch> "Control the dragons? That seems ... rather extreme, does it not?"
  3884. <Momo> (No is not. No is not)
  3885. <CJR> "not at all. It is our destiny, that si now clear to me!"
  3886. <CJR> He begin to descend towards the others.
  3887. <Silas_> (oh lord, they are all power hungry :p )
  3888. <Baruch> Baruch descends with them, looking worried
  3889. <Baruch> "But... surely, those beasts will wreac havoc and destruction!"
  3890. <CJR> Antonius leaps from the baot with his grogs as he lands, and marches triumphantly towards you all.
  3891. <CJR> "havoc and destruction, but only at our behest!" Antonius beams :D
  3892. <Ramon> (He got us 1 day to early)
  3893. * Baruch looks even more worried
  3894. <Momo> (He lost patient when he get naked)
  3895. <Silas_> (must have heard from the gossip maybe hehe)
  3896. <CJR> As Antonius arrives in th clearing he has one grog standing in front of him, and three discretely place themesleves in front of Gustbran.
  3897. <Silas_> (ah true..)
  3898. <Ramon> (if Silas would have directed us direct to the forest the crown also wouldnt any more with us but thats the price SIlas now have to pay for not trusting us)
  3899. <Silas_> (indeed Ramon hehe)
  3900. <Momo> (Not listening to momo too)
  3901. <CJR> Edith snarls at Ramon "he did not know till I told him where it was!"
  3902. <CJR> Edith is not in a good mood now.
  3903. <CJR> Antonius looks cheerful.
  3904. <Silas_> (how much did the ones on the ground hear?)
  3905. <CJR> "Gustbran, you appear injured?" He asks with genuine concern.
  3906. <Ramon> (huh it wasn't talk it was OOC)
  3907. <CJR> (all of it - they were shouting back and forth!)
  3908. <CJR> (oh sorry did not realise)
  3909. <Gustbran> "A little, sir, a mishap concerning a river and a long fall."
  3910. * Silas_ goes forward
  3911. <CJR> "we will soon heal you Gustbran, soon heal you"
  3912. <CJR> "Ah Silas.... the crown please!"
  3913. <Silas_> "Ah"
  3914. <Silas_> "but shouldn't we bury it? - save the world the grief of the dragons"
  3915. <CJR> EDith is glaring and edging round
  3916. <Baruch> "Antonius seeks to bind the dragons to his will." *baruch looks miserable*
  3917. <Momo> "What an excellence plan!"
  3918. <Ramon> (Now a powerfull Faerie would be great who switch the crown with a glamour ^^)
  3919. <CJR> "that will not save anyone. We shall use the dragons - for i have found the key within the mysteries of our City!"
  3920. * Gustbran can barely hold back his surprise!
  3921. <Momo> "Yes, yes, the old system is flawed."
  3922. <Silas_> "Did you not say that the city would be doomed if the crown was not returned?"
  3923. * Silas_ sounds a bit pleading
  3924. <CJR> Antonius laughs, so I thought, so I thought. It will fly no more, but will take on it's true glory. You see the city s but a tiny part, one level, of what it once was!
  3925. <Momo> (ahhhh the revealation)
  3926. <Ramon> "Didn't the prophecy I heared tell from the end of the WOrld when the dragons aweak?"
  3927. * Silas_ slowly realizes
  3928. <CJR> The city was once but the top of a tower!
  3929. <Silas_> "The tower of babylon.."
  3930. * Baruch looks flabbergasted, and worried
  3931. <CJR> And all its folk, indeed all the people of the World, spoke one magical language!
  3932. * Ramon look at Antonius in disbelive
  3933. * Gustbran instantly doesn't like the sound of this.
  3934. <CJR> Yes. Our city is all that remains, held among the clouds, of the Tower of Babel!
  3935. <Momo> "Such revelation!"
  3936. * Silas_ looks to the saddlebag
  3937. <CJR> And when the dragons awake, the tower will be rebuilt.
