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  1. Gone with the Dead Full Draft
  2.               By
  3.        Justin W. Smith
  4.          Reyna Young
  5.          Tony Newton
  6.         Ruben A. Febo
  7.        Kino McFarland
  8. Story Idea by Justin W. Smith
  10. FADE IN:
  12.         As we enter the room we see two doctors, one male and one
  13.         female wearing white coats. The male doctor is DR. SCOTT
  14.         recording himself on an iPad as a video log journal with DR.
  15.         JULIE STEINER holding the camera. Dr. Scott (Talking to the
  16.         camera directly we see this as POV)
  17.                             DR SCOTT
  18.                   The Immune System as we have
  19.                   recently found out plays a big part
  20.                   when fighting cancerous cells and
  21.                   can play an important role in
  22.                   prevention of cancer too.
  23.                   For this to be most effective the
  24.                   subject needs to be on a healthy
  25.                   diet and will need to consume fruit
  26.                   and vegetables and at least 12
  27.                   glasses of water daily to help rid
  28.                   the body of toxins.
  29.                   Boosting the Immune system with
  30.                   naturally stabilized Allicin
  31.                   suspended dosage daily up to 10,000
  32.                   mg taken with high doses of
  33.                   Colloidal silver best taken in
  34.                   intervals at 2000-5000 ml. High
  35.                   doses of Vitamin C also to be taken
  36.                   from my findings The Allicin from
  37.                   the garlic has been very effective
  38.                   and plays the biggest part in
  39.                   boosting the Immune system.
  40.                   Patients with enhanced immunity not
  41.                   only produce high levels of a
  42.                   cancer fighting protein, but can
  43.                   prevent many forms of cancer from
  44.                   forming and even be a breakthrough
  45.                   for other viruses where standard
  46.                   antibiotics and treatments like
  47.                   chemotherapy have not worked. The
  48.                   amazing thing is this treatment has
  49.                   no side effects at present.
  50.                   This is a breakthrough.
  51.                   The immune system’s ability to
  52.                   detect and kill abnormal cells.
  53. (MORE)
  57. 2.
  58.                             DR SCOTT (cont’d)
  59.                   Both Allicin and colloidal silver
  60.                   have been used in medicine before
  61.                   colloidal silver was used before
  62.                   standard antibiotics and even used
  63.                   to clean medical instruments in
  64.                   hospitals.
  65.                             -STANDARD FILMING
  66.                             DR SCOTT
  67.                   I’m so thrilled. I’m officially
  68.                   free from cancer! It would not have
  69.                   been possible without you Julie. I
  70.                   owe you a great debt. You have
  71.                   worked over and above an assistant.
  72.                   I thank you from the bottom of my
  73.                   heart. I class you as a true
  74.                   friend.
  75.                             DR STEINER
  76.                   It has been a pleasure. I’m not
  77.                   shaking your hand; let me give you
  78.                   a hug!
  79.         As Dr. Scott and Dr. Steiner are about to hug we see the
  80.         test tube with bright green liquid in which Dr. Scott
  81.         carefully places back in the small briefcase.
  82.         As they embrace we see a dead body on a slab with a white
  83.         sheet covering the whole body. Dr. Steiner gives Dr. Scott a
  84.         kiss on the cheek then they hug it out.
  85.         We see the hand of the dead person twitching on the slab as
  86.         Dr. Scott and Dr. Steiner leave the room. The dead body
  87.         jolts upwards and we hear a zombie growl.
  89.                                                              CUT TO:
  90.         Opening Credits
  91.                         GONE WITH THE DEAD
  93.         We see three men in fake ninja suits, trying to break into
  94.         the Test Center.
  98. 3.
  99.                             BILL
  100.                   Why the fuck do we have to wear
  101. these suits?
  102.                             JAKE
  103.                   Shut the fuck up and just focus on
  104.                   what we are doing. We have to be
  105.                   quick!
  106.                             BILL
  107.                   How does all that hair of yours fit
  108. in that ninja mask man?
  109. Bill starts to spray a logo on the door with spray paint. "YOU GOT FUCKED BY THE PEACE NINJAS BITCH!"
  110.                             JOHN
  111.                   Fuck it just break the window, the
  112.                   door is just not going!
  113.         Bill gets a glass cutter and he takes a large circle of
  114.         glass out just enough to reach for the handle on the window.
  115.                             BILL
  116.                   I’ll get the door, wait there!
  118.                             BILL
  119.                   What the fuck is this?
  120.         Bill points at the wall in disgust.
  121.                             BILL
  122.                   Damn this caretaker has been taking
  123.                   some sick pictures, he’s a
  124.                   corpseophile!
  125.         We see a wall covered in pics with the caretaker in
  126.         different poses with corpses. One picture has the caretaker
  127.         with a dead woman’s hand holding a selfie stick with his
  128.         hand holding it in place.
  129.                             JAKE
  130.                   What really?! Let me see!
  131.                             JOHN
  132.                   This is so fucked up dude!
  133. (CONTINUED)
  136. 4.
  137.                             BILL
  138.                   Man, I really don’t know If I can
  139.                   look at this shit anymore.
  140.         They hear a noise and they all look at each other.
  141.         Bill looks down the corridor. There is no sign of anyone.
  142. 4 INT. MEDICAL CENTER TESTING ROOM - NIGHT 4 They creep into the room with the sign on the door that
  143. reads "DANGER DO NOT ENTER."
  144. The briefcase is visible and we PAN UP to see the blanket
  145.         hanging off the slab with the corpse missing.
  146.         They fill up bags with test tubes, grab the briefcase, and
  147.         Jake takes boxes of pills and stuffs them down his clothing.
  148.                             JAKE
  149.                   Dude, I can make a fortune with
  150. this shit!
  151.                             JOHN
  152.                   What are you doing? Leave them
  153.                   there, Jake! We ain’t got time for
  154.                   this shit!
  155.         Jake picks up a glass test bowl.
  156.                             JAKE
  157.                   I’m branching out with my own meth
  158. lab!
  159.                             JOHN
  160.                   Really, Jake?
  161. Bill sprays paint on the wall.
  163.                             JOHN
  164.                   Where the fuck are the animals we
  165.                   are supposed be freeing?
  166.         John and Bill walk off down the corridor and disappear in
  167.         the distance, Jake opens a pack of tablets, blue in color
  168.         then runs the tap water and puts his head under to swallow
  169.         the tablet. As he turns around we see a zombie corpse
  170.         walking toward him down the corridor.
  171. (CONTINUED)
  174. 5.
  175.                             JAKE
  176.                   Damn they work quick! Fuck, I’ve
  177.                   had some shit in my time but this
  178.                   is crazy! You look like a fucking
  179.                   zombie, Dude, and you smell like
  180.                   shit!
  181.         Jake puts his hand on the zombies neck.
  182.                             JAKE
  183.                   Bro, you really stink!
  184.         The zombie bites Jake in the neck/wind pipe. Jake tries to
  185.         scream but nothing comes out as his vocal chords are gone.
  186.         Blood pours out and we see the zombie feasting on Jake’s
  187.         flesh.
  188. CUT TO:
  190.         Inside of the laboratory a lone cage sits in the center of
  191.         the room, a blanket partially obscures it’s contents.
  192.         We PAN IN to see a Rottweiler dog laying head down with its
  193.         body pressed tightly against the bars of the cage.
  194.                             JOHN
  195.                   Fuck me! I thought they kept shit
  196.                   loads of animals here... But look
  197.                   at him man, he’s so cute.
  198.                             BILL
  199.                   Cute?! He’s foaming at the mouth!
  200.         The dog has a rabid look in his eye’s. The dog smells JOHN
  201.         and starts barking!
  202.                             BILL
  203.                   Damn, I don’t think he likes you
  204. man.
  205.                             JOHN
  206.                   These fuckers are so cruel, just
  207.                   look at how they’ve treated that
  208.                   poor fucking dog!
  209.         John runs his fingers over the bars of the cage, before
  210.         unlocking it. The Rottweiler leaps from the cage and
  211.         aggressively leaps through the air. His jaws wide, teeth
  212.         bared, he rips at John’s neck.
  213. (CONTINUED)
  216. 6.
  217.                             BILL
  218.                   Fuck this shit!
  219.         Bill flees the scene.
  220.         As Bill lifts open the heavy laboratory door he runs
  221.         straight into the arms of a male zombie.
  222.         Its THE CARETAKER from the pictures. THE CARETAKER pulls a
  223.         stunned and shocked Bill toward him and takes a bite from
  224.         his shoulder.
  225.                             BILL
  226.                   Fuck me, you bastard, you bit me!
  227.                   You fucking bit me! You crazy sick
  228.                   motherfucker!
  229.         The zombie lunges forward and takes another bite this time
  230.         from Bill’s neck. We see the briefcase fall to the floor and
  231.         burst open, the green tube rolls across the floor and breaks
  232.         open.
  233.         The dog heads toward the open door with John’s hand in its
  234.         mouth.
  236. We see a group of people, ROXY, WARREN, STACEY, SETH, EMILY and MEGAN. Megan is the AA group leader as well as WARREN’S girlfriend. The group of friends are all sitting around a campfire just enjoying the wilderness and spending time out of the city.
  237.                             MEGAN
  238.                   You know, it really feels like
  239.                   we’re at one with nature. I told
  240.                   you guys at the meeting it would be
  241.                   better out here. It’s good to get
  242.                   out of that stuffy ass room once in
  243.                   awhile, isn’t it?
  244.         Everyone acknowledges.
  245.         Megan walks around the group handing them each a sobriety
  246.         chip.
  247.                             MEGAN
  248.                   Well done guys and gals, sobriety
  249.                   never felt so good! Well done Seth,
  250.                   that’s one full year for you, keep
  251.                   it up, all of you.
  252. (CONTINUED)
  255. 7.
  256.                     WARREN
  257.           Can we have a drink to celebrate?
  258.                     MEGAN
  259.           Of course not! But you can look at
  260.           these!!
  261. Megan lifts her top just so Warren can see.
  262. Megan’s back to the camera)
  263. Everyone laughs...
  264.                     SETH
  265.           I need a drink too!
  266.                     WARREN
  267.           Watch it bro, that’s my girl!
  268.                     STACEY
  269.           Who’s up for skinny dipping? It’s
  270.           the perfect end to a meditation
  271.           session. Even better than sex!
  272.                     ROXY
  273.           Hell yea, girl. I’m down!
  274.                     WARREN
  275.           Speak for yourself woman! Aren’t
  276.           you supposed to have water after
  277.           meditating with honey or some shit!
  278. Stacey smiles before heading toward the water.
  279.                     STACEY
  280.           Last one in cooks dinner!
  281. Roxy hastily removes her clothes and dives into the water
  282. first closely followed by Stacey, Megan and Warren.
  283. Warren gestures toward Seth and Emily who are still sitting
  284. on the ground.
  285.                     WARREN
  286.           You two not coming in?
  287.                     EMILY
  288.           No, Warren not me. You guys have
  289. fun.
  290. I’ll stay here with Emily, bro!
  291. SETH
  292. (CONTINUED)
  295. 8.
  296.                     WARREN
  297.           Alright then. Suit yourself!
  298. Everyone enters into the Lake.
  299. Seth thinks for a second then gets up and stands in front of
  300. Emily.
  301.                     SETH
  302.           Hey don’t be shy! Come on, let’s go
  303. in.
  304.                     EMILY
  305.           Oh, I’m not! I’m just enjoying the
  306.           sun getting my tan on.
  307. Seth starts to walk away towards the lake. Then quickly
  308. turns around and lifts Emily from the ground and runs with
  309. her in his arms to the water’s edge. She’s screams playfully
  310. as he throws her in fully clothed. He follows after her.
  311.                     EMILY
  312.           You punk! Well I’m in now!
  313. She takes her top off and even her bottoms under the water
  314. then throws them on the shore.
  315. The group frolic and splash Seth.
  316. Megan and Warren mess around with each other in the water.
  317.                     STACEY
  318.           Hey Seth, your the last one in the
  319. water!
  320.                     SETH
  321.           Shit, That’s right! Fuck me!
  322. Everyone laughs.
  323. Megan and Warren are holding each other in the water.
  324. They kiss.
  325.                     WARREN
  326.           You know you are so great at this.
  327.                     MEGAN
  328.           What? Kissing?
  329.                     WARREN
  330.           No, this. Helping people. If it
  331.           wasn’t for you I’d be a drunk, in
  332.           prison or worse, even dead by now.
  333. (CONTINUED)
  336. 9.
  337.                             MEGAN
  338.                   I can’t take all the credit, you
  339.                   haven’t done too bad yourself.
  340.         He smiles back at her then Megan tries to playfully dunk him
  341.         into the water.
  342. CUT TO:
  343. 7 EXT. LAKE -DAY 7 Long shot to the group playing in the river.
  344.         We hear a radio broadcast from the portable radio laying on
  345.         the sand.
  347. RADIO ANNOUNCER (TY ANDERSON) Reports just in, the town is on
  348.                   lock down after a mysterious virus
  349.                   hits------.
  350.                   Citizens are advised to stay
  351.                   indoors and await further
  352.                   instruction. We will give you
  353.                   updates when we have more news.
  354.                   As of yet specialists are unsure of
  355.                   the origin of the virus, there are
  356.                   possible terrorist allegations and
  357.                   also allegations of some kind of
  358.                   virus, the only thing we do know is
  359.                   that it’s growing at an
  360.                   uncontrollable rate!
  361.                   So please stay indoors, lock up
  362.                   securely, and await further
  363.                   instructions from your local
  364.                   authorities.
  365.         The group begins to leave the water and walk along the lake
  366.         to play some football.
  367.         They do not hear or pay any mind to the radio.
  369. 8 EXT. LAKE /SHORE - DAY 8 A game of football is being played by the group.
