Apr 17th, 2017
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  1. >What happened for sure, nobody really knew
  2. >Could have been a failed spell from one of the princesses, could have been someone fucking around in their basement with magic they didn’t really understand
  3. >Either way, things were different now
  4. >A lot different
  5. >Pony kind had been reduced to a fraction of their former size all across the corners of Equestria
  6. >At first everyone thought it would just be a matter of time and they’d all return to normal, but reality started to settle in as the days went by and ponies still found themselves comparable to ants
  7. >Small communities formed out of whoever could band together in this new world, grass and pebbles being used to construct tiny towns
  8. >And for a while, it wasn’t so bad
  9. >Sure, they were all a fraction of a centimeter high, but they made the most of their situation, fending off bugs and various other creatures, and scavenging the vast grass forests for supplies
  10. >But then they arrived
  11. >Thunderous footsteps would always precede, ponies fleeing into their miniscule homes in terror
  12. >But when entire towns began to be uprooted, they quickly learned to just scatter
  13. >Of course that made their job harder, but they carried it out nonetheless, because there was money to be made
  14. >Gigantic talons would gently reach down, plucking ponies from their hiding places, unfathomably massive paws shaking the earth as they walked on by to collect any other tiny horses they could find
  15. >As soon as griffons had gotten word of what had happened, the empty Equestrian lands and town were soon occupied, their former inhabitants only able to hide like bugs from their new owners
  16. >You see, in ancient times, ponies were prey animals that formed herds from their predators, including griffons
  17. >One would like to think that things were more civilized now, but the truth was that as soon as griffons discovered the ant sized ponies, they rapidly become snack food, griffons just casually popping them into their beaks like candy
  18. >That wasn’t the only reason they were collected. Jewelry was soon including tiny golden cages to place ponies inside as the latest fashion. Necklaces, toe rings, you name it. Ponies were put on display on their new owner’s bodies
  19. >Sometimes ponies were kept as pets, although they often found themselves ending up as snacks sooner or later
  20. >Primal instincts are hard to contain
  21. >As time went on and the novelty wore off, ponies in the wild were treated as any other bug, simply stepped or sat on without notice
  22. >Paws were claiming so many lives that ponies had trouble just sustaining their tiny herds, only coming out in the open when necessary
  23. >A couple years after the event, and ponies’ place in the world seems to have normalized
  24. >Those not in captivity were just pests to the griffons, hiding in the grass or cracks in the wall, fearing the sounds of paws stomping by
  25. >And what was currently taking place in a certain home was no different
  26. >Gilda laid outstretched on her couch, paws casually crossed on a footrest
  27. >Having walked around in the sun all day she was just simply trying to relax, too lazy to even hit the shower when she returned home
  28. >It was this sudden of planting her rear on the couch that put one minuscule stallion in a precarious position
  29. >He was out foraging through her living room for crumbs, anything that he could carry back to his herd’s home in the kitchen
  30. >But the ground started to quake, the tiny stallion instinctively dashing for cover underneath the couch as the griffoness strolled into the living room, sitting on the couch with a sigh
  31. >For a few minutes he stared in fear at the titanic paws daintily swaying back and forth, their thick pink pads coated with specks of dirt
  32. >But she eventually swayed them upwards, no doubt to the foot rest much to his relief
  33. >His fear of her paws was well founded, as Gilda was a cruel griffoness, even by griffon standards
  34. >Upon spotting ponies in her home, she would pluck them straight from the floor, dropping them one at a time into her waiting maw
  35. >Most of the time she held them there, her tongue snaking around them, tasting every part of their terrified bodies just to tease them
  36. >It always ended them same way. A tiny bulge slowly slipping down her throat as she swallowed, sometimes running a talon down her neck before licking her beak
  37. >Other times when she obviously wasn’t in the mood for snacks her paws become the last thing an unfortunate thing a pony ever saw, their pink pads encompassing them and pinning them against the tile floor
  38. >Sometimes she held them there, smirking as they had to breathe in her scent
