Rainbow Rain

Oct 13th, 2014
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  3. >walk through Ponyville
  4. >something splatters on your head
  5. >that is odd, the sky seems clear and the pegasi didn't announce any rain for today
  6. >you look up
  7. >Rainbow Dash is flying above you, headed towards her sky home
  8. >from below you can see the full expanse of her heavily gravid tummy and her engorged teats
  9. >it quickly dawns on you where the splatter came from
  10. >you decide to follow her, tongue out, trying to catch some of the sweet nectar
  11. >Rainbow luckily flies relatively slowly, the late state of her pregnancy impacting her movement
  12. >she seems completely oblivious to the fact that she is leaving a trail across Ponyville
  13. >just as you finally catch a small drop you crash headfirst into Sugar Cube Corner
  14. >that's what you get for not looking where you're going
  15. >only now Dash looks back after hearing you loudly smack against the sweets house
  16. >she flies down to check on you
  17. >she sees you on the ground, and her trail leading right onto the house
  18. >she finally looks back and sees herself leaking a constant dribble of milk, beginning to feel the warm milk cling to her legs in her standing position
  19. >she quickly puts one and one together and begins to blush deeply
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