Sweetie Belle's Birthday

May 8th, 2016
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  1. "Rarity! Rarity!"
  2. >"Yes, Sweetie Belle?"
  3. "You know how many days it's gonna be until my birthday?!"
  4. >She chuckles, "At least another sixty, Sweetie."
  6. "Rarity! Rarity!"
  7. >"Yes, Sweetie?"
  8. "What are you gonna get for my birthday?"
  9. >She chuckles, "Sweetie, your birthday's a month away. Why worry about it now?"
  11. "Rarity! Rarity!"
  12. >"Yes, Sweetie?"
  13. "You know what it's gonna be in a couple more days?"
  14. >She chuckles, "Weeks," she corrects--
  15. "Only two left!"
  17. "Rarity! Rarity!"
  18. >Your big sister chuckles when she hears you excitedly yell out her name as you enter her bou…
  19. >Boo…
  20. >Dress shop
  21. >"Yes, Sweetie Belle?"
  22. >Dashing towards her, you see her working on another dress for a client
  23. >She's always doing that
  24. >Does she ever get any time to play?
  25. "You know what's next week?!"
  26. >She nods, picking up the finished dress with magic and hanging it somewhere
  27. >You don't really pay attention to where exactly she puts it
  28. >"Of course, you've only been telling me everyday for the past couple of months now."
  29. >Wait
  30. >Did you?
  31. >It didn't feel like you did
  32. >Whatever, doesn't matter if you did or didn’t!
  33. "What-cha gonna get me, Rarity," you can't help but ask
  34. >"Oh, you'll find out," she teases, moving another dress onto her sewing desk
  35. >You sigh, ears drooping low
  36. "Awh, you always tell me that!"
  37. >"Well, it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you, now would it?"
  38. >Who cares about surprises?
  39. >You just wanna know what your present is!
  40. >You roll your eyes at her as she continues to sow again
  41. "I guess not," you reluctantly agree
  42. >A smile begins to grow upon your face once more, however
  43. "Can you at least give me a hint?"
  44. >"Nope."
  45. "Can you at least give me a small hint?"
  46. >She shakes her head
  47. "Can you at leaaaaast tell me if you got it already?"
  48. >Suddenly, she stops
  49. >Her eyes widen, at least for a second
  50. >Then, after a moment, she continues to sow, giggling
  51. >"Now what kind of sister would I be if I hadn't gotten your gift by now?"
  52. "A pretty bad one, I guess."
  53. >"Yes, right."
  54. >Silence arises between the two of you for a while, as you sit on the ground pondering what your gift could be
  55. >And where she could've hidden it
  56. >"Sweetie Belle," her voice interrupts your thoughts, "Why don't you go outside and play for a bit?"
  57. >Hmm…
  58. >That's not a bad idea
  59. >If you went outside, then you could tell everypony else about your birthday!
  60. "Okay Rarity!"
  61. >And with that, you leave her dress shop, the bell that must be at least a billion feet higher than you are signaling your departure
  63. >"Yes, Sweetie Belle, I know what next week is."
  64. >"Of course I know what next week is!"
  66. >"Dude," Scootaloo rolls her eyes, "Your birthday is like, the ONLY thing you've been talking about."
  67. >Did you really talk about your birthday THAT much?
  68. >It didn't seem like it…
  69. >You, Applebloom, and Scootaloo are in the Cutie Mark Crusaders Clubhouse, discussing your birthday
  70. >"Sorry to say, Sweetie, but y'all really do talk about it a bunch."
  71. "Name one time!"
  72. >"Besides right now," Scootaloo retorts, a smug look on her face
  73. >You can't help but fluster up
  74. >"Now, there ain't nothin' wrong with talkin' about it," Applebloom reassures you, "I mean, when mah birthday was comin' up, it was all I could think about!"
  75. >She then looks at Scootaloo with an even smugger smile
  76. >"An' I'm sure y'all were pretty excited about your birthday too, Scoots."
  77. >"Yeah," she scoffs, "But not THIS much!"
  78. >Wait a minute…
  79. "Actually," you raise a hoof, "I don't think that's true. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember you going on nonstop about your birthday back when it was a couple days away."
  80. >AB's eyes widen, an even smugger smirk growing, "Hay, she's right! Why, y'all wouldn't shut up about it until Rainbow Dash took ya flyin'!"
  81. >And now it's Scootaloo's turn to be flustered
  82. >Applebloom and yourself share a laugh, calming Scootaloo down during said laugh
  83. >Once you all were level headed, Applebloom raises a brow
  84. >"So, did ya just call us in here to talk about yer birthday?"
