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  1. <Disaster_Area> ah hiya KungFuFerret
  2. <Disaster_Area> :o
  3. <KungFuFerret> how r ya?
  4. <KungFuFerret> Check out my blog on Bulbagarden forums for more of my Fakemon ideas
  5. <Disaster_Area> i'm ok
  6. <Disaster_Area> sorry i wasn't looking at IRC for a while there~
  7. <Disaster_Area> I'm gonna go watch some more of the anime in a moment tho I think
  8. <Disaster_Area> my main thing is do u have any idea how to get any spriters involved tho?
  9. <Disaster_Area> if we don't have any further ideas for that we could go with just implementing it without bothering with sprites, which is a possibility. At least that's not difficult in any real way
  10. <Disaster_Area> btw hling my name is the best way to get my attention
  11. <KungFuFerret> ok
  12. <KungFuFerret> i don't know many spriters
  13. <Disaster_Area> rip
  14. <Disaster_Area> I know a couple but it can be hard to maintain their interest etc
  15. <Disaster_Area> or theyre not nessecarily that good
  16. <KungFuFerret> agreed
  17. <Disaster_Area> I do have 1 good completed sprite with all that being said tho
  18. <KungFuFerret> I don't think Butterfree herself has enough free time though
  19. <Disaster_Area> yeah I know butterfree probably doesn't although
  20. <Disaster_Area> may well be worth asking again anyway
  21. <Disaster_Area> and seeing if she has any advice on how to get other spriters involved
  22. <Disaster_Area> [url]https://i.imgur.com/3rPipMJ.png[/url]
  23. <Disaster_Area> that's pandoze
  24. <KungFuFerret> ok
  25. <KungFuFerret> cool
  26. <Disaster_Area> so do you know how to contact butterfree then? I don't think I've ever seen them in this channel
  27. <KungFuFerret> don't want to badger her though
  28. <Disaster_Area> okay fair enough
  29. <Disaster_Area> if she comes on the IRC channel then we can speak to her though ofc.
  30. <KungFuFerret> got it]
  31. <KungFuFerret> my fakemon blogs are called "Pokemon Chaos and Order"
  32. <Disaster_Area> well there's a decent amount of pokemon i've designed so far, want me to tell you about them? Also, are you a competitive player at all?
  33. <KungFuFerret> not really competitive myself
  34. <Disaster_Area> okay
  35. <Disaster_Area> well still at least you can help coming up with ideas for pokemon and any flavour stuff you want to do you're welcome to do...
  36. <Disaster_Area> I'll tell you about all the mons;
  37. <Disaster_Area> also it's all kept on one forum but
  38. <KungFuFerret> ok
  39. <Disaster_Area> when it's done there's a diff forum I'll be using to discuss it competitively, and my friend has designed a website where we can have all of the details on
  40. <Disaster_Area> [url]http://projectbam.proboards.com/thread/446/pok-dex[/url] that's the dex, I'll tell u about the mons
  41. <Disaster_Area> altho, the grass type starter I kinda just wanna scrap and start over with
  42. <Disaster_Area> bc it overlaps with another mon in terms of competitive niche + it's not a very complete idea anyway
  43. <Disaster_Area> but the other starters
  44. <Disaster_Area> the water one I not only thought up the final stage (which is all we'll be implementing at first) but early stages too
  45. <Disaster_Area> so since we're talking about it from a flavour perspective i'll start with the first stage
  46. <Disaster_Area> the first stage is Nippersnap, which is a crab-like pokemon
  47. <Disaster_Area> it evolves into Arachnip, which is water/bug type and has spider-like features, and that
  48. <Disaster_Area> evolves finally into Crushtacean
  49. <Disaster_Area> :3
  50. <KungFuFerret> :)
  51. <Disaster_Area> the fire-type one, I only have the final stage for now. It's called Bulldor, and it's a fire/rock type flaming bull
  52. <Disaster_Area> our early game normal type mon, we have Wooflet which evolves into Arfox, both are pure normal types
  53. <Disaster_Area> Arfox is very fast :x
  54. <Disaster_Area> our starting bug type is Minsect
  55. <Disaster_Area> it evolves into Chrystalis
  56. <Disaster_Area> and its final form is the bug/ice Arialis
  57. <Disaster_Area> (the name comes from Aria and Aurora Borealis btw)
  58. <KungFuFerret> I'll tell you about the Chaos/Order legends
  59. <KungFuFerret> cool!
