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  1. Bases 18 Sentient Fluid Session Two
  5. Published on Sep 27, 2012
  7. The investigation into Alistair's claims on the Sentient Fluid in London's sewage system, and his own transformation after being exposed to it continues. This is the initial stage of a witness statement.
  8. One of his ET Download is mentioned, which will be explored later
  9. Hi connections and "friends" in the military are mentioned. Sessions 3 and 4 follow.
  10. The AMMACH Project reveals information on a Biomorphic "Sentient Fluid" which is an intelligent and aware "Black Goo", found over 30 years ago on Thule Island, and taken to the UK Defence company Marconi. As featured in AMMACH report Bases 17 with David Griffin. It exists as physical fluid but also as an intelliegent "etheric" morphogenic energy.
  11. Exposed and changed by this fluid, Alistair Martin comes forward describing this Sentient Fluid in the London sewage system, after it was dumped as unprofitable and of no further use for Defence "SuperSoldier" development. Alistair mentions his many military contacts during hours of interviews for Bases 18 and The AMMACH.
  12. This Fluid is evolving and changing the DNA of life wherever it reaches a host.
  13. Found in the sewers of West London, near Gloucester Road,and in ocean locations. Alistair's own DNA has been changed after AirBorn contamination from this fluid.
  15. Alistair is telepathic and spoke for this highly intelligent and aware fluid for this YouTube Fast Blast. Two major reports have been recorded for researchers and broadcast on PSTV (SKY-Ch191/2).
  16. This is a world changing issue for all life on the planet, with a short time line of decades.
  18. The AMMACH Project reveals information on a Biomorphic "Sentient Fluid" which is an intelligent and aware "Black Goo", found over 30 years ago on Thule Island, and taken to the UK Defence company Marconi. As featured in AMMACH report Bases 17 with David Griffin. It exists as physical fluid but also as an intelliegent "etheric" morphogenic energy.
  19. Exposed and changed by this fluid, Alistair Martin comes forward describing this Sentient Fluid in the London sewage system, after it was dumped as unprofitable and of no further use for Defence "SuperSoldier" development. Alistair mentions his many military contacts during hours of interviews for Bases 18 and The AMMACH.
  20. This Fluid is evolving and changing the DNA of life wherever it reaches a host.
  21. Found in the sewers of West London, near Gloucester Road,and in ocean locations. Alistair's own DNA has been changed after AirBorn contamination from this fluid.
  23. Alistair is telepathic and spoke for this highly intelligent and aware fluid for this YouTube Fast Blast. Two major reports have been recorded for researchers and broadcast on PSTV (SKY-Ch191/2).Also known as "Black Goo"
  25. This is a world changing issue for all life on the planet, with a short time line of decades.
  26. During this 9 hour series, he only took one small glass of water and a slice of white bread.
  27. See also Bases 17 and the Black Goo, Falklands War. And The AMMACH Witness series.
  29. Transcript:
  31. Further ET experiences.
  32. First exposure to The Black Goo
  33. Some long periods of rest were required between sessions.
  34. During which time many ideas and concepts were explored.
  35. Including telepathically during the sessions which reflects in some of the "leading" questions
  37. 00:41
  38. AM: Beginning of the following year, around January time, I was walking around the Shepherd's Bush area (which is quite a populated area) when I decided to take a scenic route around to get to my flat where I lived.
  39. I walked up through White City and I ended up in the Scrubs (Wormwood Scrubs) which is the park next to the prison.
  40. I have a drawing here of this UFO
  42. 1:08 mins: Drawing with description
  44. AM: Which is a triangle shaped UFO.
  45. I call it the hovering triangle shaped UFO
  46. The balls each have a bright shining light
  47. It doesn't make much sound at all, if any at all.
  48. It hovers and it was moving backwards and forwards above me.
  50. MJ: What time of day?
  52. AM: Around 11 pm.
  54. MJ: What was the weather like?
  56. AM: It was cold.
  58. MJ: Cloudy?
  60. AM: Yes it was slightly raining....
  62. MJ: So you weren't confusing it with stars or things like that?
  64. AM: It was very low down.
  65. Stars - you can see they are very high up and small.
  66. This thing was big and I could clearly see it
  68. MJ: You could see a defined shape?
  69. It wasn't just joining 3 dots?
  71. AM: No. It wasn't just 3 lights in the shape of a triangle.
  72. It was 3 lights connected to each other with some form of material.
  74. MJ: If you hold your thumb at arm's length, could you be able to obscure the object with your thumb?
  75. Would the object be bigger than your thumb?
  77. AM: I would still be able to see some of the object.
  78. I would probably be able to cover half of the object.
  80. MJ: This would be much bigger than the moon or the sun?
  82. AM: Yes. It was very clear.
  83. It wasn't far away and a little dot or anything like that.
  84. It was close and bright and I could see the connections between the lights.
  85. There's 3 lights in a triangle shape and they're all connected as part of the ship or the spacecraft.
  86. I wouldn't say it was a spaceship.
  87. It was a spacecraft .... akin to what we have in our aerospace; we have jets
  88. I would say it was like a jet.
  90. MJ: How was it flying?
  92. AM: It was hovering and it was hovering backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards.
  93. However, I didn't see it straight away.
  94. What happened first was I was standing on the grass and I got punched by a being which I couldn't see because it wasn't directly there.
