[AHK_L] UserDefineLang for NPP to v6.1

Oct 11th, 2012
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  1. <NotepadPlus>
  2.     <UserLang name="AHK Autohotkey" ext="ahk">
  3.         <Settings>
  4.             <Global caseIgnored="yes"/>
  5.             <TreatAsSymbol comment="yes" commentLine="yes"/>
  6.             <Prefix words1="no" words2="no" words3="yes" words4="yes"/>
  7.         </Settings>
  8.         <KeywordLists>
  9.             <Keywords name="Delimiters">"00"00</Keywords>
  10.             <Keywords name="Folder+">{ ;BeginRegion</Keywords>
  11.             <Keywords name="Folder-">} ;EndRegion</Keywords>
  12.             <Keywords name="Operators">- ! " & ( ) , : ^ | + < = ></Keywords>
  13.             <Keywords name="Comment">1/* 2*/ 0;</Keywords>
  14.             <Keywords name="Words1">#AllowSameLineComments #ClipboardTimeout #CommentFlag #Delimiter #DerefChar #ErrorStdOut #EscapeChar #HotkeyInterval #HotkeyModIfierTimeout #Hotstring #Include #IncludeAgain #IfWinActive #IfWinExist #IfWinNotActive #IfWinNotExist #InstallKeybdHook #InstallMouseHook #KeyHistory #LTrim #MaxHotkeysPerInterval #MaxMem #MaxThreads #MaxThreadsBuffer #MaxThreadsPerHotkey #NoEnv #NoTrayIcon #Persistent #SingleInstance #UseHook #WinActivateForce And AutoTrim BlockInput Break Click ClipWait Continue Control ControlClick ControlFocus ControlGet ControlGetFocus ControlGetPos ControlGetText ControlMove ControlSend ControlSendRaw ControlSetText CoordMode Critical DetectHiddenText DetectHiddenWindows DllCall Drive DriveGet DriveSpaceFree Edit Else EndRepeat EnvAdd EnvDiv EnvGet EnvMult EnvSet EnvSub EnvUpdate Exit ExitApp FileAppend FileCopy FileCopyDir FileCreateDir FileCreateShortcut FileDelete FileGetAttrib FileGetShortcut FileGetSize FileGetTime FileGetVersion FileInstall FileMove FileMoveDir FileRead FileReadLine FileRecycle FileRecycleEmpty FileRemoveDir FileSelectFile FileSelectFolder FileSetAttrib FileSetTime FormatTime GetKeyState Gosub Goto GroupActivate GroupAdd GroupClose GroupDeactivate Gui GuiControl GuiControlGet HideAutoItWin Hotkey If IfEqual IfExist IfGreater IfGreaterOrEqual IfInString IfLess IfLessOrEqual IfMsgBox IfNotEqual IfNotExist IfNotInString IfWinActive IfWinExist IfWinNotActive IfWinNotExist ImageSearch IniDelete IniRead IniWrite Input InputBox IsLabel KeyHistory KeyWait ListHotkeys ListLines ListVars Loop Menu MouseClick MouseClickDrag MouseGetPos MouseMove MsgBox Not OnExit OnMessage Or OutputDebug Pause PixelGetColor PixelSearch PostMessage Process Progress Random RegDelete RegExMatch RegExReplace RegRead RegWrite Reload Repeat Return Run RunAs RunWait Send SendMessage SendEvent SendInput SendMode SendPlay SendRaw SetBatchLines SetCapsLockState SetControlDelay SetDefaultMouseSpeed SetEnv SetFormat SetKeyDelay SetMouseDelay SetNumLockState SetScrollLockState SetStoreCapslockMode SetTimer SetTitleMatchMode SetWinDelay SetWorkingDir Shutdown Sleep Sort SoundBeep SoundGet SoundGetWaveVolume SoundPlay SoundSet SoundSetWaveVolume SplashImage SplashTextOff SplashTextOn SplitPath StatusBarGetText StatusBarWait StringCaseSense StringGetPos StringLeft StringLen StringLower StringMid StringReplace StringRight StringSplit StringTrimLeft StringTrimRight StringUpper Suspend SysGet Thread ToolTip Transform TrayTip URLDownloadToFile VarSetCapacity WinActivate WinActivateBottom WinClose WinGet WinGetActiveStats WinGetActiveTitle WinGetClass WinGetPos WinGetText WinGetTitle WinHide WinKill WinMaximize WinMenuSelectItem WinMinimize WinMinimizeAll WinMinimizeAllUndo WinMove WinRestore WinSet WinSetTitle WinShow WinWait WinWaitActive WinWaitClose WinWaitNotActive</Keywords>
