Anon x Lil League

Nov 1st, 2017
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  1. >You are Anon, or at least that's your pony name.
  2. >Who you use to be doesn't matter anymore.
  3. >Not like you mattered anyway.
  4. >As you munch on your daisy sandwich, you look over the school grounds.
  5. >Cause if being a pony wasn't bad enough.
  6. >Here you are as a child pony, or filly as Twilight called it.
  7. >Then if being a kid version of a pony wasn't bad enough, a filly is a girl.
  8. >So if losing your cock and balls, and you had to have a candy vag, wasn't the worst of it.
  9. >You had to go back to school.
  10. >Yeah losing your family jewels was the absolute worst of the situation.
  11. >Especially since you agreed to come here.
  12. >First, you knew nothing of horse land, and what better place to learn then school.
  13. >Second, it gets you away from Twilight.
  14. >She's not all that bad, just really annoying with the questions and everything.
  15. >Third…
  16. >Something just poked you.
  17. >Turning your head to your left you see a filly sitting next to you.
  18. >Swallowing your bit of food you look up to the face of this orange? Maybe a bit lighter. Sky blue haired, filly.
  19. >Sitting up straight after laying on your stomach brought a bit of a chill as the warm air escaped.
  20. “Can I help you?”
  21. >Looking down you realized that she's wearing a hat, and when she tilted her head back to look up at you, she tilted it backwards to see you clearly.
  22. >If there's one thing you will take for granted is that you are taller than all the kids here.
  23. >Not by much. Just enough that you can place your chin on the top of their heads.
  24. >Works for you.
  25. >Some time has passed since you spoke, and all she's done is scrunch her nose.
  26. >God that's cute.jpeg
  27. >Booping her nose you ask again.
  28. “Can I help you.”
  29. >That brought her back to reality.
  30. >”Sorry, I, uh, just didn't think you'd be this big.”
  31. >That's what she said.
  32. >Now sad face.
  33. “Well I did stand up in front of everypony,” God that's still weird to say. “this morning. You must have seen me then.”
  34. >”Yeah, but I'm in the back of class so I couldn't really see.”
  35. >Well hello awkward silence my only friend, come to ruin the mood again.
  36. “So is that all you wanted. Was just to see me up close?”
  37. >”No! I...I was thinking that since I was the new filly before you. That maybe we could be friends, ya know. Since we're both new here.”
  38. >She never held your gaze, nor did her front left hoof stay still.
  39. >She was nervous about making a friend.
  40. >How cute.
  41. >No like this was really cute.
  42. >Like it took all of your willpower not to place your hoof over your heart and say diabeetus.
  43. “Hey listen. I know it can be hard to make a new friend, but I would suggest you try somepony else as we've hit a tough patch.”
  44. >”Oh.”
  45. >She lowered her head to look at the floor.
  46. >Come on heart….stay strong….stay….strong.
  47. >Deep breath. Here we go.
  48. “Well I'm sure you already know my name, so what's yours?”
  49. >She perked up
  50. >”Little League.”
  51. “Well, Little League, it was a good first attempt, but maybe next time don't just stare at somepony you want to be your friend.”
  52. >”Oh, right. Heh. Sorry.”
  53. “Oh it's fine just good luck next time.”
  54. >You put your hoof out to shake hers.
  55. >”Oh, right. Thanks.”
  56. >League shook your hoof and walked away.
  57. >You winced at the pain in your heart as Little League walked away.
  58. >God these ponies were cute as hell.
  59. >You just don't want to be close to them as an alien adult mind inside a child, or filly in this case would be weird to hang out with.
  60. >Ah crap.
  61. >League walked over towards a bush, and out popped the CMC.
  62. >Twilight told you about these three. How they were her friends sisters and step sister you think.
  63. >Oh how she went on and on about how they would really help you adjust to school.
  64. >So you naturally avoided them.
  65. >Yet there they stand talking to League about whatever it is their talking about.
  66. >Wait. It's not you, is it?
  67. >They didn't just use League to try and talk to you did they?
  68. >That's low that's what that is.
  69. >Guess you were right cause here they come as League wonders off. Great.
  72. >You return to lying on your stomach munching on your sandwich as the CMC approach.
  73. >”Hi Anon.”
  74. >The yellow spoke as they approached.
  75. “Hello. Um, you're the Cutie Mark Crusaders, right?”
  76. >Go away.
  77. >”Eeup. I'm Apple Bloom.”
  78. >”I'm Sweetie Belle.”
  79. >”And I'm Scootaloo.”
  80. >And I'm already tired of all three of you.