  95. So I looked around me, 360 degrees.
  96. I had just been punched at the back of my head.
  97. I couldn't see anyone who had punched me.
  98. And then it materialised - the being which I believed punched me - and it made a sound that was like Oooof!
  99. It looked at me and then it punched me again in the front of the face, from far away.
  101. MJ: Did it hit you with it?
  102. Like it was armoured?
  104. AM: Yeah. Fist.
  106. MJ: It wasn't a weapon or something?
  108. AM: Fist.
  109. It could have been a weapon but it was its body.
  110. The weapon could have been part of its body.
  111. But it felt like a punch and .... it had an arm and it moved its arm forward.
  112. But I was far away so what I believe was the being was able to punch through space.
  113. So for instance, I could be far away but it could still hit me somehow through space.
  114. I've spoken with someone high up in the military who's been asking me about this stuff.
  115. He said if he had to name what it was, what it was doing, succinctly what would you say he was doing?
  116. I said wormhole punching.
  117. So that's just the ability to punch someone even if they are far away or even if they're on the other side of the wall.
  119. 4:40
  120. MJ: So you mentioned the military there.
  121. Have you been interrogated by the military?
  123. AM: Yeah
  125. MJ: About theses experiences?
  127. AM: Yeah.
  129. MJ: What did that involve?
  131. 4:51
  132. AM: One of them usually comes over from the US and meets me in London and takes me for a meal.
  133. And we have a very, very long discussion.
  134. I've also been asked to write my experiences down and send them in the post, rather than email
  135. I've been told not to email; send them in the post, either on a disk as documents on a disk or just physical documents.
  137. MJ: And you don't have to put any silver paper in it?
  138. Or carbon paper in the....
  140. AM: No
  142. MJ: Maybe you should do that any way.
  143. They can still read letters.
  145. AM: Yeah, They said that there's a chance the info will get read by other people but they're not too worried about that.
  146. They said post not email.
  148. MJ: How did the military get involved, asking you questions about your experiences?
  149. What led to that?
  151. AM: That's been quite a long time.
  152. I was connected to the military before this happened to me.
  153. I was working in a facility which would be the alternative to staying in a hotel.
  154. So people would stay in this facility rather than a hotel because they would get to do activities on a day-to-day basis; all arranged for them.
  155. It's more like a flat rather than a hotel.
  157. 6:05
  158. MJ: So this was even before your event in Earls Court....?
  160. AM: Yeah. This is before the download and the Viavet character and the warped head shaped being which appeared after.
  162. MJ: Can you turn the clock back and explain where it all started?
  164. 6:29
  165. AM: I started that job when I was 19
  166. Basically you work in a facility which is an alternative to staying in a hotel.
  168. MJ: Was that alternative to staying in a hotel at Earls Court?
  170. AM: No. It's staying in central London; it was above a casino.
  172. MJ: An accommodation block.
  174. AM: Exactly
  176. MJ: In other words, it was a paid for
  178. AM: Yeah, they pay the same amount as if they were staying in an expensive hotel and they get taken to different parts of London every day by a different person
  179. They also get taken to dance classes and self development workshops and things as well.
  181. MJ: Is there a name for this?
  183. AM: It's called Immersion Training.
  185. MJ: You applied for this job or you were selected for this job?
  187. AM: I was hired by a family member who started it up.
  188. He had the idea.
  190. MJ: Are you able to talk about that?
  192. AM: Not really. Not too much.
  194. MJ: Can you tell us what you can say about it?
  195. In order to build the background.
  197. AM: Very elite clients - billionaires, military people, doctors, surgeons, very high up, very elite clients
  199. MJ: And for what purpose? Protection? Dealing with ETs?
  201. AM: It isn't specifically related to these things.
  202. It's a little bit fringe but it's actually purely self development.
  203. So they pay for the week of residential experience.
  205. MJ: Are you exposed to a different cultural thing like dancing?
  206. Like you know how to dance properly.
  207. You know how to eat properly.
  209. AM: Yeah. Nutrition, fitness, dance
  211. MJ: Keep your elbows off the table, eat the right food.
  213. AM: Yeah. Self development
  215. MJ: Sort of officer training?
  217. AM: Yeah.
  218. .... I was managing this experience for these people and I was living in the place, in the facility.
  219. There was more than one - there was two; sometimes there's been 3
  220. Someone very high up in the US military came to stay.
  221. I was talking to him because I would talk to the clients in the evening when they get back in from their day's activities.