  15.             <Keywords name="Words2">False True PIXEL MOUSE SCREEN RELATIVE RGB ahk_id ahk_pid ahk_class ahk_group Between Contains In Integer Float Number Digit Xdigit Alpha Upper Lower Alnum Time Date AlwaysOnTop Topmost Top Bottom Transparent TransColor Redraw Region ID IDLast ProcessName MinMax ControlList Count List Capacity StatusCD Eject Lock Unlock Label FileSystem Label SetLabel Serial Type Status static global local ByRef Seconds Minutes Hours Days Read Parse Logoff Close Error Single Tray Add Rename Check UnCheck ToggleCheck Enable Disable ToggleEnable Default NoDefault Standard NoStandard Color Delete DeleteAll Icon NoIcon Tip Click Show MainWindow NoMainWindow UseErrorLevel Font Resize Owner Submit NoHide Minimize Maximize Restore NoActivate NA Cancel Destroy Center Text Picture Pic GroupBox Button Checkbox Radio DropDownList DDL ComboBox ListBox ListView DateTime MonthCal UpDown Slider Tab TabStop Section AltSubmit Wrap HScroll VScroll Border Top Bottom Buttons Number Uppercase Lowercase Limit Password Multi WantReturn Group Background Theme Caption Delimiter MinimizeBox MaximizeBox SysMenu ToolWindow Flash Style ExStyle Check3 Checked CheckedGray ReadOnly Password Hidden Left Right Center NoTab Section Move Focus Hide Choose ChooseString Text Pos Enabled Disabled Visible LastFound AltTab ShiftAltTab AltTabMenu AltTabAndMenu AltTabMenuDismiss Unicode Asc Chr Deref Mod Pow Exp Sqrt Log Ln Round Ceil Floor Abs Sin Cos Tan ASin ACos ATan BitNot BitAnd BitOr BitXOr BitShiftLeft BitShiftRight Yes No Ok Cancel Abort Retry Ignore HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE HKEY_USERS HKEY_CURRENT_USER HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG HKLM HKU HKCU HKCR HKCC REG_SZ REG_EXPAND_SZ REG_MULTI_SZ REG_DWORD REG_BINARY</Keywords>
  16.             <Keywords name="Words3">% A_</Keywords>
  17.             <Keywords name="Words4">{^} {+} {!} {#} {~} {$} Shift {Shift} LShift {LShift} RShift {RShift} Alt {Alt} LAlt {LAlt} RAlt {RAlt} Control {Control} LControl {LControl} RControl {RControl} Ctrl {Ctrl} LCtrl {LCtrl} RCtrl {RCtrl} LWin {LWin} RWin {RWin} AppsKey {AppsKey} Alt Down {Alt Down} Alt Up {Alt Up} Shift Down {Shift Down} Shift Up {Shift Up} Ctrl Down {Ctrl Down} Ctrl Up {Ctrl Up} LWin Down {LWin Down} RWin Down {RWin Down} LButton {LButton} RButton {RButton} MButton {MButton} WheelUp {WheelUp} WheelDown {WheelDown} XButton1 {XButton1} XButton2 {XButton2} Joy1 {Joy1} Joy2 {Joy2} Joy3 {Joy3} Joy4 {Joy4} Joy5 {Joy5} Joy6 {Joy6} Joy7 {Joy7} Joy8 {Joy8} Joy9 {Joy9} Joy10 {Joy10} Joy11 {Joy11} Joy12 {Joy12} Joy13 {Joy13} Joy14 {Joy14} Joy15 {Joy15} Joy16 {Joy16} Joy17 {Joy17} Joy18 {Joy18} Joy19 {Joy19} Joy20 {Joy20} Joy21 {Joy21} Joy22 {Joy22} Joy23 {Joy23} Joy24 {Joy24} Joy25 {Joy25} Joy26 {Joy26} Joy27 {Joy27} Joy28 {Joy28} Joy29 {Joy29} Joy30 {Joy30} Joy31 {Joy31} Joy32 {Joy32} JoyX {JoyX} JoyY {JoyY} JoyZ {JoyZ} JoyR {JoyR} JoyU {JoyU} JoyV {JoyV} JoyPOV {JoyPOV} JoyName {JoyName} JoyButtons {JoyButtons} JoyAxes {JoyAxes} JoyInfo {JoyInfo} Space {Space} Tab {Tab} Enter {Enter} Escape {Escape} Esc {Esc} BackSpace {BackSpace} BS {BS} Delete {Delete} Del {Del} Insert {Insert} Ins {Ins} PGUP {PGUP} PGDN {PGDN} Home {Home} End {End} Up {Up} Down {Down} Left {Left} Right {Right} PrintScreen {PrintScreen} CtrlBreak {CtrlBreak} Pause {Pause} ScrollLock {ScrollLock} CapsLock {CapsLock} NumLock {NumLock} Numpad0 {Numpad0} Numpad1 {Numpad1} Numpad2 {Numpad2} Numpad3 {Numpad3} Numpad4 {Numpad4} Numpad5 {Numpad5} Numpad6 {Numpad6} Numpad7 {Numpad7} Numpad8 {Numpad8} Numpad9 {Numpad9} NumpadMult {NumpadMult} NumpadAdd {NumpadAdd} NumpadSub {NumpadSub} NumpadDiv {NumpadDiv} NumpadDot {NumpadDot} NumpadDel {NumpadDel} NumpadIns {NumpadIns} NumpadClear {NumpadClear} NumpadUp {NumpadUp} NumpadDown {NumpadDown} NumpadLeft {NumpadLeft} NumpadRight {NumpadRight} NumpadHome {NumpadHome} NumpadEnd {NumpadEnd} NumpadPgup {NumpadPgup} NumpadPgdn {NumpadPgdn} NumpadEnter {NumpadEnter} F1 {F1} F2 {F2} F3 {F3} F4 {F4} F5 {F5} F6 {F6} F7 {F7} F8 {F8} F9 {F9} F10 {F10} F11 {F11} F12 {F12} F13 {F13} F14 {F14} F15 {F15} F16 {F16} F17 {F17} F18 {F18} F19 {F19} F20 {F20} F21 {F21} F22 {F22} F23 {F23} F24 {F24} Browser_Back {Browser_Back} Browser_Forward {Browser_Forward} Browser_Refresh {Browser_Refresh} Browser_Stop {Browser_Stop} Browser_Search {Browser_Search} Browser_Favorites {Browser_Favorites} Browser_Home {Browser_Home} Volume_Mute {Volume_Mute} Volume_Down {Volume_Down} Volume_Up {Volume_Up} Media_Next {Media_Next} Media_Prev {Media_Prev} Media_Stop {Media_Stop} Media_Play_Pause {Media_Play_Pause} Launch_Mail {Launch_Mail} Launch_Media {Launch_Media} Launch_App1 {Launch_App1} Launch_App2 {Launch_App2}</Keywords>
  18.         </KeywordLists>
  19.         <Styles>
  20.             <WordsStyle name="DEFAULT" styleID="11" fgColor="000000" bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="0"/>
  21.             <WordsStyle name="FOLDEROPEN" styleID="12" fgColor="000000" bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="1"/>
  22.             <WordsStyle name="FOLDERCLOSE" styleID="13" fgColor="000000" bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="1"/>
  23.             <WordsStyle name="KEYWORD1" styleID="5" fgColor="0060FF" bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="0"/>
  24.             <WordsStyle name="KEYWORD2" styleID="6" fgColor="FF00FF" bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="0"/>
  25.             <WordsStyle name="KEYWORD3" styleID="7" fgColor="CC7700" bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="0"/>
  26.             <WordsStyle name="KEYWORD4" styleID="8" fgColor="22AA55" bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="0"/>
  27.             <WordsStyle name="COMMENT" styleID="1" fgColor="008000" bgColor="F0F0F0" fontName="" fontStyle="0"/>
  28.             <WordsStyle name="COMMENT LINE" styleID="2" fgColor="008000" bgColor="F0F0F0" fontName="" fontStyle="0"/>
  29.             <WordsStyle name="NUMBER" styleID="4" fgColor="000000" bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="0"/>
  30.             <WordsStyle name="OPERATOR" styleID="10" fgColor="8080C0" bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="1"/>
  31.             <WordsStyle name="DELIMINER1" styleID="14" fgColor="EE0000" bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="0"/>
  32.             <WordsStyle name="DELIMINER2" styleID="15" fgColor="FF8040" bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="0"/>
  33.             <WordsStyle name="DELIMINER3" styleID="16" fgColor="000000" bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="0"/>
  34.         </Styles>
  35.     </UserLang>
  36. </NotepadPlus>
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