  81. “Yeah, Twilight said that her friends had some siblings in my class.”
  82. >”That's us. Oh and we like to apologize for Little League. She's had it kinda rough since she moved here, and we thought it would have been a good idea for ya both to be friends.”
  83. >Ah. So it probably wasn't even League’s idea to begin with.
  84. “Well, Apple Bloom, right?”
  85. >Yellow nodded her head.
  86. “I think it might have gone a bit better if you three had been with her.”
  87. >Cruel things school kids are. Using each other to test out rough waters. Beating each other down to climb the ladder of popularity.
  88. >”Actually she said she wanted to try it on her own?”
  89. >You glanced over at Scootaloo.
  90. >Well this isn't like your world Anon. These ponies actually seem to care for each other.
  91. >A cluster of foals was starting to gather around the sandbox.
  92. “What's going on over there?”
  93. >The CMC follow your outstretched hoof to all the commotion.
  94. >”I don't know.”
  95. >”Some sort of sandcastle contest?”
  96. >”I don't think so Sweetie…”
  97. >Before Apple could finish her thought a scream reached you across the school yard.
  99. >Above the crowd you could just make out what looked like a hat...fuck.
  100. >”I'm gonna go get Miss Cheerilee.”
  101. >”I'll come with you Apple Bloom.”
  102. >Then that left you and Scoots all by yourselves.
  103. >Well Scoots anyway as you stood up and made your way over to the crowd.
  104. >”Woah, hold up Anon. You'd best stay out of it. Miss Cheerilee is gonna give all of them notes to take back home.”
  105. “It's too late Scoots. If there is one I won't stand idly by for its being cruel to others.”
  106. >You shove your way past the crowd.
  107. >Approaching the source of the drama.
  108. >Little League was jumping up and down, trying to get her hat back from some unicorn filly whom held it above.
  109. >”Give it back!”
  110. >”If you want to be my friend then this stupid hat is going away.”
  111. >”It's not stupid!”
  112. >League shoved the unicorn back, causing her to stumble onto her ass.
  113. >But it didn't cause the unicorn to drop the hat.
  114. >This is why magic is op. If you don't have it your S.O.L.
  115. >League went back to jumping as the unicorn stood back up.
  116. >”Fine, don't be my friend, but this STUPID hat belongs in the trash...hay what are you”...smack.
  117. >You Gibbs slapped this bitch hard enough to make her bow.
  118. >Are yeah proud Gibbs? I can't shoot anymore, but I can still slap.
  119. >The unicorns magic ends and Little League's hat drops to the ground.
  120. >”D...did you just hit me yo...”
  121. >You got right up into her face.
  122. >Best thing about being tall was the how you could actually look down upon this brat.
  123. “And I'll fill your stomach with sand if you don't back off.”
  124. >The moment was tense.
  125. >All the fillies and colts were in hushed silence.
  126. >Waiting for the unicorn to speak.
  127. >Instead she just made a grumpy noise and left to nurse her head.
  128. >Looking around as the whole school was looking at you in awe.
  129. >The crowd dispersed, allowing for Scootaloo to make her way to you.
  130. >”That was awesome. How you just smacked her and…”
  131. >Scoots cut herself off as you approached League.
  132. >She had put her hat back on, but that made sand get everywhere on her, or was the sand there before.
  133. >Doesn't matter. Point is she needs to wash her hair.
  134. >If she could stop crying that is.
  135. >Poking her shoulder got her to look up to you.>Snot was already starting to run from her nose.
  136. “Come on, League. Let's get you cleaned up.”
  137. >”Th..thanks, but I..I can take care of it.”
  138. >She suck in the newest wave of snot.
  139. >You got her up onto her hooves and started pushing her towards the school.
  140. “Nope, come on. I'm not leaving you alone like this. Let's go.”
  143. >Little League sat on top of you washing the sand out of her main as you held down the pedal for the water.
  144. >You thought about trying to make small talk, but it just seemed to weird to talk to someone who was using you as a stepping stool.
  145. >You couldn't anyway as League continued to breathe heavily as she attempted to calm down.
  146. >”Ok I... I think I'm good now.”
  147. >Finally. You're not sure how long you've just spent with Little League sitting on top of you.
  148. >You slowly lowered yourself so that League could hop off.
  149. “Here let me see.”
  150. >She pulled away from you.
  151. >”I said I got it.”
  152. “So that's the way you're gonna treat me. Fine best of luck to ya.”
  153. >You started to leave.
  154. >”Wait I, I'm sorry, it's just that I'm not really use to…”
  155. “Having someone help you.”
