Ship size

Jul 8th, 2020
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  1. Renata shook her head. "I've seen photos of those things. Twelve foot tin cans."
  3. Jason X: Planet of the Beast - Page 189
  5. Given what he'd just experienced, he had no idea if the environment in the bay would support life or what. Caution being the better part of valor, he needed to be careful or he would have the air sucked from his lungs in a nano-second. Hell, his lungs would be sucked from his body.
  7. Bill pointed the remote at shuttle two. The door opened, and he lowered the ramp, which was both wide and sturdy enough for loading in heavy items that couldn't easily be lifted. Nothing flew out of the shuttle, which was one good sign.
  9. With the skill of the trained and sensitive navigator that he was, Bill released the docking lock and drove the pod into the shuttle. He pulled up the ramp with the remote, then closed and locked the shuttle door.
  11. Jason X: Planet of the Beast - Page 308
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