CrazyEnvoy - Config

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  1. Settings:
  2.   Prefix: '&7[&cCrazyEnvoy&7]: ' #The prefix before the messages CrazyEnvoys sends.
  3.   Toggle-Metrics: true #Turn on and off if your server stats are sent to
  4.   Falling-Block-Toggle: false #Toggle if it spawns a falling block or if the crates just appear.
  5.   Falling-Block: '138' #The block that will be falling.
  6.   Fall-Height: 15 #How high the falling blocks spawn.
  7.   Max-Crate-Toggle: false #If ture then only a specified amount of crates will spawn and if false then all crates will spawn.
  8.   Max-Crates: 20 #The max amount of crates that will spawn.
  9.   Random-Locations: false #If true you will need to make sure to set the center location.
  10.   Max-Radius: 300 #The maximum distance the crates will fall from the center.
  11.   Min-Radius: 20 #The minimum distance from the middle the crates will fall from.
  12.   Envoy-Run-Time: '5m' #The amount of time the envoy event will go for.
  13.   Envoy-Timer-Toggle: true #If the envoy will happen on an interval. If false the only wait it will start is if its started with the command or flare.
  14.   Envoy-Cooldown-Toggle: true #Toggle if it uses a cooldown or a specified time of the day.
  15.   Envoy-Cooldown: '5m' #The time till the envoy event will happen again.
  16.   Envoy-Time: '2:00 AM' #A specified time of the day that an envoy will happen. Please use 1-12 for hours and 0-59 for minutes.
  17.   Minimum-Players-Toggle: false #When the envoy is about to start toggle if there needs to be a minimum amount of players. (Does not affect flares)
  18.   Minimum-Flare-Toggle: false #Toggle if using a flare has to meet the minimum players requirement. Minimum-Players-Toggle must be true for this to work.
  19.   Minimum-Players: 1 #The minimum amount of players needed to start the envoy.
  20.   Broadcast-Crate-Pick-Up: true #Toggle if when a player gets a crate if it broadcasts the message.
  21.   Crate-Collect-Cooldown: #If when a player collects a crate if they have to wait to collect another.
  22.     Toggle: true #Toggle this option on and off.
  23.     Time: '15s' #The time till they have to wait.
  24.   World-Messages:
  25.     Toggle: false #Toggle if the broadcasted messages are only in a specific worlds.
  26.     Worlds: #The worlds you wish to have the messages only show up in.
  27.       - 'world'
  28.   Envoy-Warnings: #The times that will make the warning messages.
  29.     - '30m'
  30.     - '15m'
  31.     - '10m'
  32.     - '1m'
  33.     - '30s'
  34.     - '20s'
  35.     - '10s'
  36.     - '5s'
  37.     - '3s'
  38.     - '1s'
  39.   Flares: #Options about flares. Players need the crazyenvoy.flare.use permission to use the flares.
  40.     Item: '76' #The time the flares are.
  41.     Name: '&7&l(&4&l!&7&l) &cFlare' #The name of the flare.
  42.     Lore: #The lore of the flare.
  43.       - '&7Right click me to'
  44.       - '&7start an envoy event.'
  45.     World-Guard: #The options for when using world guard regions to make flares work only in those regions.
  46.       Toggle: false #If they have to use flares in specified regions.
  47.       Regions: #The name of the regions you can use flares in.
  48.         - 'WarZone'
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