Brute Force

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  1. // to crack
  2. var atob=require('atob');
  3. var h=(w,s='H e l l o, W o r l  d!')=>eval(w).join('')==='Hello,World!'
  4. var a=[25,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,3,2,3];
  5. var e=atob('ISYgJiAtOkI8Qk97BRBeaxZFShoUZSsiOGkMenNy').split('').map(c=>c.charCodeAt());
  6. var j=(a,x)=>{for(x=0;!a[x];x++);if(a.length-x>1){a[0]=a[x]-1;a[x]=(x==0?a[x]:0);a[x+1]++;if(x>3)console.log(a)}else{a[0]=a[x]+1;a[x]=0;i=0}}
  7. var f=(a,e,k=0)=>,i)=>String.fromCharCode(c^(k+=a[i%11]))).join('')
  8. var g=(o,a,b=!0)=>{try{b=!h(o);console.log(a);console.log(o)}catch(e){}return b}
  9. while(g(f(a,e),a))j(a)
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