  3938. <Baruch> "I... and the crown will help restore this?"
  3939. * Silas_ then returns to Antonius
  3940. <Momo> "We clearly are part of a great destiny!"
  3941. <CJR> They Key was in the Apocryphal Book of Baruch! :D
  3942. <Momo> (Ehh, baruch?)
  3943. <Silas_> "How will you control the dragons then?.."
  3944. <CJR> "yes dear Cat. It is our destiny to rule to world!"
  3945. <Ramon> (there was a Baruch bevore our one ^^)
  3946. <Momo> "Yeeeesss!"
  3947. <CJR> "I will take this Crown, and use it to defeat the French! Then, and here is the glorius part, we need do nothing. We will fly to Mesoptamia, and there the tower will arise!"
  3948. <Momo> (This goes well with my other plot, so I am all for it~)
  3949. <Baruch> "Yes. Baruch ben Neriah. My namesake."
  3950. * Silas_ swallows hard
  3951. <CJR> "We must never, ever however, allow the crown to be reburied. That si one of the 12 wards that bind us."
  3952. <CJR> Antonius laughs again, and hisses just a little.
  3953. <CJR> like a serpent.
  3954. <Silas_> "This may be what the archmagus from Libellus attempts as well.."
  3955. <Silas_> "he even has the original crown"
  3956. <CJR> Per + Folk Ken...
  3957. <Momo> "That explain everything."
  3958. <Gustbran> (demonic possession!!!!)
  3959. <Silas_> "He may usurp our future if we let him.."
  3960. <Silas_> !roll 1d10+3 (folk ken roll)
  3961. <Magic_Dice> Silas_, (folk ken roll): 8 :5+3
  3962. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+3 (+1if Nobles)
  3963. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1
  3964. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (+1if Nobles): 13 :10+3
  3965. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 10 :9+1
  3966. <Momo> (Getting naked all the time does that to you, possession)
  3967. <Ramon> !roll 1d10 (if stress die)
  3968. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (if stress die): 9
  3969. <Momo> !roll 1d10+4
  3970. <Magic_Dice> Momo: 10 :6+4
  3971. <CJR> Ramon, Baruch - somethingis worong with Antonius. Badly wrong But you had worked that out!
  3972. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10-1 (untrained)
  3973. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran, (untrained): 3 :4-1
  3974. <CJR> Momo, you feel th serpent within him :)
  3975. <CJR> Edith has snuck off to the boat.
  3976. <Ramon> (was a 10 so not sure if it was no stress die ok but otherwise its only 3)
  3977. <Momo> "Anything happen while we were gone?"
  3978. <CJR> OK< Ramon did not make th roll then, but can still suspect.
  3979. <CJR> "Glorius things dear Momo, glorious things!"
  3980. <Momo> "Strange, I didn't recall introducing myself to you."
  3981. <Baruch> CJ, does Kokko notice anything? She's flying above, and has her might-noticing power on.
  3982. <Silas_> "Master, if we leave the Archmagus of Libellus with his crown, he might usurp our place in the new order. He may even control the dragons already"
  3983. <CJR> No Faeries. :)
  3984. <CJR> No. We shall create the New World Order, and he shall serve us!
  3985. <Baruch> She has it for magical creatures, not faeries.
  3986. <CJR> Ah, not magical either. )
  3987. <Gustbran> (...we are soooooooo fucked)
  3988. <Silas_> "All the work may have been for naught though if he goes free."
  3989. <Momo> "Oh please enlighten us with your new order! I want to hear it in detail!"
  3990. * Silas_ moves backwards towards Sedala's saddlebag
  3991. * Momo is buying time
  3992. * Ramon patting sedalas neck
  3993. <Momo> (Demon have to roll personality or something maybe)
  3994. <CJR> "Yes Momo! We shall Recreat the entire world, as it should have been! With us as the masters!"