  370.                             ROXY
  371.                   This isn’t fair! Why do we have to
  372.                   have Seth on our side? I prefer an
  373.                   all girls team, Seth is just a
  374.                   pussy, I kick harder than him.
  375.         Seth score’s a goal, he runs to Roxy and lifts her up,
  376.                             SETH
  377.                   Who’s the pussy now bitch? You’re
  378.                   just jealous that I’m more of a man
  379.                   than you will ever be!
  380.         Roxy shakes her head and laughs. We see a shot of the group
  381.         playing football(or soccer) and Megan and Warren are touchy
  382.         feely each other.
  383.                             STACEY
  384.                   You won’t win doing that it’s meant
  385.                   to be the ball going in.
  386.                             WARREN
  387.                   Yeah, you’d like that!
  388.         He smiles while Stacey gives him the finger.
  389.         They play for a little while then head up to the Cabin.
  390. CUT TO:
  391. 9 INT. CABIN - DAY 9 They all settle into the cabin.
  392.                             WARREN
  393.                   Turn that shit off, put some tunes
  394. on!
  395.                             SETH
  396.                   Damn right, man!
  397.         Seth turns off the radio and puts a CD in the CD player, he
  398.         nods his head to the beat.
  399.                             SETH
  400.                   Guys, we may not be able to drink
  401.                   but I got some shit here that will
  402.                   fuck you right up!
  403. 10.
  404. (CONTINUED)
  406. CONTINUED: 11.
  407. Seth pulls out a bag.
  408.                     SETH
  409.           What do you want shrooms, weed,
  410.           coke, we got it all.
  411.                     MEGAN
  412.           Really, Seth? Come on!
  413. He passes around a big fat joint then lights another two in
  414. his mouth, then passes them around. The group are all
  415. dancing now.
  416.                     STACEY
  417.           This party is about to go down!!
  421.                     ROXY
  422.           Ahhh!! You party pooper, Megan!!!
  423.                     EMILY
  424.           So what are we doing about
  425.           dinner....Seth?
  426. They all laugh at Emily’s comment.
  427.                     SETH
  428.           Nope, no cooking for me. I got
  429.           chips and dips and even cold pizza
  430.           for everyone. Told you my uncle was
  431.           cool!
  432. Seth walks into the kitchen to get the food. As he reaches
  433. in to retrieve the dip from the fridge he spots an ice cold
  434. beer, he looks behind him, no one is watching. He opens the
  435. beer and takes a few sips. He holds the empty bottle to his
  436. chest holding it tight. Talking to it.
  437.                     SETH
  438.           Ahhh! Sweet nectar! I missed you,
  439.           my old friend!
  440. He hides the beer in the frig and walks back into the party,
  441. rips open the chip bags and fills a large bowl.
  442.                     WARREN
  443.           Give me some of that pizza, I’m
  444. starving!
  445. (CONTINUED)
  448. 12.
  449.                             ROXY
  450.                   Save some for me!
  451.         Stacey pokes her tongue out and smiles.
  452. 10 INT. CABIN - NIGHT
  453. CUT TO: 10
  454. We pan out from a Jack Daniels bottle spinning to see the
  455. group sitting around...
  456.                     ROXY
  457.           This is pretty ironic, us
  458.           anti-holics sitting around a
  459.           bottle. This is how I spent most of
  460.           my youth, only then it wasn’t
  461.           empty.
  462. They all laugh a bit.
  463.                     MEGAN
  464.           That’s pretty fucked up.
  465. She laughs. Emily spins the bottle and it comes to rest,
  466. pointing to Stacey.
  467.                     EMILY
  468.           I dare you to take your top off.
  469.                     STACEY
  470.           Bitch, please! I’d do that anyway.
  471. Stacey does a quick flash and then spins the bottle, it
  472. lands on Megan.
  473.                     STACEY
  474.           I dare you to take your top off.
  475.                     MEGAN
  476.           I don’t want to!
  477.                     ROXY
  478.           If you don’t you have to walk to
  479.           the lake in the dark on your own
  480.           and collect some wood for the fire.
  481.                     MEGAN
  482.           Screw that shit!
  483. She takes her top off..
  484. (CONTINUED)
  487. 13.
  488.                     MEGAN
  489.           I’m leaving my bra on though!
  490.                     SETH
  491.           Spoilsport! I like where this is
  492.           going! This is my kind of party!
  493. He starts to film on his Cell phone.
  494. Emily starts to get a little pissed.
  495. Emily takes the phone from Seth.
  496.                     EMILY
  497.           Cut it out, Seth!
  498.                     ROXY
  499.           Seth, You got enough there, for the
  500.           wank bank already.
  501. Megan covers her bra with her hands.
  502. Roxy smiles at Warren very slyly.
  503. Then Roxy spins the bottle and it lands on Warren.
  504.                     ROXY (SLYLY)
  505.           I dare you to ask Megan to marry
  506.           you.
  507. Roxy winks to Warren as if to say it’s time.
  508.                     WARREN
  509.           Funny you should say that..
  510. Warren reaches into his back pocket and takes out a box,
  511. Megan smiles.
  512.                     WARREN
  513.           Will you marry me?
  514.                     MEGAN
  515.           Is this a fucking joke or what?
  516.           This got to be a set up! Come on
  517.           guys stop playing around with me!
  518. She looks at Roxy and Warren.
  519.                     WARREN
  520.           No, I’m really serious baby! So,
  521.           will you marry me?
  522. Megan is shocked.
  523. (CONTINUED)
  526. 14.
  527.                             MEGAN
  528.                   Yes, yes, of course I will!
  529.                             STACEY
  530.                   Congrats guys.
  531.                             EVERYONE
  532.                   Yea congrats!! (Etc.)
  533.                             MEGAN
  534.                   I love you, baby!
  535.                             WARREN
  536.                   I love you, too...
  537.         Stacey gives Warren and Megan a kiss. Stacey reaches for a
  538.         joint just to celebrate. They pass the joint around and sit
  539.         back laughing. As it gets to Warren an Megan, Megan stags it
  540.         and puts it out.
  541.         Everyone joins in to hug Megan and Warren.
  542. FADE OUT:
  543. 11 INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT WARREN AND MEGAN’S ROOM. 11 Warren and Megan get ready for bed. Both pretty excited.
  544.         They get cozy under the sheets and Warren is very anxious to
  545.         be with his now fiance’.
  546.                             MEGAN
  547.                   You got this on tap now baby!
  548.                             WARREN
  549.                   Hell yea I do. I wanna tap that
  550.                   ass-right-now!
  551.                             MEGAN
  552.                   Then come and get it!
  553.         He grabs Megan and they play around for a second. They start
  554.         to make out and.....
  555. FADE OUT:
  557. 12 INT. - NIGHT 12 FADE IN:
  558.         Roxy and Stacey are sharing a bed.
  559.         Stacey is in a sexy, almost see through lingerie and Roxy in
  560.         some boxer type briefs with a tank top with no bra.
  561.                             ROXY
  562.                   Damn, girl! You better not hog up
  563.                   all the covers tonight.
  564.                             STACEY
  565.                   Whatever, Rox.
  566.         They hear Warren and Megan pounding a way with moans coming
  567.         from there room.
  568.         The girls just shake their heads. Roxy is getting a bit
  569.         excited.
  570.         Stacey leans over and turns off the light, Roxy kisses
  571.         Stacey quick and hard.
  572.                             STACEY
  573.                        (Stacey looks startled)
  574.                   What the fuck just happened?
  575.                             ROXY
  576.                   Sorry, I had to. You’re just so
  577.                   damn hot!
  578.         Stacey starts to get up out of bed.
  579.                             ROXY
  580.                   Wait Stacey, don’t go! I’m just
  581.                   stoned. I’m sorry.
  582.         She stops, waits for a second then gets back into bed.
  583.                             STACEY
  584.                   No worries. It’s cool. I
  585.                   understand. You know I love you,
  586.                   Roxy, but not like that. I mean
  587.                   we’re really good friends. I just
  588.                   don’t want to mess that all up.
  589.                   Okay?
  590.                             ROXY
  591.                   I know. Sorry Stace...
  592.         Stacey changes up the mood...
  593. 15.
  594. (CONTINUED)
  597. 16.
  598.                             STACEY
  599.                   I’m so glad Warren is finally
  600.                   settling down, Megan is great for
  601.                   him.
  602.                             ROXY
  603.                   Yeah, they make a really cute
  604. couple.
  605.                             STACEY
  606.                   Yup they sure do!
  607.         She smiles. Roxy gives a slight smile. She really wanted
  608.         Stacey... Bad.
  609.         They both look at each other again because they can hear
  610.         Warren and Megan are still at it in the other room.
  611. They both laugh!
  612. CUT TO:
  613. 13 INT. - NIGHT 13 Seth and Emily are in a another room together.
  614.         We see Emily changing out of her regular clothes into her
  615.         "bedtime" clothes.
  616.                             SETH
  617.                   Any chance of me coming in bed with
  618. you?
  619.                             EMILY
  620.                   No, I’m tired and I can keep an eye
  621.                   on you from over here... you are
  622.                   out of harm’s reach right there.
  623.         Seth stands away from the bed in jeans and no shirt.
  624.                              SETH
  625.                   Do I need keeping an eye on?
  626. EMILY
  627. Nope.
  628.         Emily smiles before turning over the opposite direction of
  629.         Seth. Seth jumps on the bed puts his arm around and tickles
  630.         her. The covers fly off because she is ticklish. She tries
  631.         to keep herself covered really tight in the sheets. They
  632.         play for a minute.
  633. FADE OUT:
  636.         Show the leaves on the trees blowing in the wind outside.
  637.         Sun shining through the tree branches and into the cabin.
  639.         Then leaving and getting into the Car/Van
  641.         They drive (Montage) Show over the mountains.
  642.         Smoke stacks are everywhere in town from far away. They
  643.         really pay no mind but keep their eyes on the road,
  644.         themselves and their devices.
  645. 15 EXT./INT. EARLY MORNING/CAR - DAY 15 They pull into city limits. Warren is driving.
  646.                             WARREN
  647.                   This road is DEAD today, not a car
  648. for miles!
  649.                             MEGAN
  650.                   You’re right, it’s usually poppin’
  651.                   around this time. So weird.
  652. 16 INT. MEGAN’S HOUSE - DAY They arrive at Megan’s house.
  653. CUT TO: 16
  654. All six of them get out. We see them grabbing their stuff
  655. and walking away from the van.
  656.                     MEGAN
  657.           Come in, I’ll make us all some
  658.           coffee. We need it, didn’t get much
  659.           sleep. If you know what I mean.
  660. Warren looks back at Megan with a huge smile.
  661. Seth and Roxy look outside.
  662. 17.
  663. (CONTINUED)
  666. 18.
  667.                             SETH
  668.                   Damn this place is dead, where is
  669.                   crackhead John at and all the other
  670.                   hood rats on the street?
  671.                             STACEY
  672.                   This is strange. Really strange.
  673.                             ROXY
  674.                   It really is! What happened while
  675.                   we were away?
  676.         Everyone now is looking out the window.
  677.         They notice a car that’s crashed into a fence posted down
  678.         the street, there’s still smoke coming from the car’s hood.
  679.                             EMILY
  680.                   Look it that...
  681.                             WARREN
  682.                   This is so wrong! Something is not
  683.                   right here!...
  684.         Warren starts to head out to the door to go investigate.
  685.                             WARREN
  686.                   ...Seth, let’s go!
  687.                             MEGAN
  688.                   Wait, what are you guys doing babe?
  689.                             WARREN
  690.                   We’ll be alright were just going to
  691.                   check it out.
  692.         Megan looks worried.
  693.         Warren and Seth head out.
  694. 17 EXT./INT. MR. SMITH’S HOUSE - DAY 17 Warren grabs a pistol from the car.
  695.         As Warren and Seth approach the car they hear a noise from
  696.         inside next door at Mr. Smith’s house.
  697.         Warren grabs the gun at they walk slowly over to the house.
  698.                             WARREN
  699.                   Yo Yo, Mr. Smith, we’re coming in!
  700. (CONTINUED)
  702. CONTINUED: 19.
  703.         Seth and Warren enter the house to find its contents
  704.         ransacked.
  705.         They enter the kitchen area.
  706.         There’s a figure tearing into Mr. Smith’s flesh chewing at
  707.         his body with blood running down its face.
  708.                             SETH
  709.                   What the flying fuck is that? What
  710.                   the shit!!!!!!
  711.         Warren aims the gun and puts a bullet through the zombies
  712.         head.
  713.                             WARREN
  714.                   Let’s get the fuck out of here!
  715. CUT TO:
  716. 18 INT./EXT. MEGAN’S HOUSE - DAY 18
  717.         Megan is on the porch getting milk, a zombie falls to the
  718.         ground as she opens the porch door. He’s crawling towards
  719.         her direction. Megan screams and takes the bottle of milk
  720.         smashing it over its head. Multiple times.
  721.         Roxanne, Stacey and Emily hear the commotion and run toward
  722.         Megan to see what happened.
  723.         Megan is now out of breath looking down at the zombie,
  724.         wiping the blood from her brow.
  725.                             ROXY
  726.                   Damn, girl! What the hell was
  727. that??!!
  728.                             MEGAN
  729.                   It came at me, a fucking zombie!
  730.                   Did you see that shit?
  731.                             EMILY
  732.                   It’s a zombie? A real zombie, I’ve
  733.                   read about them, seen films even
  734.                   played video games, it’s a real
  735.                   zombie! It’s the zombie apocalypse,
  736.                   I knew it would happen one day!
  737. Holy Shit!
  738. (CONTINUED)
  741. 20.