  222. He started talking about the television program 'Lost' and it was maybe in its first season.
  223. He was wondering like it was so mysterious, what's actually going on.
  224. He asked me some of my opinions.
  225. I gave my theories and my theories were quite advanced and he found me quite interesting.
  226. We didn't talk about ETs or anything like that.
  227. But then we kept contact by email and then when I had my experience, I was talking to him and I said to him, "I had an experience."
  228. He asked me what it was pertaining to.
  229. I said, "Oh well, it could have been extra terrestrial."
  230. As soon as I said that, because he knew me before and he knew I was compos mentis, very rational, he knew I probably wasn't lying.
  232. MJ: What relation has this got to do with the series 'Lost'?
  233. You said there are certain things in the series 'Lost' which are designed to stimulate people in the population group to..
  235. 10:03
  236. Caption: The LOST TV series
  237. reaction to Concepts and Scenarios used as a Test
  239. AM: My opinions on what was happening in the program were quite advanced.
  240. I gave good theories because it's very supernatural
  242. MJ: For somebody who hasn't seen 'Lost', can you give a quick synopsis...?
  244. AM: There's an aeroplane crash above the ocean.
  245. The plane splits in half.
  246. Half the plane ends up on one half of the lost island and the other half ends up on the other half of the lost island.
  247. The people begin living on the island because they can't get a rescue mission because they don't have transmissions and their mobiles aren't working.
  248. They find all kinds of paranormal things happening on the island.
  249. So it just build up more and more.
  250. More and more paranormal activity happening on this island, the passengers of the passenger jet have ended up on
  252. MJ: Apart from the fact that when a jet falls apart, it's unlikely a lot of people survive.
  254. AM: Quite a few people survive in the program.
  255. It's partly a belief like it's a miraculous island, where miracles happen.
  256. So that's part of the explanation how they ended up surviving the crash in the first place.
  257. At some point, they are not actually sure if they are still alive any way.
  258. They are not sure they're in some sort of afterlife because the island is just so strange and they've had no contact with the real world.
  259. One of them even jokes that he's not sure what time period it is.
  260. They are not even sure if they have gone back in time
  262. MJ: So your potential answers or solutions as to what happened in Lost was a key factor in that military guy?
  264. AM: Making friends with me, yeah.
  266. MJ: Do you feel that he searched you out to start with or it's happenstance?
  268. AM: I think it was just happenstance.
  270. MJ: Are you able to reveal what agency or what alphabet agency or department he was working for?
  272. AM: Biometrics
  273. In the US
  275. 12:12
  276. Caption: Biometrics:- ET and NonHuman mapping and Tracking
  278. MJ: The way you said biometrics implied to me that maybe it involved other beings.
  280. AM: It probably does because at the end of the day, they're working with mapping
  281. They're working with mapping identity, using biometrics which is way more advanced than just the finger print.
  282. Obviously, I think they are connected with the ETs.
  284. MJ: They're tracking ETs in the population?
  286. AM: Probably
  288. MJ: Now, how do you feel about that?
  290. AM: It unsettles me.
  292. MJ: Why?
  294. AM: Because in the MSM, they don't really talk enough about ETs.
  295. They don't give enough education on ETs.
  296. There isn't enough info there.
  298. 13 mins
  299. MH: Is there anything you can say now which would be able to contribute to educating people about ETs?
  301. AM: There's a lot I could say...
  303. MJ: Why don't you say it?
  305. AM: You need to understand .... the distinctions between ET, EDE.... extra-dimensional entity, extra terrestrials.
  306. The word 'terrestrial' comes from .... terra which means earth.
  307. Not earth as in this planet Earth but earth as in earth.
  308. So extra terrestrial means another planet
  309. Extra-dimensional means another dimension or interdimensional
  310. If you think about time - you travel through time but you sort of leave a snake behind you through time.
  311. Your body is in different positions and all those positions exist in the past.
  312. And you travel from the past through the present into the future
  313. So if you think of it as slices - there's you now, there's you a few moments from now, and if you think of them all as slices that are next to each other.
  314. When you are in one, you can't see another one but it's there.
  315. You know it's there because you were there.
  316. It was next to you
  317. So if you imagine that there are things next to you which you can't see but they are there.
  318. We're in one dimension.
  319. It could be in a dimension right next to us but we can't see it.
  320. It is there.
  321. Just like the dimension of me talking a few moments ago is there; sort of behind me, in my timeline.
  322. Think of time first to understand how there can be another dimension.
  323. And then think of other dimensions as well, like spatial dimensions, different frequency ranges.
  325. MJ: What do you mean by different frequency?
  326. Do you mean a different state of matter?
  328. AM: Yeah, a different state of matter.
  329. ..... Eg Our eyes only see a specific frequency range of light waves.
