HAnonibal Returns

Sep 9th, 2015
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  1. >You are Puzzle Piece, one of the best investigative agents at the Equestrian Investigative Agency or EIA as everyone at the agency calls it.
  2. >Several weeks ago thanks to the help of the fugitive Anonymous, you helped capture the criminal which the media dubbed the Party Hat Groomer.
  3. >It all seemed like a storybook happy ending, and it was until you received a paper crane that held Anon’s message.
  4. >The biggest question that came up during the investigation was how he escaped from the most secure prison in Equestria.
  5. >To say you were shocked when you learned the circumstances was a complete understatement.
  6. >It turned out that after your second visit Anon asked to go out and get a pastry from a bakery not too far from the prison.
  7. >He even promised that he would return before the designated nap time, but he broke his word and didn’t return.
  8. >Having made a guard cry due to his actions, several days were added to his already lengthy sentence.
  9. >There were sightings throughout the land; after all he was the only human in the world so picking him out of a crowd was not a difficult challenge.
  10. >And because you swore to yourself that you would apprehend him you investigated every sighting.
  11. >Many had turned out to be nothing more than a minotaurs.
  12. >Which brings us to now, here sitting in an empty booth on board a train bound for Fillydelphia.
  13. >Someone had made a report of a strange bipedal creature being spotted reading a book in the park.
  14. >Perhaps this trip wouldn’t turn out to be another waste of time; maybe you would be actually able to put Anon back behind bars.
  15. >Anon’s escape, which was pretty cut and dry still nagged the back of your head.
  16. >His total sentence would have been up within a matter of a week, he had already served three.
  17. >It was the longest sentence you had ever heard of anyone getting. Yet if he had already served to majority of it, why escape?
  18. >Perhaps you were over thinking the situation. Right now you needed to stay focused and catch Anon.
  20. ------
  22. >You are Anon, a simple human with very simple needs.
  23. >Needs which were easily satisfied while living in a world filled with pastel colored miniature equines.
  24. >Focus Anon, it’s rude to keep your company waiting.
  25. >Walking around the bed where your guest lay you couldn’t help but smile.
  26. “Now if the badge which was hidden in your hair is any indication the name you tried to tell me earlier was a lie.”
  27. >She struggled against her bonds.
  28. >”Let me go this instant, my team probably already has this place surrounded so give yourself up.”
  29. “Oh come now Sweetie Drops, I honestly feel flattered that you would come out of retirement just to hunt down little old me.”
  30. >”Well you won’t feel so flattered after I throw you back behind bars, where you belong!”
  31. >Yikes, someone took their job way too seriously.
  32. >You had a way of handling tough mares like her, like the saying goes “Everyone eventually breaks”.
  33. >Sitting down on the side of the bed you placed your hand on her leg and began petting it, slowly guiding your hand along the silken fur.
  34. “Has anyone told you why I was sent to prison?”
  35. >You heard her gulp nervously at your question; well that was a definite yes.
  36. “You see, most label me a monster. I consider myself a connoisseur, and I do enjoy sampling many of the finer things in life.”
  37. >Your hand traveled to the crook of the mare’s neck. Slowly going against the fur, you could have sworn you heard her breath catch.
  38. “But unfortunately our time is brief, so even though it hurts me more than you can imagine I won’t be able to truly give you the attention you deserve.”
  39. >The hand which was scratching the area right under Sweetie’s chin trailed down to her soft belly.
  40. >Slowly making deliberate movements against her tummy you rubbed the soft furred area.
  41. >The sensual moans of approval left the mare’s mouth, well that was quick. Then again not many could withstand your powerful hands.
  42. >Moving yourself so you lay right next her you undid her bindings.
  43. >Pulling her into the little spoon position you continued your ministrations, feeling Sweetie push herself into you and her hoof pressing your hand as if asking for more.
  44. >Using a finger to tilt her head up you kissed her deeply, only to be pleasantly surprised when her tongue invaded your mouth.
  45. >You both fought for dominance, neither backing down. Of course your hands didn’t let up on the belly rubs.
  46. >She would break the kiss to moan loudly, only to smash her lips back against yours wanting more.
  47. >She deserved more attention, but again you were short on time. You readied your hand for the finishing move.
  48. >Breaking the kiss you looked her right in those lust filled eyes and reaching up you booped her right on the nose.
  49. >Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and tongue lolled out, you knew your work was done.
  50. >You were called a criminal, a monster, but boy was it worth it.
  52. ----
  54. “I hope you enjoyed yourself Sweetie.”
  55. >The mare looked like she was floating between euphoria and unconsciousness. You leaned over and gently kissed her on the brow.
  56. >She was a cutie; hopefully she’d try catching you again in the future.
  57. >Grabbing your coat you left the hotel room. More than likely someone would come looking for her eventually, by then you would be long gone.
