BKH Any% SGS without FC

May 13th, 2017
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  1. 31.03.18: updated for elevator clip
  3. Thief, black firebombs, target shield, drop hilt and hammer on first elevator
  4. Valley, estoc, 800 + 1k + 2k soul, rtsr, gcs, bkh, bow
  5. BA +4, 10 str, rest at UP, do SGS, switch bkh and ba order on first foggate in sen's, IG, get AL Bonfire, 25 str 18 dex 11 end
  6. Pop IG soul on AL elevator, kill O&S, pop Smough soul, take CoP bonfire, level 12 vit 16 end
  7. Warp to Firelink, rest there, warp to UP, get +2, smithbox, crest, stone armor, hornet ring, kill sif, dark sign
  8. Down to Blighttown, leave elevator down, get moss from blowdart sniper, plunge drop into the swamp, use moss in RTSR range
  9. Kill Quelaag, fec, Firesage, Centipede, BoC, dupe bone, level 28 str 28 end, Seal skip, 4 Kings, warp to AL
  10. Go to duke's, get lizards, Seath (moveswap), get +4 and level 23 vit
  11. Catacombs plunge, Nito, get lizard, get +5 and 26 vit if you want, kill Gwyn
  13. Iron Golem:
  15. >Can skip 800 soul and dupe the 2k soul once to get perfect bastard sword +3 and 12 str with thief at UP bonfire
  16. >Can get BA +4 with 10 STR for SL1 Iron Golem, need all 3 souls though to still get 10 str
  17. >Can get Bastard Sword +2 and 11 STR without the 800 soul (Potential IG setup: Running attack + R2 + running attack)
  18. >Can get Warpick +4 with 10 str, setup: running attack + 2x R2 for stagger, 2x r2 for fall
  20. 4k (BKH +2 and 28 end):
  22. 1st King: 2x running attack as setup, then with full stamina running attack + r1 + running attack with no delay at all, stamina works perfectly
  23. 2nd King: 4x running attack (with less than 28 str you need the same setup as 1st king)
  25. Titanite Demon setup: Counterhit + counterhit block with GCS
  26. 4 Kings RTSR setup: Stone armor setup with chest piece + gloves + gcs + estoc, can jump to the left after the elevator
  27. Centipede RTSR setup: Heal to full at foggate, then 3 ticks of lava damage
  28. After Firesage Skip: With full HP and 4+ humanities one estus is enough to survive the drop down to the foggate
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