  85. >You put a hoof to your chin
  86. "…Yeah, I think so."
  87. >"Really," Scootaloo raises a brow of her own, "That's it? We could've done that at my house."
  88. "I like the clubhouse better."
  89. >"And we always go here first, since there ain't never anypony 'round here."
  90. >Scootaloo looks at you and Applebloom, smiling
  91. >"Yeah, I guess you're right about that."
  92. >Then Applebloom asks another question
  93. >"So, whuddoya think yer gettin' for yer birthday?"
  94. "A dress, maybe? It's all Rarity was ever making when I went to her dress shop thing."
  95. >"It's called a "Boutique"."
  96. "Right."
  97. >"You haven't thought of looking for it," Scootaloo comments
  98. >Looking for it?
  99. >You shake your head
  100. "No. Rarity would know that I was looking for it."
  101. >"How," Bloom asks
  102. >And you can't help but shrug your shoulders
  103. "I dunno. She just knows. The last birthday I tried looking for it, I couldn't get it for a week because she knew I was "snooping around"."
  104. >"What if she has cameras in her house?"
  105. >Applebloom sighs at Scootaloo's comment
  106. >"Why'd she have cameras in her house? It's not like somebody's gonna steal from her."
  107. "Yeah, and I'm pretty I would've known about that by now."
  108. >"Still! You never know!"
  109. >Applebloom rolls her eyes once more, asking another question
  110. >"Y'all know if she got it yet?"
  111. "Yeah!" You knew this for a fact, actually, "She reassured me earlier."
  112. >"You sure about that?"
  113. >"Scootaloo…" Applebloom just puts a hoof to her face
  114. >"No, no! Hear me out!"
  115. >Scootaloo goes over to you, disrupting the previous cricle-triangle-thing you three were in before
  116. >"Have you ever seen her bring in a present?"
  117. >You think on this one for a bit, before answering
  118. "No…"
  119. >"Has she ever talked about your present in front of her friends?"
  120. "No."
  121. >Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Applebloom raise a hoof, but then put it to her chin
  122. >"Actually, Ah don't remember AJ talkin' 'bout any sorta present with Rarity lately…"
  123. >Your orange friend chuckles, "Thought so."
  124. >Does Scootaloo actually have a point for once?
  125. >"Finally, when she said she got it already, did she sound sure?"
  126. >Did she?
  127. >You're not so sure yourself, anymore
  128. >It was only an hour ago
  129. >Or was it?
  130. >It could've been ten minutes
  131. >Or ten years!
  132. >You slowly shake your head back and forth, looking off to the right
  133. >Scootaloo jumps in joy, her tiny wings keeping her suspended in the air for a couple of seconds
  134. >"I knew it! She couldn't have gotten your gift already!"
  135. >She floats back to her spot in the circle, as you continue to look away
  136. >"But wait," Applebloom pipes up, "Why wouldn't she have bought it already? That doesn't seem smart."
  137. "Maybe it was to keep me from looking for it."
  138. >"Or maybe she forgot!"
  139. >Forgot?
  140. >Your earth pony friend can't help but raise a brow at the pegasus
  141. >"Seriously? Forgot? That's your best guess?"
  142. >"Yeah. Why? You think she didn't?"
  143. >"Yeah, mostly 'cause--an' you said this yerself, Scoots--," she puts on her best Scootaloo impression, " 'Sweetie's birthday is laike, the ONLY thing she's been talking about, dude!' "
  144. >You can't help but look at Applebloom and giggle at her silly impression
  145. >Which causes Scootaloo to growl
  146. >"Pretty sure she couldn't of forgot."
  147. >"Well, okay," Scoots starts, "Maybe she didn't forget. But what else could have caused her to not buy it?"
  148. >"Maybe she jus' put it off," the farm pony reasons, "Ah know Granny Smith likes ta put things off all the time. Then when she's gotta do it, she rushes out and does it before it's too late."
  149. >Scoot gives Applebloom a look of disbelief
  150. >"She does that now?"
  151. >And Bloom nods
  152. >"Eeyup! Granny acts like she's a," she puts on another impression--this time, of Granny Smith, " 'spry 'lil filly!' every time she's gotta get somethin' done."
  153. "So… Does that mean she's getting it today?"
  154. >"Maybe. Ah know whenever Granny's told she's gotta do somethin', she does it right that second."
  155. >Silence arises between the three of you, as you all start to think
  156. >Scootaloo speaks up first, "Sweetie Belle, what do you want for your birthday?"