  3995. <Momo> (Oh wait, it's a drake)
  3996. <Silas_> (is Ramon still on Sedala?)
  3997. <Gustbran> (I SOOOOO wish I had brought Aiden...)
  3998. <Momo> "And how would we do that with the tower of babel in our hands?"
  3999. * Ramon wisper to silas when he get close "can't you check for pessesion?"
  4000. <Baruch> CJ: Can I roll with Clear thinker, "bonus to resist lies, ocnfusion, subterfuge"
  4001. <CJR> Sure, go for it Baruch!
  4002. * Silas_ returns the whisper "Not without drawing suspision..."
  4003. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+3 (+0 if perception, +5 if intelligence)
  4004. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (+0 if perception, +5 if intelligence): 11 :8+3
  4005. <Ramon> (looks like there is no second adventure today when I look at the time ^^)
  4006. <Momo> (This is the second adventure :D )
  4007. <CJR> (if we hurry shoud be!)
  4008. <Gustbran> (all for the better, I think. I need to replan the year for aiden)
  4009. <CJR> OK, action please. What si everyone doing?
  4010. <Silas_> (The act of convincing Antonius to go after Libellus would be what? Guile, charm? something else?)
  4011. <Baruch> (Did I get anything for the 11 from clear thinker)
  4012. * Momo talking to Antonious to distract and buy time for everyone
  4013. <Ramon> (Silas you saw my wisper to you)
  4014. <CJR> You are resisiting his power. :) That has bought you a round.
  4015. * Silas_ returns the whisper "Not without drawing suspision..."
  4016. <CJR> He is focussed on Baruch and Momo right now.
  4017. <Silas_> "Surely master, you should ensure that Libellas does not steal our fate..."
  4018. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+2 (obedient)
  4019. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (obedient): 12 :10+2
  4020. <Gustbran> (can't think of anything, ARGH!)
  4021. <Baruch> !roll 1d10 (obedient)
  4022. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (obedient): 9
  4023. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+2 (kind)
  4024. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (kind): 3 :1+2
  4025. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+2 (kind)
  4026. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (kind): 5 :3+2
  4027. <Silas_> "Perhaps if you deal with Libellus we can ensure nothing happens to the crown.."
  4028. <Silas_> "We are hunted as we speak"
  4029. <Silas_> (sorry, what roll is that?)
  4030. <Ramon> "I agree with Silas here that it would be good to eliminate the holder of the orginal crown as it could become the 12. seal again or did I miss here something"
  4031. <Baruch> "This is not Antonius, or else he has been possessed. We must subdue these people." /fast casts wind at them, tries not to hit others
  4032. <Gustbran> (!)
  4033. <CJR> We shall destroy Libellus wiht the fires of Hell!
  4034. <Baruch> (Silas, that was just Baruch rolling his personality attributes)
  4035. <CJR> OK Baruch roll.
  4036. <Silas_> (ah ok)
  4037. <Silas_> (damn the timing hehe)
  4038. <CJR> roll 1d10-1 (Antonius initiative)
  4039. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+36 (shout&wave)
  4040. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (shout&wave): 43 :7+36
  4041. <CJR> !roll1d10-1
  4042. <CJR> !roll 1d10-1
  4043. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 1 :2-1
  4044. <Silas_> !roll 1d10-1 (initiv)
  4045. <Magic_Dice> Silas_, (initiv): 3 :4-1
  4046. <CJR> !roll 1d10
  4047. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 1
  4048. <Baruch> Succeeds, penetration 30
  4049. <CJR> !roll 1d10
  4050. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 5
  4051. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+4 (Baruch's initiative)
  4052. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (Baruch's initiative): 7 :3+4
  4053. <Momo> !roll 1d10+2 (init)
  4054. <Magic_Dice> Momo, (init): 10 :8+2
  4055. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10-4 (init)
  4056. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran, (init): 1 :5-4
  4057. <Ramon> (the mention of fires of Hell turned him to Ramons enemy as well)
  4058. <CJR> OK, Baruch gets a 20 on his initiative and tries a counter spell
  4059. <CJR> !roll 1d10+11
  4060. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 16 :5+11
  4061. <Baruch> (No, antoinus got a 1)
  4062. <Baruch> (CJ! that was a roll of 2, with -1)
  4063. <Ramon> !roll 1d10-1 (Ramon)
  4064. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (Ramon): 6 :7-1
  4065. <Baruch> (So initiative 1)
  4066. <CJR> Ah, OK Antonius fails then. He is immediately sent flying!
