Rhea and Willis 2

Apr 7th, 2015
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  1. "If we're lost, you have to say it right now" Rhea said, her arms crossed.
  2. "We're not lost" Kaylee replied, sure of herself.
  3. "Yeah, we're not lost, we just dunno where we are!" confirmed Ceil.
  4. "Can't you two just fly above the treetops and check things out?" Willis suggested.
  5. "You watch your tongue or we'll send you up a tree!" Rhea snapped.
  6. "The wimp's got a point, don't he?" Ceil said, putting her massive hand on his head and gripping his hair. She was bored of walking around and wanted to make camp and make use of her turn with him already.
  7. Rhea and Kaylee looked at one another.
  8. "Well don't look at me, I'm not taking flight in a place like this, I can't even spread my wings properly!" Rhea said, flailing her tail around the bushes in frustration. Kaylee shrugged and jumped to the nearest tree trunk, scaling it without any effort, disappearing up in to the canopy.
  10. Rhea sat down on a rock, her tail still flailing, her arms still crossed. She seemed displeased. Ceil fell on her ass as well, leaning against a tree and pulling Willis into her lap, still petting his hair. She could be gentle if she wanted to.
  11. "This is all wrong" Rhea said, shaking her head. "We should be at the river by now. It doesn't make any sense. We should have been at the river YESTERDAY!"
  12. Smoke came out of her nostrils and her massive wings stretched out, making branches crack.
  13. "Calm down, will ya? Ain't one day gonna make no difference" Ceil said lazily, wrapping one of her massive legs around one of Willis'.
  14. "It's wrong I tell you! I've been feeling uneasy for a while now. There's something in the air! I can't quite smell it, but it's there! Something foul!"
  15. "Ya mean one a these?" Ceil asked, letting out a loud fart. Willis held his breath.
  16. "No you dullard! I'm being serious here!"
  17. "Ya think the little Fairies made us get lost then?"
  18. "Yes! That's a possibility. Definitely a possibility!"
  19. "Uhh, Fairies?"
  20. "Hush!" Ceil put her hand on his mouth. "They'll come and get you Willie. They'll come an' they'll stick their little fists in yer pecker! Gyahahaha!"
  21. "Oh it's all fun and games for you, isn't it? Well I say that if it's true, we're good and fucked!"
  22. "I'll be good an' fucked tonight alright..."
  23. "Eugh!"
  25. Relaxing in the Ogre's embrace, Willis found himself pondering about what he knew about Fairies. Just the stuff he'd been taught by the priests, naturally. They snatched away children and left their own in exchange... or was that Elves? They were in cahoots anyway, or so he had been told. The little creatures were filled with magic though. More magic than you could shake a stick at, or so he'd been told.
  26. "We've got trouble" came the voice of Kaylee from above them. She was seated on a thick branch, her expression showing some worry. Willis had learned to read her face better in the time he'd spent with them.
  27. "Trouble?"
  28. "There's nothing but mist out there"
  29. "Mist? Coming from where?" Rhea demanded.
  30. "Not coming. Just everywhere. Can't see anywhere. Only place it's not is here"
  31. "Whaaat?" Ceil asked with a yawn.
  32. "I'm going up there!" Rhea said angrily, squatted down and leaped up, flapping her wings within the miniscule space she had, and sure enough she disappeared above the trees, crushing a hole in the canopy. Within a few heartbeats there was a shocked roar, and she returned.
  33. "I said it, didn't I? We're fucked! FUCKED!" she cried out, trashing around, tearing the trees apart with her limbs.
  34. "We're stuck here you idiots? Don't you get it? They've raised that bloody mist to keep us stuck in these woods!"
  35. An enraged Dragon is a fearsome sight. The trees were not spared, and she even tore the boulders from the ground and tossed them around. Kaylee climbed down from her branch and snuggled up to Ceil and Willis.
  36. "Do you think we're really stuck here?" she asked.
  37. "We'll be fine, it's just a bloody mist" Ceil said dismissively.
  38. "But Rhea's really upset about it"
  39. "She's just jelly"
  40. "Oh?"
