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Amercanex - Steve Janjic

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Mar 16th, 2015
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  1. Steve Janjic is a known fraud and snake oil salesman and CEO of Amercanex. He has introduced a ponzi scheme (Amercanex) to the Cannabis Industry. Steve Janjic previously ran CFGTrader, a company that was shut down by the NFA.
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  4. Watch some sleazy videos of Steve Janjic:
  7. 2006-12-14 - Matt McLung, FLORIDA
  8. If you ask me that who crew is a joke and a scam. Each and everyone one of them; talk about snakes run with snakes. Most people don't know this but the new President of CFGTRADER Steve Janjic "former VP of Gain Capital" is one of the biggest frauds of them all. If you ever get a chance ask him why he is no longer the Vic President of Gain Capital and how come he was only the VP for a few months. ITS BECUASE HE is a liar and lie on his resume and made up a bunch of stuff that he has done before in the past. After Gain Capital did a back ground check and found out he was full of crap they FIRED him on the spot. He then went to work with COESFX as their VP and we all know that story went, they where shut down by the CFTC and NFA for Fraud and Lying (Put to and together). Now he works with "Mr. Religion" himself, Don Snellgrove; He is so holier than thou he is no earthly good. For all of you poor souls out there that have been lured in by all of their lies and scams do what I did and file a complaint with the NFA. Their NFA Number is 0334858. These type of people shouldn't be able to get always with all of the scams they try to pull and poor people that they hurt. Who knows how these people sleep at night?
  10. 2006-11-29
  11. I continue to be extremely disappointed in the news I hear about CFG Trader brokerage. I was involved with CFG Trading when Don Snellgrove announced he was going to have as part of his opperation a brokerage which would be different from any other out there. As as member of CFG you would not get slipped, you wouldn't be put on mannual, if you wanted to scalp your account would be put directly through to a bank etc. All this sounded great and with his "Christian" approach he drew a lot of people into his fold. Unfortunately, all that glitters is not gold. After I opened an account with CFG Trader,in less than a week I was having disturbing problems ie: slippage, requotes, stalls and the straw that broke the camels back was finding out I was put on manual from day one, after being told if an account was opened it would go straight to the bank. After e-mail discussions with Steve Janjic, his staff, Robert Ruiz and finally Don Snellgrove, I was asked to close my account. This was no supprise since I was closing it anyway. I have kept in touch with friends who remained clients of CFG Trading and CFG Trader and understand that if you remain with CFG Trader as a broker you loose your money very quickly. CFG Trading ask their clients for responses about their methodology and how well it is working with the brokerage. When someone responds, if they are successful using CFG methods with the brokerage, their success is used against them,ie: they are put on manual and loose the ability to click in and out with 5 pips as is taught by Don and his mentors. Unfortunately, this leaves one to advise others interested in trading Forex to stay away from these companies.
  13. 2007-03-20
  14. These bastards are as bad as it gets. They are being disciplined by the NFA for not maintaining & producing current and accurate books & records. They also do not meet the capital requirements specified by the NFA. You can read it for yourself here
  15. Stay Away from Don Snellgrove and the thieving bastards at CFG Trader.
  17. CFGTrader is no longer in business as of 3/21/07
  20. NFA Case:
  22. (website) is down now. You can look at the old site as it was here:
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