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  1. Jake Strong is the Lucha Underground limo guy. Kinda.
  3. The demonic voice in his segment last week and Antonio Cueto's reaction was the tip-off. They also had Striker strongly suggest there was some deeper relationship between Swagger and Cueto after the main event.
  5. The idea with the limo guy is he was a god who was burning out the body he was in and needed to be transferred into a new (strong) body as soon as possible. Cage was given the gauntlet because he was the physically strongest guy, and with the plan that the gauntlet would've worn him down mentally to make the transfer easier. King Cuerno foiled that plan by stealing the gauntlet and Dario Cueto got shot over it, but that Limo God still needed to go somewhere.
  7. How it ended in Jake is yet to be revealed, but there was a scene in the season 4 trailer we have yet to see where Jake Strong is looking into a glowing box. That fits the depictions of gods on this show. It would explain why Strong has been Matanza-level strong on this show because he's got the same God deal going on as Matanza. It rewrites the Strong's arc on the show, as he's now not just some ex-WWE guy, but some ex-WWE guy who also happens to be central to the Lucha Underground mythos. And it means he's expected to stay in a big role for Season 5.
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