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Nov 2nd, 2020
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  3. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what I mean by spirituality, but I think the sense of the term is obvious and well-known. Let's see if I can.. Spirituality is knowledge and practices that pertain to aspects of being that are not physical. "Not physical" can mean a lot of things, though, and the sense of spirituality is a little more specific than that..
  5. I guess spirituality should imply a belief in spirits, given that "spirit" is right there in the word "spirituality." What is a spirit? I could say that it refers to a living being, within a paradigm where living beings are not fundamentally physical beings. A spirit may or may not be incarnated—in other words it may or may not be currently associated with a physical body. The spirit has a longer duration than a physical body (some say it's eternal) (in other words there's an afterlife, and possibly reincarnation), and when not incarnated it has much greater freedom and awareness than the body. It can jump to any place it wants to just by thinking of it, for example.
  7. But spirituality implies more than that, too. Unlike our physical aspects, our spirits aren't so separate from each other. Perhaps a spirit is comparable to a wave or a hurricane, where life itself is the water or the air. And spirituality is also about energies and energy systems, where "energy" is not used the same way physicists use it, but has a meaning nonetheless. Its meaning may be hard to define, but can be gleaned from the word's usage. An example of an energy system would be the chakras of the body. Another example would be the web of ley lines running along the earth and maybe throughout the entire universe. Maybe a spirit itself is an energy system? Or maybe it merely contains or uses energy systems? I don't know.
  9. Another example of a spiritual concept is auras, which is the visual appearance, for those who have the ability to see them, of the non-physical energies surrounding a living body and being generated by it and/or by its spirit and/or by its non-physical energy systems. (Again, there's a lot I don't know.)
  10. So, that just gives you a little bit of an idea/taste of what I mean by spirituality.
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