FDDA Changelog

Feb 20th, 2022 (edited)
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  1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. v0.8.9.d hotfix 2
  3. -Fixed NPCs pda behavior with enabled backpack animation for Anomaly 1.5.2.
  4. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. v0.8.9.d hotfix 1
  6. -Fixed double slot backpack anim stuck ( stuck that happens if you put same gun in the same slot twice in a row )
  7. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. v0.8.9.d
  9. -Changed cam for default cigs anim
  10. -Added long version of Asnen's cigs anim as addon to MO2 installer
  11. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. v0.8.9.c
  13. -Added backpacks for zombies
  14. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. v0.8.9.b hotfix 1
  16. -Fixed backpack anim stuck on weapon zoom near walls
  17. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. v0.8.9.b
  19. -Recompressed backpack textures for dx8 support.
  20. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. v0.8.9.a
  22. -Fixed crash on backpack opening for renegades
  23. -Added unique backpack textures for all factions
  24. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  25. v0.8.9
  26. -Added code for faction based backpacks visuals.
  27. -Added speed param for animations ( mostly needed for animations made in 60 fps )
  28. -Fixed bug with first person legs and skinning anim ( wpn checker now use class link instead of raw class id )
  29. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  30. 0.8.8i_h3
  31. -Fixed crash on closing settings window after exiting game to the main menu.
  32. -Fixed crash on opening inventory after taking all items from stashes created by QR.
  33. 0.8.8i_h2
  34. -Changed animations antistuck timer, now it depends on fps.
  35. -Added missing ogg comments.
  36. 0.8.8i_h1
  37. -Added debug mode ( if you encountring animations freezes, controlls locks - please go to the MCM settings -> FDDA and enable ea_debug)
  38. 0.8.8i
  39. -Fixed artefacts containers behavior when backpack anims enabled.
  40. -New backpack texture by Morth.
  41. -New old bread textures.
  42. -Added animations and sounds precache (should fix microfreezes for lowspec machines on first animation play).
  43. -Added missing idle anims for some items (should fix CTD with wrong visual on animation failure to load correctly)
  44. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  45. 0.8.8h.2
  46. -Added combined patch for Immersive sleep and ARSZI'S DYNAMIC RADIATION ZONES AND RADIATION OVERHAUL.
  47. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  48. 0.8.8h
  49. -Fixed CTD that happens if player tries to pickup item while backpack closing animation plays.
  50. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  51. v0.8.8b
  52. -Fixed bug with crouch anim which leaded to wrong key registration for MCM.
  53. -Fixed bug which caused controls to freeze if player tried to use items while climbing ladders.-Added crouch toggle MCM option for backpack animation.
  54. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v0.8.8a.1
  55. -Fixed crouch toggle check for backpack.
  57. v0.8.8a
  58. -Fixed bug when player was able to move/open backpack while original outfits/helms/disassemble animations plays.-Added crouch anim for backpack.
  59. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v0.8.8
  60. -FDDA addons system ( look at zzz_ea_addon_backpack.script for script ref, and ea_addon_backpack.ltx for anims list ref (addons anims lists names should starts with "ea_addon_" then they will be loaded to main anims list ) )
  61. -Backpack animations addon ( animations author - Blindside ) demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qY9Z7v2wcvQ(could be disabled/enabled in MCM settings or if you don't use MCM - gamedata/scripts/zzz_ea_addon_backpack.script line 9 ).-Added pickup animation checkbox in MCM settings.
  62. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v0.8.7c.2
  63. -Fixed installer folders names.
  65. v0.8.7c.1
  66. -Added fomod installer.
  68. v0.8.7c
  69. -Added loose particles files loading to engine, from now addon don't require any patches for particles addons.
  71. v0.8.7b.1
  72. -Added patch for newest CVFX particles.
  74. v0.8.7b
  75. -Added lighter effect for cigs.
  76. -Added new smoke effect for cigs and corrected head movement tracking.
  77. -Fixed silver flask animation.-Fixed green flask sick camera motions.
  78. -Separated from camera hud anims test ( for MRE animation )
  79. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  80. v0.8.7
  81. -Added wallmarks, particles and blood decals effects for skinning animation.-Fixed position and rotation for cigaretts smoke particles now they always rotated opposite to camera.
  82. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  83. v0.8.6.9a
  84. -MCM settings for pickup animation distance control.