  4067. <Ramon> (^^ CJ still can't read our dice bot)
  4068. <CJR> He bowls over with his grog in ot the bushes!
  4069. <Silas_> (there is a lot to keep track of)
  4070. <CJR> The other three grogs look stunned.
  4071. <CJR> OK, who is up first?
  4072. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+1 (Sedala)
  4073. <Magic_Dice> Ramon, (Sedala): 2 :1+1
  4074. <Ramon> !roll 1d10
  4075. <Magic_Dice> Ramon: 6
  4076. <Ramon> (sedala 12 Ramon 6)
  4077. <Silas_> Momo got 10, Sedala got 13, Ramon got 6 Silas got 3
  4078. <CJR> Sedala first then.
  4079. <Ramon> (err right Sedala 13)
  4080. <CJR> Action for Sedala?
  4081. <Silas_> Baruch 7
  4082. <Gustbran> (I got 1)
  4083. <Ramon> She uses the wind of ramon to turn it into a polar wind
  4084. <Ramon> err of baruch
  4085. <Silas_> (The grogs are still up for debate)
  4086. <Ramon> (stamina vs 6 or a moderate wound to all within this wind)
  4087. <CJR> Ouch! OK, well that hits Antonius and his grog who freeze for a wound
  4088. <CJR> Momo?
  4089. <Momo> "You hear what they said! The leader has been possessed by devil! Hurry and subdue him!" (Leadership: Order Grogs)
  4090. <CJR> OK make the roll!
  4091. <Ramon> (No its the resit roll they have)
  4092. <Momo> !roll 1d10+6
  4093. <Magic_Dice> Momo: 16 :10+6
  4094. <CJR> Difficulty is 12 in the current circumstances. They have noticed Antonius is odd, but this is Antonius1
  4095. <Ramon> (so you have to make 3 rolls CJ)
  4096. <Momo> ehh stress?
  4097. <Silas_> (yeah, I'd think so)
  4098. <Gustbran> (almost certainly.)
  4099. <Silas_> (no cookie)
  4100. <Momo> !roll 1d10 (botch)
  4101. <Magic_Dice> Momo, (botch): 5
  4102. <Silas_> (the idea was brilliant tho)
  4103. <CJR> Yep, and three bothc dice
  4104. <Momo> !roll 1d10 (botch)
  4105. <Magic_Dice> Momo, (botch): 5
  4106. <Momo> !roll 1d10 (botch)
  4107. <Magic_Dice> Momo, (botch): 2
  4108. <Momo> no botch
  4109. <CJR> roll twice more momo!
  4110. <Baruch> (1 more)
  4111. <CJR> The grogs charge the cat!
  4112. <CJR> No he rolled 3.
  4113. <Baruch> (Right, sorry)
  4114. <Momo> welp
  4115. <CJR> Ramon?
  4116. <Baruch> (Does Baruch go again first, or was the wind his action for this round?)
  4117. * Ramon Grab his spear and ready for a fight
  4118. <CJR> Baruch went first with the wind. :)
  4119. <Baruch> (I'm not solid on the fast casting rules yet)
  4120. <CJR> OK, Silas?
