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  2. JANEWAY: Report!
  3. SESKA: We're running into some kind of spatial distortion.
  4. JANEWAY: Mister Tuvok!
  5. TUVOK: The distortions are emanating from a highly localized disturbance in the space-time continuum. Distance, twenty thousand kilometres off the port bow.
  6. JANEWAY: All stop. On screen. Gravimetric flux density is over two thousand percent. If I'm not mistaken, we're looking at a type four quantum singularity.
  7. TUVOK: Captain, I am receiving an audio transmission from within the singularity.
  8. JANEWAY: On speakers.
  9. (A female sounding voice, but the words are garbled.)
  10. KIM: I think I've found the source of the transmission.
  11. (The distant image of a ship appears on the viewscreen against the black hole.)
  12. JANEWAY: Does it look like any ship you're familiar with?
  13. NEELIX: No, nothing I recognise. But then it's, it's so hard to make out.
  14. JANEWAY: They may be trapped in the event horizon. Open a channel. This is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Starship Voyager to the vessel near the quantum singularity. Do you need help?
  15. KES: Event horizon?
  16. NEELIX: A singularity is a star that's collapsed in on itself. The event horizon is a very powerful energy field surrounding it. Why, er, once on a particularly dangerous trade mission to the twin stars of Keloda, I myself was almost trapped inside
  17. TUVOK: No response to our hail, Captain.
  18. JANEWAY: Can we tractor the vessel out?
  19. KIM: No. The subspace interference is too heavy.
  20. NEELIX: Captain, we're less than three light years from Ilidaria. They have sophisticated technology. They might be able to help and they're quite friendly, most of the time.
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