"Low income people may reject workfare" 21-Dec-1986

Feb 22nd, 2012
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  1. Low income people may reject workfare
  3. WASHINGTON (UPI) - Workfare is unlikely to appeal to welfare recipients because most suspect their jobs will be menial and with little possibility of advancement, a new study said Saturday.
  5. "The vast majority of low income people who participated in this study wanted very much to work," the new report said. "For most of those surveyed, including those who received help from government programs and those who worked in low-paying jobs, employment - or better employment - was the best way of achieving the self-sufficiency they desired."
  7. The unusual study, funded by the Ford Foundation and conducted by and conducted by the Coalition on Human Needs, was based on interviews with the poor and welfare recipients aimed at determining their perceptions of the welfare system.
  9. The first phase of the three-part study was based on personal interviews with 50 poor people in Washington and a number of group sessions.
  11. "Virtually none of those surveyed found the benefits from such programs as Aid to Families with Dependent Children and Food Stamps not to be a positive alternative to regular employment and the independence it might purchase," a summary of the interviews found.
  13. Earlier this month, the administration unveiled a 108-page report on welfare reform that is expected to help shape the debate in the 100th Congress over how to reorganize the present welfare system.
  15. But few efforts have made to determine the attitudes and views of the beneficiaries of the programs.
  17. Of those interviewed in the study - about half are currently employed - almost all said employment was the means to better themselves.
  19. "Virtually all of those questioned believed it was impossible to support a family adequately on a minimum-wage job," a perception generally borne out by the facts: A family of three with one minimum wage job has an income of only 75 percent of the poverty level.
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  24. Original source: Mohave Daily Miner, December 21st, 1986
  26. Google news source retrieved and typed-up: February 22nd, 2012
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