The Girl from the Meat Dimension (one-shot)

Jul 10th, 2015
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  1. The elevator ground to a halt with a metallic screech. The secretary's heart skipped a beat - she was stuck with her handsome boss. Her chest, gracefully covered by a lily-colored dress shirt and charcoal-gray waistcoat, rose and fell with her increasingly frantic breath as her boss rang the emergency button. She leaned back onto the railing as he spoke with the maintenance. It would take at least a couple of hours for them to be rescued.
  3. "Are you claustrophobic?" She almost squaled as the boss sat on the railing next to her. "You don't look too good, Miss Lilly." It wasn't that. It was how - or if - she could control herself. She was going to be alone with him for hours. Nobody around to see, nothing to distract her from her fantasies. "I'm alright, Sir. I'd just like a little fresh air, that's all." He smiled at her through the mirror opposite them - that same gregarious, freely given smile that had endeared her to him.
  5. Miss Lilly blushed and looked away. She had to keep herself in control. "Do you need to lie down? You can use my coat as a pillow, if you like." Before she could react, he had already pulled his suit jacket off and wrapped it in a bundle. She reluctantly played along, and sat down on the elevator floor, soon followed by the boss. She set herself down diagonally, with just enough space to lie comfortably. Her boss sat in the corner, still smiling at her.
  9. Suddenly the lights fluttered and died. "Just our luck, isn't it, Miss Lil-" His words were cut short as he realized it was not entirely dark. A faint bioluminescence beamed from Miss Lilly's body, giving her bespectacled cool beauty an otherworldly aspect. After a silent moment, he recomposed himself. "Oh, I'm sorry, Miss, I didn't mean to stare." She hadn't realized he had noticed until he spoke - she had always worked so hard to pass as a human, but now he knew.
  11. Miss Lilly's face twisted between tears and grief, panic, and relieved glee. Her body jerked on the floor as she almost laughed. "You've seen it, Sir..." Her body began to twist and ripple underneath her sleek, elegant clothes. A twisted leer spread across her face as she spoke: "It's too late to go back now, Sir..." She almost laughed as her knee-length pencil skirt burst apart at the seams, a formless mass of flesh expanding to fill the elevator chamber in an instant.
  13. Before the boss could comprehend what was happening, the walls were already covered in pulsating, iridescent flesh. An oily sheen covered the meat, shimmering with a flickering spectrum as her luminescence reflected off the moist walls. Soon the meat filled the entire space, pushing the boss into almost intimate contact with Miss Lilly's upper body. Her face, still framed by her dark hair and black-rimmed eyeglasses, and chest, still covered in the tattered remains of her clothes, were the only recognizable parts of the fleshy mass.
  17. Suddenly her serene face twisted into another leer - her eyes shot open to reveal what looked like a mass of eyes rippling below her eyelids. Her upper body shot forward and pressed into her confused and terrified boss, her mediocre bust pressing into his chest, softer than he had ever imagined. She kissed him, first gently, then with more and more intensity, until her tongue lashed around his mouth like a whip. Finally she broke the kiss, letting a long line of black, inky, iridescent drool draw from his lips to her black tongue.
  19. "Just sit back and enjoy it, Sir. You can't fight it." He heard the voice whisper in his ear from behind, even as her face grinned at him with a smug, wordless expression. Unseen appendages ripped though the fabric of suit suit trousers and pants, and soon he felt his genitals slicken as if slathered with oil. Something coiled and spun around his already-hard penis - he had felt himself expand already during the kiss - and Miss Lilly's face descended for another long, lewd kiss.
  21. As her inky tongue wrapped around his, he felt a lump of flesh press onto his thing. He felt himself push soft, oily flesh apart, only to run into a taut membrane. The fleshy walls wrapped around his chest and neck as Miss Lilly's face pulled away and sat itself on his shoulder in grotesque imitation of a hug. Then it happened - the meat hole rammed itself down onto him. A scream of pain reverbrated through the walls, like an echo that was screamed anew by ever smaller mouths.
  25. Finally the cacophony died down, and Miss Lilly's mouth whispered in his ear: "Did you like it, Sir? That was my virginity... A handsome, rich man like you must have had his fill, but this is special for me..." Other, more sinister voices seemed to ring from the flesh behind his other ear, slightly out of phase: "Special for me~ SPECIAL FOR ME..." Shivers ran down the boss' spine as Miss Lilly began to pump her hole on his shaft like a deranged onahole.
  27. Her soft, oily touch was like a piece of paradise - the boss moaned in pleasure as her bust rubbed against him, perplexingly out of tune with the thrusts. Her flesh pulsed all around him, hugging him tight, and he could feel the beat of her heart all over his body. "Do you want to let it out inside me, Sir...?" Miss Lilly's now constantly echoing voice teased him as she felt him approach orgasm. Suddenly her walls stopped in place, halting right on his edge. "I'm a good girl, Sir. I couldn't take a creampie from anyone else than my fiancee..." She grinned lewdly as she continued to tease him, now with his words.
  29. "Please marry me, Miss Lilly!" He screamed out without hesitation. Even she was surprised. "Oh my... Sir, could it be..." She blushed as she looked him in the eye below her brows, "Did you have your eye on me, too? Or are you just thirsty...?" Her slick touch began to slowly pump his twitching rod again. "I don't care what kind of a creature you are, Miss Lilly! I like spending every day with you!" He groaned as she finally brought him to shuddering orgasm, filling her meat hole with his seed. "Would you like to spend eternity with me, Sir...?" The echoes grew to a terrifying crescendo as he whispered: "Yes..."
  31. * * *
  33. The serviceman arrived an hour later to find an empty elevator covered in what seemed almost like crude oil. In the next weeks and months, the CEO grew more and more reticent, hardly leaving his house and taking no visitors. Eventually he was forced into early retirement, and moved into the mountains with his newly married bride, never to be seen again.
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