  41. "Dragons ain't the type to share, ya know?"
  42. "Oooh"
  43. "Wille get yer fingers outta her, yer mine tonight"
  44. "Now who doesn't like to share?"
  45. "Don't backtalk me boy!"
  47. ***
  49. It was evening, or so they assumed. The forest wasn't significantly darker than before, but enough time had passed to make it feel like the day was through. After walking through the woods for hours, they found themselves again at the spot where Rhea's tantrum had marked the place, and they decided to give up for the day and make camp.
  50. With a fire warmly crackling, Willis had put up their enclosures - to call them tents would be a little too generous - and cooked up a stew out of rabbits and wild herbs. Ceil, like usual, gobbled it down with a great appetite, Kaylee ate with eyes that saw nothing wile she ate - her vacant expression during meals always bothered Willis a little - but Rhea only ate a few spoonfuls before passing her bowl to Ceil and retiring for the night. The remaining three then began to pass the time.
  51. "...and that's about it. She baked her bread from bone-flour for years" Willis concluded his story about Ogres.
  52. "Gyahahah! Ya hear that Kay? Damn buggers believe that! Bone-flour! Gyahahaha!"
  53. Willis grinned. The stories he had heard all his life as things of horror were now amusing. All the things that went bump in the night were starting to seem less threatening than the people he had lived with. Well, as long as you didn't get on the wrong end of a rampage like the one Rhea had gone on.
  54. "Do you have any about us?" asked Kaylee the Mantis.
  55. "Stories? None. All I know is that you eat your mates after sex"
  56. "But you're not missing any pieces"
  57. "Well, yes, but, I mean, that's how the belief goes"
  58. "Oh"
  59. "And whaddya got 'bout them Dragons?"
  60. This was awkward. Willis wasn't exactly comfortable with talking about the black beast behind her back.
  61. "Well... Dragons... they kidnap princesses and hold them for ransom to get treasures for their hoards..."
  62. "Ya, that's an old one. It's happened a couple times for real, too"
  63. "Well, and then when noble knights come to rescue the princess and slay the Dragon, their fate can be one of three"
  64. "Three?"
  65. "To slay the Dragon and succeed..."
  66. "Gyahaha! As if!"
  67. "To be easily beaten and then enslaved by the Dragon's minions..."
  68. "Not bad for a knight, eh?"
  69. "Or to put up enough of a fight to impress the Dragon and became their slave. I suppose it's not all that different..."
  70. "Ya, that's wrong, that one. They don't enslave guys who impress 'em, they marry 'em"
  71. "M-marry?"
  72. "That's when a man and a woman are tied together as mates for all time. I thought humans did that too" Kaylee explained.
  73. "No, I know what marriage is, it's just that... a Dragon marrying a knight just sounds... off. I mean, why would a knight marry a Dragon when they came to slay her?"
  74. "'cuz even knights know what's hot" Ceil said, shrugging.
  76. This had been a new revelation to Willis. Of course the stories he'd heard about Dragons were no more reliable than any of the others, but... still. For someone noble and proud, a knight, to give up on their quest like that, and to just marry a Monster... it seemed unthinkable.
  77. "If you're going to make such noise, tell me Willis, what do your people know about Fairies?"
  78. Rhea had gotten up and returned to the fire. Of course, with Ceil's loud laughter it would have been difficult to get any sleep.
  79. "Ahh, Fairies?" he asked, caught off guard.
  80. "Ya still on about that?" Ceil asked.
  81. "For all we know his people have ways to deal with their spells" Rhea defended herself.
  82. "Unlikely. His knowledge of non-humans has been wrong so far" Kaylee protested.
  83. "Not all of it"
  84. "Most of it"
  85. "I know they're weak to iron" Willis said to prevent an argument.
  86. "That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard!" Rhea said, shaking her head.
  87. "Aren't most things weak to iron? You stab something with a sword and if it doesn't have strong scales..."
  88. "Ya, I think it's time to shut up and git to work, yeah?" Ceil said, getting up and lifting Willis up over her shoulder.
