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  1. I forgot to report this guy, but he needs it. The guy legit would have been more useful afk than in the game. I'm tempted to call this botting, because if you have hands and eyes, i dont think you could play this bad if you tried to.
  2. He started the game as jungle karthus, didnt buy a jungle item but instead thought it would be a good idea to go dorans with 2 pots. I was in a premade with 2 other people at the time and this was our first clue that this guy was just straight trolling.
  3. He  then allowed blue buff to releash after getting a decent leash from our bot lane. While trying to take it, he got invaded and just kinda died to the udyr.
  4. After dying, he goes to his Kruggs, executes there, and isn't even able to finish the camp off with karthus passive, because he STILL doesn't have a jungle item(spoiler alert, he doesnt ever build one).
  5. After finally being able to take the Kruggs, he goes and executes at the raptors, because he's still level one at 5 minutes into the game.
  6. After killing raptors, he does a little loop and makes probably the worst attempt at a gank I have ever seen in my life, mainly so he can leach xp and finally get level 2, 6 minutes into the game....
  7. He then gets revealed in his jungle and was clearly not looking at his monitor because the udyr kinda just walks up and kills him, while he doesn't even try to walk away. But he got the wolves :). Meaning at 7 minutes, he's 0/4 with 10 cs.
  8. He tries to take blue at about 7:45, but lo and behold, udyr is there because this guy has placed no vision. If our jinx hadn't been there, i think he probably would have died again.
  9.  At almost 9 minutes in, he makes another AMAZING gank, that got literally no where, but veigar at least could hit his skill shots, pretty sure karthus used half of his mana bar just hitting the ground and missing everything.
  10. it is now 10 minutes into the game, and he's level 4 because he probably got a level and a half from being in lanes "ganking". Still hasn't used a ward and seems to not understand camp leashing, because he tries executing to Kruggs again at 11 minutes, but somehow realizes if he walks away from them, they won't kill him. The game gets boring for the next couple minutes, but at 13:30, he almost executes to raptors, and does end up getting killed by the udyr, who just ran him down like the animal he is.
  11. Now he is 0/5 at 14 minutes, with 29 farm and level 4.
  12. He then executes to Kruggs again, at 14 and a half minutes into the game, because kiting is hard and his brain clearly stopped working when he was born.
  13. Another couple minutes of boringness because the udyr got tired of playing with the karthus that was worth about as much as a caster creep.
  14. Executes to the gromp, because damage is a thing, and he's actually 2 levels under the gromp... BUT HEY, AT 17 AND A HALF MINUTES, HE FINALLY GETS HIS ROD, and still hasn't placed a ward.
  15. Now, this next part is pretty golden, and would make all the iron players proud, at 18:30, he tries to take Kruggs, almost executes to them, but is able to get to lane again(somehow) but decides it would be a great idea to flash over the wall, closer to the Krugg trying to kill him, and almost die.
  16. Finally, at 20 minutes into the game, he gets level 6. When he realizes he's 6, he stops for like 20 seconds, levels up his ulti, and then proceeds to use it while no one on the enemy team is low enough for it to make a difference.
  17. At 21 minutes, he decides it'd be a good idea to just recall anywhere, so he decides to recall on a ward, and the udyr actually has enough time to walk most of the way to wolves so he can guarantee that he gets the kill scott free.
  18. He then AFKs in fountain for a minute and a half because that's how he was actually most useful and i really wish he would have just stayed that way, but he does go back out onto the map and does absolutely nothing useful.
  19. Almost executes to raptors AGAIN at 25 minutes into the game, because he's still somehow level 9.(Still not positive how he even got that high)
  20. Spends the rest of the game being completely useless where the best thing he can do is be bait so that we can kill all the people that chase him
  22. I just spent the last like 30 minutes rewatching the game to see all the parts I missed because I was focused on trying to scale and win(which we did in the end because late game vayne and late game veigar are a little bit on the strong side). The person was actually worth a negative player, so instead of a 5v5, it was more of a 5v3, I'm just glad he was queuing up with a player that wasn't completely incompetent like he was, so we actually had a chance of winning the game.
  24. Sincerely yours,
  25. INTense playER(and as a person with their name being INTER, I know inting when I see it)
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