  330. Our ears - dogs hear more than we do.
  331. Dogs can hear higher pitches
  332. Certain insects can see different details
  333. Eg a spider web to a fly has a bit more colour to it because the fly picks up on the way it reflects the sunlight.
  335. MJ: And it's in the interest fo the fly not to fly into it
  337. AM: I think what happens is that the fly gets attracted to the web.
  338. To the fly, it looks more attractive than to us because the fly sees all of these lights
  340. MJ: It thinks how interesting it is and gets caught.
  342. AM: So we don't see every frequency range of light.
  343. We don't hear every frequency range of sound.
  344. Just on that level, there are worlds around us which are there but we just don't perceive them
  345. If you want to take it a level further, ....we're on a specific vibrational pitch.
  346. My hand touches my hand because they're in alignment; they're on the same pitch, same density of matter.
  347. If I went to a higher frequency range; if I was more like photons, .... I'd have a much thinner density.
  348. And if I went even higher, say I went to the level of a gamma ray, I'd pass through the wall.
  349. There could be potentially a level where you pass between universes, if you were on a specific frequency range.
  350. And that's how I believe the UFOs that are able to get from one planet to the next, or one dimension to the next.
  351. I think they go into a density of matter..
  353. MJ: So essentially extraterrestrial means that you're staying in the same frequency range of existence?
  355. AM: Yeah.
  357. MJ: Whereas extra-dimensional means you're shifting frequencies?
  359. AM: Yeah
  361. MJ: So you want to shift across space time.
  363. AM: The extraterrestrials might be using extra-dimensional technology to travel the distances but they are still extraterrestrial.
  364. So they're on one planet in the galaxy and they have the technology to turn their spaceship on to a different frequency; a frequency range similar to light, like photons, and the amount of propulsion required to make the ship move would be much less because it's much lighter.
  365. They would have less propulsion requirements and they would have more speed.
  366. Potentially, if they can go to a high enough frequency, they will be able to possibly travel from one galaxy to the next in a matter of minutes.
  367. Because they might be able to go faster than the speed of light.
  368. If they can go to a frequency range higher than the frequency range of light so that they are even thinner...
  370. MJ: Some people say the speed of light is a constant, not a limit
  372. AM: Not a limit. I don't think it's a limit.
  374. MJ: ...... Can we get back to the guy you talked to in the military.....
  375. What happened with him ....?
  377. 19:03
  378. AM: We spoke in emails.
  379. He would come to visit London
  381. MJ: ....Did they come from a private email address or did they come from an agency?
  383. AM: They come from his private email address
  385. MJ: Was there any feeling that he was operating from his own personal interest?
  387. AM: He was showing my work to the military
  389. MJ: What was your work and what was he showing?
  391. AM: He was asking me how we would defend against extraterrestrials.
  393. MJ: Why would we need to defend against extraterrestrials?
  395. AM: Because they might be hostile.
  397. 19:50
  398. Caption: The Black Goo
  399. A Sentient Fluid
  401. AM: I was saying to work with basically bacteria.
  402. I was saying to investigate the types of bacteria we have on the planet.
  403. Especially underground, because if they are biological and they don't have the years and years of evolutionary immunity that we have, to investigate .... biological means of defending.
  405. Caption: The Black Goo:- Refer to Bases 17, and David Griffin
  407. MJ: Why underground?
  408. In one of the earlier Bases series, David Griffin and some researchers have discovered what is goo - a nano thing.
  410. AM: Yeah. I'm familiar with it.
  412. MJ: So could you tell us all about it, please?
  414. 20:43
  415. AM: Some people believe that I have been modified by this goo that you talk about.
  416. I'm not sure.....
  418. MJ: Who says that and why? Tell us the whole thing.
  420. AM: OK, the reason why one of them says it is because under normal lighting conditions, like the lights in a house, from light bulbs and things, from certain angles, I've got a bit of redness; like I'm a tiny bit red.
  422. MJ: We have got red lights on.
  423. Could we modify the lighting here now to see that?
  425. AM: Yeah, if you like to.....
  426. Just turn off the red light and have the normal white lights.....
  427. As long as it doesn't mimic sunlight
  429. 21:40
  430. AM: Because in sunlight, I reflect the light and I'm white
  431. Whereas in normal light, I'm slightly red.
  432. My skin tone in this kind of lighting, artificial lighting, has got a slight redness - a little bit of red to it.
  433. But in direct sunlight outside, my skin is white; rather there's no red, it's white.
  434. It reflects the light.
  435. That means that my skin is reacting differently to sunlight and artificial light.
  436. It wasn't always like that....
  438. MJ: We got the door outside.
  439. We're going to open the door.....
  441. 22:33 Outside the house
  443. AM: I reflect the light.
  444. I'm very white.
  445. Whereas in normal light, I'm a bit red.
  446. There's a big difference between red and white.
  448. MJ: Normally on TV, people with certain skin types, the sunlight... can be very strong and illuminate the surface underneath the skin