  157. "Oh! Lots of things! A new microphone, more music sheets, yarn--"
  158. >She groans
  159. >"What do you want THE MOST for your birthday?"
  160. "Oh."
  161. >Okay, you've gotta think on this
  162. >Uhh…
  163. >Oh wait!
  164. >You remember seeing this really cool piano for fillies in Manehatten!
  165. >But there'd be no way she'd actually get that for you
  166. "I mean, I really, really want this "Piano for Fillies" thing I saw--"
  167. >"Applebloom!" Scoots turns to the farm pony
  168. >"Huh?"
  169. >"Where's the nearest shop that sells pianos?"
  170. >She looks flabbergasted at the question, her eyes widening, "Er, I wouldn't know that. Though, I'd have to guess somewhere in Manehatten--"
  171. >"MANEHATTEN?! Are you kidding me!? There isn't any place that sells it closer?"
  172. >"Besides the weekly street market? No, I dun't think so."
  173. >"Is that today?"
  174. >"Uh…" She pauses for a couple minutes before speaking again, "Yeah, I think it is!"
  175. >Scootaloo furrows her eyebrows, smirking, "Then you know what we're doing today."
  176. >The room is silent for awhile before Applebloom speaks
  177. >"No Ah don't."
  178. >A groan from Scoots is followed directly after Bloom's comment
  179. >"Dude, we're going to find Rarity and see her get Sweetie Belle's gift!"
  180. "Why?"
  181. >She turns to you, smirking, "You wanna know what you're getting for your birthday, right?"
  182. "Yeah…"
  183. >"So, why not? You'll see her get your gift, and she won't be any the wiser!"
  184. >…
  185. >She might be right--
  186. >"How? What if we're seen by her?"
  187. >"Then we just gotta be sneaky!"
  189. >"Where are you three girls going?"
  190. >"Oh, we're off to the big street store!"
  191. >"You mean strip mall?"
  192. >"Sure, sure."
  193. >"Oh, how nice! You're buying your friend her birthday gift, aren't you?"
  194. >"Yeah, you could say that..."
  196. >You know, being at the strip store-thing now, you're sort of regretting doing this
  197. >You mean, you're here with Scootaloo and Applebloom--thankfully--but you still don't think this could be a good idea
  198. >Applebloom had a point before...
  199. >What if Rarity sees you three?
  200. >In fact, what if Rarity isn't even here in the first place?!
  201. >You didn't even go to check the bou-store first
  202. >There's so many ways this could go wrong it's not even funn--
  203. >"Yo, Sweetie Belle, you alright?"
  204. >Scootaloo's the first to ask you this question, Applebloom soon joining in on the concern
  205. >"Yeah, y'all don't look so good."
  206. "What? No, I-I'm fine!"
  207. >You proceed to do a quick little embarrassing dance
  208. >That'll show that you're fine, right?
  209. >"...Dude, even Applebloom can dance better than you."
  210. >"Ah resent that."
  211. >"Whatever. C'mon, we've gotta find Rarity!"
  212. >The small orange pegasus begins to dash straight ahead, leaving you and Applebloom to stand there
  213. >"Does she realize that splittin' up will get us nowhere?"
  214. "Well, it'll broaden our search, I think."
  215. >"But we'll be lost, then."
  216. >Crackers, she's got a point
  217. >What's the point in finding Rarity if we can't even find ourselves after awhile?
  218. >"If we've gotta split up, I'd rather Scootaloo be with somebody. Ah don't trust her on her own."
  219. >You raise a brow at her
  220. "Why not?"
  221. >She turns to you, raising a brow of her own
  222. >"Y'all DO know who we're talkin' about, right?"
  223. >...
  224. >Applebloom is smart
  225. >"Ah'll run after her. You jus' try to find Rarity."
  226. "What if I get lost...?"
  227. >"Trust me, we'll find ya before that'll happen."
  228. >You look at her confident eyes, telling you to go and find Rarity
  229. >While you still don't think it's the best plan of action, you can trust those eyes
  230. >Also, it's Applebloom
  231. >Your friend!
  232. >Of course you can trust her
  233. >Nodding, you rush off to the left, Applebloom running straight ahead
  234. >As you run, you start to think to yourself
  235. >You start to think about why Rarity didn't buy your gift as early as possible
  236. >Applebloom's reasoning seems the most likely
  237. >You mean, she makes dresses for a living
  238. >Maybe she just didn't have the time to buy it
  239. >You yourself wondered if she even gets any free time to do anything!