  156. >League shrunk a little as you moved your hooves through her mane.
  157. >”Y...yeah. Normally it's just me and my mom, as we move from place to place.”
  158. >Damn cute….sad voice….hnnnnngggg.
  159. “Well it can't be easy travelling so much. What does your mom do?”
  160. >You weren't even looking for anything in her mane. You were just trying to make League feel a bit better.
  161. >Damn you heart. Damn you.
  162. >”She works for a delivery company. They would send us to different towns to work there when they needed a helping hoof.”
  163. >Little League scooted herself back into you. Putting her back right into your gut.
  164. >Since your were big enough, your chin sat on her head.
  165. >This was one of the few times you were grateful for not having a dick.
  166. >Otherwise Little League would have been a Little Kabob.
  167. >Oh kill me.
  168. “What about your hat?”
  169. >”What about it. It's just a stupid hat.”
  170. >Oh why didn't you have Scootaloo bring League in here.
  171. >God damn it.
  172. “Well if you've had it for this long. It must mean something too ya.”
  173. >”It's nothing really. All I did was save up some bits, and buy a hat. No real reason to it.”
  174. >League rotated the hat around in her hooves
  175. “Well clearly, you bought it because you,” you poked her chest,” saved up the bits for it. Then you kept it because of how you made a choice to save your bits rather than spend them.”
  176. >You gave League a squeeze.
  177. >You got a giggle out of her.
  178. “So keep it. As a reminder that you choose something good and long lasting, over some piece of junk that would have broken long ago.”
  179. >You brought your head down to her level to hug her
  180. >She leaned into with a smile on her lips.
  181. >”Ok.”
  183. >After you got Little League all kinda happy again you two went back outside to find you still had about ten minutes left to lunch.
  184. >You went back to your spot to finish your sandwich.
  185. >With League sticking close by you.
  186. >You wanted to be alone, but here you are.
  187. >Laying down eating a sandwich with a ‘friend’ laying next to you.
  188. >Ugh. Why did you get involved.
  189. >Soon enough Cheerilee came and gathered all of you back into the classroom.
  190. >Where she promptly discussed how being a bully is bad.
  191. >Then she continued with her lesson on history which you didn't really pay attention too.
  192. >Before you knew it the bell had rung.
  193. >Signaling the end of the school day.
  194. >Yet not before Cheerilee made each of you take a note written by her about today's events.
  195. >Which your parents or guardians would have to read and sign.
  196. >That earned you a look from that unicorn bitch.
  197. >Probably thinking that you'd get into trouble as well.
  198. >Ha.
  199. >Little did she know that Twilight couldn't really do much about this. Just like her castle placement.
  200. >Seriously though, who has a crystal tree as their castle.
  201. >Celestia’s makes sense. The enemy can't attack you efficiently if you live on the side of a mountain.
  202. >Even Cadence was better looking, with some sense to it as enemy forces would have to endure the constant blizzard to reach it.
  203. >Twilight’s castle is a fucking tree planted in a small town, right next to some woods.
  204. >Terrible.
  206. >Setting your bag down you remove the note and place it on the table.
  207. >Grabbing yourself some oat bars to snack on in your room.
  208. >”How was school Anon?”
  209. >Oh great, purplesmart
  210. “Fine. There's a note for you to sign on the table from Cheerilee.”
  211. >Placing the snacks in your bag you clasp it closed and put it back on.
  212. >”Really Anon. Fighting?”
  213. “Hey don't look at me. All I did was bonk a pancake on the head.”
  214. >”Why are you calling somepony a pancake”
  215. “She seems like a flat personality.”
  216. >You stand still with a little smug grin on your face.
  217. >Twilight just looks at you with an amazing poker face.
  218. >”First, boo. Second, you could've just used your words to handle the situation.”
  219. “Well first, food puns are hard. Second, the only good thing words do is bore things to death.”
  220. >Twi’s face went from gaga to go go.
  221. >”You really should put more thought into situations like these. They…”
  222. >Making your way out of the kitchen you respond.
  223. “Yeah, yeah. Pens and swords and stuff.”
  224. >”Where are you rushing off to.”
  225. “To do human stuff, like not really care about stupid fights.”
  226. >”I swear that filly is going to drive me up a wall.”
  227. >Spike popped his head above the table to reach for his bowl of gems.
  228. >”Is that before or after she drives you insane from this morning?”
  230. >Laying in bed you munched on an oat bar.
  231. >You had no homework to do, and you didn't feel like walking the town.
  232. >The lack of tech to have decent video games sucks.