  4121. <CJR> Edith is in the boat btw
  4122. <Silas_> My usual sleep spell on the closest of the grogs
  4123. <CJR> roll it
  4124. <Silas_> !roll 1d10+19
  4125. <Magic_Dice> Silas_: 24 :5+19
  4126. <CJR> One drops.
  4127. <CJR> OK, one closes with Ramon, the other Momo
  4128. <CJR> Attack on Ramon !roll 1d10+7
  4129. <CJR> !roll 1d10+7
  4130. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 10 :3+7
  4131. <CJR> roll defence Ramon!
  4132. <Ramon> (Defense is BRawl and not Single Weapon?)
  4133. <Momo> (The weapon have defense stat)
  4134. <Momo> (or dodge)
  4135. <Silas_> (depends on what you are wielding I think)
  4136. <Baruch> (Dodge is brawl, the defence stat of the weapon is single wapon)
  4137. <Silas_> (ah true, pure dudge is brawl)
  4138. <Silas_> dodge*)
  4139. <Baruch> (Or if you have a shield, that's a separate skill I think [not sure])
  4140. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+4
  4141. <Magic_Dice> Ramon: 12 :8+4
  4142. <CJR> Ramon side steps the attack
  4143. <CJR> OK, Attack on Momo
  4144. <Silas_> (We are so screwed if burying the crown doesn't cure Antonius' possession)
  4145. <Ramon> (No parry it with his shield)
  4146. <CJR> !roll 1d10+7
  4147. <Magic_Dice> CJR: 11 :4+7
  4148. <CJR> (OK)
  4149. <CJR> roll defence Momo!
  4150. <Momo> that's a high roll you got there
  4151. <Baruch> (Uh oh, time to use those extra lives, Momo)
  4152. <Momo> !roll 1d10+5 (dodge)
  4153. <Magic_Dice> Momo, (dodge): 7 :2+5
  4154. <Gustbran> (oh no!)
  4155. <CJR> OK, you spenmding Confidence? :)
  4156. <Momo> yes
  4157. <Ramon> (He is still hit)
  4158. <Ramon> (exept he can spend 2)
  4159. <CJR> ok total damage is 8.Any Soak?
  4160. <Baruch> (Yes, but takes some of the edge off - he has very small wound levels()
  4161. <CJR> Oooh can Momo spend 2? If Self Confident eh can, and it misses!
  4162. <Momo> don't have self confident
  4163. <Baruch> 8 levels, then. Does he have soak?
  4164. <Baruch> Negative counts, too, although inversely
  4165. <Momo> nope
  4166. <Silas_> (no stamina?)
  4167. <Silas_> (it'd give some soak)
  4168. <CJR> Ouch!
  4169. <CJR> Does momo live?
  4170. <Baruch> (Is that heavy wound or incapacitated?
  4171. <Momo> 1 stamina
  4172. <CJR> so 7.
  4173. <CJR> what is your Size?
  4174. <Momo> -1
  4175. <Baruch> (Woah, that's a big cat :D)
  4176. <Ramon> (giant cat, wow)
  4177. <CJR> Momo takes a -3 smedium wound :)
  4178. <CJR> he is probably not very happy!
  4179. <Momo> (I wonder if that +5 dodge include the brawl... probably)
  4180. <CJR> New round: Baruch?
  4181. <Silas_> (he is the king of cats, only fair to be large as the king ^^ )
  4182. <Gustbran> (Wait, me not get a round?)
  4183. <Momo> "Gahhh, I am hit."
  4184. <Baruch> Do I still se Antonius?
  4185. <CJR> Sorry course you do Gus!
  4186. <Momo> (Faerie don't die, and they don't feel pain)
  4187. <CJR> Gustbran, go for it!
  4188. <Baruch> (Oh, didn't know they don't die)
  4189. <Momo> (deoends on cognizance)
  4190. <Momo> (I am narrowly, so Momo don't know)
  4191. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+3 (pre+leadership. wound-3 penalty included)
  4192. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran, (pre+leadership. wound-3 penalty included): 12 :9+3
  4193. <Ramon> (I needed the extra round for grabing shield and spear from Sedala as Ramon is usualy not combat ready like Gust)
  4194. <Gustbran> "Stop this at once!" to the grogs.
