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  1. Name/Genre
  3. Where to DL
  4. Torrents
  5. http://www.nyaa.eu/   <---Best for anime torrents
  6. http://kat.ph/
  7. http://thepiratebay.se/
  8. Or search on Sub groups site.
  10. Stream?
  11. http://watchanimeon.com/
  12. netflix
  14. ***Must Watch(See descriptions below)*** [recommended Sub group in brackets]
  15. [steins; subs]Steins; Gate
  16. [mazui]Katanagatari
  17. School Days
  18. Seto no Hanayome
  19. Tengan toppa gurren lagann (avail on netflix dubbed, ew)
  20. (Maybe) Puella Madoka Magica - gotta get passed the cutesy sailor moon style but this was interesting show
  23. *****The Best of the best 5 star******
  24. Angel Beats (Comedy/Drama)
  25. Code Geass & Code Geass R2
  26. Cowboy Bebop (Space Cowboy Action) - A classic of anime and an amazing Dub/English voice job.
  27. Death Note
  28. Eureka Seven (Mecha/Romance) - Surfing robots cool action and a cute love story.
  29. FLCL (? crazy but cool)- A classic of anime viewable on netflix.
  30. Hajime 1 & 2
  31. Katanagatari (Action/Romance?) - Awesome art/action/plot with nice love story as undertone.
  32. Minami-ke (Comedy/Slice of life) - Three sisters living on their own shows about daily life its pretty funny.
  33. Nodame Cantabile (3 seasons) (Music/Romance) - Love story between two musicians a great show.
  34. School Days (Drama/Romance/Harem) - Deconstruction of shows where main char is oblivious to girls in love with him. Starts off cliche show one of the craziest endings you'll ever see.
  35. Seitokai no Ichizon (Comedy) - A lot of anime related puns, funny.
  36. Seto no Hanayome (comedy) - Funniest show I've ever seen.
  37. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Mecha/Action/Awesome) - Takes everything to extremes and becomes a ridiculous and awesome show.
  38. Toradora! (Drama/Romance) - Enjoyable love story
  39. Welcome to NHK! (slice of life/nerd romance?) - Weird story about a shut in that tries to make a hentai game with a friend and meets a girl.
  40. Nichijou (slice of life) - Hilarious show based on fast paced gags and over the top reaction faces
  41. Kaichou wa Maid-sama (comedy/romance) - Girl is the main char for once. Well done fun show.
  42. Steins; Gate (Sci fic/Drama) - Holy shit this was so good. Time travel, great story, and very well written characters.
  43. Bakemonogatari (Harem/supernatural) - a lot of dialogue interesting art style and a lot of word play/puns. Great show.
  44. Fate Zero
  45. Kimi ni Todoke (H.S. Romance) - cute love story.
  46. Puella Madoka Magica (Magical girl deconstruction/drama) - first 3 eps are super cute sailor moon style then ep 3 shit gets real and real dark and crazy.
  47. 5 cm per second - Movie about guy/girl growing up growing apart kinda deep life lesson type stuff.
  50. ****Other shows I'd think you like****
  51. Baka to Test to Shokanju (Comedy) - pretty funny show.
  52. Afro Samurai (action) - Samuel Jackson is badass samurai plus wu-tang clan does soundtrack
  53. Claymore (Action) - Dark/creepy feeling show that gets real good at ep 5
  54. Full Metal Panic 2 season (Action) - Clueless guy who's pure trained killer has to fit in with HS girl cool show
  55. Full Metal Panic Fumoffu (Comedy) - inbetween season that plays off story funny once u know the chars.
  56. High School of the Dead (Action/Zombie) - Zombie survival show with hot chicks w/ unnecessarily large tits
  57. The world only god knows 2 season - Kid expert and dating video games applies his skills to real girls. Fun show.
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