  233. >Oh you've tried what these ponies have to offer, and it sucks.
  234. >16 bit pixels moving back and forth as you jump and jump.
  235. >That's seriously all they had for games.
  236. >Just a bunch of run and jump platforms.
  237. >Some of them were fun, but were really short.
  238. >Japan would be so upset.
  239. >Deciding you might as well take a nap as nothing peaked your interest.
  240. >You set the oat bars to the side, and closed your eyes.
  241. >Your tail flicked back and forth.
  242. >Not now.
  243. >Your tail flicked up and landed on you.
  244. >Slowly sliding off as your crotch got warmer.
  245. >Looking at your tail like it had a bucket of chicken
  246. >Seduce me.
  247. >Your tail flicked just a little bit.
  248. >Enough to move it to your thigh as is slid off.
  249. >No.
  250. >Rolling onto your back you spread your hooves and showing you, your lack of a cock.
  251. >This had little effect on your new filly snatch, as you could feel it winking, craving something be shoved….
  252. >Nope.
  253. >You flipped over and off the bed, and marched into the bathroom.
  254. >Nope, nope, nope.
  255. >Turning on the shower, you left it colder than usual.
  256. >You were not dealing with that.
  257. >Nope.
  258. >Instead of hot single milfs in my area, CLICK NOW!
  259. >You got some cute ponies with a stupid grins on their faces as you held hooves, cuddled, laid next to each other underneath a full moon.
  260. >Gah! Stop.
  262. >”Anon?”
  263. >Twilight knocked on your door. Raising you from your slumber.
  264. >How long were you out for?
  265. >The sun was starting to set. Giving the sky an orange glow.
  266. >Twilight's magic enveloped your door handle as she pushed it open.
  267. >”Sorry did I wake you?”
  268. “No.”
  269. >You really couldn't call it sleep. Just some more internal debating between you and your thoughts.
  270. >Twilight came and sat by your bed.
  271. >”Do you want to talk about it?”
  272. >You bury your face back into the pillow.
  273. “Not really.”
  274. >You roll over onto your back.
  275. “I'm just not sure how to even begin to handle this situation. I'm a new born with the mind of an adult, in a world were the one thing that never existed, is the dominant force. I just don't know.”
  276. >You can feel the bed shift a bit as Twi moved to comfort you, but she pulled back seconding her thought.
  277. >”Listen Anon, I can't even begin to imagine what your going through right now. Losing your past life, your past self, and trying to start all over again here.” You turn your head to face Twilight. ”but I know it's not good to keep your feelings inside. Now you don't have to talk to me, Starlight actually would have more experience in starting a new life. If you want I could reach out to Celestia and…”
  278. “Twilight, thank you for trying at least, but it doesn't have to deal with that. Well not all of it, anyway.”
  279. >”Well than, remember that me and my friends, as well as Princess Celestia are here to help if you need it. Plus I'm sure that once enough time has passed, it won't be so strange.”
  280. “Maybe. Still will feel weird though.”
  281. >”I'm sure it will be. You're in a spot not most creatures could imagine. Let alone experience. I'm just surprised you're not mad, or going insane from it.”
  282. “Oh, trust me Twi. I've been mad for awhile, and am slowly being driven to insanity. I've just had a lot of practice hiding the facts.”
  284. >When you woke up for the seconded time the sun was just starting to rise.
  285. >You laid in bed, thinking about what was said yesterday.
  286. >Did you really have to be so hard on yourself?
  287. >You couldn't do anything as an adult, for you didn't have the body of one, and you really didn't know anything about Equestria. Yet you have far more experiences than most every other pony.
  288. >Taking a deep breathe you decide to get some breakfast.
  289. >Hunger never did help with anything after all.
  290. >Walking through the silent crystal halls you continue to ponder your situation.
  291. >What did your experiences really add up to anyway?
  292. >They couldn't transfer over with you.
  293. >Everything you knew and learned was of use in your world, where did it belong in Equestria?
  294. >Where the country's best defense were six ponies with the power of friendship.
  295. >Where did any of your old life come in?
  296. >Did anything you did back there matter here?
  297. >Did you?
  298. >Sure Twilight acts all kind to you and all, but what do you really bring to the table.
  299. >Earth ponies had their thing, Pegasus can fly and control the weather, and unicorns are fucking unicorns.
  300. >Also alicorns but honestly you don't see them in action to often.
  301. >Arriving at the kitchen you make a bowl of cereal for yourself.
  302. >You could barely do that. Hell you could barely write!
  303. >Why were you brought here?
