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  1. Orb:
  2. Ripples flared as the stone ground partially gave way to the cleaving and shooting from Ruby's actions, the amount of impact giving Orb a brief idea of how powerful Ruby's shots are when Orb's ripples captured the intel. Four blades flew undisturbed, four more, which flew forward and eventually fell into the Earth below, and then two more, crossing each other and then kept flying till they were out of the arena, and then landed on the ground below. And so, none of them had made any contact at all with Ruby as she soared while 'The Final Countdown' by the band 'Europe' briefly played in Orb's head, watching the rocket take off. In the air, Ruby's ripples obviously didn't reach Orb, and as the girl counted four in Ruby's expended rounds, the blur that was a spinning Ruby had concealed her act of reloading from Orb. The girl noted that possibility, though she still made a mental note to count at four. The flurry of petals... Orb had seen those in Ruby's last fight, though she had yet to come to a conclusion as to what they do exactly. For now, she'll just have to keep them under observations. As the red blur that is Ruby flew an arc in a clockwise manner (Ruby's left) toward's Orb's right-back, the girl was elated. Why? Because it was time to fight her opponent up close, something Orb adores more than sniper battles, just as a personal preference. From the moment Ruby had moved from her original position, Orb has had her eyes glued to the ravenette(black-haired girl). Her gaze was locked, head and body following the path of the comet, herself turning in place clockwise until Ruby stopped to ready herself on the ground, at which point Orb would still be looking directly at Ruby, Orb's front to Ruby's back, only a little more than an arm's length away. The attacks from a scythe, far as Orb knows, comes in thrusts and swings. A thrust could be one direct stab or multiple wide stabs, and swings have their own set trajectories. For Ruby's case, she has two additional options due to the gun installed in her scythe, which was to fire forward or use as a thrust booster. It wasn't hard to imagine so, especially since its propulsion effect was clearly shown to Orb just moments ago. The fact that one end of the scythe was pointed directly at herself, the fact that Ruby stopped at that exact position with her back towards Orb, her intent was clear as day. Orb positioned herself such that the end of the scythe would simply brush against her own side without piercing her, if it thrusted forward(or from Ruby's point of view, backwards) directly. The girl raised her sword, pointing it directly at Ruby's back. She did not interrupt. Ruby with her back towards Orb couldn't have seen it. Ruby propelled herself backwards. Into Orb's blade.
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