  450. AM: Yeah, but the thing is I wasn't like this before.
  451. Something happened when I was 19 involving sewage and that's when this happened.
  452. I used to have a normal skin tone - the same skin tone in front of sunlight as I had in artificial light.
  453. Something happened where I became extremely white in sunlight and slightly red in normal light.
  455. MJ: And you're talking about this black goo.
  457. AM: Yeah, exactly
  458. It was a traumatising experience for me.
  459. I became unwell; being exposed to sewage in a well under the ground.
  461. MJ: Where was the well?
  463. AM: It was near Gloucester Road.
  464. It was a disused well and it has an underground sewage thing.
  465. It came up out of the ground and I was living in a room that was built into the well.
  466. I was breathing in the gas from the sewage for a couple of months
  468. MJ: What do you mean 'a room built into the well'?
  470. AM: I was living in a basement flat.
  471. The room I was staying in was built into the well with a door that leads into the well.
  472. So you could go into the well and walk around
  473. I breathed in the gas from the sewage and since that time, that's when my skin has become so illuminated
  475. MJ: Apart from getting ill and unwell from sewage, why would the military be any interested in that?
  477. AM: Because the owner of the well is also a military engineer.
  478. Very, very high up military engineer.
  480. MJ: What's wrong with the well?
  482. AM: They fixed it but there was a sewage leak coming from under the ground.
  483. So sewage came up out of the ground but it was very dark.
  484. When I told my friend about this sewage, he said that sounds like a substance that's under the ground that he's heard of, that can modify your body.
  485. Genetically.
  487. 25:28 Back inside the house
  489. AM: As you can see in this light, artificial light, my skin is quite normal.
  490. It's a bit red.
  491. However, outside in direct sunlight, my skin reflects the light and is very white.
  492. It's actually incredibly white.
  493. I look like a bright, white person standing there.
  494. People have commented on this.
  495. A lot of people who clap eyes on me when I am standing in direct sunlight have said, "Hang on, you're bright white."