  305. >You miss hands.
  306. >You didn't know how earth and pegasus ponies eat without magic.
  307. >Your mouth was covered in milk as you repeatedly dive down to eat.
  308. >Really of all the things this world a has taken from you.
  309. >Why was it the ten things you never thought you would miss.
  310. >Starlight and Twilight had awoken not to long after you.
  311. >Though Starlight did try to start a conversation with you. You only answered with short replies.
  312. >Soon you grabbed your bag and made your way to school.
  313. >As you made your way through the small town you saw several ponies moving about getting their shops ready to open.
  314. >They looked so happy and content.
  315. >You thought back to your old life, and how you had hope to do the same with your own business.
  316. >Now you were learning how to write again, and count, and read, and….
  317. >Snips and Snails tumble by you.
  318. >Screaming at each other. Their voices making your ears bleed.
  319. >Ok so they have ear doctors in Equestria, right?
  320. >You'd better ask Twilight when you got back.
  321. >A few years of that was gonna make you deaf.
  323. >Once you arrived at school you walk inside and gave Miss Cheerilee your signed note.
  324. >Giving you a small smile and a thanks Miss Cheerilee takes the note, and hopes that you can use a non physical means of helping somepony in aid.
  325. >Walking back outside you find a nice spot to lay on your stomach.
  326. >Trying to catch a few more z’s before class starts.
  327. >Listing as some more students arrived, you could hear some talk about what happened yesterday.
  328. >One asking if it was really possible to eat sand.
  329. >You giggled a bit. The sweet ignorance of youth.
  330. >A new sound was starting to approach you.
  331. >Someone walking towards you.
  332. >Only three possibilities.
  333. >One was that unicorn looking for some payback.
  334. >Two was the CMC, but it only sounded like was one pony was coming towards you.
  335. >So that left Little League.
  336. >The pony stopped beside you.
  337. >After a few moments of silence you knew who it was.
  338. “Can I help you League?”
  339. >League gasped.
  340. >”How did you know it was me?”
  341. “You have a very distinct sound when you walk.”
  342. >You open your eyes and turn your head to face her.
  343. >League looks down at her hooves.
  344. >”Really?”
  345. >Oh god that was cute.
  346. >Get use to it heart. Where on this ride until it crashes and burns.
  347. “No of course not.” You giggled. “I had my eye cracked opened and saw you coming.”
  348. >You'd figure it would be best not to bring up her shyness yesterday.
  349. >”Oh, ok. So what are you doing here, Anon”
  350. “Just waiting for school to start.”
  351. >”Well do you want to play until school starts?”
  352. >You look back to League.
  353. “Well what did you have in mind?”
  354. >League scrunches her muzzle and looks away a bit.
  355. >Someone clearly didn't think they'd get this far.
  356. >It's ok, you didn't think you'd fall this far.
  357. >”Oh, um, I don't really know.”
  358. >Stay with me heart, we can push through this.
  359. “Well is there anything you want to do?”
  360. >You looked around the school yard.
  361. >Sandbox is a no go for now.
  362. >You look back over to League who had started rocking back and forth on her front hooves.
  363. >Type one diabetes confirmed.
  364. >Moving to sit up straight you took in a deep breathe.
  365. >This was only the morning before school, what was lunch gonna be like?
  366. >Before either of you could say anything more the bell rang.
  367. >League looked down to the ground, obviously ashamed that you two didn't do anything.
  368. >Probably thinks her fault for not picking something.
  369. >You wrap your hoof around her neck and pull her in close to you.
  370. “Cheer up. Now you have all of the morning lessons to think of something for us to do during lunch. Ok?”
  371. >League immediately smiled looking up to you. Her tail moved back and forth like a dog after you show it any from of love and affection.
  372. >”Ok!”
  373. >Type two confirmed.
  375. >Cheerilee’s morning lessons were both a breeze, and torture.
  376. >Math was easy enough, if you could just skip writing down the answer, and how you got it.
  377. >Then surprisingly, English gave you a break as Cheerilee gave each of you a book to read out loud paragraph, by paragraph.
  378. >Then the lunch bell rang, good, you had been starving since the start of the second lesson.
  379. >You and Little League ate your lunch in peace.
  380. >Fillies and colts were either eating lunch, or playing their games.
  381. >Finishing your sandwich you looked towards League.
  382. “So you think of something to do?”
  383. >League tilted her head away from you.
  384. >”Well, I thought we could play on the seesaw, if you want.”
  385. >You rubbed the top of her head with your hoof.
  386. “That sounds fun to me.”