  90. Rhea and Kaylee were left to ponder the silliness of iron affecting Fairies while Willis undressed Ceil and began to massage her feet.
  91. "Ya know, if them Fairies have it out for us for real, we might be out here for a long time" she said, her hands behind her head, her naked body getting goosebumps while his hands worked their magic on her.
  92. "You need your toenails cut" he whispered, beginning to kiss her toes.
  93. "Mmhhm. I ain't stoppin' ya"
  94. Willis didn't have any tool to work with, but his teeth were enough. Chewing through her thick nails was a bit of a challenge, but once he got through, he could tear off neat slices. The taste was overwhelmingly salty, but there was nothing unhealthy there. Ever since Willis had taken up his position as their servant, he had kept the ladies clean.
  95. He spat the nails outside the enclosure and moved his mouth back to her Ogre's feet, licking away, slowly moving up along her legs and taking great care at her thighs. She was surprisingly sensitive there.
  96. "Oh ya tease~!" Ceil said, lifting her hips and grabbing his head with her thighs, catching him in her crotch.
  97. "Eat up!"
  98. Eat up he did. She hadn't caught him in a way that made his breathing difficult, so there was no issue there. After a while of him lapping away she released his head, and he climbed up to slide into her.
  99. "Woops" she said suddenly, hitting her forehead. "Almost forgot the..." she rummaged around for the poultice that kept her from getting pregnant. "Don't want little ones running 'bout just yet" she said as she took her medicine, and Willis slid in.
  101. ***
  103. A full bladder woke Willis up in the dead of the night. He slid out from under the arm of the Ogre and put the blanket on her properly. Quietly he snuck out from the enclosure, naked, and added a few logs to the fire, just in case. He went only a few steps away to relieve himself, but noticed immediately that something was not right.
  104. The mist was closer now. It was all around them. Before he had been able to see it in the distance, but it had always moved away as they approached, always leaving the clear area around them the same size. Now that area was smaller.
  105. He pissed away while staring at that mist, shivering from both the cold and the fright. If there were Fairies there, would they be dangerous? Would iron really help? And he was butt-naked, he didn't have any iron on him anyway. Was that a light there? Movement in the mist?
  107. Willis retreated behind a tree after his bladder was empty. There might be something there. But what if he just imagined it? He'd be safer if he alerted the ladies, but if there wasn't anything there, he'd bother their sleep for no reason than him being a scaredy-cat. He didn't want that.
  108. Slowly, without taking his eyes off the place where he might have seen something, he made his way to where the kitchenware was. An iron pan would work. Grabbing it, he felt safer immediately. Willis returned to his hiding spot behind the tree, and kept staring into the mist. Now he'd feel stupid if nothing was there.
  109. "You saw it too?" came a whisper from above him. Willis almost let out a startled cry at the suddenness of it.
  110. Looking up he saw Kaylee.
  111. "S-saw what?" he asked.
  112. "Something" she answered, and her answer was a serious one. "If it's a dangerous something, we'll alert the others. If it leaves, you go back to sleep"
  113. "And you?"
  114. "I'll keep watch. They're not getting the drop on us"
  115. Feeling somewhat safer now that Kaylee was there, Willis gripped the pan like a sword and leaned on the tree. He was much chillier than he should have been, the fire was right there... was it the fear or the Fairies doing it?
  116. Then he saw it. A green light in the mist. Then a yellow one. Then a blue one, and a red one, and a purple one. Five lights, all fluttering in the air.
  117. "If they get out of the mist, keep still. We'll get them" Kaylee said.
  118. "But what about alerting the others?"
  119. "Only if we need to"
  121. The Fairies came out from the mist. Their wings were like those of butterflies, but glowed in the dark with the colours mentioned before. The creatures themselves were quite human in appearance, only small. Their dresses were the same colour as their wings, as was their hair, all of it glowing. They made no sounds as they approached.
  122. "Hold" Kaylee whispered, so quietly it was a miracle he even heard her. And then, when the blue one was close enough, the Mantis pounced.
