The UT cast goes to a bar

Bramble97 Jul 21st, 2019 79 Never
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  1. >post-pacifist ending
  2. >monsters are adjusting to life on the surface
  3. >one night they all decide to go to a strange human establishment called a "bar"
  4. >they all have a few sips of a strange human brew they refer to as "alka-hall"
  5. >turns out monsters are incredibly, incredibly sensitive to booze
  6. >twenty minutes pass
  7. >Undyne is running around belligerently screaming at other bar patrons for perceived faults, slurring incoherently as she threatens to fight them
  8. >Toriel is weeping at the bar counter and repeatedly referring to the bartender as "myy chiiiild..."
  9. >Alphys is lying motionless on the floor in a pool of (what we hope is) booze
  10. >Sans and Papyrus have no internal organs and the booze just dripped through them, so they're watching everyone else with a mixture of curiosity and horror
  11. >meanwhile Frisk is on his ninth shot of straight liquor and completely unaffected, still doing the -__- face
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