  240. >But...
  241. >Scootaloo's theory also seems likely...
  242. >Could she have forgotten?
  243. >No, right?
  244. >It's your birthday!
  245. >Nopony's forgotten about your birthday!
  246. >You start to slow down, now coming to an easy trot
  247. >Or did they?
  248. >What if you never reminded anypony about your birthday?
  249. >What if they only remember your birthday because today, you reminded everypony?
  250. >Nopony can possibly remember everything
  251. >It's impossible!
  252. >But, out of everything
  253. >How could they forget your birthday?
  254. >It's your birthday!
  255. >One of the most important events of the year!
  256. >For you, at least
  257. >It's like they're casting you off to the side
  258. >Like you're not important
  259. >...You ARE important, right?
  260. >At least
  261. >You HAVE to be important to Rarity
  262. >She's your sister!
  263. >She didn't forget
  264. >She couldn't have
  265. >She's your sister
  266. >You're important to her
  267. >Right?
  268. >You're important
  269. >Right?
  270. >Your eyes aren't starting to water
  271. >You don't feel like crying
  272. >You're fine!
  273. >Everything is fine!
  274. >Everything is perfectly fine!
  275. >So what if she forgot?
  276. >You can just take your stupid present and leave, anyway
  277. >Maybe you could go to Manehatten
  278. >You're sure Babs would let you stay with her for awhile
  279. >Or maybe you don't have to go that far away
  280. >You could stay in the Clubhouse!
  281. >Yeah, that's perfect!
  282. >Nopony but your friends would ever know where you were
  283. >And they wouldn't tell anypony
  284. >They're your friends
  285. >You can trust them--
  286. >"Sweetie Belle?"
  287. >Cheese and crackers!
  288. >As soon as you heard her voice, you dashed behind a stand, alerting a pony to your presence
  289. >"Hay, kid, git from undar thare! You'll hurt yourself!"
  290. >Suddenly, you feel a familiar aura envelope you, carrying you from under the stand and to you know who
  291. >"Sorry about that, darling. My sister's a little bit excitable."
  292. >The brown pony at the stand gives a hearty chuckle, "Yeah, I know what you mean. Mah lil sis' the same way!"
  293. >After giving the pony at the stand a little smile, she turns to you
  294. >You don't bother to look at her, though
  295. >You don't wanna give her the time of day
  296. >"Sweetie Belle, what are you doing here? Didn't I tell you to play?"
  297. >She speaks very sweetly, which is... something you didn't expect
  298. >You sniffle before responding
  299. "I-... I am playing!"
  300. >"There she is! Over there!"
  301. >Scootaloo and Applebloom start to run towards you and Rarity, your sister giving you a curious stare
  302. >"Wait, what are they doing here aswell?"
  303. >As soon as they see you, however, they stop in their tracks
  304. >Nervous smiles grow on their faces
  305. >"Well," Scootaloo starts, laughing nervously, "I can see you've already found her! Good stuff, Sweetie!"
  306. >Rarity looks down at your two filly friends, "Yes, hello to you two, too."
  307. >"Hai, Miss Rarity."
  308. >"Hi Miss Rarity."
  309. >The four of you shared a familiar silence, as your sister slowly pieced things together
  310. >After a moment, she finally spoke those dreadful words
  311. >"You three weren't... spying on me, were you?"
  312. >You're not gonna cry, you're not gonna cry, you're not gonna cry
  313. >"Well," Scoots speaks up, "You see about that--"
  314. "You forgot my birthday," you can only angrily murmur
  315. >"What was that, Sweetie? I couldn't quite catch that."
  316. >All your sorrow turns into anger at the flip of a bit
  318. >Silence, once again
  319. >But, this one seemed new
  320. >Rarity's look of concern, as well as the tears that could burn anthills made this silence seem different
  321. >"...We're just gonna go. Right, Applebloom?"
  322. >"Yeah. See ya, Rarity!"
  323. >And as soon as they tried to leave, Rarity got a hold of them with her magic
  324. >"Now hold on just a minute, I think you two are just as much to blame as Sweetie Belle is."
  325. >Your friends can't help but gulp, as Rarity sighs
  326. >"But we must not continue this here. I believe somewhere more private would be suitable."
  328. >"Sweetie Belle! Is she okay?"
  329. >"She's fine, darling. I just need to have a little talk with her, is all."
  330. >"Applebloom? Scootaloo? What are you doing with them?"
  331. >"Teaching them a lesson. It takes a village--or a 'ville, I suppose."