  123. The speed of a hunting Mantis is too much for human eyes. She moved in a flash of green and her sickles assaulted the Fairy in a movement Willis couldn't even comprehend. All he knew was that it hadn't worked. The Fairy was still where she'd been, and Kaylee was on the ground. Had it dodged?
  124. Without missing a heartbeat, the Mantis turned around and jumped back at the same target. She passed the Fairy again, slicing half-way through the tree, but doing nothing to the Fairy. A cacophony of giggles erupted from the five Fairies.
  125. "Silly little bug!" they mocked her.
  127. "What's going on here?" Rhea asked, coming out of her enclosure grumpy, her hair a mess. Seeing the flashes of light she knew right away they were under attack, and charged with reckless abandon. Her claws didn't catch any of the Fairies, the flapping of her wings sent leaves and dirt flying but didn't affect the airborne magic users at all, and when she breathed fire on them they were protected by bubbles. Her acid was useless as well.
  128. Her rampage useless, Rhea stood still, dumbstruck. Such a thing was inconceivable!
  129. "It's like they're invulnerable" Kaylee said, jumping to Rhea's side.
  130. "But that's... that's inconceivable! NOTHING IS INVULNERABLE!"
  131. "What's with the racket then?" Ceil's voice erupted from the enclosure, and she stepped out, naked. Seeing the Fairies, she didn't waste any time; grabbing her club she charged them and swung with all her might at the yellow one, only to find her club suddenly gone from her hands. Before she could figure out what had happened to it, it fell down on her head. Now her head was, like with all Ogres, hard enough to deal with such a blow, but it pissed her off.
  133. The Fairies danced around and giggled. The three fearsome she-beasts were quite helpless.
  134. "A Dragon too, and an Ogre! What silly creatures!"
  135. "I thought Dragons knew magic, but this one sure doesn't!"
  136. "Let's turn them all into newts and grab the boy! We'll rape him good!"
  138. The three heard these taunts and stood back to back, facing their intangible enemies. None of them had any ideas left.
  139. But Willis did. As it happened, the Fairies hadn't noticed him in the heat of the battle, and the red one was with her back to him, and close, too. If there was anything to the old stories, his pan would be enough. He swung. He hit. The glow of the Fairy disappeared the moment the iron pan touched it, and it fell to the ground from the impact, groaning. He'd been worried a blow that strong on such a small creature might be fatal, but it seemed it hadn't been.
  140. "I TOLD YOU! IRON!" he yelled, jumping at the next Fairy, intending to swat it down. But then he felt an impact in the small of his back and fell over. One of the Fairies had cast a spell of some kind.
  141. But the damage was done. The three she-beasts ran to grab anything with iron, and the confused Fairies found themselves in trouble. Within moments they had all been knocked out, and when the last one stopped glowing, the mist dissipated.
  143. ***
  145. It was morning, and the Fairies were pleading for their lives in the small cages they had been stuck in. Such cages hadn't existed until very recently, as Rhea had melted some pots and kettles to make them. A small sacrifice, because Fairies would sell for far more than Elves would. The magic of a Fairy's dust was potent and sought after.
  146. She had explained as much to Willis, who was sitting before a semi-circle of the three ladies he served. Each of them seemed to have something to say, but they didn't quite know how to say it.
  147. "The bottom line is, Willis, that without you, we'd have been in trouble" Rhea said.
  148. "Though I'm sure the Fairies wouldn't have come after us if it wasn't for you" Kaylee pointed out.
  149. "Oh shut yer trap, ya know we're trying to thank the little bugger, right?" Ceil rebuked her, and Kaylee bowed her head.
  150. "What we're trying to say here is that we're grateful. We came here to get Elves, and we ended up getting something more valuable. Five Fairies... that's going to make us rich" Rhea said, licking her lips.
  151. "Rich enough that we don't really need to sell you" she added quickly.
  152. Willis stared at her a little shaken. He had assumed he'd have stayed with them as a servant in the main camp they were headed to, but they had actually intended to sell him? To who? For what? These questions were dreadful ones. For all he knew his trick with the frying pan had spared him from a life in some salt mine.
  153. "Then... what is it that you are planning for me?" he asked, uncertain. The three looked at each other and shrugged.