  742.                     STACEY
  743.           A zombie, what? That guy looks like
  744.           a crack head John.
  745. Seth and Warren come running into the house, they’re out of
  746. breath.
  747. Warren walks over the zombie on the floor first.
  748.                     WARREN
  749.           Oh shit!!!
  750. Seth running right behind Warren.
  751.                     SETH
  752.           Warren shot a fucking zombie in the
  753.           head!
  754. Not noticing the zombie on the floor just yet.
  755.                     MEGAN
  756.           I just killed one with a milk
  757. bottle!
  758.                     SETH
  759.           Wow, fuck!!
  760.                     EMILY
  761.           Megan is right you know, you should
  762.           only use a gun to kill a zombie in
  763.           an emergency situation, guns
  764.           attract too much attention.
  765. Everyone looks at one another.
  766.                     STACEY
  767.           Damn, you’re a nerd! How do you
  768.           know so much about zombies..
  769.                     EMILY
  770.           I’m a horror film junkie. You know
  771.           that - these aren’t voodoo zombies.
  772.           This is from a virus! These are
  773.           your stereotypical animated
  774.           corpses!
  775.                     WARREN
  776.           Man, I’m wigging out right now. I
  777.           cant believe this shit is really
  778.           actually happening!
  779. (CONTINUED)
  782. 21.
  783.                     SETH
  784.           This feels like that episode of the
  785.           Twilight zone. It’s not that
  786.           Santeria shit again is it! I know
  787.           they are into some voodoo stuff!
  788.                     ROXY
  789.           Have you seen inside their house?
  790.           It’s full of masks and shit!
  791.                     STACEY
  792.           Naw, fuck that voodoo shit.
  793.                     EMILY
  794.           No this is not Santeria this is The
  795.           Walking Plague!
  796.                     MEGAN
  797.           We need to get the fuck out of
  798. here!
  799.                     EMILY
  800.           Everyone grab a weapon! Whatever
  801. you can find!
  802.                     WARREN
  803.           I got guns and ammo in the car.
  804. Almost everyone but Megan looks at Warren, crazy.
  805.                     WARREN
  806.           What? I was in a gang once
  807. remember?
  808.                     EMILY
  809.           Get some melee weapons, you know
  810.           like spades, knives, baseball bats
  811.           and we’re gonna need lots of water,
  812.           start filling bottles.
  813.                     MEGAN
  814.           I’ll get some food together.
  815. They all begin to hunt around the house for weapons and
  816. food. Emily turns on the radio but there is nothing on but
  817. static.
  818.                     ROXY
  819.           This is so mine!
  820. Roxy reveals Megan’s ninja sword that she took off the wall
  821. in the hall.
  823. 19 EXT. STREET - DAY 19 Megan walks out to Warren.
  824.                             MEGAN
  825.                   Warren, have you got enough gas in
  826. the car?
  827.                             WARREN
  828.                   We should be fine, the tank’s
  829. almost full.
  830.                             SETH
  831.                   We probably should top that shit
  832. off.
  833.         They all begin to walk to the van and load all the stuff
  834.         inside.
  835.                             ROXY
  836.                   Where do we go now?
  837.                             EMILY
  838.                   My mom’s 20 minutes away.
  839.                             MEGAN
  840.                   That’s too far! Let’s get to a
  841.                   police station or something.
  842.                             WARREN
  843.                   Fuck the police! Where are they
  844.                   when you need them? They never come
  845.                   ’round this area anyway. Shit
  846.                   scared -- that’s on a normal day --
  847.                   let alone world war three...
  848.                             STACEY
  849.                   You got that shit right!
  850.         They all enter into the car loading it up and take off.
  851. 20 INT./EXT. INSIDE VAN - DAY 20
  852.         A car approaches them from behind with a gun sticking out
  853.         the window both sides.
  854.         We see a new turn of cul-de-sac full of zombies.
  855.                             MEGAN
  856.                   What the fuck! That car’s lowering
  857. its windows.
  858. 22.
  859. (CONTINUED)
  862. 23.
  863.                             STACEY
  864.                   They’re gonna do a drive by!
  865.                             WARREN
  866.                   No they wont. There not out to get
  867.                   us. I guarantee it!
  868.                             ROXY
  869.                   Jesus, look at all those zombies,
  870.                   it’s crazy out here!
  871.         The car drives past the group, shoots toward the horde of
  872.         zombies that are coming toward them.
  873.                             EMILY
  874.                   Shit, That could have been us. Keep
  875.                   driving Warren.
  876.                             STACEY
  877.                   Speed up! They might come back.
  878.                             WARREN
  879.                   Settle down.
  880.                             SETH
  881.                   I think they were the good guys.
  882.                   They were just shooting the them
  883.                   zombies, whatever you call them!
  884.         We see the car with the two men who were shooting the
  885.         zombies pull to a halt as the zombies cover the car all
  886.         over, even dragging their bodies as the victims try to
  887.         escape through the car windows.
  888. We see a shot of the zombies feasting on there bodies!
  889. 21 EXT. STREET (CONT.) - DAY 21
  890. A woman(a Mother)runs past there car window. She is actually chasing after zombies who are attacking her son on the street corner. She starts yelling at the zombies...
  891.                             MOTHER
  892.                   Get the fuck away from my boy you
  893.                   zombie mother fuckers! You no good
  894.                   pieces of shit!...
  895.         We see the woman get eaten alive but not before she took out
  896.         two of them.
  898. 22 INT. STREET (CONT.) - DAY 22 They make a quick turn around in the car.
  899.                             SETH
  900.                   Did you guys see that shit? They
  901.                   literally tore those people apart.
  902.                   They were eating their organs!
  903.                             EMILY
  904.                   Yeah they eat them too, they will
  905.                   stop at nothing to feast on human
  906.                   flesh, I think they seem to prefer
  907.                   brains for some reason.
  908.         They all look at Emily because she knows so much about the
  909.         zombies. Also because they kind of freaking them out in a
  910.         way.
  911.         As the group drives past the police station in the distance
  912.         they see it’s on fire.
  913.                             ROXY
  914.                   Oh shit, where to now?
  915.                             MEGAN
  916.                   I’m thinking The hospital?
  917.                             WARREN
  918.                   Sounds like a plan!
  919.         Warren puts his foot down driving over zombies as he goes,
  920.         the streets are full of them, Stacey starts to shoot at them
  921.         through the windows.
  922.                             EMILY
  923.                   Don’t shoot you’ll attract more
  924.                   attention to us remember?
  925.                             STACEY
  926.                   I wanna kill me some zombie ass!
  927.         As they reach the hospital Seth films on his Cell phone.
  928.                             ROXY
  929.                   What the hell are you filming for?
  930.                             SETH
  931.                   YouTube of the Dead!
  932.                             WARREN
  933.                   Oh, that’s classic bro!
  934.         Stacey chuckles in response.
  935. 24.
  936. (CONTINUED)
  939. 25.
  940.                             STACEY
  941.                   There’s no way we’re getting in
  942. there.
  943.                             MEGAN
  944.                   We’re gonna try!
  945.                             EMILY
  946.                   Remember guys, only shoot if you
  947.                   really have to. Don’t let their
  948.                   blood or saliva get near you and
  949.                   don’t get bitten!
  950. 23 EXT. STREET - DAY
  951. 23
  952. They all get out of the car and start fighting the hordes of
  953. zombies.
  954. The fight goes on for a good few minutes and we see civilian
  955. zombies as well as zombies in army, nurse and police
  956. uniforms.
  957. From the hospital window Megan hears something, she turns to
  958. investigate.
  959.                     DR. SCOTT
  960.           Hey, over here at the window! We
  961. are doctors!
  962. We see Doctor Scott and Doctor Steiner at the window. There are zombies directly outside the window trying to get in.
  963. They kill the zombies so they can get access safely to the
  964. window.
  965.                     DR. STEINER
  966.           Come in all of you we have some
  967.           food and water.
  968.                     STACEY
  969.           I’m not going in there! Have you
  970.           seen the amount of them behind that
  971.           fence and it ain’t going to hold
  972.           for long!
  973.                     MEGAN
  974.           We’ll be sitting ducks. Let’s just
  975.           get them out and they can come with
  976.           us!
  977. (CONTINUED)
  979. CONTINUED: 26.
  980.         They help Doctor Steiner and Doctor Scott out through the
  981.         window they bring their supplies of food and water with
  982.         them.
  983.                             DOCTOR SCOTT
  984.                   Thank god! We haven’t seen anyone
  985.                   but zombies for hours. Thank you!
  986.         They all introduce each other..
  987. 24 INT. VAN - DAY 24 They all hop inside the van.
  988.                             MEGAN
  989.                   It’s going to be a tight squeeze in
  990.                   here! but ain’t no rules now.
  991.                             EMILY
  992.                   So where to now?!
  993.                             DOCTOR SCOTT
  994.                   Like I said we need to get out of
  995.                   the city immediately. The military
  996.                   would rather blow the city up, lose
  997.                   a few thousand lives than risk
  998.                   letting this get out and destroying
  999.                   everything.
  1000.         The group continue to drive away from the city.
  1001.                             ROXY
  1002.                   Yea, I wouldn’t put it past them.
  1003. 25 INT. VAN - ALMOST NIGHT 25
  1004.                             MEGAN
  1005.                   It’s getting late it will be dark
  1006.                   soon, who knows what’s on the
  1007.                   highway.
  1008.                             WARREN
  1009.                   Good idea babe.
  1010.                             SETH
  1011.                   Hey guys, Let’s pull over there! We
  1012.                   can check that place out.
  1013.         They find an abandoned Barn and decide to stop there for the
  1014.         night.
  1018. They all exit the van. The walk over to check out the Barn.
  1019.                             WARREN
  1020.                   Looks pretty quiet.
  1021. They all begin to look around the building as they open the barn door a redneck style zombie jumps out and tries to attack Warren.
  1022.         He pulls a gun from his back pocket and shoots the zombie
  1023.         dead in the head.
  1024.                             WARREN
  1025.                   Take that you redneck inbred,
  1026.                   motherfucker!
  1027.                             SETH
  1028.                   Close one man!
  1029.                             WARREN
  1030.                   Yeah, a bit too close for my
  1031. liking.
  1032.         All of the sudden a zombie comes around the corner of the
  1033.         barn grabs Emily and bites her on the neck.
  1034.                             EMILY
  1035.                   I’ve been bitten! Aggg, Shit!!
  1036.         Emily starts to scream louder.
  1037.                             SETH
  1038.                   Emily! No, not you oh fuck!
  1039.                             MEGAN
  1040.                   No guns my ass!
  1041.         Seth tries to get the zombie off of her. Warren goes to
  1042.         help. They get the zombie away from her and Seth smashes it
  1043.         in the head with his weapon. He continues to hit the zombie
  1044.         til its head is almost turned to jelly. Seth’s face is now
  1045.         totally covered with blood.
  1046.         Megan and Stacey go to Emily’s aid while Warren and Roxy
  1047.         look out for more zombies to come.
  1048.         Seth runs to Emily. He now picks her up and helps her to a
  1049.         safe corner of the barn(w/Megan and Stacy’s help.)
  1050. 27.
  1051. (CONTINUED)
  1052. 26
  1054. CONTINUED:
  1055. 28.
  1056.                     EMILY
  1057.           I’m losing a lot of blood! Not
  1058.           feeling so well.
  1059.                     SETH
  1060.           Your going to be okay Emily. Your
  1061.           going to be fine hang in there!
  1062.                     EMILY
  1063.           Seth..I..I want to tell you. I
  1064.           always liked you Seth, you know
  1065.           that don’t you?
  1066.                     SETH
  1067.           Well I’m crazy about you girl...
  1068.           Always have been..
  1069.                     EMILY
  1070.           Kiss me, please, Seth!!
  1073. Then Emily passes out, her kisses go limp.
  1074. Shes gone....
  1075. Then all of the sudden Emily sits up with a jolt. She gives
  1076. a zombie growl and starts to attack Seth.
  1077. Warren aims the gun right at her head. Seth pushes him back
  1078. and gets right in front of Emily.
  1079. SETH
  1080. No!!
  1081. Seth pushes Emily’s face down trying to stay away from her
  1082. biting teeth.
  1083.                     SETH
  1084.           Find something! Anything! We need
  1085. to tie her up!
  1086. Megan and Stacey help Seth hold her down. Roxy looks around
  1087. the barn.
  1088. Roxy finds some twine hanging on the wall of the barn.
  1089.                     WARREN
  1090.           Seth, what the fuck!
  1091.           It’s too late, she’s gone.
  1092. (CONTINUED)
  1094. CONTINUED:
  1095. 29.
  1096.                             MEGAN
  1097.                   I’m so sorry Seth.
  1098.                             SETH
  1099.                   What if there’s a cure? The
  1100.                   doctor’s can help! I know they can.
  1101.         She’s worth the risk. At the same time Seth and Stacey carry
  1102.         Emily to one of the back rooms.
  1103.                             STACEY
  1104.                   She’s not Emily anymore, Seth,
  1105.                   she’s gone... Gone with the Dead!
  1106.         Seth just looks at her and Warren disappointingly.
  1107.                             ROXY
  1108.                   I’m going to take a look around.
  1109.         Roxy a little upset, walks away from Seth and the rest of
  1110.         the group to investigates some more.
  1111. 27 INT. BATHROOM - DAY 27
  1112.         Roxy enters into the restroom very slowly. Stacey catches up
  1113.         with her opens the door and a female zombie lunges for her.
  1114.         Roxy takes a swing with her ninja sword at the zombie and
  1115.         takes the zombies head clean off.
  1116.                             ROXY
  1117.                   Take that you skank whore! Bad
  1118.                   taste in lipstick -- a bit too red
  1119.                   for my liking.