  497. MJ: The important thing about this is this is different to before you were 19, before the well incident.
  499. AM: Yeah.
  501. MJ: What exactly was the whole thing about?
  503. AM: I was living in a basement flat and the room I was staying in, was built into an underground well.
  504. There's a door to the well so you could go and walk around in the well.
  506. MJ: What size of well?
  508. AM: Quite large.
  509. A large one.
  510. It's not like a small one with a bucket.
  511. It was a very big one.
  513. MJ: Did it lead anywhere?
  515. AM: Yeah. There's some underground pathways.
  516. They lead to underground rivers and things underneath London.
  518. MJ: Can you explain any more about that?
  520. AM: Yeah. If you go through a specific door, you end up in a room.
  521. If you go through a hole in the wall in that room, you end up under the ground.
  522. You can walk around sort of in the sewers
  524. MJ: What do you mean 'sort of in the sewers'?
  526. AM: There's only so far you can go.
  527. You're in the sewage system
  528. If you were to drill more holes in more walls, you'd end up in one of the underground rivers.
  529. Because there's water flowing behind the walls.
  531. MJ: What on earth would somebody have an apartment or why were you placed in that apartment?
  533. AM: We were just renting an apartment from the military engineer.
  535. MJ: How did that happen?
  537. AM: It just happened.
  538. It was just a co-incidence.
  539. We were renting the apartment and it just happened that the landlord was a military engineer.
  541. MJ: And he happened to give you this thing which links into the underground sewage system of London
  543. AM: Yeah.
  545. MJ: And this just happens to have a gas which comes from it.
  547. AM: What happened is this fluid, like sewage, came up out
  549. 28:03
  550. Caption: Sentient Fluid
  551. When Contamination Occurred
  553. MJ: What do you mean 'like sewage'?
  555. AM: It's sewage.
  556. It came up out of the ground and it rested on the floor of the well.
  557. And the air I was breathing in, was coming in directly from the well.
  558. I had 2 windows.
  559. I was breathing it in for a couple of months and it made me very ill.
  560. It made me very unwell ..
  562. MJ: How did it make you feel unwell?
  564. AM: Aches and pains, dizzy, feeling sick, sleeping a lot.
  566. MJ: How long did this go on for?
  568. AM: A couple of months
  570. MJ: ..... Sewage is generally not meant to be something you're meant to be exposed to.
  571. It kind of makes you sick.
  573. AM: It can kill you.....
  574. I didn't die.
  575. I just survived.
  577. MJ: Did you go through any treatment for this?
  579. AM: Yeah. I was very unwell.
  580. Even to this day, I sometimes ...I have ..
  581. I was unwell for a long time as a result of this.
  582. I was still working and functioning quite normally
  584. 29:11
  585. Caption: Sentient Fluid Transformation Effects
  587. AM: But I had aches and pains, bouts of dizziness, very bad tiredness.
  588. It had a long effect on me.
  589. One of the effects was my skin changed its response to light.
  590. So in sunlight, it reflects the light and in this normal light, it doesn't.
  592. MJ: Now why did you respond to the black goo?
  594. AM: Because that's where the black goo is.
  595. It's under the ground.
  596. It's part of the sewage.
  598. MJ: .... What does black goo mean to you?
  600. AM: It's a conscious fluid.
  601. It's a fluid which is sentient and it can modify your DNA.
  603. MJ: This is in the sewage system.
  605. AM: It's in the sewage system, yeah.
  606. And if you get exposed to it for too long, it adjusts, it modifies your DNA.
  607. One of the effects it had on me was my skin.
  608. I look like a snowman in sunlight.
  609. I don't know what else it's done to me......
  611. MJ: The military seems aware of it ....
  613. AM: They are aware of it.
  615. MJ: What are they aware? What's the whole thing?...
  617. AM: I think it's some sort of experiment with genetics; modification of genetics.
  618. Rather than genetic engineering with a baby, it's like someone who's been alive for a number of years and modifying someone's DNA now.
  619. Like for instance, you.
  620. You've got your DNA and it's set for you but it could be modified.
  621. In this type of environment, it could be modified in this lifetime rather than having to breed it
  622. Rather than having to breed the modification.
  624. MJ: Let's just run that again.
  625. I think you're scouting around the issue here.
  626. You're familiar with the black goo
  628. AM: Yeah
  630. MJ: You were placed coincidentally in a room which is below ground.
  632. AM: But these things aren't coincidences
  634. MJ: I know that
  635. You just said that.
  636. You've been deliberately exposed to this black goo which is in the London sewage system
  638. AM: Yeah
  640. MJ: Which is modifying human DNA.
  642. AM: Correct
  643. I'm a victim of that.
  645. MJ: And it's conscious.
  646. What do you mean 'it's conscious'?
  648. AM: It's sentient.
  650. MJ: How do you know that?
  652. AM: It's what is alleged.
  654. MJ: So somebody told you it was sentient.
  656. AM: I've been told a number of times.
  658. MJ: By whom?
  660. AM: A friend of mine who has gone and stayed in facilities, military facilities, informed me that there is this
  662. 32:11 Close up of AM's face, around the eyes
  664. MJ: A friend of yours who stayed in military's
  666. AM: Yeah, he's been in military facilities, doing training and stuff, abroad.
  667. They do strange trainings, consciousness trainings where you end up hallucinating and seeing higher beings
  669. 32:31
  670. Caption: Military "Friend"
  671. The White Room Training in Switzerland
  673. AM: They put you in a room, a white room with just white walls and you're just in there all day, staring at these white walls.
  674. They're a specific shade of white which is really garish.
  675. Eventually it starts to cause you to hallucinate
  677. MJ: That's a little bit different to the bath tub thing where people are blacked out.
  679. AM: Yeah.
  681. MJ: Same principle?
  683. AM: Yeah. Same principle.
  685. MJ: It's a monotone signal to your optical system.
  687. AM: It slightly drives you mad.
  689. MJ: Pure white everywhere
  691. AM: Yeah and you start hallucinating.
  692. You are not allowed to talk.
  693. If you talk, it slows down the process
  694. So you have to have complete silence.
  695. You just eat and you don't say anything.
  696. You stay for about a month.
  698. MJ: That's interesting.
  699. It reminds me of 2001, A Space Odyssey - the final scenes where he's in a white room, eating, quiet.
  701. AM: Yeah. I know the scene.
  702. It's similar to that.
  704. MJ: Is there any other furniture....?
  706. AM: There's a toilet outside but the actual room is just white.
  707. You go out to eat but you spend most of your time in a room that's white
  709. MJ: When you go out to eat..
  711. AM: You are trained not to say anything so you sit at a table with people who are also undergoing the process.
  712. None of you are allowed to say anything.
  713. That increases the effectiveness of the training.......
  715. MJ: Is that because you become more aware to other people's sensitivities?
  717. AM: You start to become telepathic
  719. MJ: Yes.
  720. How many people were there when you were in this room?
  722. AM: I wasn't there.
  723. I've been informed of what goes on by him.
  725. MJ: Where does this happen?
  727. AM: Switzerland .....
  729. MJ: So you're flown over there?
  731. AM: It's part of the deal, flights and everything
  733. MJ: Must be an international thing then
  735. AM: I believe it's done in a number of different countries.
  736. They need to have the facility.
  737. They need to have the rooms and staff.
  739. MJ: What's the difference between a white room and a canteen?
  741. AM: It's a specific shade of white
  742. Very bright and I'm quite sure it's a specific shade that they've researched neurologically because they are scientists.
