Well - Buzzfeed now is noindex for Community Contributors

Jul 4th, 2020
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  1. Well - Buzzfeed now is noindex for Community Contributors
  2. Buzzfeed now is noindex for Community Contributors
  3. I've edited the thread title for you :)
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  18. It's only a matter of time until Forbes, Fortune, Huffpo and others follow suit
  19. I can see Google eventually having to make relevant outbound d0 follow links a ranking signal or why wouldn't you just make all your outbound links no follow by default?
  21. Would you like to earn more with your Amazon affiliate website??
  22. “Thanks to the unwavering support of our committed investment partners, we will be able to continue to scale to meet escalating market demand for our solutions as companies
  24. realize the need to claim ownership of cloud data security concerns and proactively ensure their data is protected and accessible at all times,” explained Sam Gutmann, the CEO of
  26. OwnBackup. “As we set the bar for cloud data protection, our focus continues to be growing the team and leading the pack in cloud data protection innovation.”
  28. Any plugins publishers use to lower their costs can later disappear. It looked like FindTheBest was doing well financially, but when it was acquired many news sites quickly found
  30. out the cost of free as they now have thousands of broken articles in their archives: "Last month, Graphiq announced that features for news publishers would no longer be available
  32. after Friday."
  33. Driving costs toward zero by piling on external dependencies is no way to build a sustainable business. Especially when the central network operators are eating the playing field:
  34. "Between fast-loading AMP articles from major news brands hosted in its domain, full pages of information scraped from outside sites that don't require you to visit them, basic
  36. shopping functions built into ads, YouTube, and a host of other features, the Google-verse is more of a digital walled garden than ever. ... If Google continues to choke these
  38. sites out, what incentive will there be for new ones to come along?"
  39. Unprofitable partners which were buying growth with artificially cheap pricing eventually find out investors want profits more than growth & either reprice or go away. The longer
  41. you use something & the more locked in you are to it the more aggressively it can afford to reprice. Symbiotic relationships devolve into abusive ones:
  42. "for every pound an advertiser spends programmatically on the Guardian only 30 pence actually goes to the publisher." - Mediatel
  43. "Google wants to cut out the middlemen, which it turns out, are URLs." - MobileMoxie
  44. "[AMP is] a way for Google to obfuscate your website, usurp your content & remove any personal credibility from the web" - TheRegister
  45. "Though the stated initiative of ads.txt is to stop inventory resale, it achieves this by establishing 'preferred' channels, which naturally favors the industry's most influential
  47. companies" - Ad Exchanger
  48. That Apple does extra work to undo AMP says a lot.
  49. Those who think the central network operators are naive to the power structure being promoted by the faux solutions are either chasing short-term goals or are incredibly
  51. masochistic.
  52. Well - Buzzfeed now is noindex for Community Contributors
  53. Arbitraging brand is the core business model of the attention merchant monopoly.
  54. we've found out that 98% of our business was coming from 22 words. So, wait, we're buying 3,200 words and 98% of the business is coming from 22 words. What are the 22 words? And
  56. they said, well, it's the word Restoration Hardware and the 21 ways to spell it wrong, okay?
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