  1120.                             STACEY
  1121.                   Damn girl you got skills!
  1122.                             ROXY
  1123.                   No, just spent my wasted youth
  1124.                   watching 80’s ninja movies.
  1125.                             WARREN
  1126.                   The place is clear, should be fine
  1127. now.
  1128.                             ROXY
  1129.                   Yep, Over here as well!
  1130.         They all head into the farm house.
  1132. 28 INT. FARM
  1133. HOUSE
  1134.           MEGAN
  1135. So, Doctor. What caused this?
  1136.           DR. SCOTT
  1137. Our Medical testing center was
  1138. broken into and it appears as if a
  1139. virus has mutated with one of the
  1140. animals it was tested on. From what
  1141. I have seen its a mutation of
  1142. rabies. Rabid animals were freed
  1143. from the facility. We were breaking
  1144. new ground testing for a new cure
  1145. for cancer.
  1146.           ROXY
  1147. You got a cure for that now?
  1148.           DR/ SCOTT
  1149. Pretty much, yes.
  1150.           DR. STEINER
  1151. Rabies is a fast spreading disease.
  1152. Let alone when it’s mutated with a
  1153. flu like virus. These super flus
  1154. get more resistant every year.
  1155.           SETH
  1156. Let me get this straight, you’re
  1157. telling me that you’re the cause of
  1158. this? Fuck you!
  1159.           DOCTOR STEINER
  1160. We’re the hope, Seth. We did not
  1161. cause this. Now get that gun out of
  1162. my face!
  1163.           DOCTOR SCOTT
  1164. We didn’t cause this but the lab
  1165. testing center was broken into.
  1166. There are so many could have beens!
  1167. There has been a rise in the number
  1168. of cases of rabies around here!
  1169. Whatever this is, it’s a mutation!
  1170.           DOCTOR STEINER
  1171. We need to find a cure for this
  1172. virus! That is the most important
  1173. thing now.
  1174. 28
  1175. 30.
  1176. (CONTINUED)
  1178. CONTINUED:
  1179. 31.
  1180.                     SETH
  1181.           Can you bring the infected back to
  1182.           life again? I mean as they were?
  1183.                     DOCTOR SCOTT
  1184.           Who knows? In time maybe.
  1185. Doctor Scott starts to set up his equipment on a table.
  1186.                     WARREN
  1187.           Better start securing the place.
  1188.                     WARREN
  1189.           Seth, help me out bro.
  1190. Warren and Seth start checking and securing the place, they
  1191. board the windows, the group settle on the floor for the
  1192. night.
  1193.                     MEGAN
  1194.           How long has it been like this, I
  1195.           mean we were up at the lake for the
  1196.           weekend, it’s quite remote there.
  1197.                     DOCTOR SCOTT
  1198.           Under 24 hours, it just seems
  1199.           longer, it has spread at such an
  1200.           uncontrollable rate. The first
  1201.           reports were of a rabid dog
  1202.           attacking people, then there were
  1203.           reports of rabid humans doing the
  1204.           same. The infected officially died
  1205.           within minutes of being bitten then
  1206.           they began to reanimate as walking
  1207.           rabid corpses.
  1208.                     DOCTOR STEINER
  1209.           We need a cure, we need to stop
  1210.           this before it takes over the world
  1211. Doctor Scott pulls a large bottle of whiskey from a bag.
  1212.                     DOCTOR STEINER
  1213.           Thirty year old single malt. I was
  1214.           saving this for a celebratory drink
  1215.           after our recent cancer
  1216.           breakthroughs.
  1217.                     MEGAN
  1218.           I’m afraid we don’t drink.
  1219. (CONTINUED)
  1221. CONTINUED:
  1222. 32.
  1223.                     SETH
  1224.           It’s the end of the fucking world!
  1225.           WE deserve a fucking drink!
  1226.                     WARREN
  1227.           He’s right you know we should have
  1228.           a drink, it could be our last!
  1229.                     MEGAN
  1230.           Okay Fuck it!!
  1231. Megan rolls her eyes, then takes a swing from the bottle.
  1232. Everyone starts drinking.
  1233.                     DOCTOR STEINER
  1234.           No thanks, that shot’s not for me,
  1235.           it’ll fuck with your brain.
  1236.                     STACEY
  1237.           That’s the point!
  1238. Doctor Steiner unclips her hair, slow motion as her hair
  1239. falls gently on her shoulders, she shakes her head and
  1240. removes her blood stained lab coat to reveal her midriff.
  1241.                     DOCTOR STEINER
  1242.           Okay, I guess one won’t hurt.
  1243.                     DOCTOR SCOTT
  1244.           I’ll have just one drink. I think I
  1245.           have enough brain cells to kill a
  1246.           few off!
  1247. As everyone starts to relax just a little bit a banging on
  1248. the door begins...
  1249.                     MEGAN
  1250.           What the fuck is that?
  1251.                     ROXY
  1252.           Who gives a shit? We’re in here and
  1253.           whatever it is... is out there.
  1254. Roxy takes a swig of whiskey.
  1255. Suddenly a scream for help is heard followed by a continuous
  1256. knocking at the door.
  1257.                     WARREN
  1258.           Seth, Roxy let’s take a look!
  1261. 29
  1262. They walk out of the building, hordes of zombies are coming
  1263. across the grass land there are two strangers one male and
  1264. one female running away from the infected.
  1265.                     WARREN
  1266.           This way, over here.
  1267.                     SETH
  1268.           What the fuck, man? They could be
  1269.           fucking psychos!
  1270.                     WARREN
  1271.           Don’t worry, they look normal
  1272.           enough to me. Plus there’s a young
  1273.           girl there. We got to help.
  1274.                     SETH
  1275.           Yeah, but what’s normal to you?
  1276. Warren opens up the building door.
  1277. Two people enter the building. A man, MICHAEL, around his
  1278. 40s and a girl, MANDY, about 19 in age.
  1279.                     MICHAEL
  1280.           Thank you. That was pretty damn
  1281. close!
  1282.                     MANDY
  1283.           Thank you so much. You guys are
  1284. life savers!
  1285. Warren closes the door behind him cutting off a zombies hand
  1286. in the process. They walk them over to the rest of the
  1287. group.
  1288.                     MICHAEL
  1289.           I’m Michael and this is my
  1290.           step-daughter Mandy. What the hell
  1291.           is going on?
  1292.                     DOCTOR SCOTT
  1293.           A virus has swept the area, the
  1294.           cause doesn’t matter but we need to
  1295.           find a cure.
  1296.                     WARREN
  1297.           No laws in place here. Or anywhere
  1298. it seems!
  1299. 33.
  1300. (CONTINUED)
  1302. CONTINUED:
  1303. 34.
  1304.                     DOCTOR SCOTT
  1305.           As I said before, I’ve heard of
  1306.           cases like this, as soon as the
  1307.           government hear of this they will
  1308.           not even try to quarantine they’ll
  1309.           just kill every man woman and child
  1310.           infected or not, we aren’t safe
  1311.           here. We are sitting meat, I really
  1312.           think we need to make it to the
  1313.           next town.
  1314.                     DOCTOR STEINER
  1315.           I had a thought. Is there any way
  1316.           we can bring one of the infected
  1317.           here? Examine it if you will.
  1318.                     WARREN
  1319.           Are you fucking crazy?
  1320.                     STACEY
  1321.           You must be nuts!
  1322. ROXY
  1323. No way!
  1324.                     MEGAN
  1325.           Well, what do you intend to do
  1326. doctor?
  1327.                     DOCTOR STEINER
  1328.           If you can get one and tie them up
  1329.           we may be able to do some tests.
  1330.                     SETH
  1331.           But like you said we’re sitting
  1332.           ducks in here, right?!
  1333.                     DOCTOR SCOTT
  1334.           Listen to her, This maybe our only
  1335.           chance of survival.
  1336.                     SETH
  1337.           Wait! Let’s use Emily. It only
  1338.           makes sense. Just don’t let me see
  1339.           you do the tests. Okay?
  1340.                     DR. STEINER
  1341.           Sure thing.
  1342.                     SETH
  1343.                (to Dr. Scott)
  1344.           Bring her back. Please.
  1345. Dr. Scott looks at Seth and gives a small grin.
  1348. DOCTOR SCOTT and DOCTOR STEINER in a separate room.
  1349.                             DOCTOR STEINER
  1350.                   She’s definitely rabid, just look
  1351. at her eyes.
  1352.                             DOCTOR SCOTT
  1353.                   For a virus a disease to travel at
  1354.                   this rate and break the blood brain
  1355.                   barrier so rapidly we would need to
  1356.                   have a cure that could reach just
  1357.                   as quickly to the brain itself as
  1358.                   the brain is the only organ which
  1359.                   is still functioning.
  1360.                             DOCTOR STEINER
  1361.                   Are they still human? Is there
  1362.                   anything left? Look at her, she has
  1363.                   an open wound that she would have
  1364.                   bled to death from, her heart isn’t
  1365.                   beating.
  1366.                             DOCTOR STEINER
  1367.                   Yes, but there is hope as the brain
  1368.                   itself is still active not to its
  1369.                   full capacity but there is
  1370.                   activity. It’s telling her she’s
  1371.                   hungry they are drawn to food and
  1372.                   just seem to crave human flesh
  1373.                   though they seem to prefer live
  1374.                   bait, it somehow seems more
  1375.                   appealing to them than a chunk or
  1376.                   rotting flesh.
  1377.                             DOCTOR STEINER
  1378.                   Surely if we found a cure to stop
  1379.                   her being rabid, that the virus
  1380.                   itself is the only thing keeping
  1381.                   her alive, well in this state. If
  1382.                   that was removed she would just be
  1383.                   a vegetable at best, her wounds
  1384.                   make her one of the lucky ones if
  1385.                   there is a cure she may be able to
  1386.                   be saved. If you could call it
  1387.                   luck! But what about the ones that
  1388.                   have body parts removed and organs
  1389.                   missing we don’t need to find a
  1390.                   cure for them... we need immunity
  1391.                   to getting the virus itself, it’s
  1392.                   already too late for them.
  1393. 30
  1394. 35.
  1395. (CONTINUED)
  1397. CONTINUED:
  1398. 36.
  1399.                     DOCTOR SCOTT
  1400.           From our observation from the
  1401.           hospital window they get infected
  1402.           from a bite wound saliva or blood
  1403.           exchange, the rate at which the
  1404.           hosts body shuts down and changes
  1405.           into zombie form depends on the
  1406.           host, I’m afraid you’re right we
  1407.           need to find a preventative to stop
  1408.           this virus! If the bodies immunity
  1409.           is high the immune system could
  1410.           stop this just as the cancer
  1411.           cure...
  1412. Doctor Scott starts to mix around different bottles potions
  1413. and prepare needles etc. He drinks a cup full of the liquid
  1414. then injects himself. Doctor Scott then injects Emily with
  1415. the mixture, nothing happens she stays the same.
  1416.                     DOCTOR SCOTT
  1417.           It’s a waiting game now! Using some
  1418.           of the principles from the
  1419.           breakthroughs in the immune
  1420.           systems/cancer tests ability to
  1421.           fight infection at a rapid rate.
  1422.           Take this.
  1423. He gives Doctor Steiner a syringe full of liquid and injects
  1424. her.
  1425.                     DOCTOR STEINER
  1426.           I have taken samples of the
  1427.           infected blood putting that in here
  1428.           (ice box) we are limited to what we
  1429.           can do here we need to get to a
  1430.           test facility asap.
  1431.                     DOCTOR SCOTT
  1432.           You’re right but the others want to
  1433.           stay here. They just want to be
  1434.           safe for tonight. But who knows if
  1435.           we will be alive until tomorrow? I
  1436.           know we will just have to wait it
  1437.           out with them safety in numbers
  1438.           these guys have guns too!
  1439.                     DOCTOR JULIE
  1440.           We need to give the others the
  1441.           mixture of Allicin and Collodial
  1442.           silver and vitamin c and the
  1443.           antibiotic shot now! This is
  1444.           similar to the cancer cure but
  1445.           without the high mass proteins.
  1446. (CONTINUED)
  1448. CONTINUED: 37.
  1449. Both Doctors collect up the medicines and prepare the
  1450. antibiotic shots.
  1451. CUT TO:
  1452. 31 INT. LOUNGE - NIGHT/DAY 31
  1453.         While the Doctors test on Emily the others gather around to
  1454.         find out more about Micheal and Mandy.
  1455.                             MEGAN
  1456.                   So where do you guys live?
  1457.                             MICHAEL
  1458.                   We live on the outskirts, we
  1459.                   actually came through the city we
  1460.                   were passing through and ran out of
  1461.                   gas.
  1462.                             MANDY
  1463.                   At first it seemed like a bad
  1464.                   dream, it felt like we were in a
  1465.                   horror film.
  1466.                             WARREN
  1467.                   Well this is a fucking nightmare
  1468.                   that’s for sure!
  1469.                             MEGAN
  1470.                   We really need to get to another
  1471. city.
  1472.                             ROXY
  1473.                   What if it’s spread there too?
  1474.                             STACEY
  1475.                   It’s got to be worth a shot.
  1476.                             MANDY
  1477.                   We stayed in the car, its not such
  1478.                   a great neighborhood around here.
  1479.                   My dad called his friend Jack he
  1480.                   was going to bring some gas or at
  1481.                   least give us a lift but he never
  1482.                   showed up. He got a video message
  1483.                   saying he was in trouble being
  1484.                   attacked by a gang he said he had
  1485.                   called the police.
  1486.                             MICHAEL
  1487.                   It was pretty fucked up. He
  1488.                   screamed out and blood covered the
  1489.                             (MORE)
  1490. (CONTINUED)
  1492. CONTINUED:
  1493. 38.