  4195. <CJR> The grogs stop and stare at Gustbran.
  4196. <CJR> OK, back to normal time. Antonius has not got up yet.
  4197. <Gustbran> (yay, I didn't kill anyone this time!)
  4198. <Silas_> (the grogs aren't continueing?)
  4199. <Silas_> (ah sorry)
  4200. <Silas_> (I'm blind)
  4201. <CJR> The gogs are looking at Gustbran
  4202. * Momo lay on the ground, bleeding.
  4203. <Gustbran> "The leader is possessed, you heard the man!"
  4204. <Silas_> "Quick, get on Sedala before Antonius returns! Come Edith!"
  4205. <Ramon> "you can't do something against the possesion?"
  4206. <Silas_> (im not sure really, what does that fall under?)
  4207. <CJR> There is a splintering of wood as Edith finishes breaking the keel off the boat. She runs over
  4208. <CJR> Antonius is stirring now, crawling up to his knees
  4209. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10-1 (int+chirurgery on momo)
  4210. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran, (int+chirurgery on momo) : 1 :2-1
  4211. <Momo> (No, stop, don't make it worst)
  4212. <Baruch> "Subdue Antonius, Ramon and Gustbran. If he attempts to cast, hurt him, but do not kill him."
  4213. <Ramon> (You want to kill the cat?)
  4214. <Silas_> (oh Gust..., I worry some time...)
  4215. <Gustbran> (ah, well, it was worth a shot.)
  4216. <CJR> Gutsbran is covered in blood of the King of Cats
  4217. <CJR> The grogs rush to subdue Antonius.
  4218. <Gustbran> (well, it wasn't a botch, at least)
  4219. <CJR> This gives you a break for a quick action!
  4220. <Silas_> (What does work against possession? vis spells or..?)
  4221. <CJR> Demon's Eternal Oblivion?
  4222. <Ramon> (We dont have our master of this spell with us :( )
  4223. <Baruch> Says quietly to the others
  4224. <Momo> (Yeah, I can regenerate my body instantly once you stop watching me. As suitable for the story)
  4225. <Baruch> "Let us flee. Antonius - or whatever possesses him - may have powers we do not know."
  4226. <Gustbran> (Bring him to aiden. If oblivion won't work I've got ward against demons.)
  4227. <Silas_> "Agreed! We can sort it out later!"
  4228. * Ramon jmp on sedala
  4229. <Momo> (I have to heal normally if you watch me)
  4230. * Silas_ rushes to Sedala and climbs on
  4231. * Baruch follows, keeps an eye on Antonius, ready to cast wind on him again
  4232. <Ramon> (momo and Gust?)
  4233. * Gustbran carries momo to the others.
  4234. <Silas_> "come on come on!"
  4235. <Ramon> "Ok where to Edith?"
  4236. * Silas_ helps Edith on
  4237. <CJR> Edith shouts South west!
  4238. <Baruch> I'll spont a fog here, so Antonius cannot see us
  4239. <Ramon> Sedala fly up
  4240. <CJR> Sedala rises in to the skies, even as you hear antonius imperious ordering the grogs off him
  4241. <CJR> Sedala is flying fast in the direction edith said yes?