  60. <Disaster_Area> there's another bug type, could do with a prevo of some kind,
  61. <Disaster_Area> called Swasp
  62. <Disaster_Area> it's a bug/ground type, that lives in mud and swamps
  63. <KungFuFerret> The Mascot for Chaos is Kheioseth, a Psychic/Ground type based on the Egyptian god Set
  64. <Disaster_Area> our early game bird... I also haven't thought up a first stage for it, but its final stage is called Rokaw, which is a normal/flying type
  65. <Disaster_Area> name's just a simple portmanteau of Rok [the legendary bird] and kakaw
  66. <KungFuFerret> The order Mascot is Ohdeiris, a Fairy/Ghost type is based on the god Osiris
  67. <KungFuFerret> awesome
  68. <Disaster_Area> interesting. Those names are a bit of a mouthful but
  69. <Disaster_Area> I like the idea of egyptian gods
  70. <Disaster_Area> simpler names are always better though
  71. <Disaster_Area> :D
  72. <Disaster_Area> another early game normal type
  73. <Disaster_Area> we have Edgehog, which evolves into Porcuspine
  74. <Disaster_Area> should be clear what those are like
  75. <KungFuFerret> very much so
  76. <Disaster_Area> our early game electric is Ampster, which evolves into Gerbolt
  77. <Disaster_Area> both are pure electric type
  78. <Disaster_Area> also, I've shown you pandoze already...
  79. <KungFuFerret> My starter trio is a Grass moose, a Fire snake, and a Water lobster
  80. <Disaster_Area> interesting
  81. <Disaster_Area> ok we have a pokemon called
  82. <KungFuFerret> when fully evolved, they are Grass/Dark, Fire/Fairy, and Water/Steel
  83. <Disaster_Area> Chipmunch
  84. <Disaster_Area> nice
  85. <Disaster_Area> Chipmunch is Ground / Grass, based on a chipmunk... and likes to eat
  86. <Disaster_Area> the first water type I'm showing you now is
  87. <Disaster_Area> Cuddlefish
  88. <Disaster_Area> which is based on a cuttlefish
  89. <Disaster_Area> and is super cute
  90. <Disaster_Area> (but all cuttlefish are cute imo)
  91. <Disaster_Area> I happen to have
  92. <Disaster_Area> concept art for it
  93. <Disaster_Area> [url]http://orig07.deviantart.net/97fb/f/2013/147/0/e/cuddlefish_by_peekingboo-d66tavc.gif[/url]
  94. <KungFuFerret> dawwww
  95. <Disaster_Area> and its first stage form is called Squiddle
  96. <Disaster_Area> :3
  97. <KungFuFerret> I also have made up Mega Johto Starters
  98. <Disaster_Area> and they're water/poison type
  99. <KungFuFerret> and a legendary trio based on Zeus/Poseidon/Hades
  100. <Disaster_Area> my fakemon thing doesnt have megas bc its too hard to balance and not really nessecary or even all that cool for the first generation of a project
  101. <KungFuFerret> ok
  102. <KungFuFerret> i only make megas for pre existing mons
  103. <Disaster_Area> honestly we probably won't even include any legendaries in the first iteration but we can think about some just for the sake of region completeness
  104. <Disaster_Area> yea
  105. <KungFuFerret> and regional variants for Hoenn Pokemon
  106. <Disaster_Area> our thing competitively won't have
  107. <Disaster_Area> any real pokemon involved in it
  108. <Disaster_Area> + that means more control over moves, items, and game mechanics, and also makes it not dependent upon any generation
  109. <KungFuFerret> got it
  110. <Disaster_Area> Allyre is a fairy/flying type based on the lyrebird
  111. <Disaster_Area> its first stage is called Singul
  112. <Disaster_Area> it's very vocal and loving lol
  113. <KungFuFerret> made a snowy owl Pokemon named Owlmir
  114. <Disaster_Area> that sounds neat
  115. <KungFuFerret> named after the frost giant Ymir
  116. <Disaster_Area> yea we can talk about putting our ideas together after I finish going through this :x
  117. <KungFuFerret> ok
  118. <Disaster_Area> Matsudo is a fighting type
  119. <Disaster_Area> it has 2 earlier stages
  120. <KungFuFerret> ok
  121. <Disaster_Area> Novudo and Intudo
  122. <Disaster_Area> so it takes novice/intermediate/master + judo
  123. <Disaster_Area> so it's a pure fighting type that specialises in judo
  124. <KungFuFerret> any fossil ideas?