  1494.                     MICHAEL (cont’d)
  1495.           screen. Either a zombie took him or
  1496.           one of the crazy looters.
  1497.                     WARREN
  1498.           Everything about this is fucked up
  1499. man!
  1500. Doctor Scott and Doctor Steiner enter the room with a tray
  1501. full of the antibiotic shots and immune boosters...
  1502.                     DOCTOR SCOTT
  1503.           Listen up please. Due to our recent
  1504.           breakthrough with cancer and the
  1505.           effect over-boosting the immune
  1506.           system has on fighting diseases and
  1507.           viruses, I have made a concoction
  1508.           of Immune system boosters and
  1509.           everyone will need to have a high
  1510.           dose antibiotic shot.
  1511.                     MEGAN
  1512.           So, is this the cure to the virus?
  1513.                     DOCTOR STEINER
  1514.           This is an Immune booster it could
  1515.           be resistant to this strain. We
  1516.           just don’t know yet.
  1517.                     STACEY
  1518.           What if he’s trying to poison us?!
  1519.                     DOCTOR SCOTT
  1520.           What the hell do I have to gain
  1521.           from that? Look to be honest I
  1522.           could not care who has this or not.
  1523.           But you guys helped us we are going
  1524.           to return the favor. It’s worth a
  1525.           try. If this boosts the immune
  1526.           system and there is even a glimmer
  1527.           of hope of not getting the virus I
  1528.           think it’s worth it.
  1529.                     DOCTOR STEINER
  1530.           Look, we think that prevention is
  1531.           the best action. Doctor Scott and I
  1532.           will take it first so you don’t
  1533.           think we are trying to kill you
  1534.           guys. Its just going to boost the
  1535.           bodies immunity that is all.
  1536. (CONTINUED)
  1538. CONTINUED:
  1539. 39.
  1540.           MEGAN
  1541. I’ll take it.
  1542.           WARREN
  1543. Yea, well take it what the hell.
  1544.           STACEY
  1545. I’m not sure.
  1546.           DOCTOR STEINER
  1547. That’s your choice.
  1548.           ROXY
  1549. What the hell do we have to lose?
  1550.           SETH
  1551. I’m all for it!
  1552.           MICHEAL
  1553. Yea well take it too, if its okay.
  1554.                             MANDY
  1555.         Mandy smiles at Micheal.
  1556. They all take the medication, even Stacey walks forward to receive her shot once everyone had theirs.
  1557. CUT TO:
  1558. 32 INT. KITCHEN - DAY 32 Later:
  1559.         Stacey and Mandy are making a cup of coffee using bottles of
  1560.         water filling the kettle up and filling a plate up with
  1561.         biscuits the found in the pantry. (or whatever is available)
  1562.         Roxy is sitting eating and drinking.
  1563.         Warren, Seth and Megan walk into the room.
  1564.                             WARREN
  1565.                   There’s so many of them out there
  1566.                   we need a distraction so that we
  1567.                   can get to the van.
  1568.                             MICHAEL
  1569.                   Look, we’ll help you make a
  1570.                   distraction so you can get to the
  1571.                   van.
  1572. Sure!!
  1573. (CONTINUED)
  1575. CONTINUED:
  1576. 40.
  1577.                     MANDY
  1578.           What the fuck, really? Are you
  1579. kidding me?
  1580.                     MICHAEL
  1581.           It’s fine Mandy, I promise.
  1582.                     SETH
  1583.           That’s settled then.
  1584.                     WARREN
  1585.           Everybody grab your weapons and
  1586.           belongings. We’ll get ready, pack
  1587.           up, and head to the next town.
  1588. Stacey and Roxy look out the window.
  1589.                     MEGAN
  1590.           Sounds like a plan, babe!
  1591.                     ROXY
  1592.           Wouldn’t it be easier if one of us
  1593.           goes and gets the van and brings it
  1594.           back here near the entrance?
  1595.                     WARREN
  1596.           NO, that’s too risky just look out
  1597.           there! We need to take a good few
  1598.           out first.
  1599.                     SETH
  1600.           Okay then, we are safer shooting as
  1601.           many of them as we can from inside
  1602.           let’s take the numbers down at
  1603.           least!
  1604.                     MICHAEL
  1605.           Good idea!
  1606. They start to smash some of the windows take some of the
  1607. boards down from the old house and remove plastic black bin
  1608. liners from the windows.
  1609. They keep shooting the fight scene lasts about three minutes
  1610. including a zombie climbing in the window and Roxy killing
  1611. it with her Ninja sword!
  1612.                     WARREN
  1613.           We don’t want to waste to much ammo
  1614.           guys. Let’s go for it!
  1615. (CONTINUED)
  1617. CONTINUED:
  1618. 41.
  1619.                             MICHEAL
  1620.                   Hey so when you guys take out a
  1621.                   majority of those zombie fuckers,
  1622.                   I’ll be the distraction!
  1623.         Mandy looks at Micheal with a "what the fuck!" look on her
  1624.         face.
  1625. 33 EXT. ABANDONED BARN - DAY 33 Warren tosses Megan the car keys.
  1626. Stacey, Mandy and the Doctors stay inside.
  1627.         Warren, Megan, Seth Michael and Roxy close the door behind
  1628.         them. All running away in the opposite direction towards the
  1629.         van. All making loud noises and shouting. They kill zombies
  1630.         on their way including one dressed as a clown. Warren grabs
  1631.         a horn from the body of the clown zombie and squeezes it.
  1632.         (Or honks the clowns nose, trying to be funny)
  1633.                             SETH
  1634.                   Are you crazy, bro!
  1635.         Warren makes a quick laugh.
  1636.                             ROXY
  1637.                   There’s so many of them!
  1638.         Megan and Roxy come up to the van.
  1639.         Michael puts a gun to Megan’s back.
  1640.                             MICHAEL
  1641.                   Give me the keys!
  1642.                             MEGAN
  1643.                   What the fuck! We should have known
  1644.                   you were shady.
  1645.         Michael give out a manic laugh!
  1646.         Roxy wants to cut his head clean off but knows she really
  1647.         can’t do it.
  1648.                             MICHAEL
  1649.                   It’s not the zombies you should be
  1650.                   scared of, it’s me bitch! The
  1651.                   zombies are slow brain dead fuckers
  1652.                   who can’t lie! Never trust anyone
  1653.                   in this fucked up world! My daddy
  1654.                   taught me that.
  1655. (CONTINUED)
  1657. CONTINUED:
  1658. 42.
  1659.                     ROXY(SHOUTS)
  1660.           Do as he says, he’s got a gun.
  1661. Michael drags the gun up from Megan’s back and points it at
  1662. her head.
  1663.                     MICHAEL
  1664.           Keys bitch, Now!
  1665. Megan hands him the keys, he gets in and jumps in the van.
  1666. Megan takes a few steps back and Roxy consuls her. Michael
  1667. speed off knocking out 3 zombies in the process.
  1668. He slips passed everyone. Michael drives off.
  1669.                     MEGAN
  1670.           You asshole!!!
  1671. Seth and Warren sees the van drive off in the distance.
  1672.                     SETH
  1673.           What the fuck!
  1674.                     WARREN
  1675.           What the hell just happen to my
  1676. van!
  1677. Mandy runs out to the middle of the dirt road. Not caring to
  1678. much about the zombies only her Dad taking off without her.
  1679.           MANDY
  1680. Where are you going?! Hey, wait!!
  1681. Don’t leave me!! DAD????!!!
  1682. 34 INT. ABANDONED BARN - DAY 34 Everyone goes back into the building.
  1683.                             WARREN
  1684.                   Fuck, I should have known. That sly
  1685.                   piece of shit!
  1686.                             ROXY
  1687.                   You couldn’t have done anything. We
  1688.                   were all caught off guard.
  1689.                             MEGAN
  1690.                   Guys, he left without Mandy!
  1691.         Mandy is now on the floor sitting with her back against the
  1692.         wall. Head in between her knees.
  1693. CUT TO:
  1694. (CONTINUED)
  1696. CONTINUED:
  1697. 43.
  1698.                     MANDY
  1699.           I cant believe he just left me...
  1700.                     STACEY
  1701.           Hey, are you going to be alright?
  1702. Stacey consoles Mandy.
  1703.                     MANDY
  1704.           I guess, I mean my step-dad has
  1705.           always been an asshole but I didn’t
  1706.           think he would actually leave me
  1707.           like that.
  1708.                     ROXY
  1709.           Well, I wanted to kill his ass my
  1710. self.
  1711.                     MEGAN
  1712.           Yeah me too Rox...
  1713. Walking over to Mandy.
  1714.                     MEGAN(CONT)
  1715.           ...Well your safe with us okay,
  1716. Mandy.
  1717.                     MANDY
  1718.           Yeah??...
  1719. Megan gives her a short smile.
  1720. Mandy cries a bit to herself.
  1721.                     WARREN
  1722.           So okay, we have no vehicle. Looks
  1723.           like we need to travel by foot
  1724.           unfortunately.
  1725.                     SETH
  1726.           By the looks of it. There’s a
  1727.           shit-load of zombies out there. I
  1728.           think we might have attracted even
  1729.           more of them.
  1730.                     DOCTOR SCOTT
  1731.           We really do need to get to the
  1732.           next city. This needs to be
  1733.           controlled or it could be the end
  1734.           of us all.
  1735. (CONTINUED)
  1737. CONTINUED:
  1738. 44.
  1739.                             STACEY
  1740.                   No shit Sherlock! You keep saying
  1741.                   that your free to leave!!
  1742.         Doctor Scott shakes his head and takes a seat.
  1743.                             ROXY
  1744.                   So how the hell are we going to get
  1745.                   out of here? There’s way too many
  1746.                   of them.
  1747.                             WARREN
  1748.                   Let’s just fucking go for it, we
  1749.                   are dead if we stay here either
  1750.                   way!
  1751.                             DOCTOR STEINER
  1752.                   Lets do it!
  1753.                             DR.SCOTT
  1754.                   Yea, Lets do it.
  1755.         Everyone goes out side.
  1756.         Seth goes to Emily and says his goodbyes.
  1757.         Everyone gives Seth a nod and smile. Then he joins the rest
  1758.         of the group.
  1759.                             WARREN
  1760.                   Alright everyone, Lets ride!!
  1761. 35 EXT. OUTSIDE - DAY 35
  1762.         We see all the characters running outside of the building in
  1763.         slow motion with guns in the air. It’s a massive all out
  1764.         zombie fight which lasts a good few minutes until they
  1765.         manage to get far enough away in the woodland away from the
  1766.         infected.
  1767.         As the group are fairly safe they take a breather and Warren
  1768.         starts to gulp some of water and passes it around.
  1769.         Seth and Mandy are in the back of the group. A crowd of
  1770.         zombies come around the corner without any warning then
  1771.         attacks Mandy and Seth.
  1772.                             SETH
  1773.                   Ah Shit!!
  1774. (CONTINUED)
  1776. CONTINUED:
  1777. 45.
  1778.                     MANDY
  1779.           Stay close to me.
  1780.                     SETH
  1781.           Wh..What?!!
  1782. We see Alice, out of no where start kicking and fighting off
  1783. the the zombies. Shes a bad ass fighter and holding her own.
  1784. Seth fights along with Mandy. Hes stunned she has no weapons
  1785. but she knocking out zombies left and right. He grabs a few
  1786. things off the ground and uses them as weapons. Everyone
  1787. joins the fight.
  1788. We see a crowd of zombies coming in a different direction
  1789. towards them. We see Megan, Roxy kicking zombie ass,
  1790. punching and stabbing zombies. We see Roxy with a ninja
  1791. sword chopping zombies up.
  1792.                     ROXY
  1793.                (to an ex-stripper zombie)
  1794.           I got the sword bitch!
  1795. Roxy cuts the stripper’s head clean off!
  1796.                     ROXY
  1797.           Pretty ironic bitch you never
  1798.           stopped giving head!
  1799. The fight continues, it’s all out carnage. We see the group
  1800. has taken out the crowd of zombies.
  1801.                     STACEY
  1802.           That was close.
  1803. Just as she says this she leans against the wall to rest. She gets bitten on the leg by a zombie that was taken down in the fight but not killed, she turns and kills the zombie that attacked her, he’s a wiry old man, Roxy witnesses the attack and shouts.
  1804.                     ROXY
  1805.           NO!!!!!!!!!!!
  1806. As she throws her arms around Stacey.
  1807.                     DOCTOR SCOTT
  1808.           You have no chance of survival
  1809.           unless we amputate your leg. This
  1810.           may stop the infection spreading to
  1811.           your brain!
  1812. (CONTINUED)
  1814. CONTINUED:
  1815. 46.
  1816.                     ROXY
  1817.           You fucking asshole, really?
  1818.                     DOCTOR SCOTT
  1819.           Sorry, Just stating the facts.
  1820. Stacey puts her hand out to Roxy for her sword and takes the
  1821. sword from her and she half grins.
  1822.                     STACEY
  1823.           With my legs no chance! One of my
  1824.           best features!
  1825. As she says this she starts to cough already turning. She
  1826. looks up at Roxy then...Takes her sword and pushes it into
  1827. her own chest with the sword in the style of the old ninja
  1828. suicide rituals.
  1829.                     MANDY
  1830.           Oh my God!!
  1831.                     ROXY
  1832.           You had great legs girl!
  1833.                     MEGAN
  1834.           Fuck!!!!!!!
  1835. Seth is almost stressing out and bad. Another friend
  1836. gone...with the DEAD.
  1837. Seth has his hands on his head pacing.
  1838.                     SETH
  1839.           Ah man! This is not happening! Fuck
  1840. no..
  1841.                     WARREN
  1842.           Okay, We all...we all need to keep
  1843. moving.