  744. MJ: What kind of light are you exposed to in these rooms?
  746. AM: It's not too bright.
  747. It's just right
  749. MJ: Is it sunlight, balanced, tungsten, ultraviolet etc?
  751. AM: I believe it's .... fluorescent
  753. MJ: They have a habit of pulsing
  755. AM: Maybe the pulse helps.
  756. It's a frequency, isn't it?
  757. They affect your consciousness so I think that's on purpose, probably
  758. I don't have every single detail on this.
  759. I just know white rooms, not allowed to say anything, loads of hallucinations...
  761. MJ: What do they eat?
  763. AM: Quite healthy food; like health food
  765. MJ: They didn't have any particular diet which would stimulate one particular thing?
  767. AM: They are fed very good food like fruit and veg.
  769. MJ: So it's kept at a certain alkalinity
  771. AM: Yeah, healthy and specific alkaline.
  773. MJ: Any pills, drugs?
  775. AM: Not that they know of.
  776. They're eating and drinking on the facility but officially, there isn't.
  778. MJ: Any strange tastes?
  780. AM: He didn't report any.
  782. MJ: Did he volunteer this info?
  784. AM: It took a while for us to be open with each other.
  785. We've known each other for 7 years but we used to have a weird clash.
  786. Like a personality clash.
  787. However, in the last year, we started meeting up every week and talking on Skype.
  788. In the beginning we kept the subjects very bland and normal.
  789. But over time, we became more honest with each other.
  790. He knows that I've had some of these strange experiences and he started to share with me, his ones.
  791. One of them is that he's been away a number of times, for one month each time, and lived in a facility with the white rooms.
  792. He's the one who told me about the black goo.
  793. Eventually I shared with him that I had a sewage environmental exposure
  795. MJ: What did he say about the black goo?
  797. 37:51
  798. AM: He says it's sentient and it has a technology in it which modifies your DNA
  799. It's a conscious organism like a fluid.
  800. It's a conscious liquid.
  802. MJ: Where did they find it?
  804. AM: Apparently, it's an experimental science.
  805. It's been made by scientists
  806. And it's been flushed into the sewage system
  808. MJ: So they flushed it down the toilet?
  810. AM: Yeah.
  812. MJ: And it hasn't gone away?
  814. AM: No.
  816. MJ: Are there any other things down there, like giant spiders?
  818. AM: Yeah.
  820. MJ: Could you describe...?
  821. Are there any other life forms?
  823. AM: There are not spiders like giant, human sized
  824. They are very strange insects down there.
  825. There's all sorts of life forms; small life forms down there.
  827. MJ: When you say down there, you're talking about a typical London sewer
  829. AM: Yeah. It's crawling with life forms, as well as that black goo stuff which is interacting with the life forms.
  830. There's interaction between the goo and all the viruses, bacteria and toxins .
  831. It's slightly radioactive
  832. There's a lot of interaction going on down there.
  833. .... Some of the viruses do similar things to the goo.
