Any% Dragon Tooth

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  1. == Ressources ==
  2. Item Swap :
  3. Wrong Warp :
  4. VOD of a full run :
  6. == Notes ==
  7. Thief with black firebombs
  8. Kill asylum with 5 firebombs
  9. Grab the bandit knife (not the shield)
  10. Get the estus and warp to Firelink
  12. Go through undead burg
  13. Buy the rapier, short bow, east-west shield and the rest in arrows to the undead merchand
  14. Get the gold pine resins
  15. Kill Taurus with resin bandit knife
  17. Get the drake sword
  18. > Sen's Gate Skip
  19. Rest and level up 13 STR at the undead parish bonfire (during Sen's Gate Skip)
  20. Go through Sen's
  21. Kill Golem with moveswap Drake Sword
  23. Rest and level up 12 END and 27 STR at the AL bonfire
  24. Use Golem Soul on the AL elevator
  25. Go through AL
  26. Grab the Dragon Tooth and use it for now on
  27. Kill O&S
  28. Aquire the Lord Vessel, bone back
  30. Warp to Firelink Shrine, then Warp to Undead Parish
  31. Kill Gargoyles
  32. Ring the bell, bone back
  34. Kick Lautrec, quitout to get the FAP ring
  35. Dupe Smough's soul Twice on your way to New Londo
  36. > Blighttown drop or Blighttown plunge
  37. kill Quelaag
  38. Ring the bell, bone back
  40. Go to Firelink Altar, place the lord vessel
  41. Warp to undead parish
  43. Buy the Crest of Artorias, weapon smithbox and caduceus shield to Andre
  44. Rest and level up 25 END at the Forest bonfire
  45. Kill Hydra (5 bombs and 4 jump attacks)
  46. Kill the golden golem, kill Dusk, bone back
  48. Upgrade the Dragon Tooth to +1
  49. Warp to AL, go to duke archives
  50. Kill the golem for the Broken Pendant, bone back
  52. Go to the DLC
  53. Kill Guardian
  54. Rest at the sanctuary bonfire
  55. > Royal wood skip without fall control
  56. Kill Artorias
  58. Enter the battle of stoicism to aquire the purple coward's crystal and dark sign
  59. Warp to Firelink Shrine then Firelink Altar
  60. Rest at the Lord Vessel, warp to sanctuary
  62. > Item swap with the purple coward's crystal, use the dark sign asap
  63. Kill Gwyn
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