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Dec 8th, 2019
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  1. You are Moloch, a wizard living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a staff and
  2. a spellbook. You finish your long journey and finally arrive at the ruin you've
  3. been looking for. You look around and see that it's indeed the ruins of an old
  4. temple. It's also surrounded by a wall with spikes along its top.
  5. Moloch looks to his left and sees a large door with several locks on it
  7. "I'm here to help you". You say.
  8. The door opens up and you enter the room. The room is dark and dimly lit. There
  9. are candles scattered about the floor and walls. A small table sits against
  10. one wall with several empty wine bottles beside it
  12. You sit down on the table and close your eyes. Suddenly a voice calls out "Good
  13. evening my child".
  14. You open your eyes and see a man dressed in black robes standing before you.
  15. He has a tall pointed hat on his head and wears a black robe
  17. You scream as loud as you can and jump back from the man. You then start punching
  18. him in the face. He falls backwards off the table onto the ground. You run over
  19. to him and grab him by the collar. He screams for help but you ignore him
  21. You laugh at the man's pain and begin tickling him. He screams even louder and
  22. starts running around the room. You continue to tickle him until he stops moving
  23. completely. You stand up and walk away from the table
  25. You pick up the man's corpse and take it outside. You throw the corpse into a
  26. nearby bonfire. You leave the house and head towards the nearest road. You pass
  27. through a few villages and towns before reaching the city of Nalin.
  29. You scream loudly as you rush towards the city. You don't stop screaming until
  30. you reach the city gates. You attempt to break the gate down but fail. Instead
  31. you get hit in the side of the head by a rock and fall to the ground unconscious
  33. You wake up and find yourself lying on the bed in a strange room. It looks like
  34. a hospital room but much darker. There is a window in the room so you look outside
  35. and see a wall chicken. It walks slowly across the room and into the room
  37. You scream as hard as you can and try to tear your hair out. You hear a noise
  38. behind you and turn around only to be met with a wall chicken. You both roll
  39. over and scream some more until the wall chicken dies. You lay there for awhile
  40. and then finally go back to sleep
  42. You wake up and find that you've eaten the chicken. You feel hungry though so
  43. you go back to the wall chicken and try to eat it. You succeed and finish eating
  44. it. You then vomit all over the wall chicken
  46. You vomit all over the wall chicken and then vomit again. You vomit and vomit
  47. and vomit until you're sick and weak. You collapse on the floor and vomit again.
  48. You vomit and vomit and vomit until you're dead
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