  154. "We probably won't make that call" Rhea said. But when we get to camp, we'll vouch for you. You might get a nice, easy job"
  155. That was... reassuring?
  156. "Well, we'd best keep going. We now know where the river is, and that means we'll get to camp in two days, tops. Let's not waste any more time here!"
  157. The three got up and took up most of their gear to carry. Willis was given the honour of carrying the pole on which the Fairies' cages hung.
  158. As they walked, he found himself pondering again. First he had begun to enjoy the depravity he engaged in with these Monster women, and now he was helping them sell slaves? His life had changed quite a bit. And he didn't feel bad about it. He did feel a little sorry for the little caged creatures at first, but as the trek continued and their crying didn't stop, he became merely annoyed at them. He was actually eager to reach that camp now.
  160. ***
  162. "Something's been bothering me for a while" Kaylee said, moving her hips up and down.
  163. "Oh?"
  164. "Mmh"
  165. "So what is it?"
  166. "About the stories"
  167. "My stories?"
  168. "Mmh"
  169. "Well?"
  170. "If you were right about the Fairies, what if you're right about me, too?"
  171. "Are you going to eat me?"
  172. "No"
  173. "Then those stories were all wrong, weren't they?"
  174. "Mmmmhh"
  175. "You're done?"
  176. "Mmh"
  177. "Then you don't mind if I..."
  178. She shrugged. Willis thrust harder a couple of times and surprised her by pulling out to ejaculate on top of her. He wasn't exactly full of the stuff, so he didn't spread all that much over the naked belly of the Mantis, but the deed was done. He stared at her, waiting to see if she got upset or if he would get away with it.
  179. "I took my medicine" she said, confused.
  180. "I know"
  181. Kaylee said nothing, just stared at the small white spot on her. She brought one of fingers to it, hesitantly.
  182. Do it, do it, do it! Chanted Willis in his head.
  183. And do it she did. Kaylee gathered up his seed in her fingers and brought her fingers to her mouth, sucking and licking them clean. Her face betrayed nothing of how she felt about it.
  184. "You've never done that before" she said.
  185. "Nope"
  186. "Then why did you do it now?"
  187. "Did you dislike it?"
  188. "No"
  189. "Then I did it to please you"
  190. "How nice. It's a lie though"
  191. "A lie with good intentions"
  192. "Go feed the Fairies. Then we spoon. You're the big one"
  193. "Yes'm"
  195. Slipping out from the enclosure, Willis felt nice. Of course he would, after sex. But he felt more nicelier than usually. Was that how you said it? Probably not. But who cares? He was alive and well, and headed for glory. Maybe. Probably not. Best not to think about it.
  196. He rounded up the leftovers Ceil had spared and with a spoon in hand went to the cages of the Fairies one by one, feeding each a couple spoonfuls. They were small creatures and probably didn't need much. They had accepted their fate as prisoners since the iron completely nullified their magical abilities. Such a simple weakness! Though Willis had heard it told that there had been a time when men didn't know how to work iron. Fairies must have been gods to men in those days.
  197. "Hey"
  198. He turned to the sound, and saw Rhea leaning against a tree.
  199. "Yes?"
  200. "We'll reach camp tomorrow" she said.
  201. That he knew already. There was no point in saying that, now was there?
  202. "You need to look presentable" she added. "To make a good impression on Camilla"
  203. "Who?"
  204. "You'll know soon enough, boy. Come on..." she nodded back to the woods, where Willis knew the closest pond was. It was time for a bath again, then.
  206. The two walked to the pond without a sound, and removed the necessary amount of clothing to enter - nothing for Willis who was already naked, and the trousers for Rhea - and got in after the Dragon warmed it up a bit. The acid began to pour after that.
  207. "Your hair looks kind of neat like this" she said, rubbing his scalp. His hair had been shaved off when he stumbled on to the group, and after that, it had grown enough to be considered a head of hair again, if a little skimpy. Was skimpy a word you could use about hair?
