ScootaSis (WIP)

Sep 25th, 2014
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  1. >The autumn air is crisp and a stiff breeze blows over your face
  2. >You shudder and tighten the long, wool item draped around your neck
  3. >That scarf that Fluttershy knit for you last Hearth's Warming was really coming in handy
  4. >A subdued kind of red, or burgundy or something
  5. >Rarity would lecture you if you'd ever think to bring it up
  6. >But you were smarter than that, these days at least
  7. >You'd come to Equestria two years ago, something about your perfect positioning and the energy generated by that jet liner slamming into the ocean
  8. >Twilight had explained it using some super complex formula that could have been from Stargate for how much you understood
  9. >All you got out of it was that you'd never fly Malasyian Airlines again
  10. >Why'd you parents wanted to go to China anyway?
  11. >But it could have been worse, you could be dead
  12. >And given that, wasn't Equestria a better choice?
  13. >It was now anyway
  14. >For the first few months it hadn't been too great
  15. >Every creature, pony or otherwise, shunned you for being so alien to them
  16. >Some kind of hairless ape-thing that just happened to have a resistence to magic and stood as tall as a bear?
  17. >Must have been really terrifying to them
  18. >After a few cold nights lurking around in the shadows and forests around their little city of Ponyville, you'd stumbled on a treehouse
  19. >The CMC's clubhouse of course
  20. >Well you figured no one would mind if you just spent the night...
  21. >It wasn't locked, so you crawled inside the little door
  22. >It wasn't nearly as cramped as you'd figured, and there was already a pile of blankets in there
  23. >They must have had a sleepover and not cleaned up or something
  24. >Oh well, you were never one to piss on what the gods delivered to you
  25. >Laying the small blankets out, you make a suitable sleeping mat, then pile the rest on top of you
  26. >As you fall asleep, you think to yourself how much warmer the nights would be now
  27. >A cannonball impact to your stomach wakes you up
  28. >The air is driven from your lungs and you dry heave at the sudden pain
  29. >"What are you doing in here, monkey! Get out!"
  30. >That squeaky little hoarse voice...
  31. >Scootaloo?
  32. >Your eyes open a crack and you can make out a blur of orange and purple standing inches from your face, teeth bared and huffing
  33. >You push yourself up and pile the dozens of little blankets away from your body
  34. "You can have those, but I'm not leaving."
  35. >She bites down on your arm, hard enough to break the skin and stares up at you with fire in her eyes
  36. >"I said get out!"
  37. >You rise up to your full height, or as full as it could be inside the treehouse
  38. >There was something else in her eyes, besides anger and fear
  39. >Was that, embarresment?
  40. "You live here, don't you?"
  41. >Even in the faint moonlight streaming through the open window, you can see her start to tear up
  42. >"N-no! I was just coming back to get something I left here earlier! I-I'm sure my mom and dad are worried about me already!"
  43. >She backs up to the door, but doesn't leave
  44. >You turn and stare at the half moon hanging high among the stars
  45. "You know, I haven't got anyone either. And everyone here hates me. You at least have the other Crusaders."
  46. >She timidly walks over to the pile of blankets, pulling some over to you, one at a time
  47. >"I-I don't hate you..."
  48. >She shys back when you reach out a hand to her, dragging another blanket over
  49. >You retract your hand, gathering the blankets around your shoulders
  50. "Sorry for scaring you. And thanks."
  51. >You see her shrug as she curls up under the remainder of the blankets
  52. >"Sure whatever. Just...keep those weird hooves to yourself, okay?"
  53. >Well that was agreeable
  54. >A little less comfortable now, you laid back down and went to sleep
  55. >Maybe things wouldn't be so bad
  56. >Your reverie by a heavy impact to your gut
  57. >"Hey, watch where you're walking, ape!"
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