  85. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  86. v0.8.6.9
  87. -MRE test animation-MCM support-merged omfs for hands anims ( pls delete"gamedata\meshes\anomaly_weapons\hud_hands_animation" folder from previous FDDA installation before update) or if u use other addons that adds new animations - files in that folder that contains ("ea_" in their names)-Fixed animation name search for (skinning without knife in hands mod)
  88. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v0.8.6.8e.1
  89. -Hotfix for :37 CTD
  91. v0.8.6.8e
  92. - Added camera animations instead of camera lock on mutant for bag animation- From now mutant parts animations visuals depends from looted mutant part
  93. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v0.8.6.8d
  94. -Smoke effect script rework- Added engine patch that fix "[error]Arguments : Can't find variable item_visual in" CTD and wrong items animations ( when instead of beer for example actor tries to drink syringe xD) AVALIBLE IN THE PATCHES SECTION OF ADDON DESCRIPTION
  95. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v0.8.6.8c
  96. - Fixed softlock that was caused by attempts to sleep while actor is bleeding or irradiated ( for modmakers from now addon changes ui_sleep_dialog.script so if u use it u need to merge them )- From now you can't use new items while default anomaly animation plays ( no more uncontrolled eating from quickslots without pause, little cheaters =) )
  97. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v0.8.6.8b
  98. - Fixed softlock that could happen if you run enhanced animation while default animation still plays
  99. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v0.8.6.8a
  100. - Removed cam relocation for skinning- New static hud_fov implementation, Tronex™
  101. - Fixed rare softlock on looting crows ( when crow dispawns while anim plays )
  102. - Fixed flask animation for exo outfits
  103. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v0.8.6.8
  104. -Added Y coordinate, decreased step and added limiter for cam calculation to prevent endless search
  105. of cam relocation point for skinning
  106. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  107. v0.8.6.7
  108. -fixed missing pickup animation
  109. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  110. v0.8.6
  111. -Added animation of collecting loot from mutants.
  112. -Removed the adaptive camera for the pickup animation.
  113. -Added conditions to prevent the pickup animation from playing incorrectly.
  114. -Returned drawing of the detector after closing the mutant loot window.
  115. -Changed the formula for calculating the position of the adaptive camera for skinning.
  116. -Now the pickup and collecting loot from mutants animations take into account
  117. whether animations are enabled in the settings.
  118. -Items hud sections renamed ( never use anm_ prefix for animations sections names cuz it glitches play hud
  119. motion call in engine)
  120. -renamed motion names param to anm_ea_show cuz engine has reserved anm_show name and can accidentally
  121. intepreter it as gun animation call
  122. -animtions_settings.ltx renamed to animations_settings.ltx =)
  123. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  124. v0.8.5d-g
  125. -Pickup animation fix: from now it shouldn't react on ammo change or on item spawn caused by addons like magazines or quick knife addon.-Returned pick up animation for empty hands.
  126. -Added adaptive camera movement for skinning and pickup animation.
  127. -Changed mutant loot UI behavior, now it opens after skinning animation ends.v0.8.5g.1
  128. - quickfix for mutant loot UI unpredictable behavior.
  129. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v0.8.5
  130. -Added new models for canned food ( created by Patrick Sutton ).
  131. -Fixed bug with cigarette shader ( no more green cigs =) ).
  132. -Fixed bug with shift+f ing mutants.-Added pickup animation. demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUQyNhyLTOE-Main animations script optimisation.
  133. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v0.8.4a
  134. -Returned knife degradation on skinning-Added debug prints (if u get any bug with addon (anims stucks, controls after finish anim locks, anim didn't played on item use), pls quit game after u get it and send me FULL log file from appdata/logs)
  135. -Possible anim stuck fix (for rare error when anims dind't played for some items and only save/load helps to turn them back on )
  136. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v0.8.4-Fixed pills jar animation.
  137. -Added 2 more animations for syringes ( awkward port from Gunslinger )
  138. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v0.8.3
  139. -buildin BaS patch, so no more need to install patch from BaS for my addon ( if u don't use BaS don't worry, nothing is changing for you in that case )
  140. -from now addon no longer use any original game configs or scripts ( yey! ) pls delete items_drink.ltx, items_drug.ltx, items_food.ltx, items_medical.ltx, items_monster.ltx. if you have them from previous addon versions
  141. -Fixed cigarette mesh ( faces where inverted )-Fixed missing sounds for some non-animated items
  142. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v0.8.3a
  143. -Fixed mask overlay for canned food.-Removed original anomaly looting animation, from now only animation from addon plays on looting mutants corpses
  144. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v0.8.2
  145. -Removed unused parts of configs, items_anim.ltx is no longer used by the addon, please remove it from gamedata/configs/items/items/
  146. -Fixed a bug where during the playback of the skinning animation it was possible to call another animation which led to an error in the script and replaced all animations with the skinning animation until save reload.
