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  1. mc_enchant.cmd, mc_include.cmd(1262): [return]
  2. [Script error in mc_enchant.cmd, mc_include.cmd(1262): RETURN command failed. There are no more gosub bookmarks to return to!]
  3. Trace follows:
  5.     gosub location.vars mc_include.cmd(43)
  6.     return mc_include.cmd(378)
  7.     gosub check.location mc_include.cmd(44)
  8.     passing label assembleloc mc_include.cmd(417)
  9.     gosub crossing.enchanting mc_include.cmd(446)
  10.     return mc_include.cmd(575)
  11.     return mc_include.cmd(447)
  12.     goto endinclude mc_include.cmd(175)
  13.     passing label unfinished (28)
  14.     match analyze
  15.     passing label Analyze mc_include.cmd(1260)
  16.     gosub action mc_include.cmd(1261)
  17.     passing label Action_1 mc_include.cmd(1252)
  18.     match return
  19.     passing label RETURN mc_include.cmd(1606)
  20.     return mc_include.cmd(1608)
  22. [Script aborted! (Run time: 8.84 seconds): mc_enchant.cmd]
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