  58. >Walking down the hall you exited through the fire escape door. Avoiding the front door was probably a good idea at this point.
  59. >What you just did would probably add another week to your prior sentence.
  60. >As you walked down the stairs you pondered the events of the past few days.
  61. >You escaped the prison by simply walking out after telling a guard you were only going to grab a pastry and return.
  62. >His feelings probably got hurt, speaking of which you should probably send him an apology note.
  63. >Travelling around after your escape you did what one in your position does, getting a job without drawing to much attention.
  64. >Surprisingly Equestria had a seedy underbelly, where single mares paid top bits for cuddles. And your dexterous hands and exotic looks put you in high demand.
  65. >When you reached the bottom of the fire escape behind the hotel you looked around to ensure your presence wasn’t noticed.
  66. >No one around, excellent. Making your way towards the exit of the alley you noticed a familiar mare pass by.
  67. >Looks like someone tipped off Puzzle on your recent location. Maybe you’d stick around this place for a little while longer after all.
  69. ----
  71. >Carefully you peaked out of the alley to watch the passing mare, and your conclusion was right.
  72. >She went right inside the hotel, that meant someone was giving out information about your location. A problem you’d have to fix.
  73. >For now you were going to enjoy the show, ensuring the coast was clear you crossed the road to the café directly across of the hotel.
  74. >Sitting down you waited patiently for the waiter to come.
  75. >”Good Afternoon, what can I get for you?”
  76. “A espresso, and would you happen to have today’s newspaper by any chance?”
  77. >”I’m sure we have one inside, It’ll be just a minute for your order.”
  78. >You reverted your gaze back across the street and waited, which you didn’t have to for very long.
  79. >Puzzle ran out the front doors a wildly looked from side to side, obviously trying to find you.
  80. >She must have found Bon Bon or should you say Sweetie Drops in your room.
  81. >”Here’s your espresso and I found a copy of today’s paper, so enjoy.”
  82. >While you weren’t paying attention the waiter dropped off your order. Sipping the espresso you relaxed and watched as Puzzle started to ask passing ponies if they had seen you.
  83. >If she ever found out that you were directly across the street, she’d probably blow a fuse.
  84. >”That mare seems pretty intent on finding someone wouldn’t you say.”
  85. >You were broken out of your thoughts by a pony speaking to you from the table next to yours.
  86. “Seems like it, and you are?”
  87. >”My name is Lyra, Lyra Heartstring.”
  88. >Normally most ponies are very frightened of you but this mare seemed almost giddy sitting there.
  89. “Care to join me?”
  90. >”Yes, thank you.”
  91. >She slowly levitated her own cup of coffee and placed it on your table as she relocated herself.
  92. >”So what brings you to Filydelphia, business? Pleasure? Both?
  93. >Pretty forward, this mare here. There was something off about her, you just couldn’t place it, yet.
  94. >Her entire attention was on your hands, her golden eyes never leaving them as she spoke with you.
  95. >“I convinced my friend to come out of retirement as a favor to me, and I was waiting here to see if she if her skills didn’t get rusty.”
  96. >Your gut was screaming at you to get out of there now, something was really wrong with this situation.
  97. >And if you have ever learned anything useful in life, it’s to always listen to your gut instinct.
  98. >Downing your espressos in one go and grabbing the paper, you placed a few bits on the table.
  99. “I am sorry but I actually have to run, it was nice meeting you Lyra.”
  100. >With that you quickly left the scene.
  102. Back at the Café
  103. >You watched the human hastily leave with a smile on your face.
  104. “It was nice to meet you too Anonymous, and I cannot wait to see you again.”
  105. >You started laughing madly rejoicing that all the planning you’ve done was finally paying off.
  106. >”Excuse me Ma’am.”
  107. >You stopped laughing and stared at the waitress that interrupted your victory laugh.
  108. >”I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave, you’re scaring the other customers.”
  109. >Looking around you noticed that the ponies who previously surrounded you looked horrified and were cowering underneath their tables.
  110. >Maybe next time I shouldn’t do the evil laugh in public.
  112. ----
  114. >You are Puzzle Piece and after finding a comatose mare in the room that Anon was supposedly occupying you ran out hoping he’d still be close by.
  115. >Unfortunately the human was nowhere in sight. So you returned to the room, but not before telling the hotel clerk to get the authorities and an ambulance.
  116. >So here you were, in his room. The mare lying on the bed, and a very musky scent permeated the room.
  117. >That smell, you knew exactly what it was. Walking over to the window you used your magic to open it and air the room out a bit.
  118. >When you turned around you noticed a black wallet on the ground. Gripping it with your magic you brought into view.
  119. “Agent Sweetie Drops, Monster Regulation Agency. Retired.”
  120. >Why would a retired agent be here in Anon’s room, something wasn’t adding up.
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