  147. -disabled test print for cigarette smoke effect update function-changed the burning part of the cigarette texture
  148. -added disabling user controls after closing the mutant loot window in case if it was closed during the skinning animation playback (after the end of the animation controls returns to the player)
  149. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v0.8.2a
  150. -removed the remains of unused sections in the configs. the addon no longer uses or changes the [anm_base] [anm_base_hud] [anm_identity_immunities] sections-changed timings for function call that returns controls after animation.
  151. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  152. v0.8
  153. -Fully rewritten animation script -- now all main functions are separeted, addon use actor_on_item_use callback only for first 30-60 frames (and only to check device/weapon holster anim end) instead of full anim time ( must be less CPU intensive ), added help functions for effects and hud controll, deleted unused parts, checks, vars.
  154. -From now addon uses additional config file to store items animations settings ( anims_list.ltx )-Added new model, animation, sound and textures for cigarettes packs
  155. -Fixed bug when after reload on animation playback hud_fov kept switched to standard (0.45) ( for users that plays with non-standard fov )
  156. -Restored standard adrenalin sound
  157. -Deleted unused sections in items_anm* ltxs-Added delay for items effects to sync them with animations
  159. v0.8.1 -quickfix added missing shaders for dx8/9
  160. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  161. v0.7
  162. -skinning animation now didn't block player controls
  163. -added new animation for syringes ( no new sound )
  164. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  165. v0.7b
  166. -From now addon no longer use actor_effects.script ( BIG thx to the RavenAscendant )That mean you don't need patches for addons that uses actor_effects.script, if you used such patches - pls delete them to prevent CTDs
  167. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  168. v0.7b.1-corrected mask overlay toggle
  169. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  170. v0.7b.2-removed unused configs (PLEASE FULLY DELETE PREVIOUS VERSION)
  171. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  172. v0.7b.3
  173. -added GRIZZY's fov patch for actual version
  174. -deleted spawn sections for anims ( now they shouldn't pop up in spawner )
  175. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  176. v0.7b.4
  177. -added static hud_fov implementation ( from now hud_fov settings didn't affect animations )
  178. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  179. v0.7b.5
  180. -fixed inventory flickering when player try to open inventory while animation plays-restricted player from using quick slots (F1-F4) while animation plays ( no more rage item using, sneaky cheaters =) )
  181. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  182. v0.7b.6
  183. -added new sound for syringe-fixed bug when skinning a crow was causing blocking animations till save reload-fixed bug when helm UI didn't hiding while player use items with disable helm flag
  184. -fixed bug with some syringes that used both addon and default sounds at the same time
  185. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  186. v0.7b.7
  187. -added nil check for wpn var for skinning ( to prevent crashes with addons that allows skinning without a knife in hands )
  188. -added cigarettes animation ( test version, no new sound, no cam anims )
  189. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  190. v0.7b.8
  191. -added smoke for cigarettes anim-fixed cigarettes timing to prevent locking devices slot
  192. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  193. v0.7b.9
  194. -quickfix for crash when player uses toolkits ( crash caused by cig smoke effect script, now works)
  195. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  196. v0.6
  197. -added comments to actor_effects for ez merging-added checks for gasmask settings to prevent it's activation if mask hud is disabled-minor timings fixings
  198. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  199. v0.5
  200. -Now all 3 flasks has own model and animation
  201. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  202. v0.5a
  203. -adjusted drinks hands positions-replaced wrong harvest knife anims
  204. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  205. v0.5b
  206. -fixed flashlight/detector appearing, now actor will hide them for tea brake xD-added lean down effect to harvest animation
  207. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  208. v0.5c-added GRIZZY's patches to main archive ( optional folder )
  209. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  210. v0.5d
  211. -scripts update, smoother torch/detector removing for anims-fixed flask position for exo-minor timings fixingsv0.5d.1 quick timings refix =)
  213. v0.5d.1.2 additional var cleaning to prevent some soft locks
  215. v0.5d.1.3 additional check for gasmask settings to prevent load mask effect when it turned off in settings
  217. v0.5d.1.4 quickfix for "actor_effects.script:825" crash - srry for this, my fail, forgot to add 1 line in 0.5d.1.3
  218. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  219. v0.4
  220. -fixed meat plates double sound-added vodka flask animation
  221. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  222. v0.4a
  223. -now if you wanna to disable enhanced skinning animation go to gamedata\configs\items\items\animations_settings.ltx and change true to false
  225. v0.4a1
  226. - quickfix empty mutant body crash
  227. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  228. v0.3
  229. -animation toggle key now effects animations-added meat plates animation.
  230. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  231. quickfix v0.3b
  232. -fixed item shaking for plates ( why the hell 16 bit export for anims is turned off by default in SDK????)
  233. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  234. v0.2:-added syringe animation
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