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  1. local H=string.byte;local e=string.char;local l=string.sub;local D=table.concat;local B=math.ldexp;local P=getfenv or function()return _ENV end;local S=setmetatable;local F=select;local C=unpack;local J=tonumber;local function M(A)local o,G,L="","",{}local I=256;local K={}for E=0,I-1 do K[E]=e(E)end;local E=1;local function C()local o=J(l(A,E,E),36)E=E+1;local G=J(l(A,E,E+o-1),36)E=E+o;return G end;o=e(C())L[1]=o;while E<#A do local E=C()if K[E]then G=K[E]else G=o..l(o,1,1)end;K[I]=o..l(G,1,1)L[#L+1],o,I=G,G,I+1 end;return table.concat(L)end;local L=M('
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