  1844.                     DOCTOR SCOTT (AT ROXY)
  1845.           I agree. I’m sorry for your loss
  1846.           she was a lovely lady.
  1847. Looking to everyone but emphasizing on Roxy.
  1848. They all continue to walk.
  1849. The gang keep moving until they come across van in the
  1850. distance, there’s smoke coming from the bonnet, the van is
  1851. crashed into a tree. Its Warrens van!
  1852. (CONTINUED)
  1854. CONTINUED: 47.
  1855.         Michael is inside barely alive, he’s body impaled and hes
  1856.         gone through the side window and is being eaten alive by
  1857.         zombies.
  1858.         Everyone goes to kill all the zombies feasting on Michael.
  1859.         When they are done Megan goes to Michael and stands over
  1860.         him. He looks up at her choking up blood almost to the point
  1861.         of turning.
  1862.         Megan reaches to slit Micheal’s throat, but Mandy grabs her
  1863.         wrist.
  1864.                             MANDY
  1865.                   No, wait!
  1866.         Mandy takes the cleaver from Megan’s hand and with out
  1867.         hesitation slits Micheal’s throat herself. Then goes all out
  1868.         and spits in his face.
  1869.                             MANDY(WITH TEARS IN HER EYES)
  1870.                   That’s what my Daddy taught me!
  1871.         Everyone looks at Mandy with amazement.
  1873.         They keep walking and in the distance see the next city has
  1874.         smoke coming from it.
  1875.         A military van comes toward them.
  1876.                             VOICE OVER SPEAKER
  1877.                   PUT YOUR WEAPONS DOWN!
  1878.         They begin to take them captive and place black bags over
  1879.         their heads as they are captured by the Government.
  1880.                             EVERYONE
  1881.                   Stop what are you doing?!! (etc.)
  1882.                             DOCTOR SCOTT
  1883.                   I’m Doctor Scott! I know all there
  1884.                   is about this virus. We need to get
  1885.                   out now and stop this from
  1886.                   spreading.
  1887.         We see a bag being placed over his head.
  1888. He resists.
  1889.         Then an all out fight between them reservoir dogs style as
  1890.         we see Megan, Warren, Seth, Roxy and Mandy fight for there
  1891.         lives.
  1892. (CONTINUED)
  1894. CONTINUED: 48.
  1895.         Mandy kicks ass!! Megan holds her own. Warren and Roxy fight
  1896.         on...
  1898. FADE OUT:
  1899. 37 INT. BUILDING - DAY 37
  1900. FADE IN:
  1901.         Camera slowly moves into a room. Then slowly towards a table
  1902.         in the middle of the room.
  1903.         Some one is laying on top of the table there moving around
  1904.         naked trying to free themselves.
  1905. Its the building everyone had left. Its Emily!
  1906.         She’s lying on the table in restraints. We see a close up
  1907.         shot as she opens her eyes. Her eye’s are now normal. Shes
  1908.         no longer a zombie!
  1909.         She takes a big gasp of air and screams in her normal
  1910.         voice..
  1911.                             EMILY
  1912.                   Somebody please help. Help Meeee!!!
  1913.                   Please HHEELLPP!!!!
  1914. 38 EXT. DIRT ROAD - DAY 38
  1915.         The military van drives on and comes to a roadblock of
  1916.         zombies. The van stops and the group emerges from the van,
  1917.         covered in blood and loaded up on military-grade weapons.
  1918.         Mandy cocks a gun and spits in the dirt in slow motion. They
  1919.         all look at each other, nod, and aim their weapons to the
  1920.         zombies.
  1921. CUT TO:
  1924. 40
  1925. 41
  1927. Clock reads 6:32pm
  1929. Scene takes place in a bedroom.
  1930. 40
  1931. 41
  1932. 42
  1933. REBECCA had a long day at work at the office so she decided to take a nap before tonight’s party.
  1934. Bedroom shows her office work wardrobe on the floor, she
  1935. threw them on the floor when she got home and cuddled up in
  1936. her bed wearing nothing but her bra and panties.
  1937. As she lay there sleeping the camera pans toward the window and fades into the street where a car alarm in going off outside and a security guard DEVIN is chasing down a thief.
  1938. Devin stops running because he needs to catch his breath, he
  1939. puts his hand on his knees out of breath. He shakes his
  1940. head.
  1941.                     DEVIN
  1942.           Whatever.. (catching his breath)
  1943. He turns around and see’s someone casual drag it’s leg into an alley way. (Zombie)
  1944. Devin thinks to himself how strange that person looks and
  1945. shakes it off, walks away ignoring them.
  1946.                     DEVIN
  1947.           Not my problem. (walks off)
  1948. CUT TO:
  1950. Rebecca - sleeping is interrupted by a noise inside her
  1951. apartment.
  1952. Rebecca wakes up and looks around her room, the noise is
  1953. coming from her kitchen.
  1954. She reaches on the side of her bed and grabs her umbrella,
  1955. she slowly walks out of her room and looks over toward her
  1956. kitchen to see someone standing there.
  1957. 49.
  1958. (CONTINUED)
  1960. CONTINUED:
  1961. 50.
  1962.                             REBECCA
  1963.                        (Breathing hard)
  1964.                   Shit! (She whispers)
  1965.         She walks closer towards the person who has there back to
  1966.         her.
  1967.                             REBECCA
  1968.                        (Shouts)
  1969.                   Hey Manny? Are you okay, honey?
  1970. MANNY is her boyfriend. Manny turns around and he’s turned into a zombie, the zombie jumps towards her. He’s going for her face and neck area. Snapping!! Rebecca freaks out.
  1971.         She hesitates because it was her boyfriend but now he’s
  1972.         someone else.
  1973.                             REBECCA
  1974.                   Ahh fuck!!!!
  1975.         She stabs MANNY the zombie in the the neck. The zombie falls
  1976.         to the ground and dies... Again.
  1977.         Rebecca stands there in shock. In tears.
  1978.                             REBECCA
  1979.                   Oh my god, What the fuck!
  1980.         Cell phone rings. She is startled. Then looks around and
  1981.         finds it on her living room table. She answers.
  1982.                             REBECCA
  1983.                   Hello, (freaked out-shaking) I’ll
  1984.                   be right there. You wont believe
  1985.                   what just happened to me! Alright,
  1986.                   yea bye. (Hangs up)
  1987.         She throws her clothes on now, grabs her purse.
  1988.         She looks at MANNY’S dead body on her floor one more time
  1989.         and then runs out the door.
  1991. Scene takes place in a bar called Nowhere But Here.
  1992. (CONTINUED)
  1994. CONTINUED: 51.
  1995. MISTY who is Rebeccas close friend is sitting down at a booth waiting when she see’s Rebecca rush in. She goes straight to the bar and asks for a shot. She throws it back and then turns around, see’s Misty. - walks over and sit down.
  1996.                     MISTY
  1997.                (Looking at her weird)
  1998.           I got you a beer.
  1999. She picks up the glass and starts chugging it back.
  2000. Misty sits there watching her uncomfortably.
  2001.                     MISTY
  2002.                (Takes a sip)
  2003.           Are you okay? So, what happened?
  2004.                     REBECCA
  2005.           I don’t know.
  2006.                     MISTY
  2007.           Okay, What’s wrong?
  2008.                     REBECCA
  2009.           I-ah, I-I...
  2010. MISTY
  2011. Well?
  2012.                     REBECCA
  2013.           I can’t just say it.
  2014.                     MISTY
  2015.           Why not, what the hell is wrong,
  2016. Becca?
  2017.                     REBECCA
  2018.           I - ah, I did something.
  2019.                     MISTY
  2020.           Did what?
  2021.                     REBECCA
  2022.                (Looks at him)
  2023. Shit!
  2024. DEVIN comes walking up and sits down next to MISTY. He’s out of breath and no one pays no mind to it.
  2025. (CONTINUED)
  2027. CONTINUED:
  2028. 52.
  2029.                             DEVIN
  2030.                   What’s up guys?
  2031.                             REBECCA(QUICKLY)
  2032. Nothing.
  2033.                             MISTY
  2034.                   Ah, yea nothing.
  2035.         Devin looks at Rebecca. Rebecca is till practically shaking.
  2036.                             DEVIN
  2037.                   What’s up with you? You look like
  2038.                   you just killed someone?
  2039.                             REBECCA
  2040.                        (Gets aggressive)
  2041.                   What do you know? What did you see?
  2042.                             DEVIN
  2043.                   Whoa, chill out.
  2044.                             MISTY
  2045.                   What’s wrong with you?
  2046.                             REBECCA
  2047.                   I can’t explain it, I gotta show
  2048.                   you guys. Come on!!
  2049.                             DEVIN
  2050.                   I just got here!!
  2052. Scene takes place in a bedroom, JEROME is getting it on (MAKING OUT) with a WOMAN when his girlfriend LISA walks in.
  2053.                             LISA
  2054.                        (Opens the door)
  2055.                   Oh hell no bitch, I don’t think so!
  2056.         Lisa grabs the woman whose sitting on top of her man by her
  2057.         hair and knocks her to the ground.
  2058.                             JEROME
  2059.                   What’s up baby, she don’t mean
  2060. nothing to me, you know that.
  2061. The WOMAN grabs Lisa by the arm and hits her in the face.
  2062. (CONTINUED)
  2064. CONTINUED:
  2065. 53.
  2066.                     WOMAN
  2067.           Fuck you!
  2068. Lisa grabs a paper weight off of her dresser and hits the
  2069. woman in the head hard. She knocks the woman out, she falls
  2070. to the ground.
  2071.                     JEROME
  2072.           What the fuck  are you doin’?
  2073.                     LISA
  2074.           I don’t give a shit mother fucker.
  2075.           This the last time you fuck me
  2076.           over.
  2077. Jerome in his boxers runs to the floor and checks the
  2078. woman’s neck.
  2079.                     JEROME
  2080.           She’s fucking dead, Lisa!
  2081.                     LISA
  2082.           Ahhhhhh, did I kill your
  2083. girlfriend?
  2084.                     JEROME
  2085.           Your crazy, what the hell.
  2086.                     LISA
  2087.           I’m crazy, you fucking crazy.
  2088. As they stand their arguing about his cheating, the woman’s
  2089. face changes and her eyes open. She stands up and makes a
  2090. growling sound. She’s now a zombie.
  2091. Lisa and Jerome stop yelling at each other, they both turn
  2092. their heads to see her standing there drooling.
  2093.                     LISA
  2094.           What the fuck?
  2095. The woman lunges towards them, She tries to bite Jerome’s
  2096. neck and Lisa starts hitting her.
  2097.                     JEROME
  2098.                (Holding her off)
  2099.           Get my gun! (He yells)
  2100.                     LISA
  2101.                (screaming)
  2102. Where is it?
  2103. (CONTINUED)
  2105. CONTINUED:
  2106. 54.
  2107.                     JEROME
  2108.           Under the coffee table. (As he
  2109.           tries to get the woman off of him)
  2110. Lisa gets down on her knees and looks for his gun, she
  2111. finally finds it. Its taped by duct tape to the table.
  2112. Jerome is yelling at her to hurry up.
  2113. Lisa finds his gun and shoots the Zombie, the zombie won’t
  2114. go down, it comes after Lisa. She shoots it three more times
  2115. before finally getting it in the head. The zombie hits the
  2116. floor and dies...Again!
  2117. Jerome and Lisa look at it.
  2118.                     LISA
  2119.                (Looks at Jerome)
  2120.           You picked some weird ass bitch to
  2121.           fuck tonight.
  2122. Uhhhhh...
  2124. CUT TO:
  2125. 45
  2126. JEROME
  2127. Rebecca, Devin and Misty are standing there looking at Manny
  2128. the dead Zombie on the floor.
  2129.                     DEVIN
  2130.           This ugly ass fucker attacked you?
  2131.                     REBECCA
  2132.           Hey Dev come on, that’s Manny well
  2133. was Manny...
  2134.                     MISTY
  2135.           Yea, This doesn’t look like Manny
  2136.           what so ever. I would have done the
  2137.           same thing to him.
  2138.                     REBECCA
  2139.           Well, its him and he so weird
  2140.           looking now? I do get it.
  2141.                     DEVIN
  2142.           Looks like a freak of nature to me.
  2143.                     MISTY
  2144.           You know what, let me call my girl
  2145.           Veronica, she can clean this up for
  2146.           you.
  2147. (CONTINUED)
  2149. CONTINUED:
  2150. 55.
  2151.                     REBECCA
  2152.           No, I have to call the cops.
  2153.                     DEVIN
  2154.           What? You just killed your
  2155.           boyfriend or whatever (points) that
  2156.           thing is. What if you get charged?
  2157. Rebecca stares off into space in shock still.
  2158.                     DEVIN
  2159.           Hello, I’m talkin’ to you- again
  2160. hello?!
  2161.                     MISTY
  2162.           He attacked her in her place, they
  2163.           can’t charge her for self defense
  2164.           dude.
  2165. Rebecca takes out her phone.
  2166.                     REBECCA
  2167.           I gotta do the right thing.
  2168. She calls 911 only to get a recording that says due to to
  2169. many calls at this time...
  2170.                     REBECCA
  2171.                (Hangs up her phone)
  2172.           Really? 911 is busy?
  2173.                     DEVIN
  2174.           When are they not busy when you
  2175.           need them. Do you know how many
  2176.           times I’ve called and they’re busy,
  2177.           always busy, it’s a damn disgrace.
  2178.                     REBECCA
  2179.           Yes, you said that.
  2180.                     DEVIN
  2181.                (Puts his hands up in the air)
  2182.           Just saying.. Damn.
  2183.                     MISTY
  2184.           Let’s go see Veronica. I’m telling
  2185.           you, she’ll clean this up and it’ll
  2186.           be like it never happened.