  387. >League looked up to you with a smile on her face reaching from ear to ear.
  388. >You're gonna need heart surgery at this rate.
  389. >The two of you move towards the seesaw next to the sandbox.
  390. >As you both moved back and forth, League started to giggle as she got higher and higher.
  391. >This pushed you to push yourself higher and higher, watching as League’s smile quickly grew across her face.
  392. >You couldn't help, but smile as well.
  393. >This felt good, having fun.
  394. >You never really gave it a thought as you were going through elementary school, again.
  395. >As you touched the ground again, ready to push back up, you let the seesaw go a bit lower than what you've been doing.
  396. >Looking up towards the sky as you launch yourself up like a rocket.
  397. >The wind blowing past you, the school yard lying underneath you.
  398. >You laughed.
  399. >A joyous laugh of glee as you approached the apex of your ride...shit.
  400. >You just remembered that hooves do not, in fact, have thumbs.
  401. >Your hooves slid forward with the rest of you following close behind.
  402. >League was smiling at you as your hips slammed into the bar in front of you.
  403. >League's face went from happy joy to oh that's gotta hurt.
  404. >Then you started your return to the earth.
  405. >Oh fuck.
  406. >You and Little League could do nothing, but wait as she moved past you.
  407. >Flying high above you.
  408. >Of course to anyone looking at you during this time, it was happening at normal speed.
  409. >Hell it was probably already over with as you spend minutes looking up as you were sliding down.
  410. >The ponies were already reacting to what is currently happening to you.
  411. >You just hope it wouldn't hurt to much.
  413. >Your jaw smacked into the bar.
  414. >Your teeth shook in your gums.
  415. >Your entire lower jaw tingles like your funny bone.
  416. >Your flank slid off your seat, causing it to shove its way past your inner thighs.
  417. >Rubbing against your snatch.
  418. >Bad touch.
  419. >The seat smacked into your jaw as it shot upwards.
  420. >Your flung backwards like someone just did an uppercut on you.
  421. >Well...thud.
  422. >The back of your head crashed into the ground.
  423. >Your brain shifted back and forth within its juice.
  424. >Is that.
  425. >That's blood.
  426. >That is blood in your mouth.
  427. >Great, now you get to go to the pony dentist.
  428. >You can hear League scream as she came crashing down.
  429. >You can also hear the seesaw flip up and over from the momentum.
  430. >Rolling over to stand back up, you look over to see Little League had avoided the falling seesa...woah.
  431. >The world faded a bit after you stood up.
  432. >Waiting a moment to realign yourself, as laughter moving towards you.
  434. >You moved your head towards the source to find the kid from yesterday approaching you with her entourage.
  435. >”I think League's stupidity is contagious, cause now your just a bigger idiot than her.”
  436. >You paid little attention at the fake laughter of her quote unquote friends.
  437. >Moving to check on League, as a sky blue aura wrapped around you, followed by the numbing sensation.
  438. >God damn magic.
  439. >She rotated you around to face her, a smug grin on her face.
  440. >”Well look at this girls. She’s just as a big of an idiot as League is, maybe bigger.”
  441. >Her posy giggled as they each mentioned your level of idiocy.
  442. >You didn't pay them much attention as you focused on aiming your shot.
  443. >There was only one way you could escape by yourself from her magical grip.
  444. >Sucking air through your nose, pulling your tongue back, and extending your neck.
  445. >You fired.
  446. >Your shot hit just below her horn.
  447. >The enjoyment of hitting this snobby brat was short lived as she dropped you.
  448. >Running into the school, as she screamed.
  449. >”Ew, ew, ew, ew!”
  451. >Catching yourself, you allow for a small giggle yourself before you turn back to check on League.
  452. >Turning around you find her looking towards the school.
  453. >A look of both disgust and laughter were on League's face.
  454. >Once she looked towards you, it broke out in laughter.
  455. >”That was gross Anon.”
  456. “Well I didn't have much choice. Getting out of a unicorn's magic isn't easy.”
  457. >”Yay, but to spit on her?”
  458. “Works with Twilight.”
  459. >Well the first time anyway.
  460. “Now are you ok?”
  461. >League looked confused.
  462. >”Yeah?”
  463. “Just wanted to make su…”
  464. >A couple of teeth just fell out.
  465. >League stared at the fallen teeth, as you raise a hoof to your mouth.
  466. >Pain emerged as your hoof made contact.
  467. >People were speaking around you, but you couldn’t focus on any of them.
  468. >You awaken to a soft bed and a sore mouth.
