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She went to Jared's? Lmao

JrHottspitta Apr 14th, 2012 32 Never
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  1. Boyfriend: Ok trever this is Jared, Dorothy's boyfriend ... U need to stop fucking texting her and stop fucking calling her I want u to delete her god damn number and never talk to her again and tell your bitch of a gf do to the same I'm tired of the way u treat her and if it happens again ill hand your ass to u
  3. Me: Come at me bro, because i have stopped.
  5. Boyfriend: If love to come at u but I would wanna waste the energy on a fagget that doesn't deserve even the cyber gf he thinks he has .. I bet she's cheating in u expecially since u have never met her
  7. Me: Yeah smart move, wouldnt want to eat led would yah?
  9. Boyfriend: Led lol as if u would have the balls to shoot me
  11. Me: Yeah hollow point .45 caliber round outa ruger 1911
  13. Boyfriend: I'd be suprized if u even knew what the trigger was ... No I'm done with u ... Leave her alone and you will be ok
  15. Me: The trigger pulls the hammer back and releases on a dual action configured gun, which then strikes the firing pen that hits the chambered round. there are two sets of pouder in the bullet, the first trigger the explosion sets off the other portion. you wanna threaten me again? because you will die, i dont pull that black shit
  17. Boyfriend: If I were there I'd defiantly threaten u again but now i have shit to do so I hope I won't have to talk to u again any time soon
  19. Me: Move along pussy. You might wanna fix your grammer before you attempt to be smart by the way. Makes one hell of a story to tell. ;)
  21. Boyfriend: ?Qu??
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