  125. <Disaster_Area> not really yet. one of the few areas im a bit lacking in still
  126. <Disaster_Area> Alovera is a grass-type
  127. <KungFuFerret> i can guess what that one is
  128. <Disaster_Area> based on aloe vera, the name is based on that and love
  129. <Disaster_Area> yeah
  130. <Disaster_Area> one of the mons with the highest stats so far is Narwhale
  131. <Disaster_Area> nothing too cryptic about that name xD
  132. <KungFuFerret> NARWHALS!!!!!!!!!
  133. <Disaster_Area> it's a water/fairy type tho
  134. <Disaster_Area> we absolutely had to do it didn't we/
  135. <Disaster_Area> ?
  136. <KungFuFerret> yes
  137. <Disaster_Area> unbelievable there's no unicorn of the sea yet
  138. <Disaster_Area> yea
  139. <Disaster_Area> okay we also have a steel/flying type
  140. <Disaster_Area> called Shrike
  141. <KungFuFerret> I think the fossils should be prehistoric mammals
  142. <Disaster_Area> which is an interesting one b/c in literature there's a lot of
  143. <KungFuFerret> we're lacking in that department
  144. <Disaster_Area> use of that name for big mechanical things
  145. <Disaster_Area> but irl it's a species of bird
  146. <Disaster_Area> that impales its prey on spikes
  147. <KungFuFerret> i know right?
  148. <KungFuFerret> gruesome
  149. <Disaster_Area> so that's pretty cool to work with
  150. <Disaster_Area> yea
  151. <Disaster_Area> okay next one is pretty heavy on the flavour
  152. <Disaster_Area> Sundile, which evolves into Mune.
  153. <Disaster_Area> Sundile (based on sundial and crocodile) is a
  154. <Disaster_Area> well they're both ground/dragon types
  155. <KungFuFerret> sounds too similar to Sandile
  156. <Disaster_Area> yea I know but I forgot sandile existed when I made it which is my excuse
  157. <KungFuFerret> ok
  158. <Disaster_Area> anyway it has a strong sense of direction
  159. <Disaster_Area> using the sun to navigate the desert
  160. <Disaster_Area> eventually it reaches a special place in the desert where
  161. <Disaster_Area> there's great big rocks
  162. <Disaster_Area> and that's where it evolves into Mune
  163. <Disaster_Area> which sleeps in caves during the day and flies out to catch prey in the sand dunes at night
  164. <Disaster_Area> and lays its eggs deep in the desert
  165. <Disaster_Area> :)
  166. <KungFuFerret> awesome
  167. <Disaster_Area> Mune comes from Moon and Dune
  168. <Disaster_Area> and nice short name ^^
  169. <KungFuFerret> very
  170. <Disaster_Area> we have a mon that's fighting/steel type called Tortanium
  171. <KungFuFerret> tortoise?
  172. <Disaster_Area> yeah
  173. <Disaster_Area> tortoise + titanium
  174. <Disaster_Area> has a super hard shell :p
  175. <Disaster_Area> next one is 2 pokemon that
  176. <Disaster_Area> imo could maybe even be like
  177. <Disaster_Area> version exclusives
  178. <Disaster_Area> so it's 2 fairy-typed cats
  179. <Disaster_Area> one is called Nimpur, the other is Katakomb
  180. <Disaster_Area> Nimpur is Electric / Fairy and is
  181. <Disaster_Area> a fairy of the clouds
  182. <Disaster_Area> Nimpur is Nimbus + Purr
  183. <Disaster_Area> whilst Katakomb, instead of flying above the ground in the sky
  184. <Disaster_Area> explores under the ground in deep caves
  185. <Disaster_Area> and is Ghost/Fairy
  186. <Disaster_Area> its name being a corruption of Catacomb
  187. <Disaster_Area> one of my favourite ideas overall :)
  188. <Disaster_Area> there's a couple of pokemon I don't have a name for yet, one is a pure rock type
  189. <Disaster_Area> kinda hard to figure out what to base it on realllllly
  190. <Disaster_Area> it's meant to be immune to poison type moves or at least poisoning
  191. <Disaster_Area> not super fast but moderately powerful and specially bulky
  192. <Disaster_Area> if u have any ideas on that front at any point just lmk
  193. <Disaster_Area> anyway next up
  194. <KungFuFerret> yes?
  195. <Disaster_Area> is a kind of rabbit
  196. <Disaster_Area> Lopsicle
  197. <Disaster_Area> the Ground / Ice type
  198. <KungFuFerret> Ice?