  469. >Flashes of a scared League, concerned Cheerilee and Twilight, along with bright lights swim inside your head.
  470. >As you yawned, the soreness turned to numbness.
  471. >How long were you out for?
  472. >Couldn't have been long, your body wasn't stiff or needed to stretch.
  473. >Your stomach churned as the world spun around you.
  474. >What did you eat?
  475. >It was worse than shit, whatever it was.
  477. >As the world returned you realized that this was your room in Twilight’s castle.
  478. >Weren’t you just at school?
  479. >Yeah you were, you can recall Little League, that unicorn brat, and the fucking seesaw.
  480. >Just the memory of it triggered pain inside your jaw...shit your teeth.
  481. >Getting out of bed was a mistake as you soon laid curled up on the floor.
  482. >Your stomach doing donuts, and your brain melting out of your ears.
  483. >What the hell happened while you were out?
  484. >Time eluded you as you laid in your ball, the world made solely of yourself.
  485. >You had been sick before, both on Earth, and Equestria, but this was something else.
  486. >Your body wasn’t just trying to get rid of something.
  487. >It was trying to escape it.
  488. >You felt the need to vomit, but couldn’t actually do it.
  489. >Your eyes rolled into the back of your head, and your mouth felt like cotton.
  490. >Soon you felt yourself being lifted back onto your bed.
  491. >Who it was you couldn’t tell, but you could feel them laying next to you as you tried to regain a foothold back into reality.
  493. >The world is black.
  494. >A cold, heartless abyss that drains you of warmth.
  495. >Silence fills you as even your breathing is silent.
  496. >Movement is impossible, yet possible.
  497. >Your hands move to find some source of solid, liquid, hell a gas even.
  498. >Something other than this darkness….wait hands?
  499. >Not just hands, but feet, and legs, even a real nose.
  500. >As you try to move to confirm these things, you are reminded how motionless you truly are.
  501. >No matter how hard you try to bring your hands to your face, or move your legs in a swimming fashion.
  502. >They do not respond.
  503. >Instead they continue to feel out for something else, something you can not see.
  504. >Focusing on your left arm, you try to bend it towards you, either through force of will, or magic.
  505. >Magic…
  506. >At the thought of it, the world became a bit brighter.
  507. >Magic…
  508. >Your body screamed in terror, limbs moving to cover you.
  509. >Magic…
  511. >Your eyes spring open like a jack in the box.
  512. >Though you could see, the world did not seem real.
  513. >You were out of breathe.
  514. >Where you in a fight?
  515. >Kinda, you think.
  516. >You remember, what do you remember?
  517. >This wasn’t your room, was it?
  518. >Yes, yes it was.
  519. >This is your room inside of the castle.
  520. >Castle?
  521. >You don’t recall visiting any castles before….Twilight.
  522. >Your breathing picked up pace as you started to remember what happened.
  523. >What you lost.
  524. >Who you lost.
  525. >Soon your eyes were flooded with tears, with you being unable to hold them back.
  526. >Rolling over you see Twilight laying next to you, deep in slumber.
  527. >Scooching closer, you bury your face into her chest.
  529. >You were surprised at how long you had slept with Anon.
  530. >It was dark when you woke up, probably early morning.
  531. >You had brought Anon some soup, when you found her, urm him, curled up on the floor.
  532. >After lifting him up, you saw that he was in pain, but you couldn’t tell from what.
  533. >Colgate had repaired his teeth thanks to one of Zecora’s potions, and the pain reducing spell wasn’t anything too complicated.
  534. >You just couldn’t figure it out.
  535. >Anon wasn’t one to overreact to things.
  536. >After all, you found him in the Castle of the Two Sisters, doing alright for himself.
  537. >Outside of hygiene that is.
  538. >Yet you couldn’t think of any reason of why he looked to be in so much pain.
  539. >Even though that had consumed most of your thoughts before you slept, it’s no what woke you.
  540. >That was Anon, as he pushed himself into your chest.
  541. >It caused you to jump a bit.
  542. >Did he want you off the bed?
  543. >No, he didn’t push you that hard.
  544. >Soon the sound of him trying to stifle tears emerged as your chest got wet.
  545. >You wrapped your hooves around Anon, and pulled him a bit closer.
  546. >You should say something, but what?
  547. >What could you possible say to him?
  548. >As Anon continued to cry, you wrapped your free wing around.
  549. >If you couldn’t think of anything to say, you could at least keep him company
  551. >You drifted across an open night sky.
  552. >The stars glimmering as the boat moved across empty space.
  553. >A purple haze grew along the horizon.
