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Gamer Gate mistakes

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Sep 25th, 2014
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  1. • gamergate tried to claim that Zoe Quinn slept around for coverage favors. But that was debunked
  2. • gamergate tried to claim that others were doing the same thing. No evidence backed up the assertion
  3. • Nathan Grayson is the journalist accused of this unethical behavior. He never actually wrote the articles he was accused of writing
  4. • Zoe Quinn was accused of doxxing herself. No evidence backed it up.
  5. • Anita Sarkeesian was accused of doxxing herself. No evidence backed it up.
  6. • Zoe Quinn was accused of faking death, rape, and other threats. Further investigation had the police confirm that the threats were real
  7. • Anita Sarkeesian was similarly accused of faking threats. The FBI confirmed the threats were real, currently under investigation.
  8. • There is a mailing list in which games writers talk to each other. This fact was presented as inherently controversial, but not really explained why
  9. • Zoe Quinn was accused of lying about donating DQ proceeds to charity
  10. • Phil Fish was accused of doxxing himself. No evidence backed that up
  11. • Jenn Frank was accused of failing to disclose a conflict of interest. She actually did disclose this in her initial draft, but before publication this was "removed by editors because [it] did not fulfill the criteria for a “significant connection” in line with the Guardian’s editorial guidelines."
  12. • Zoe Quinn won an Indiecade award for Depression Quest, beating out Papers, Please, all because she slept with someone (DQ essentially got an honorable mention, not an award, the year before the relationship is supposed to have taken place - Papers, Please won an actual award at the time just fine)
  13. • Mike Sacco fired an ethical journalist because the journalist was exposing the industry (the "journalist" was an Examiner(dot)com blogger who wrote a terrible article blaming AAA costs on CliffyB's car and a bunch of poorly interpreted salary figures, and Examiner let him go after complaints - blogger then goes nuts insisting that he was 100% correct. Mike Sacco has never met him, and was only accused of this because someone put together another misinformed Twitter collage and Adam Baldwin read it and believed it uncritically. He did apologize hours later though, which in the eyes of GG meant that there were no problems and getting angry at Baldwin any further is rude)
  14. • Anthony Burch got a bunch of "stellar" reviews for Borderlands 2 DLC that he wrote from Destructoid because his friend reviewed them (Burch was being sarcastic - one of the DLCs got a 4.5/10 and the other was an 8/10)
  15. • Zoe Quinn's boyfriend is a 4chan moderator who infiltrated the site.
  16. • they said Kamiya was on their side. Turns out someone make a fake image and Kamiya blocked everyone who mentioned gamergate. After saying it was a fake and that the discussion was stupid.
  17. • Cliffy B, who made gears if war, is also not on their side despite assuming he was for them.
  18. • Maya Kramer was accused of colluding/sleeping with the IGF chairman to secure an award for The Stanley Parable, a game she'd done PR for. This award was the Audience Award, decided by a public vote on the website and consequently immune to this alleged impropriety.
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