  39. >Eventually however she’d flex her toes ever so slightly, a tiny red smear pasted to her paw all that remained of her victim
  40. >The stallion shuddered at this thought. She had already claimed over twenty of his herd with those paws
  41. >But he did not intend to be her next victim today
  42. >There he waited, listening to the griffoness’ ass shift ever so slightly in the couch every few minutes
  43. >But after a while it became silent, Gilda only softly breathing
  44. >Cautiously trotting to the edge of the couch, the stallion looked upwards, spying the massive, furry pillars of her outstretched legs going to the footrest before him
  45. >But they remained still
  46. >Moving just a little further out his cheeks grew red as he gazed upon her crotch, pink slit quite obvious against the tan fur
  47. >Rapidly moving his eyes upwards in embarrassment, he noted that her belly rose and fell gently and rhythmically
  48. >Now was his chance
  49. >Subconsciously he glanced to the footrest again
  50. >Although unable to see her paws, the image of them was burned firmly enough into his head to cause him to look away
  51. >With a deep breath the stallion began to gallop, darting out from the shadow of the couch
  52. >It didn’t matter if he ran, his hoof steps were much too tiny to be heard, especially on the living room carpet
  53. >Besides, he had a good mile to cover before her returned to the kitchen
  54. >Air rushing by, his legs pumped at maximum speed, nostrils flaring more for breath
  55. >Soon enough the stallion was coated in sweat, some from the run, some from just sheer terror
  56. >But as he reached the halfway mark the faintest of smiles formed on his muzzle
  57. >His herd would be relieved to see him again, as it wasn’t uncommon for foragers to never return when the griffoness came home
  58. >He smirked, imagining the look on his friend’s faces when he tells them how close he was to her pa-
  59. >The stallion’s ears swiveled backwards instinctively, his heart dropping
  60. >”Got ya’, dweeb”
  61. >In absolute terror his head snapped to the side, hooves still galloping
  62. >Gilda rose from her seat, couch creaking as she did
  63. >Terrifying yellow eyes affixed upon him, their eagle like sharpness no doubt aware of the stallion running across the room
  64. >With a scream the pony kicked it into overdrive, tears and sweat beginning to blind him as he sprinted for his life
  65. >But a couple of monstrous steps and the griffoness casually slammed a paw down in front of the fleeing horse, the stallion running face first into it
  66. >Bouncing backwards, he ended up with his belly in the air, staring upwards
  67. >With the way she used her paw to block him, he found himself in the shadow of her belly, the heavens being a tan, furry sky
  68. >A poisonous smirk was present upon her beak, a tiny chuckle coming out of it
  69. >”Thought I wouldn’t notice a bug running around my home?”
  70. >A sickening peeling noise hit the stallion’s ears as her paw rose from the carpet slowly
  71. >His jaw dropped as he found himself peering straight up at the thing of his nightmares, its pert pink toes flexing
  72. >Gilda’s paws were naturally wide and thick, making it an even more awful experience for the already speck of a stallion
  73. >”What’s the matter, don’t like em’?”
  74. >She slowly begins to lower it, the stallion watching silently in paralyzing horror
  75. >”I think I can fix that…”
  76. >On cue the paw pressed against the floor, her victim only getting out a half scream before being muffled
  77. >Quivering, the stallion opened his eyes, the world totally dark save for a few cracks of light
  78. >Patting himself down, he quickly realized that he was in fact not dead
  79. >Standing up in confusion however, his head hit something damp and furry, recoiling away in disgust
  80. >His world begins to shift, a massive giggle coming from far above
  81. >That’s when he realized his predicament
  82. >He was right between the toes of a griffoness
  83. >Panicking he galloped off, only to hit a pink, soft pad a couple steps away
  84. >Backing up, he literally had to peel himself off, gagging as he realizes his fur was now coated in her paw sweat
  85. >Gilda was quite the athletic griffon, and her refusal to hop into the shower upon returning home led to quite the hell for the poor stallion
  86. >Trying to escape the other way, the same results were repeated, Gilda giggling once more as the stallion crashed into her other toe
  87. >Beginning to hyperventilate, the pony gagged once again as the thick, musky air assaulted his nostrils
  88. >His captor quickly seemed to notice this
  89. >”Oh, something wrong?”
  90. >She playfully wiggled her toes, a mix of tiny flecks of dirt and sweat raining down upon her hapless victim
  91. >”Go on, kiss em’, dweeb!”
