Bundle Joy Origins

May 1st, 2014
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  1. >Giggling and tired from a long date, Bundle Joy and her coltfriend Quick Flip* arrive at Bundle's front door.
  2. >"Thank you so much for that, Flip. That was the most fun I've had in ages."
  3. >"Any time, Bunbun."
  4. >He leans in and plants a long, wet kiss on his fillyfriend, and she clumsily opens the door behind her.
  5. >The young lovers make their way to the nearest couch and feeling each other up.
  6. >Bunbun looks down and notices her mate's stallionhood slowly emerging from its sheath.
  7. >Suddenly very nervous and embarrassed, she clears her throat. "Um… Quick?"
  8. >The horny young stallion pauses his rubbing for a moment, concerned. "What's wrong, baby?"
  9. >"I don't think we should do… that… just now." she says, panting with arousal.
  10. >Quick Flip looks rejected. "Why not, baby? Am–"
  11. >"No, no, nothing like that!" she explains nervously. "I love you, and I want to, but… in think I'm in heat."
  12. >A look of understanding dawns on his face. "Are you sure? If you are, it would be your first time."
  13. >"I-I'm pretty sure I am. It's my first estrous cycle."
  14. >Quick Flip sighs. "If you're worried, I guess we can play it safe. I won't put it in you, but in return I need your help finishing." He gestures towards his now fully erect member.
  15. >"Of course." Bundle Joy timidly reaches out and strokes the shaft with her hood.
  16. >Quick chuckles. "Come on, Bunny. It won't bite."
  17. >Bundle grins awkwardly and hooks her fetlock around it, stroking up and down.
  18. >She can tell he's enjoying it, so she reaches up with her free forehoof and starts teasing him near the tip.
  19. >Soon, she notices a small bead of clear fluid has collected on the tip.
  20. >Before she can fully process it, the drop gets big enough to fall, splashing against her winking clit and dripping down onto the opening to her marehood.
  21. >"Uh… Quick?"
  22. >"You're doing fine, baby. Just keep going."
  23. >Bundle stops her stroking, and when her coltfriend sits up to see what's the matter, she looks at him with pleading eyes.
  24. >"N-No, not that. Some of the… it fell onto my…" she stammers nervously, her heart racing.
  25. >Quick Flip lets out an exasperated sigh. "It's just pre, Bunbun. It probably has all of three sperm cells in it, and I never put it inside you."
  26. >"But Ms. Chalkdust sai–"
  27. >"Bunny, baby, you're being paranoid. Calm down. Everything's gonna be fine. Take deep breaths."
  28. >Bundle Joy figures he's right. She takes a few deep breaths, and slowly starts stroking again, wrapping her mouth around the end to catch any more errant drops.
  29. >As he gets closer to climax, Quick Flip begins to involuntarily buck his hips, inching himself further into Bundle's mouth.
  30. >Bundle is a little surprised, but she begins sucking nonetheless, teasing the tip and shaft with her tongue.
  31. >When he reaches her throat, she fights the urge to gag, but doesn't have to for long. With a final thrust into her throat, his the head of his cock flares and pumps hot stallion seed into her throat.
  32. >To prevent her from gagging, her throat automatically swallows his load, sending a thick, sticky warm feeling sliding down to collect in her belly.
  33. >As he runs empty, Quick begins to go limp. Bundle makes sure to lick him clean before he pulls out and rests his head on her belly.
  34. >Bundle Joy rolls her eyes. "Not so fast, Mr. Quick. Now it's my turn."
  35. >Quick Flip ponders for a moment whether she is using "quick" as an insult, but shakes it off and starts tasting his marefriend's delicious juices.
  37. * * *
  40. >Quick Flip stumbles out of the shower to answer a series of rapid knocks at his front door.
  41. >Bundle Joy is standing at the doorstep with a panicked look on her face. She's obviously been crying.
  42. >"Quick Flip, I think your sperm just fertilized three of my eggs!"
  43. >Quick Flip shoots his hysterical fillyfriend an annoyed look. "Bunny, we went over this already. Even if through million-to-one odds that DID happen? How in Equestria would you already know that?"
  46. >"I told you so!" Bundle Joy teases, pointing at the ultrasound image.
  47. >"It's okay, though. I've been feeling great, and it's really not the end of the world once I think about it. How would you feel about three more?"
  48. >The only response Bundle gets is the sound of her foals' father falling unconscious to the floor.
  50. ~~~*~~~
  52. >The unicorn doctor's horn glows as he runs it across Bundle Joy's belly.
  53. >Quick Flip stands to the side, tapping his hoof impatiently.
  54. >The doctor's horn dims and he lifts his head to address the young couple.
  55. >"Well, Miss Joy, it appears you were correct. You are indeed the mother of three unborn foals."
  56. >"Are you sure, Dr. Stork? She doesn't even have her cutie mark yet."
  57. >The doctor nods. "Yes, I'm certain. It appears you managed to catch the first three mature ova she released. And you're sure there was no actual penetration? Your story, while technically possible, is far from the simplest or most likely explanation. Remember that we have doctor-patient confidentiality."
  58. >The couple nods in unison.
  59. >"Well, in that case, you certainly have a knack for getting pregnant, young mare. I'd be more careful next time.
  61. * * *
  63. >"How does it feel knowing you've got a bun in the oven?" asks Quick Flip.
  64. >"A bun?" asks Bundle Joy. "Thanks to you, I've got the whole pan."
  65. >Quick groans at her pun. "In my defense, I had no idea you were so fertile. Any other filly and it would've been fine."
  66. >Bundle Joy pokes a hoof playfully at her coltfriend. "Hey. I think I get to be called a mare now. But you're right. I'm really good at getting pregnant, maybe the most fertile mare in Equestria. That's gotta count for something."
  67. >A faint twinkling sound fills the hallway, and Quick points to her flank.
  68. >"What are yo–… oh."
  69. >On her previously bare flank, an image had appeared of a pink pastry in a small blue oven.
  70. >"A bun in an oven." observes Quick. "I don't suppose you're an expert chef?"
  71. >Bun Bun shakes her head. "I've never tried."
  72. >"A 'getting pregnant' cutie mark." Quick thinks out loud, still processing the information. "That's something new."
  76. ((*"Quick Flip" is just a generic placeholder name for Bundle Joy's first mate, and is in no way set in stone. If anyone comes up with a more interesting character to be the father of her first set "litter", feel free to change it.))
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