#OpGuzoo Message

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  1. Greetings World.
  3. We Are Anonymous. This is Operation Guzoo.
  5. A horrific case of animal abuse in Alberta, Canada has recently caught the attention of Anonymous. Following some recently leaked images of the Guzoo Animal Farm, the public has learned that the animals living there have been subjected to an environment of gross neglect, which we defined as barbaric.
  7. Our intention is to bring these heinous crimes to the attention of the media and to the public; also, to the attention of the provincial government whose job it is to protect innocent animals from abuse. Every day this disgusting farm is not held accountable for their actions, our resolve will only strengthen. And our focus will become the government officials who refuse to address the shameful conditions at Guzoo.  
  9. By now, the RCMP should be well aware of how effective Anonymous can be. Remember Halifax?
  11. To Guzoo Animal Farm's owner, Lynn Gustafson, we know who you are and this is your only warning.
  13. If you believe all life is sacred and deserves to be protected from inhumane treatment, join us.
  15. We are Anonymous
  16. We are Legion
  17. We do not forgive
  18. We do not forget
  19. Expect Us.
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