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Nathan Grayson & Nina Freeman

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  1. Subject: Nathan Grayson & Nina Freeman.
  2. Sources: Twitter, Kotaku.
  3. Date Compiled: January 25th, 2015.
  4. Credits: CheephackOprah for the heads up, anons from GGHQ and /v/ for pointing it out. The rest, original investigation.
  5. ~boogiepoprobin
  7.                                                 **************************************
  9. Summary:
  10. Multiple suggestions to hang out and interactions which may suggest a personal relationship of some kind was maintained between Nathan Grayson and Nina Freeman. That relationship may constitute a conflict of interest regarding coverage by Nathan Grayson which included Nina Freeman's work.
  12. Evidence:
  13. 06.10.14: (@vahn16) You're around? We should hang out at some point!  https://archive.today/ZegML
  14. 06.10.14: (@hentaiphd) @Vahn16 yes!!! we definitely should hang out https://archive.is/VqLTo
  15. 06.14.14: (@ianwexl0rz) @TheQuinnspiracy @Vahn16 @hentaiphd @TeddyDief @nameoftheyear karaoke tomorrow?? https://archive.is/9W5bF
  16. 08.21.14: (@hentaiphd) i'm wearing a sailor moon shirt today and i'm KIND OF surprised that no one has noticed https://archive.is/QQkTS
  17. 08.21.14: (@vahn16) @hentaiphd hey nina nice sailor moon shirt https://archive.is/QQkTS
  18. 08.22.14: (@hentaiphd) sext: I want to play mario kart with u. https://archive.today/234Ke
  19. 08.22.14: (@vahn16) @hentaiphd sorry, I misspelled. meant I want to play mario kart wii u https://archive.today/234Ke
  20. 08.22.14: (@vahn16) @hentaiphd single-player. in a dark basement  https://archive.today/234Ke
  22. Articles with Potential Conflicts of Interest:
  23. 12.24.14: Nathan's Top Ten of 2014. (Kotaku) https://archive.today/GLvl7#selection-4113.0-4119.1
  24. 06.02.15: Steam Refunds Could Cause Some Big Problems (Kotaku) https://archive.is/FJTVd#selection-3609.0-3657.230
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