  208. "But we need to shave this off" she said, running her finger along his chin. His beard had grown beyond a stubble, but not enough to be a proper beard, so it was understandably not very sightly. Was that even a word?
  209. "I'll do it" she said, and without further warning, her sharp claw ran down his cheek, leaving a part of him clean-shaven. Eep. Kaylee's scythes were sharper than sharp, that he knew. But these claws weren't anything to scoff at, either.
  210. "Hold still, boy. Don't want to hurt you" she said, running her finger along his throat. It was a close shave. A little bit of shaking on either of their part and he might have gotten his throat slit. Maybe.
  211. "You know I'm a little upset" she said, still working on his throat.
  212. "I wanted to get another turn with you. But I didn't, because we agreed on the rotation, and the rotation sticks. But that doesn't mean I have to like it, you know? So don't begrudge me this. Okay?"
  213. Willis wasn't entirely sure he had any idea why she would think he'd "begrudge" her this, but the claws were still too close to his arteries for him to say anything.
  214. "We probably won't be spending much time together from now" she kept going, moving on to his other cheek.
  215. "Camilla is not unreasonable. If we vouch for you, you'll get a place as cupbearer or a stablehand. Then we'll be square. Got that?"
  216. "Uhh, yeah. Square"
  217. "Good. I'll leave your moustache on, it'll make you look older"
  218. "Why would you want me to look older?"
  219. Rhea let out an amused sound that wasn't quite a chuckle.
  220. "Youth attracts lots of our girls" she explained.
  221. "Oh"
  222. Getting out of the water Willis found he had a thin, not very neat looking moustache, kind of like the one he'd seen on some knights. Young noblemen often wore their first facial hair like this. He thought it lame.
  224. The two parted without further words, and Willis returned to Kaylee's enclosure, slipping underneath her blanket as quickly and quietly as he could, assuming the position of the bigger spoon, one arm around the Mantis' waist.
  225. "Took you long enough" she said.
  226. "Sorry"
  227. "You smell like lemons"
  228. "I..."
  229. "Mmh. I know. She's upset"
  230. Willis let out a sigh.
  231. "Over not getting to sleep with me tonight?"
  232. "She's a Dragon. She hates being in debt"
  233. "Debt?"
  234. "Mmh. The Fairy stuff. We owe you. But after we get you work as something other than a bitchboy we'll be even. She's antsy for that. She hates owing someone"
  235. Kaylee shifted a little, pushing her hips back and her tight buttocks against his crotch.
  236. "Snug" she told him, and Willis held on to her a little tighter.
  237. "This might be the last night we'll be together" she said, her voice uncharacteristically sombre. "I don't know if we should just go to sleep or do it once more"
  238. Willis felt up her antennae with one hand, his breasts with the other, and kissed her neck.
  239. "I'm up for either"
  240. "Oh no you don't! I washed you so you'd be presentable tomorrow, don't you go wasting that!" Rhea shouted at them.
  241. "Wait, she can hear us?"
  242. "Of course she can. She hears everything. Dragon ears"
  243. Oh. Oooh. That was... that was awkward.
  244. "So we'll just..." he asked to confirm.
  245. "Mmh"
  246. That was that then.
  249. ***
  251. The group got up at dawn and set out for the final leg of their journey, which took them until an hour before noon. The smoke rising from the camp was visible from far away, and once they came to a hill they could see the camp from, Willis was impressed. Palisade walls stretched out across a large area, with watchtowers on every side. There was a lot of noise coming from there, the sounds of barking dogs and whinnying horses and laughter, sounds of metal being worked and Monsters screaming from their orgasms. The camp was clearly well lived in, and the ones living there seemed to be quite at home. Loud shouts greeted the returning group as soon as they were noticed, and horns were sounded to signal it.