  92. >The stallion sat there, staring at the giant pink wall that was her toe pad, muzzle scrunched from the pungent odor that it gave off
  93. >The griffoness frowned, sensing his hesitation
  94. >”Don’t worry lil’ guy… I’ll help you out”
  95. >Her frown quickly turned into a smirk as her toes scrunched together
  96. >The stallion gasped as it felt like a freight train hit his back, pushing him forward
  97. >In an instant he was face first into the pink, squishy wall that he so desperately sought to avoid, nostrils flaring as he inhaled a deep whiff of her scent
  98. >Attempting to struggle he found himself firmly pinned between the two colossal toes, Gilda holding his tiny body in place without effort
  99. >”I told you to kiss it dweeb. Now kiss”
  100. >Somehow the stallion was smushed even harder into his oppressor’s foul smelling toe as she clenched her paw tighter, chuckling darkly
  101. >With his muzzle buried deeply in the sticky flesh he leaned his head back just a bit to give it the smallest bit of room, basically the only thing in his entire body that was able to move
  102. >Nose scrunching, he took a deep breath, trying not to focus on the scent as he moved his face forward, lips puckering
  103. >The tiniest of kisses was planted right on her toe, lips quickly withdrawing
  104. >”Oh come on now, is that the best you can do?”
  105. >He felt her titanic paw shift just a bit, neighing in panic as he leaned back in
  106. >This time he planted a firm kiss, lips firmly pressed into the oppressive toe
  107. >Not wanting to evoke her wrath he began to kiss again and again, smooching the supple flesh the best he could
  108. >Time went by, the stallion finally planting one final, long kiss upon her toe before pulling back his face
  109. >”Hmmm…”
  110. >His body shuddered in fear as she held him there as tightly as ever, hoping that he had pleased his captor enough to be spared
  111. >However, another wave of terror overcame him as he quickly remembered that she had never spared a pony that she caught before
  112. >”That was good dweeb, real good”
  113. >He held his breath as she paused, half from nervousness, half from the ever present odor that assaulted his nose
  114. >”You know? I might just let you go, speck”
  115. >His heart nearly thumped through his chest, ears perking up at the statement
  116. >”That is if you can just do one thing for me… why don’t you go ahead and give it a nice lick~?”
  117. >The stallion whimpered, eyes growing wide as he stared back into the pink wall
  118. >Tiny droplets of sweat ran down the surface, a bit of dirt here and there just from her walking around outside
  119. >But as repulsive as the request was, he figured that it was better to please the kinky bitch then end up a smear between her toes
  120. >Leaning forward once more he paused, tip of his tongue barely sliding out from his pursed kips
  121. >Sighing, he inched towards her toe pad, closing his eyes
  122. >His tongue smushed right up against an already moist wall, the stallion giving a long lick upwards
  123. >Almost immediately he threw his head back, gagging and retching
  124. >Her toe somehow tasted worse than it smelled, his tongue coated with griffoness sweat
  125. >Swallowing the salty mouthful by accident, he coughed a couple times before finally opening up his eyes, a slick trail of his saliva going up the pad
  126. >Despite his situation, tiny smile formed on his muzzle, remembering what she had promised
  127. >Above him thunder like laughter roared, Gilda chuckling uncontrollably
  128. >”Ooooh man, you actually did it? You’re pretty sick, dweeb!”
  129. >She continued giggling, the stallion feeling uneasy as she involuntarily flexed and scrunched her toes, leading to his face being mushed back into her toe a couple more times
  130. >But the griffoness eventually caught her breath, toes beginning to relax
  131. >The stallion’s heart leaped, his four hooves touching down on the ground again as her massive toes spread slightly
  132. >”Well, that certainly was fun, wasn’t it?”
  133. >He almost caught himself nodding in agreement, just happy to hear that she was satisfied
  134. >”But, I can’t have pests sticking around my home. Sorry pal, but the only place you’ll be sticking is between my toes”
  135. >The stallion’s mouth dropped open at her sudden change of tone, too dumbfounded to even scream as the toes scrunched once more, crushing his minuscule body between them
  136. >Except this time she didn’t stop applying pressure, the toes smushing together tighter and tighter…
  137. >Gilda felt a faint pop between her toes, sighing in pleasure
  138. >Taking a moment to savor the feeling she eventually lifted her paw off the floor, slyly smirking as she gazed between her spread toes
  139. >A tiny read smear was pasted against two of her thick digits, even the griffoness’s sharp eyes having trouble making it out from the pink pads
  140. >But the deed was done. One less annoying pest infested her house
  141. >”Tough luck, dweeb”
  142. >Placing her wide paw back on the floor she hummed a tiny tune as she made for the shower, needing to clean some extra gunk out from between her toes before her nap
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