Jan 23rd, 2016
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  2. * Passive Bonus: All regions under the stewards influence gain +1 happiness
  3. --
  5. The Stewards are mostly regarded as ''lords of samll things'' yet in fact they are those in control of supply for the city. They control the maintenance around the city. If your guild is holding the political status of stewards then you can do as one of the 3 special actions at the end of your guild's turn (when all members made their actions/went idle). Counts as a free action that can only be done once in a turn.
  7. * Taxes are payed DIRECTLY to the city market, increasing the gold within the city.
  8. *Choose which of the 3 actions you wish to make
  10. --
  11. Action 1: Change labor tax
  12. --
  13. 1)'No labor taxes' guilds don't have to pay any of the resources they have gathered.
  14. 2)'Small labor taxes' All guilds must pay the city a small(20%+) tax of the resources they have gathered.
  15. 3)'High labor taxes' All guilds must pay the city a high(40%+) tax from the resources they have gathered.
  17. --
  18. Action 2: Open new labor
  19. *This actions costs 500 gold subtracted from the stewards office. Check in the politics&laws pic in thred if oyu have enough
  20. --
  21. 1) open a new mine
  22. 2) breed new cattle
  23. 3) sow new fields
  24. 4) Plant a new grove
  26. --
  27. Action 3: Collect donations
  28. --
  29. Collecting donations adds gold directly to the city stock. The more the regions in the city are happy and the more the highborns have spare gold - the more gold will be collected to the stock.
  31. --
  32. Action 4: Collect Dues
  33. --
  34. * can't be used against guild with Honorable integrity(9 or 10)
  35. You can force a guild to pay 25% of their current gold to the city stock as their dues. This actions costs you an amount of influence that equals to the target guild fame (Ex: If their fame is 7 then this actions costs 7 influence)
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