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  1. RFC Headers:
  3.    From: Grant, Mal
  4.      To: Windram, Mike
  5.    Date: 2/9/2000 7:49:00 AM
  6. Subject: RE: Industrial Espionage Article from  Reuven Hasak
  7. ------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Mike,
  10. Agreed. As you are aware I am constantly trying to educate NDS employees as to the real dangers of this type of practice. It doesn't just happen in "James Bond Movies!".
  12. I have spoken to Simon Jones who will investigate various electronic measures to make PC/Laptop security more transparent to the user. He has agreed with me a standard configuration build (regardless of Operating System platform) for all NDS laptops that will include:
  14. A boot protected password;
  16. Terminal time out (after 15 minutes) if no keyboard or mouse activity;
  18. Installation of PGP to be configured if required by the user.
  20. As you pointed out previously, these are no use if they prevent the user from operating efficiently or conflict with other applications. My philosophy is that it is far better to implement this at the build stage than try and get users to do it retrospectively. However some chasing of existing laptop users in the field is inevitable.
  22. Further, I will shortly be publishing some guidelines on the administration and management of the plethora of public keys currently in existence. However, simon needs to obtain some new PGP licenses following the split. Although I cannot forsee yet a full blown Publlic Key Infrastructure (PKI), some form of control is of course necessary to prevent future mishaps. I would like to discuss your views on what level of PKI we should aim for when you have a convenient moment.
  24. Regards
  26. Mal
  28. -----Original Message-----
  29. From: Windram, Mike
  30. Sent: 07 February 2000 08:15 AM
  31. To: Grant, Mal
  32. Subject: FW: Industrial Espionage Article from Reuven Hasak
  35. Mal,
  37. Very much the point I made in my note to you - but it does happen in our field here in the UK!
  39. Mike
  41. -----Original Message-----
  42. From: BenZion, Varna
  43. Sent: 06 February 2000 09:11 AM
  44. To: *N Executive Committee
  45. Subject: Industrial Espionage Article from Reuven Hasak
  48. Dear All -
  50. Attached please find a scanned article taken from the Sunday Times (12/12/99) about a case of industrial espionage conducted against British Aerospace by the French Secret Service.
  52. Bearing in mind News Corp.'s attempt to join forces with Canal+ (which did not succeed because the French didn't want 'foreigners' controlling Canal+...) and in light of the recent industrial espionage case we had in China,  this could be an interesting example of nationally endorsed industrial espionage to show to relevant NDS personnel.
  54. Add to this the reputation of the French intelligence community as actively supporting private economic systems and ..... voila!
  56. Regards,
  57. Reuven
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