  2187. Rebecca stares at the body for a second, she contemplates
  2188. what to do.
  2189. (CONTINUED)
  2191. CONTINUED:
  2192. 56.
  2193.                     REBECCA
  2194.           Yeah, okay.
  2195. DEVIN
  2196. What?
  2197.                     REBECCA
  2198.           I just want this to go away.
  2199. Devin shakes his head.
  2200.                     DEVIN
  2201.           Fine. What do I know anyway. I may
  2202.           as well not exist. Right? Oh well.
  2203. He keeps talking as they walk out of her place.
  2204. 46 INT. LEON’S CRIB
  2205. LEON is chilling with his brother RICH and their friend
  2206. MIAMI. Music blasting and they’re smoking pot.
  2207.                             LEON
  2208.                   Tonight’s the night I am going to
  2209.                   shut Akeem up.
  2210.                             RICH
  2211.                   You still on him talking shit, let
  2212. it go.
  2213.                             LEON
  2214.                   No, he needs to know who the fuck
  2215. the boss is.
  2216.                             MIAMI
  2217.                   Yeah, but he don’t want to listen.
  2218.                   (Passes a blunt to Rich)
  2219.                             RICH
  2220.                   Well if we have to go with you, you
  2221. know we will.
  2222.                             MIAMI
  2223.                   I say just go tell his ass off and
  2224.                   threaten him, you good. He’ll start
  2225.                   crying like a bitch. Watch.
  2226.                             LEON
  2227.                   No, no, no, I’m going to make his
  2228.                   woman cry first then I’ll make him
  2229.                   cry.
  2230. CUT TO: 46
  2231. (CONTINUED)
  2233. CONTINUED: 57.
  2234. Leon holds up his gun.
  2235.                     LEON
  2236.           Fuck him, he needs to know not to
  2237.           come around my hood.
  2238.                     MIAMI
  2239.           Well, I do want to see him cry.
  2240. They all start laughing.
  2241.                     LEON
  2242.           Lets go bitches.
  2243.                     MIAMI
  2244.           Who you calling a bitch? (Laughing)
  2245.                     RICH
  2246.           I don’t know if you’ve noticed but,
  2247.           Miami can kick your ass.
  2248.                     LEON
  2249.           Whatever. Fuck you!!
  2250. As they both laugh at Leon, Leon always thinking he’s such a
  2251. bad ass.
  2252. They all walk out to the street to get into Leon’s car when
  2253. they see a couple of guys stumbling toward them.
  2254.                     MIAMI
  2255.           Who these weirdos?
  2256.                     RICH
  2257.           Maybe they’re from Akeem’s turf,
  2258.           you know they all look stupid.
  2259.                     LEON
  2260.                (laughs)
  2261.           That’s true.
  2262. Both Zombies get closer toward them.
  2263.                     MIAMI
  2264.           Hey, you two lost?
  2265. Miami yells out to them laughing and high as a kite.
  2266. One of them comes closer and grabs onto Rich.
  2267.                     RICH
  2268.           Let me go!
  2269. (CONTINUED)
  2271. CONTINUED:
  2272. 58.
  2273. Hey man.
  2274. MIAMI
  2275. Miami grabs a hold of the zombie and looks it in the face,
  2276. he see’s it’s not human.
  2277.                     MIAMI
  2278.           What the fuck? (He yells out)
  2279. Miami punches the damn thing in it’s face, the other zombie
  2280. comes up behind Leon and grabs onto him. Leon points his gun
  2281. to the zombies face and shoots it.
  2282.                     LEON
  2283.           Holy shit!
  2284.                     MIAMI
  2285.                (Using boxing moves)
  2286.           Fucking asshole.
  2287. Rich cheers Miami on while Leon comes around the car and
  2288. shoots the damn thing in the head.
  2289. They all stand there.
  2290.                     LEON
  2291.           You think Akeem sent them?
  2292. Miami and Rich nod their head yeah.
  2293.                     RICH
  2294.           I don’t doubt it. They didn’t look
  2295. right bro.
  2296.                     MIAMI
  2297.           They were headed this way, you live
  2298. here. Right.
  2299. RICH
  2300.           LEON
  2301. Well, let’s go pay the bitch a
  2302. visit.
  2303. CUT TO:
  2306. ASIA and AKEEM are in bed having sex when they both hear a scream coming from outside the apartment.
  2307.                             ASIA
  2308.                   Did you hear that?
  2309.                             AKEEM
  2310.                   Hear what?
  2311.                             ASIA
  2312.                   Nothing I guess.
  2313.         They continue.
  2314.         Another scream from outside.
  2315.                             ASIA
  2316.                        (Hears it again)
  2317.                   Hold on, I heard it again.
  2318.                             AKEEM
  2319.                   Come on baby, damn.
  2320.         Asia kicks Akeem off of her, turns off the music and
  2321.         listens, she hears the screaming again.
  2322.                             AKEEM
  2323.                   Wait, what the fuck was that?
  2324.         Asia throws on her robe and opens her apartment door.
  2326.         ASIA see’s her neighbors JERMAINE and JENNY in the hallway
  2327.         fighting with someone.
  2328.         AKEEM comes running up and see’s a couple of guys attacking
  2329.         them.
  2330.         Jenny is screaming while Jermaine is trying to fight them
  2331.         both off.
  2332.         Akeem walks out there and punches one of them in the face,
  2333.         the zombie looks back at him and Akeem see’s it’s not human.
  2334.         The zombie grabs a hold of Akeem and tries to bite him. He
  2335.         tries to fight him off but then the other one joins along.
  2336.         Jermaine grabs onto Jenny and they stay off to the side
  2337.         watching.
  2338. 59.
  2339. (CONTINUED)
  2341. CONTINUED: 60.
  2342. Asia runs back into the apartment and grabs her gun.
  2343. She shoots one in the leg but it doesn’t care, it comes
  2344. after her.
  2345.                     JENNY
  2346.           OMG! Holy shit,Jermaine
  2347.                     JERMAINE
  2348.                (To Jenny)
  2349. Stay here.
  2350. Jermaine kicks the zombie off of Akeem and the zombie
  2351. stumbles back, it reaches it’s arms out at Jermaine.
  2352. Asia shoots the zombie over and over until she shoots it’s
  2353. head. It falls to the floor, she then looks over at
  2354. Jermaine.
  2355. Jermaine pushes the zombie back off of her and Asia shoots
  2356. that one in the head.
  2357. Once they’re both dead Akeem looks around.
  2358.                     AKEEM
  2359.           What the fuck was that?
  2360.                     JERMAINE
  2361.           There’s more.
  2362. ASIA
  2363. What?
  2364.                     JENNY
  2365.           We gotta get out of here. Now!
  2366.                     JERMAINE
  2367.           There’s so many more of them.
  2368. AKEEM
  2369. Of who?
  2370.                     JERMAINE
  2371.           Them. Whatever the fuck they are!
  2372. MIA out of no where comes running up with her machete.
  2373.                     MIA
  2374.                (Yelling)
  2375.           Hey, you guys. We gotta get the
  2376.           fuck out of this building now. You
  2377.           all should follow me!
  2378. Asia grabs her clothes, Akeem grabs his gun.
  2379. (CONTINUED)
  2381. CONTINUED: 61.
  2382. CUT TO:
  2384.         In the empty parking lot of the building everyone stays at.
  2385.                             DEVIN
  2386.                   You sure this is okay?
  2387.                             MISTY
  2388.                   Why you such a pussy, Devin?
  2389. DEVIN
  2390. I’m not.
  2391.                             MISTY
  2392.                   MmmmmHmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  2393.                             REBECCA
  2394.                   I don’t care right now.
  2395. VERONICA is taping up the tarp around the zombie body in the parking lot. Just a couple more pieces of tape since it was coming undone.
  2396.                             DEVIN
  2397.                   You know because I’m here, I am at
  2398. risk right?
  2399.                             REBECCA
  2400.                   Please, just. (Pause)Shut up.
  2401.                             VERONICA
  2402.                        (laughing)
  2403.                   First off, this dude don’t look
  2404.                   human, so if he was a druggy, which
  2405.                   I’m guessing he was, don’t feel
  2406.                   bad.
  2407.                             REBECCA
  2408.                   He was my boyfriend and he wasn’t a
  2409.                   druggy at all. He worked for NASA.
  2410.                             VERONICA
  2411. NASA? Yeah.
  2412. REBECCA
  2413. (CONTINUED)
  2415. CONTINUED:
  2416. 62.
  2417.                             VERONICA
  2418.                   Maybe he caught something while he
  2419. was at work.
  2420.                             REBECCA
  2421.                   I doubt that, highly.
  2422.                             DEVIN
  2423.                   Never know, he does look gross.
  2424.                             VERONICA
  2425.                   Maybe he caught something from an
  2426.                   alien species. He found it in a lab
  2427.                   and touched it.
  2428.                             DEVIN
  2429.                        (Believing her)
  2430.                   OMG! What if we all catch it. What
  2431.                   are we going to do?
  2432.                             VERONICA
  2433.                   I was just joking man.
  2434.                             DEVIN
  2435.                        (Looks at her serious)
  2436. So was I.
  2437.                             VERONICA
  2438.                   Ah-huh, sure.
  2439.                             DEVIN
  2440.                        (Looks away)
  2441.                   I was. (Looks guilty)
  2443. 50
  2444. The door opens and AKEEM, ASIA, JENNY, JERMAINE and MIA come
  2445. running out and into the parking lot-alley way.
  2446.                     VERONICA
  2447.           What the hell?
  2448.                     AKEEM
  2449.           There’s some shit going on in this
  2450. building.
  2451.                     MIA
  2452.           We need to get somewhere safe. Like
  2453.           two minutes ago.
  2454. (CONTINUED)
  2456. CONTINUED:
  2457. 63.
  2458.           REBECCA
  2459. Why do you have a machete?
  2460. MIA
  2461. I’ve had it since this all started.
  2462.           DEVIN
  2463. WTF! What do you mean?
  2464.           AKEEM
  2465. Wait, What do you know about whats
  2466. happening right now?
  2467.           ASIA
  2468. Spill your guts Mia.
  2469. MIA
  2470. I cross paths with this group out
  2471. in the outskirts of town when I was
  2472. visiting family. Anyway, this
  2473. group, they actually knew exactly
  2474. what what went down.
  2475.           MISTY
  2476. Seriously?!
  2477. MIA
  2478. Yea, I’ve been fighting these
  2479. things off for almost a week
  2480. straight.
  2481.           VERONICA
  2482. What do you mean?
  2483.           MIA
  2484. It started days ago and they’re
  2485. making their way farther out, thus
  2486. why they are here.
  2487.           ASIA
  2488. Where did they come from?
  2489.           MIA
  2490. All I know is it’s an experiment
  2491. gone wrong. A lab was broken into a
  2492. and some shit got out.
  2493. AKEEM
  2494. Fuck!
  2495.           MIA
  2496. I’ve been fighting since and I’m
  2497. going to keep on fighting to the
  2498. end.
  2499. (CONTINUED)
  2501. CONTINUED:
  2502. 64.
  2503.                     JERMAINE
  2504.           What have you learned about them?
  2505.                     MIA
  2506.           To just kill them, take off their
  2507. heads.
  2508.                     ASIA
  2509.           Like that?
  2510.                     DEVIN
  2511.           Oh shit! (Looks at Rebecca)
  2512.                     MISTY
  2513.           Alright. I’m all for it. Let’s do
  2514. this shit.
  2515.                     MIA
  2516.           I’ve been seeing people die for
  2517.           days, but I wont be one of them.
  2518.                     JERMAINE
  2519.                (Nods his head)
  2520.           Neither will we.
  2521. Akeem gets his phone out.
  2522.                     AKEEM
  2523.           I’m calling for some back up.
  2524.                     MIA
  2525.           We need a lot more then just back
  2526.           up, there’s too many of them out
  2527.           there.
  2528.                     AKEEM
  2529.           You think?
  2530.                     MIA
  2531.           I know the military knows and
  2532.           they’re not far behind.
  2533.                     AKEEM
  2534.           Military or not, they haven’t met
  2535. me.
  2536. CUT TO:
  2538. 51 INT/EXT. - DRIVING
  2539. Leon driving by see’s two people running but one of them is
  2540. limping bad, LISA and JEROME. LEON
  2541.                   Isn’t that Akeems’s boy?
  2542.                             RICH
  2543.                        (Looks out the window)
  2544.                   Yup, that’s one of his boys.
  2545.                             LEON
  2546.                   Let’s have some fun.
  2547.         They drive up and park, honking at them.
  2548.         Lisa and Jerome stop and see who it is.
  2549.                             LISA
  2550.                   Help us, can you please help us?
  2551.         The car door opens and Rich gets out with Leon.
  2552.                             JEROME
  2553.                   Ahh fuck! Not now.
  2554.                             LEON
  2555.                   What are you happy to see me?
  2556.                             LISA
  2557.                   Look, we need help.
  2558.                             LEON
  2559.                   Say what?
  2560.                             JEROME
  2561.                   Lisa, what the fuck?
  2562.                             LISA
  2563.                   I don’s care, we need help. your
  2564.                   bleeding to death. (Yelling at
  2565.                   Jerome)
  2566.                             LEON
  2567.                   Get in the car, now, get in.
  2568.         Rich throws them in the back seat with Miami.
  2569.                             MIAMI
  2570.                   Great, now it’s going to get
  2571.                   cramped back here.
  2572. 65.
  2573. (CONTINUED)
  2574. 51
  2576. CONTINUED:
  2577. 66.