  4242. <Ramon> "We still have to take care of him afterwards"
  4243. <CJR> (just grabbing a drink)
  4244. <Ramon> (yes)
  4245. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+41 (Foggyfog still where Antonius was)
  4246. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (Foggyfog still where Antonius was): 49 :8+41
  4247. <Momo> (Only way to kill a faerie is reduce his might score, miracle, infernal, destroy vis anchor,and sovereign ward flaw)
  4248. <Ramon> (Ohh and a other cloud get North east for some time ^^)
  4249. * Momo struggle in fake pain as Gustbran squeeze more blood out of it
  4250. <Baruch> (The fog I created stays behind, it's just something to prevent Sight range spells on us)
  4251. <Ramon> (the second imaginem cloud is to confuse ^^)
  4252. <Ramon> (Activated around the same time as your fog)
  4253. <Ramon> (ups sratch that is touch only)
  4254. <Baruch> (I'll need a 5-10min break within 15min or so, but can go on after that)
  4255. <CJR> ***Twenty muinutes later, Haegisdun Wood***
  4256. <CJR> (I need to go to work at 4 :()
  4257. <Baruch> (OK)
  4258. <Silas_> (ok)
  4259. <Gustbran> (ok)
  4260. <Silas_> (best rush it a bit then..)
  4261. <Ramon> (OK se we just make advancement and againg rolls afterwards)
  4262. <CJR> As sedala lands in the wood you all scramble off. It resonates a deep, spiritual peace. Ther eis no sign of antonius, and you notice Edith is still clutching the tiller of the flying boat.
  4263. <CJR> As you all scramble down, Edith appears, for once, happy.
  4264. * Momo is stabilized.
  4265. <CJR> SIlas and i must go alone. The rest of you defend the wood! Antonius will surely follow!
  4266. <CJR> OK what you all doing?
  4267. * Silas_ heads into the wood with Edith
  4268. <Ramon> "SO Silas its your turn I think"
  4269. * Ramon stays with Sedala
  4270. * Momo mumble about how Gustbran almost chock a cat
  4271. * Silas_ retuns quickly to get the crown before running back to Edith
  4272. <CJR> Silas, suddenly the wood changes, and you realise you have entered a regio. Finally you come to a low mound of earth, a ting grave. This is the place says Edith.
  4273. * Silas_ "Forgot the crown!" he excuses
  4274. <CJR> "You know what to do?"
  4275. <Silas_> "I know what to do"
  4276. <CJR> Edith taps her forhead and rolls her eyes despaitringly
  4277. <Momo> "This will end well." Momo sits up
  4278. <CJR> Then do it, numbskull! says edith affectionately
  4279. <CJR> The birds stop singing. the wind drops. Everything is suddenly very, very still.
  4280. <CJR> Silas?
  4281. * Silas_ folds his hands and calls to the saints
  4282. <Baruch> I'll keep an eye on the sky in case Antonius comes calling again
  4283. <CJR> Ther eis a tremendously sweet perfulme, and St. Edmund appears in a vision, glowing with unnatural light and colour. Everything else pales besides his glory
  4284. <Silas_> ""Saint Edmund, please release the crowns former guardian, I shall take on the duties, an pass on the duty to my son"
  4285. <CJR> "You swear Silas to save my country, and never harm my countrymen, though you are a foreigner?"
  4286. <Silas_> "I swear to serve the country, and never harm any of your countrymen"
  4287. * Silas_ quiets down, thinking on the sadness of the diseased, a few tears falls from his eyes
  4288. <CJR> The siant makes a gesture, and a vision of apoor woman burying her little dead child swims in to view.
  4289. <CJR> You understand?
  4290. <CJR> CAn you cry at will? Or is SIlas really effected?
  4291. <Momo> (Need my claw to poke you a few holes?)
  4292. <Silas_> (Silas is a softy, he'd likely cry for the fallen)
  4293. <CJR> Edith meanwhile is scraping a hole using the tiller as a spade. She does not pay much attentio to Edmund
  4294. <CJR> Maybe she does not see him?
  4295. <CJR> The Saint points at the hole. Then bury the Crown, and I caapr you as Guardian!
  4296. * Silas_ nods to Edmond
  4297. <CJR> There is a smell of violets
  4298. * Silas_ moves to place to crown in the hole
  4299. <Momo> "Dig deeper."
