Ileleste Jrnl 2

Darkling Jan 27th, 2019 72 Never
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  1. A strange dream plagued me the following eve. It was realistic, almost lucid in the way I could control myself. We were in an arena of sorts and brought there to fight each other. I was placed in a room with the Gnome Beans, and we teamed up for a short time to dispatch of some opponents. When it appeared to be just us, as we had lost track of the angel creature, I turned on Beans. I will admit it was not very noble or becoming of myself to do so, but it was a dream only. I would never turn upon my friends, if I dare call them that already.
  2. Either way, it became apparent that my shortcomings as a fighter would be my downfall. In the thick of the fight I couldn’t muster my magics properly and was struck down repeatedly by the Gnome. I’ll have to think on my tactics more thoroughly in the future and learn from this. Either way, I woke normally from the dream, rested but left unsettled.
  3. I met briefly with the others, most had shared the same dream. It leaves me to believe something higher is at work here. I was given loan of some magical items from the group to help protect myself better. I’ll be sure to put them to good use In the future. Where we head next I believe will be further into this dungeon of dark madness. I do not look forward to it, but I do not relish staying in this place for longer than is necessary and will do my part to expedite our escape from it.
  4. I do want to note, I’ve taken to writing in here much more than my previous entries. Reading over them, they really told nothing of my thoughts and experiences, myself or my companions. They were simple, impulsive. Another thing I intend to correct.
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