  252. By the time they arrived at the entrance to the camp, there was a crowd gathered to greet them. And what a crowd it was! Willis found himself quite intimidated by the curious creatures before him. There were creatures he recognized as Goblins, short and thing creatures with greenish skin and childlike faces, and a Hobgoblin, a similar beast but more voluptuous. There were in that crowd Werewolves, a frightening spook from stories he'd heard many times, but these rushed out to meet them with dogs, tongues hanging from their mouths and slobbering and wagging their tails happily. There were humans there as well, men and women bigger than those Willis had grown up with, even the women were larger than him, and they all had blonde hair and strikingly blue eyes. Northern barbarians, fearsome raiders and rapists, kin to giants, or so he'd heard it told. There was another Ogre there as well. This crowd closed in around the arrivals, and they shouted congratulations and welcomes to the girls, made curious exclamations about the Fairies and the man carrying them, and then they parted to allow someone to pass through.
  254. This someone was a woman who resembled a human in many ways, though she was taller than even the northerners, and her bust and hips were a wondrous sight for a man. The one thing about her that convinced Willis this wasn't a human were her wings. Six feathery wings grow from her back, with white stripes on brown making up the colour of them.
  255. Her hair was a light shade of red, reaching down to her breasts in two braids, her eyes greyish blue and her face freckled. There was a smile on her full lips, a smile that gave her an impish and foxy look as she eyed up the arrivals and their bounty.
  256. "Well then Rhea. I see no Elves here" she said, one hand on her hip, the other theatrically scratching her head as if she were confused.
  257. The Dragoness crossed her arms and waved her tail around in agitation.
  258. "Fairies are better than Elves, Camilla" she said, her icy voice dripping venom in such a manner Willis had to remind himself her breath carried neither.
  259. "Mmhmm, so I've heard. And here I thought you were simply goofing around in those woods. A day or more two and I'd have come to drag you back myself! Speaking of goofing around, what's this then?"
  260. Camilla walked right on past Rhea and the other two and stopped in front of Willis, who found himself having to look up at her in quite a steep angle. His head was below her breasts!
  261. A massive, yet feminine hand reached out to caress his cheek. Her touch sent a tingling sensation into his skin.
  262. "What have we here indeed? Did you catch a new bitchboy for us? Oh it looks you did!" she cooed, her questions seemingly rhetorical.
  263. "That's not a bitch, Cam. He's the one who caught the Fairies for us" Rhea said.
  264. "Oh, he did, did he?"
  265. "Yeah, what the lizard said!" Ceil confirmed.
  266. "They speak the truth" Kaylee said in turn.
  267. "Hoo? What a useful bitchboy he is then!" Camilla exclaimed, rubbing his head. "We'll train you good boy, oh yes we will!"
  269. Things were not going to plan. Not going to plan at all. Willis found his situation deteriorating quickly.
  270. "I keep telling you Cam, he's no bitchboy. He's got better uses" Rhea continued, but it was obvious to Willis that he didn't really have any other qualities to speak of, so her defence was doomed to fail. So much for becoming a cupbearer. This winged woman was not even considering it. She wasn't even acknowledging the possibility of him being useful for anything other hand a fucktoy. Not that it was such an awful thing... with the three he'd been with, anyway.
  271. Huh. Not that long ago Willis would've fought like a cornered rat to escape the fate of being raped by a Monster, and after he had actually succumbed to such things, he'd enjoyed it. Then, when he had been offered a chance to rise above it, he'd thought it wonderful. Now that he was to be returned to a position he had previously ENJOYED, he was quite desperate to avoid it.
  272. Camilla's eyes looked down on him without malice, but also without sympathy.
  273. "Now then boy, what's your name?" she asked, still caressing his face.
  275. Willis had not planned it out beforehand. He hadn't planned it out at all. Most of it came to him subconsciously, in the panic he was in. How it all came to him was not important. What was important was that he took action, that he said what he said.
  276. "My name, Milady, is Sir Willis Drygrass. I am a knight in the service of the esteemed Baron Heidenbach. How'd you do?" And with those words, he made a little bow.
  277. Rhea, Ceil and Kaylee stared at him, Rhea's nostrils smoking, Ceil's jaw hanging open and Kaylee's head tilting.
  278. "Oh, a knight are we? And in service to the Baron Heidenbach?" Camilla asked, an eerie glow in her eyes, her smile turning into a grin that revealed her teeth. "Why, that'll work just fine for me" she whispered.
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