Sep 18th, 2022
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  1. I got daddy issues, but that's on me
  2. Not the ones you think, I wish you would see
  3. It's getting clear my decisions are slowly killing me
  4. Fuck sleep, exhaustion, it's just the necessary fee
  5. I am afraid you will never fully understand
  6. all so she can be sure she can grab my hand
  8. But for some reason this all seems too strange
  9. Not to me but to all you that know i won't change
  10. Why is it that I am constantly in question?
  11. Do I really give you a helpless impression?
  12. Why am I the one that needs help or a break?
  13. Do all my crazy efforts make me a snowflake?
  14. Do I wrongfully interpret your offer as my failure?
  15. My deficiency and incapability of being her saviour?
  17. What I obviously need is some thorough therapy
  18. But there is no need to take my daughter away from me
  19. Not even for a second, conditions are great as they are
  20. Watch her closely, she obviously developed great so far
  21. And yes, I actually take pride in this actuality
  22. All talking and learning spark progress in reality
  24. So please once and for all stop asking or offering
  25. Or even worse, refrain from grabbing and upsetting
  26. When there comes a time that i need a breather
  27. I will ask you, wont be easy but trust won't be neither
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