  4300. <Baruch> (You're not there :D)
  4301. * Momo whisper from above
  4302. <CJR>
  4303. * Silas_ aids Edith placing on top of it
  4304. <Baruch> (I have to go afk for about 5-10 min now, I'll be back in a bit)
  4305. <CJR> You bury the Crown.
  4306. <Silas_> (ah! sadly I've no speakers or headset handy)
  4307. <CJR> "Let go" says Eith. She tkes Silas by the hand, kisses him, and tried to lead him back to the others.
  4308. <Momo> (Is what you would imagine)
  4309. * Silas_ lets Edith lead him back
  4310. <CJR> Silas and Edith return, and embrace.
  4311. <CJR> and on that note, the story ends.
  4312. <Silas_> (hehe yeah, the heavenly-choir is a bit descriptive :)
  4313. <Ramon> Sedala spot the Thunderbird again and is a bit nervouse about it
  4314. <CJR> I'll wrap up the rest on the forum is that is oK?
  4315. <Silas_> (It is fine, thanks for the story CJ :)
  4316. <CJR> Everyone OK with me stopping there?
  4317. <Momo> thanks
  4318. <Ramon> Thanks for todays RPG
  4319. <Ramon> every one who need to make againg rolls best make them now
  4320. <CJR> (This was sort of my plan for the original Black Chicken session I wanted to run in 2 or 3 weeks. Took a bit longer)
  4321. <Gustbran> (a bit.)
  4322. <Silas_> 1 sec, gonna check how my age is
  4323. <Ramon> (its fine as we became a actual group :) )
  4324. <Momo> ehh, aging is age 30?
  4325. <CJR> I think if people want to take xp I'll give 12 xp for this adventure, the most I have ever given, and everyone can have 5 confidence?
  4326. <CJR> Sound fair?
  4327. <Ramon> (I hope we can continue count on you as GM and Player)
  4328. <Momo> sound good
  4329. <CJR> Sure. I'm away next week at a wedding, but as normal will play thereafter, and do occasional adventures on this plot arc.
  4330. <CJR> I'll let other people run more now though :D
  4331. <Ramon> (Ok then depending on how fare I get its best you join with a new mage)
  4332. <Momo> (yep)
  4333. <CJR> Sorry this one took so blasted long to finsih - I planend it for one session to steal the crown etc, etc.
  4334. <CJR> Still hope it was interesting.
  4335. <Silas_> not needed quite yet in Silas' case
  4336. <Ramon> (Yes it was ^^)
  4337. <Momo> it is
  4338. <Gustbran> (oh, CJ, a question. Aiden has the virtue of a personal vim source but hasn't used it yet. How does this work)
  4339. <CJR> And you know a bit more about my vision of what the City is all about now.
  4340. <Momo> yeah
  4341. <Gustbran> (haha, yeagh
  4342. <CJR> 3 pawns of Vim vis per year. :D
  4343. <Gustbran> is it automatic, though?
  4344. <CJR> yes.
  4345. <Silas_> (Makes you wonder if there is a staircase down to the lower layer somewhere - or where the lower layer should be
  4346. <Ramon> You have to colect it but unless it special played its automatic
  4347. <Momo> (We will have to open THAT DOOR)
  4348. <CJR> More will become clear when Calpurnia gets back I think.
  4349. <Momo> (Or just blow holes)
  4350. <Ramon> Gustbran dont forget the aging roll
  4351. <CJR> Hey it was abig story, just sorry it took longer than I intended!
  4352. <Gustbran> Alright. Not sure of any modifiers, but heres the basic roll.
  4353. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10
  4354. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran: 3
  4355. <Ramon> + age/10
  4356. <CJR> have to dash sorry. Catch you all soon!
  4357. <Ramon> +1
  4358. <Silas_> See you CJ and thanks
  4359. <Ramon> whats the age of gust?
  4360. <Gustbran> now 47
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