  554. >Your face was warm, even with this breeze
  555. >Back and forth, back and moved across space.
  556. >Something fuzzy was on your face, and that breeze was someone breathing.
  557. >Your eyes open themselves to a mass of purple that was drowning you.
  558. >Pulling back a bit, you broke the grip of hooves that held you close.
  559. >Looking around you found yourself underneath a wing as well.
  560. “Twilight?”
  561. >Poking your head out of Twilight’s wing you see her drooling in a blissful slumber.
  562. >Continuing to slide out from under her wing, you stretched out like cat, yawning as your chin touched your front hands, urm hooves.
  563. >Fully emerging from Twilight's embrace you started to miss it as the cooler air wrapped around you.
  564. >Looking back to Twilight a small thought crept through.
  565. >One that you're certain wouldn’t have made it through had whatever events leading up to your bedside illness not have taken place.
  566. >Quickly moving off the bed, you make your way to the bathroom.
  568. >You gazed into the near overflowing sink.
  569. >The tip of your muzzle barely above the water.
  570. >Pushing your head forward broke that surface.
  571. >The warm water reformed itself around you, almost emerging from the edge.
  572. >Yet the hole sucked it down faster than it could rise.
  573. >Holding yourself submerged, you try to recall what happened.
  574. >There was that fight you got in, if you could call it a fight, with that unicorn.
  575. >You spat on her, maybe?
  576. >You did something, because she had done something, or did you start it?
  577. >Rising out of the sink you grab the nearby towel and dry yourself off.
  578. >Why couldn’t you remember yesterday, wait.
  579. >It was yesterday that you had that fight, right?
  580. >Letting the sink drain, and placing the towel back, you go to wake up Twilight.
  581. >She probably had the answers you wanted.
  582. >Plus she’s on your bed, and you don’t want to deal with her loose feathers again.
  584. “Twilight. Twilight. Twilight!”
  585. >That last one got her to jump up quite a few feet.
  586. >”Huh, what?”
  587. “Wake up I need to ask you a few questions.”
  588. >Landing back on the bed, Twilight started to rub the sleep from her eyes.
  589. >”And these questions couldn’t wait until I woke up?”
  590. “They could, but I’m awake, and you were still in my bed, and I do not want to deal with more of your loose feathers.”
  591. >Twilight lowered herself back onto your bed, still rubbing the sleep from her eyes.
  592. >”My feathers are not that big of a problem.”
  593. “I don’t know what you see in that kitchen of yours, but I find feathers everywhere.”
  594. >Twilight glared at you as you sat staring at her.
  595. >”I liked you better when you were asleep. You were so cute, and you wanted to cuddle me.”
  596. >Twilight reached out with her magic and brought you in close for a hug.
  597. >Her hooves squeezed you back into her chest as she nuzzled you.
  598. >This will not stand purple.
  599. >I may not remember what happened, but I will remember this.
  600. >Placing your back hooves of her stomach, you thrust them forward with all your might.
  601. >Twilight loses her grip as she was pushed backwards, allowing you to break free, and flop on your back onto the floor.
  602. >Fuck, you thought the bed would catch you.
  603. >Twilight rushed over and looked down at you.
  604. >”Anon! Are you ok?”
  605. >Standing up you roll your neck to look up to Twilight.
  606. “I am not cute.”
  608. >You stared at your teeth in the mirror, as Twilight stood behind you.
  609. “Did they really pop out?”
  610. >Twilight nodded her head again, as you examined the gum line as best you could.
  611. >There wasn’t any sort of scaring, nor any evidence that you had even had been smacked by a seesaw.
  612. >”Thanks to Zecora, and Colgate your mouth is back to one hundred percent. Although Colgate did say that you should avoid any real hard food for a few days, just in case.”
  613. >You hummed back a reply as you continued to push in on your teeth.
  614. >A potion that grew them back?
  615. >You knew magic could do several things, but this was something else to behold.
  616. >Well, there was the rainbow powers, but you never get to see those.
  617. >”Anon, I’m not sure what you’re trying to find. Your teeth are back, and normal, you’re not going to have a plant start growing out of it.”
  618. “You are never going to let that go are you?”
  619. Twilight beams with a smile, as she rubs your head.
  620. >”No.”
  621. “Great, I say one thing out of fear of magic, and you use it to taught me. I knew I should’ve stayed in the forest.”
  622. >Twilight gave you a small peck on the cheek as she left the bathroom.
  623. >”Love you too, Anon.”
  624. >Twilight shut the door as she left, leaving you alone to pout a bit.
  625. “I never said I loved you, purple.”
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