  199. <KungFuFerret> knewi t
  200. <Disaster_Area> yea
  201. <Disaster_Area> :)
  202. <Disaster_Area> big mountain hare type thing
  203. <Disaster_Area> ok now my next one
  204. <Disaster_Area> is my favourite
  205. <Disaster_Area> it has
  206. <Disaster_Area> the best name of all
  207. <Disaster_Area> are u ready?
  208. <KungFuFerret> yes
  209. <Disaster_Area> Locus-Pokus
  210. <Disaster_Area> :D
  211. <Disaster_Area> the bug/ghost type
  212. <KungFuFerret> XD
  213. <Disaster_Area> amazing/10 name, not my own idea.
  214. <Disaster_Area> lol
  215. <Disaster_Area> nearly done;
  216. <Disaster_Area> next one is Surchin
  217. <KungFuFerret> Sea urchin?
  218. <Disaster_Area> the sea urchin, water/psychic type
  219. <Disaster_Area> yea
  220. <Disaster_Area> I think it's a cool weird idea that makes for a nice unique mon :3
  221. <KungFuFerret> yep
  222. <Disaster_Area> Ummon is a ground/psychic type that's sort of a genie I guess. was kind of a weird idea
  223. <Disaster_Area> but the name is a corruption of summon
  224. <KungFuFerret> sounds like a Digimon
  225. <KungFuFerret> the "Mon" suffix
  226. <Disaster_Area> ok 2 left
  227. <Disaster_Area> 2 dragons now
  228. <KungFuFerret> ok
  229. <Disaster_Area> Komodon
  230. <Disaster_Area> the komodo dragon
  231. <Disaster_Area> which is a poison / dragon type
  232. <Disaster_Area> obviously that's a pretty neat idea :3
  233. <KungFuFerret> yes
  234. <Disaster_Area> and Usurpent, the dark/dragon type
  235. <Disaster_Area> oh actually wait there's 1 more
  236. <Disaster_Area> I think i forgot to add it to the dex tho
  237. <KungFuFerret> I had an idea for a Poison/Dragon mythical Pokemon LOL
  238. <Disaster_Area> doesn't have a name yet
  239. <Disaster_Area> but it's a pure water type
  240. <Disaster_Area> based on trout / salmon
  241. <Disaster_Area> the idea of having a pokemon that can climb waterfalls when it gets stronger
  242. <Disaster_Area> is pretty neat for obvious reasons
  243. <KungFuFerret> Magikarp/Gyarados say hi
  244. <Disaster_Area> so like u could find its first stage region wide but only find its evolved form at the top of waterfalls in the region
  245. <Disaster_Area> yea
  246. <KungFuFerret> My fossil ideas are a Rock/Poison giant  sloth, and Rock/Fairy prehistoric rhino
  247. <KungFuFerret> respectively with attributes from tar pits and unicorns
  248. <KungFuFerret> I was going to go with the generic Mammoth/Sabertooth duo
  249. <KungFuFerret> but that's too cliche
  250. <Disaster_Area> well there's already mamoswine
  251. <Disaster_Area> but a sabertooth tiger is an interesting idea
  252. <KungFuFerret> that poison dragon idea I had was named Fafneo (which is a corruption of "Fafnir")
  253. <Disaster_Area> only trouble is then you'd end up with some dumb typing like rock/ice
  254. <KungFuFerret> yea
  255. <Disaster_Area> hmm that gaint sloth idea could maybe work with my unnamed rock type idea
  256. <KungFuFerret> my prehistoric rhino idea was an idea of one of my friends who is a brony
  257. <Disaster_Area> altho id rather pure rock than rock/poison
  258. <Disaster_Area> lol
  259. <KungFuFerret> the sloth is kinda covered in tar lol
  260. <Disaster_Area> im not a brony but i got an infraction on tcod for finding serena in the xy anime hot so who am i to comment
  261. <KungFuFerret> me neither
  262. <KungFuFerret> not a brony myself either
  263. <Disaster_Area> that reminds me i saw a good music video the other day with furries
  264. <Disaster_Area> im not a furry either
  265. <KungFuFerret> me neither
  266. <Disaster_Area> [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tbLSIs2bUs[/url]
  267. <Disaster_Area> its actually not bad
  268. <Disaster_Area> oO
  269. <KungFuFerret> ok then
  270. <Disaster_Area> lol
  271. <Disaster_Area> anyway yea fossils looks like the thing to look at
  272. <KungFuFerret> agreed
  273. <KungFuFerret> I also have an idea for a leopard gecko Pokemon that is Ground/Fairy type
  274. <Disaster_Area> that sounds wild lol
  275. <KungFuFerret> It has a currently unnamed ability that gives all tail-based attacks a boost
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