  834. They modify your DNA.
  835. And the goo is able to replicate the technology of the natural organisms, like the viruses and the bacteria
  836. So it can work with the viruses.
  837. If you breathe in the viruses which are airborne, they can copy themselves into your DNA.
  838. And slightly modify your DNA
  839. The goo can piggy back off the back of that and then further the process.
  841. MJ: So the goo is modifying other creatures to go to other places and then copy back to itself?
  843. AM: Yeah, it can it as well itself but it needs to ride on the back of a substance.
  845. MJ: Well it helps.
  846. The goo basically staying where the sewer is but the other things can crawl around and do other things.
  848. AM: With a bit of the goo in them.
  850. MJ: Yes.
  851. Logically this must mean it must be in the humans then.
  853. AM: Not everyone.
  854. You need to have been exposed to it.
  855. For instance, I've been exposed to it.
  856. I've theoretically been modified by it.
  857. I've got evidence such as the skin and my mind works a bit differently.
  858. I've learned a language around that time and I learned it quite quickly.
  860. MJ: What language?
  862. AM: Portuguese
  864. MJ: And you were able to learn the language quicker, better?
  866. AM: Yeah and I wasn't able to learn another language after.
  867. So during the exposure, when I picked up the Portuguese CDs and started studying them
  868. I had an urge to study a language at that time and it came out of nowhere
  869. And I learned the language
  871. MJ: But since that, you can't learn any more languages
  873. AM: I can but it doesn't happen really quickly
  875. MJ: In other words, has it gone back to your normal learning?
  877. AM: It's normal.
  878. It wasn't normal at the time.
  879. At the time, I was able to learn Portuguese whilst exposed and breathing in the air.
  880. I was listening to the CDs and learning the language really quickly
  881. But then after, once it had all gone, my learning level of language went back down to normal
  883. MJ: So this is your personal experience with the black goo?
  885. AM: Yeah.
  887. MJ: You saw ordinary sewage coming; rank, stinking sewage
  889. AM: Very dark sewage.
  891. MJ: Because it had the black goo in it?
  893. AM: Probably.
  895. MJ: What do you mean by 'probably'?
  897. AM: There's different types of sewage.
  898. Depends on where it is in the ground
  899. And where it's come from and what it's filtered through.
  900. But it was sewage.
  901. It was dark sewage.
  902. It was real sewage....
  904. MJ: What kind of floor was it?
  905. Was it holes in it?
  907. AM: The floor had a bit of moss on it.....
  909. MJ: The moss needs daylight.
  911. AM: Yeah, there is daylight.
  912. There's a big, open part at the top.
  913. The floor is like stone.
  914. Stone and concrete
  916. MJ: With cracks and things?
  918. AM: Yeah....
  919. There was a plate.
  921. MJ: A manhole?
  923. AM: Something like a manhole.
  924. It was square rather than round.
  925. It came up, out of the
  926. It broke and the sewage came out
  927. And rested on top of the ground.
  929. MJ: That takes a lot of pressure.
  931. AM: There was a lot of pressure
  933. MJ: Was that during raining or floods?
  935. AM: Yeah, there was a flood
  936. That's what caused it.
  938. MJ: And then you were exposed to this stinking air?
  940. AM: Yeah
  942. MJ: And what did the army guy do about this?
  944. AM: He didn't do anything.
  945. We kept calling him up on the phone.
  946. He kept saying, "Yeah, I'm going to do it. I'm going to deal with it."
  948. MJ: How many people were affected by this?
  950. AM: Only I was, because the flat was very large and the other sections of the flat were connected to different outside parts.
  952. MJ: So the other people in the flat
  954. AM: Were not infected
  956. MJ: So you're sick and you've got the black goo
  958. AM: Yeah.
  960. MJ: Or brown goo?
  962. AM: It was slightly green.
  963. It was like greeny brown
  964. Dark
  966. MJ: And it stank of?
  968. AM: .... It was such a complicated smell ....
  969. It didn't smell of poo or anything.
  970. It smelled of something very complicated.
  971. It had a very complicated smell.
  972. It's a mixture of so many different things that you can't ...
  974. MJ: This is a major health hazard.
  975. Could you not have reported this to the council?
  977. AM: No, we did
  978. It was a major health hazard
  979. I suffered a lot
  980. But it got repaired after a couple of months.
  982. MJ: They dug up the hole and put concrete down on it or what?
  984. AM: I'm not sure what they did to fix it.....
  985. They repaired everything
  987. MJ: What evidence do you know of all these other creatures or whatever, you were talking about?
  989. 45:22
  990. AM: .... I have a connection with the substance because of what it did to me.
  991. I know there are viruses which are able to copy themselves into your DNA
  993. MJ: That's just a standard biological thing, isn't it?
  995. AM: Yeah.
  997. MJ: What's the startling thing about the black goo?
  999. AM: Because the black goo, if it's conscious, it can control that process.
  1000. So there's a process there that can be used to do genetic engineering on a living organism and piggy backing on the viruses and all of that sort of thing.
  1001. The black goo can modify people
  1003. MJ: Who explained this to you?
  1005. AM: .... I kind of knew this intuitively
  1006. However, I had it explained to me by the man who goes away to the place with the white room.
  1007. He explained it to me.
  1008. However, I kind of knew it.
  1010. MJ: After the exposure?
  1012. AM: Yeah
  1014. MJ: What is your message about this black goo?
  1016. AM: .... The message about the black goo - I think it modifies people.
  1017. I'm not sure whether it chooses people for a specific reason or it's whoever gets exposed to it.
  1018. But I think it slightly modifies their intellect.
  1019. It possibly makes them more adaptive with the type of thinking that's more articulated
  1020. So like giving names to things, conceptualising things in a very complicated way.
  1022. MJ: What do you mean by 'complicated'?
  1024. AM: If it's modified your thinking, it can make your thinking more vivid and structured with patterns to it.
  1025. Like very ordered patterns to it.
  1026. Rather than just everyday normal thinking.
  1027. So you could just look at something, tear it apart to its component parts and you articulate your thinking.
  1028. I get this when learning the language, whilst breathing it in.
  1029. Language was appearing to me in my mind, as component parts of words.
  1030. The words rule appearing for me in the visualisation field of my mind.
  1031. They were all articulated like a framework; like a puzzle; like a mosaic.
  1033. MJ: So it was giving you an ability to think in much higher graphical terms?
  1035. AM: Yeah. Exactly...
  1036. Seeing patterns in things.
  1038. MJ: So you could actually identify patterns within very complicated designs?
  1040. AM: Yeah
  1042. MJ: Designs of things?
  1044. AM: Yeah. Even today, there are certain things that happen.
  1045. ... It's difficult as it's subjective....
  1046. If there are people walking on one side of the road and people walking on the other side, I'd be aware sometimes of small movements.
  1047. Like if one of them moves their finger, the other one moves their elbow - I'll see both at the same time
  1048. Sometimes, I am able to see things that are far apart, very small things, simultaneously
  1049. As if I'm looking directly at each one.
  1050. It's like a split consciousness.
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