  2578.                             LEON
  2579.                   Let’s go see Akeem, shall we.
  2580.                             LISA
  2581.                   We need to get to a hospital.
  2582.                             LEON
  2583.                   Shut the fuck up, bitch.
  2584.         They drive off.
  2586. 52
  2587. As they drive down two more blocks toward the parking lot of
  2588. where Akeem lives, Jerome starts to shake.
  2589.                     MIAMI
  2590.           Some shit going on back here dude.
  2591. LEON
  2592. What?
  2593.                     LISA
  2594.           Oh my god, Jerome? Jerome?!
  2595. Jerome passes out and stops breathing.
  2596.                     MIAMI
  2597.           Dude, he’s fucking dead!
  2598.                     LISA
  2599.           No!, NO!!
  2600. LEON
  2601. What?
  2602.                     MIAMI
  2603.           Shit the fucker is dead.
  2604. Lisa screaming for him but he won’t wake up.
  2605.                     LEON
  2606.           Damn, that was easy.
  2607. He drives into the empty parking lot to see Akeem and a
  2608. bunch of other people standing around.
  2609.                     LEON
  2610.           Perfect timing.
  2611. Leon yells out the window.
  2612. (CONTINUED)
  2614. CONTINUED:
  2615. 67.
  2616.                     LEON
  2617.           What’ up asshole?
  2618.                     AKEEM
  2619.           What are you doing on my turf,
  2620. bitch?
  2621.                     LEON
  2622.           You mean my turf.
  2623.                     AKEEM
  2624.           I don’t think so asshole.
  2625. Says to Asia.
  2626.                     AKEEM
  2627.           This mother fucker always trying to
  2628.           take over my shit.
  2629.                     LISA
  2630.           No - you don’t understand, their
  2631.           coming.
  2632. Leon turns the engine off.
  2633. Jerome wakes up a Zombie, he looks over at Miami and bites
  2634. him on his arm.
  2635. Miami screams really loud. Punches the zombie hard.
  2636. Rich opens the door and runs out.
  2637. Leon opens the door and Lisa comes running out to Akeem.
  2638.                     AKEEM
  2639.           What the fuck?!
  2640.                     LISA
  2641.                (Screaming)
  2642.           We have to go, we have to go
  2643.           they’re coming.
  2644. AKEEM
  2645. Who?
  2646. Miami runs out of the car holding his arm and collapsing to
  2647. the ground.
  2648. Jerome stumbles out and walks towards them.
  2649. Leon takes his gun out.
  2650. (CONTINUED)
  2652. CONTINUED:
  2653. 68.
  2654.                     AKEEM
  2655.           Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!
  2656. Leon shoots him in the head and kills him, Jerome falls down
  2657. to the ground and dies.
  2658. Everyone stands there watching in shock.
  2659.                     LISA
  2660.           Om god Jerome!
  2661.                     DEVIN
  2662.           Holy fuck!
  2663.                     LEON
  2664.           That mother fucker attacked first.
  2665.                     LISA
  2666.           You tried to kidnap us you fuck.
  2667. Meanwhile Miami dies on the floor.
  2668.                     RICH
  2669.                (Yelling)
  2670. Leon.
  2671.                     LEON
  2672.           Yeah. (Yells back)
  2673.                     RICH
  2674.           Miami is dead.
  2675. Rich walks over to Leon.
  2676.                     LEON
  2677.           Just shoot them all.
  2678.                     VERONICA & MISTY
  2679.           What the Fuck!!
  2680.                     RICH
  2681.           With pleasure.
  2682. Miami sits up from off the ground, now a zombie.
  2683.                     REBECCA
  2684.                (Screams and points)
  2685. Look!
  2686. They all look at Miami. He looks different, he looks like a
  2687. zombie now.
  2688. (CONTINUED)
  2690. CONTINUED:
  2691. 69.
  2692.                     RICH
  2693.                (Walks toward him)
  2694.           Your awake.
  2695. Akeem takes his gun out and shoots him dead.
  2696.                     LEON
  2697.           What the fuck man?! (Puts his gun
  2698.           up toward Akeem)
  2699. Everyone spreads to the sides and ducks down so they don’t
  2700. get hit by a bullet.
  2701. All of a sudden noises start to come from the street, toward
  2702. the parking lot.
  2703. Rebecca steps forward.
  2704.                     REBECCA
  2705.           What’s that noise.
  2706.                     MISTY
  2707.           Sounds like.... moaning.
  2708. Jenny puts her finger up and points towards the parking lot
  2709. entrance.
  2710. A group of Zombies start to walk in.
  2711. Leon and Rich turn around and see them, a whole lot of them
  2712. walking towards them.
  2713.                     LEON
  2714.           What the fuck.
  2715.                     AKEEM
  2716.                (Yells)
  2717.           Get over here Leon, run.
  2718. Leon and Rich start to run over towards where Akeem and the
  2719. group are standing.
  2720.                     LEON
  2721.           What the fuck is going on here?
  2722.                     VERONICA
  2723.           They’re, they’re mother fucking
  2724. Zombies!
  2725.                     AKEEM
  2726.                (Puts his gun up)
  2727.           I’m ready.
  2728. Mia steps forward with her Machete.
  2729. (CONTINUED)
  2731. CONTINUED:
  2732. 70.
  2733.                     JERMAINE
  2734.           I’m ready too.
  2735. Jermaine looks around and finds a huge stick.
  2736.                     MIA
  2737.           Make sure you hit them in the head.
  2738. Jenny runs over and hides behind the garbage can.
  2739.                     JERMAINE
  2740.           Look around for weapons, anything,
  2741.           we need to kill these things.
  2742.                     AKEEM
  2743.                (Looks at Leon)
  2744.           We need your help.
  2745.                     LEON
  2746.                (Looks at Akeem)
  2747.           Alright, alright let’s do this.
  2748.                     AKEEM
  2749.           They killed my boy and yours, lets
  2750. kill these mother fuckers. Let’s protect our hood!...
  2751.                     LEON
  2752.           ...Protect our hood!
  2753. They give a quick shake and move on.
  2754. The zombies start to storm their way, the group doing
  2755. whatever they can spread out and start killing the zombies.
  2756. Devin continues to try to find a weapon on the ground.
  2757.                     DEVIN
  2758.           I can’t find anything.
  2759. A zombie attacks Devin he screams, Misty kicks the Zombie in
  2760. the face and then stabs it in it’s head. Then she runs off.
  2761.                     DEVIN
  2762.                (Grabbing his chest)
  2763.           Oh dear god in heaven!!
  2764.                     JERMAINE
  2765.           Fucking man up Devin, your huge!
  2766. Mia runs towards a zombie and with her machete chops off the
  2767. head of one.
  2768. (CONTINUED)
  2770. CONTINUED: 71.
  2771.         Leon and Akeem fight side by side shooting them in the head
  2772.         along with Asia.
  2773.         But as they keep killing them, it seems like more keep
  2774.         coming.
  2775. CUT TO:
  2776.         A woman across the street looks out her bedroom window to
  2777.         see the fighting going on in the parking lot and calls the
  2778.         police.
  2779. CUT TO:
  2780.         Jermaine fights off a Zombie with a stick or pipe she found
  2781.         on the floor.
  2782.         She can’t fight it off much longer so Rebecca helps by
  2783.         holding back the Zombie while Jermaine sticks the pipe in
  2784.         it’s mouth and kills it.
  2785.         Leon gets attacked by three zombies at one time, he falls to
  2786.         the ground and is about to get bitten.
  2787.         Akeem manages to throw off the zombie and shoot them,
  2788.         killing two out of three.
  2789.         He extends his hand out to help him up.
  2790.         Leon see’s that and his mind about Akeem from there on has
  2791.         changed.
  2792.                             LEON
  2793.                   Thank you...bro.
  2794.                             AKEEM
  2795.                   Yup, Let’s kill more of these
  2796. bitches.
  2797. 53 EXT. PARKING LOT. 53
  2798.         As they continue killing the zombies that keep coming up out
  2799.         of nowhere, a news van shows up speeding it’s way to the
  2800.         parking lot.
  2801.         The van comes to a screeching stop and the camera man runs
  2802.         out with the news reporter.
  2803.                             REPORTER
  2804.                   Is it rolling, is it on?
  2805. (CONTINUED)
  2807. CONTINUED:
  2808. 72.
  2809. Yup.
  2810. Ah-Ah-Ah
  2811.                     REPORTER
  2812.           Just keep going.
  2813. They speed off.
  2814. CAMERA MAN
  2815.                     REPORTER
  2816.           I am here coming to you live from
  2817.           the streets of Stack City where
  2818.           there seems to be dead corpses
  2819.           running around the streets. They
  2820.           eat, bite and beat their victims to
  2821.           death.
  2822. A severed hand gets thrown her way. She looks down and then
  2823. into the camera.
  2824. REPORTER
  2825. Oh shit!
  2826.                     CAMERA MAN
  2827.           Maybe it’s time to go.
  2828.                     REPORTER
  2829.           Maybe your right.
  2830. They jump into their news van and hide.
  2831.                     REPORTER
  2832.           Maybe we should just stay in here
  2833.           until it calms down.
  2834.                     CAMERA MAN
  2835.           Or maybe we should go around the
  2836.           block. (Scared)
  2837. The camera man starts the engine and speeds off, they come to a halt when a little ZOMBIE GIRL holding a teddy bear is standing there in the street staring at them.
  2838. CAMERA MAN
  2839. Jenny in the corner watching all the fighting going on. She
  2840. covers her ears and cries while watching her sister fight
  2841. off the Zombies.
  2842. She can’t stand violence and she can’t fight so she stayed
  2843. out of the way.
  2844. CUT TO:
  2845. (CONTINUED)
  2847. CONTINUED: 73.
  2848. One zombie comes out of nowhere and tries to grab onto
  2849. Jenny.
  2850. She starts to scream.
  2851. From behind Veronica with a dagger in every hand twirls them
  2852. and then stabs the zombie on each side of the head, killing
  2853. it.
  2854. Veronica looks at Jenny.
  2855.                     VERONICA
  2856.           Are you okay?
  2857.                     JENNY
  2858.                (Nods her head)
  2859.           Yeah. Thanks!
  2860. Veronica runs off to kill more zombies.
  2861. Rich the whole time is fighting for his life while trying to
  2862. stay near his brother.
  2863. He runs off to look around and see’s Jenny there hiding, she
  2864. hands him a pipe she found on the ground.
  2865. RICH
  2866. Rich runs off to keep fighting, he gets grabbed by a Zombie
  2867. and then another zombie grabs into him trying to bite him.
  2868. Rich starts screaming for help but while trying to hit the
  2869. Zombies with his pipe.
  2870. Rich kicks a zombie off of him and hits it over the head
  2871. multiple times until it’s dead on the ground then he turns
  2872. around and smashes the other zombie in the head.
  2873.                     AKEEM
  2874.                (Yelling)
  2875.           I need more bullets.
  2876.                     ASIA
  2877.           I don’t have anymore in my pocket.
  2878.           Thanks.
  2879. Jenny nods her head.
  2880. Shit!
  2881. AKEEM
  2882. (CONTINUED)
  2884. CONTINUED:
  2885. 74.
  2886.                     LEON
  2887.           We need more guns, they’re in my
  2888.           car, in the trunk.
  2889.                     AKEEM
  2890.           We gotta get over there.
  2891.                     LEON
  2892.           Let’s go, Asia cover us.
  2893.                     MIA
  2894.           I’ll help.
  2895. Mia with her machete stabs every zombie she can to make sure
  2896. Akeem and Leon get to his car.
  2897. Leon runs to the trunk of his car and opens it, Akeem looks
  2898. in and see’s guns, lots of guns.
  2899.                     AKEEM
  2900.                (Smiles)
  2901.           Let’s kick some fucking zombie ass!
  2902. They grab some guns, Asia grabs herself one also.
  2903.                     ASIA
  2904.           This is what I’m talking about!
  2905. Akeem and Leon start shooting up all the Zombies that they
  2906. can.
  2907. Devin and Rebecca start getting tired from fighting.
  2908.                     DEVIN
  2909.                (Yelling)
  2910.           How many more are left?
  2911.                     REBECCA
  2912.                (Yelling)
  2913.           Just keep going, keep going!!
  2914. Lisa kills a Zombie that falls to the floor, She tries to
  2915. get her knife out of it’s head when a Zombie comes up from
  2916. behind her and bites her on the arm.
  2917. Lisa screams in pain, she falls to the floor holding her
  2918. arm.
  2919. Jenny watch’s as Lisa goes from being in pain to turning
  2920. into one of them.
  2921. Lisa opens her eyes and she is now a Zombie, she looks over
  2922. at Jenny and starts crawling her way.
  2923. (CONTINUED)
  2925. CONTINUED: 75.
  2926. Jermaine see’s and rushes over, she grabs Lisa by the leg and pulls her away from Jenny. Jenny finally stabs Lisa over and over again until she dies again.
  2927.         Finally after hours of fighting, Akeem and Leon bloody
  2928.         faced, kill off the last Zombie.
  2929.         They ALL stand there covered in sweat, blood and filth,
  2930.         breathing hard and tried from fighting.
  2932. 54 EXT. STREET - NIGHT 54
  2933.         The news reporter comes running into the parking lot toward
  2934.         Akeem and Leon with her camera man.
  2935.                             REPORTER
  2936.                   Excuse me, excuse me. Can you both
  2937.                   tell me what happened here tonight.
  2938.         Akeem and Leon look at each other.
  2939.                             LEON
  2940.                   What happened was these damn zombie
  2941.                   things thought they could take over
  2942.                   our hood.
  2943.                             AKEEM
  2944.                   That’s right, so if you thinking
  2945.                   about walking down our street, be
  2946.                   aware of us.
  2947.                             LEON
  2948.                   This is our hood. There’s no room
  2949. for the dead!
  2951.                             THE END....(FOR NOW)
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