  333. >She seats you, Applebloom, and Scootaloo next to each other on a rather comfortable red couch
  334. >You don't remember ever seeing this couch before...
  335. >"Now, dearies, would you mind telling me what happened?"
  336. >Silence
  337. >Rarity sighed, raising a hoof, then limping it, "I promise you won't get in trouble."
  338. >With that new news, Applebloom opens her mouth first
  339. >"Well, ya see, Rarity, Sweetie Belle came to talk to us 'bout her birthday--"
  340. >"For the billionth time."
  341. >Rarity and Applebloom give Sweetie Belle a collective glare, before Applebloom continues
  342. >"An' then we figured that y'all ain't buy her a gift yet. We proposed that y'all would be buyin' the gift now, instead a' later, so Scootaloo had this BRILLIANT IDEA--"
  343. >"Why are you putting all the blame on me?!"
  344. "It was your idea," you muttered, looking away
  345. >"I'm jus' tellin' her the truth, Scoots, seein' as how yer too chicken to--"
  346. >"I'M NOT A CHICKEN!"
  347. >"Fillies! Fillies!" Rarity immediately calmed the smug earth pony and the disgruntled pegasus down, "Continue, Applebloom."
  348. >"Aaaanyway, Scoots had this brilliant idea to go 'head an' find ya at the street shop--"
  349. >"You mean the strip mall, yes?"
  350. >"Whatever," Scootaloo muttered
  351. >Applebloom just nodded, continuing, "Then she thought it'd be a great idea to split up! So Ah had to find her, then once Ah did, we found y'all."
  352. >"Is that it?"
  353. >Bloom nods, Scoots nods, and you don't do anything
  354. >You'd rather not speak
  355. >Rarity scoffs
  356. >"While I appreciate your honesty, Applebloom," she pauses, turning to you, "I think I'd rather hear how Sweetie Belle herself feels about this."
  357. >"Yeah, actually, I'm kind of curious about her thoughts, too," Scootaloo adds, "Ever since she was in the Clubhouse, she was actin' kind of weird."
  358. >"Hey... Yeah, yer right! An' in the strip mall, she was actin' weird, too!"
  359. "N-No I wasn't! I was completely fine!"
  360. >"That doesn't sound fine to me, darling."
  361. >Your sister begins to sit next to you, with a comforting smile on her face
  362. >"Tell me, Sweetie Belle, is everything alright?"
  363. >Don't cry
  364. >Don't cry
  365. >Stop crying
  366. >Stop it
  367. >Oh, hay
  368. >You can't stop it
  369. >The waterworks start again, as you hug your big sister as tightly as you can
  370. "I-I feel like you f-forgot my birthday, because you waited until last minute to get me a present, I f-feel like you just think of me as an afterthought! L-Like I'm not important!"
  371. >You couldn't help but sob through like, half of that as you stain her coat with snot and tears
  372. >She pets your mane, smiling a warm smile at you
  373. >You can't exactly see it, but you feel like it's there
  374. >"Now Sweetie, where would you ever get such a ridiculous idea? Of course I think you're important--you're my first priority in everything."
  375. "Th-Then why a-are you getting my present today? A-And not months ago?"
  376. >"Honestly?"
  377. >You look up at her, sniffling and tearing still
  378. >"I couldn't afford it months ago. What you want is just so many bits, I had to work overtime in order to buy it in the first place."
  379. >...Really?
  380. "Really?"
  381. >"Really?"
  382. >Scootaloo and Applebloom but share the same expression--shock
  383. >And honestly, you weren't exempt from their shock
  384. >But a smile arose on your face, in contrast to your friends' pure shock
  385. >Rarity nods, "Mhm. I'm actually asked me about it today, Sweetie. Now I can go back to my regular schedule!"
  386. >Although, now would be a pretty perfect time to let go of Rarity, you really don't want to
  387. >You mean
  388. >You don't think you CAN, after what you just heard
  389. >She did all of that
  390. >All of those hours of working on dresses
  391. >Just for you?
  392. >You can barely believe that
  393. >As of right now
  394. >All you can do is hug her
  395. >Hug her to death
  396. >And say
  397. "I love you, Rarity."
  398. >"Oh, I love you too, Sweetie Belle."
  399. >Rarity fully returns the hug, as your two friends "d'aw" in the background
  400. >"Guess yer finally startin' to like this "love-dovey" stuff, huh, Scoots?"
  401. >"Oh, sh-shut up! I only did it because you did it."
  402. >"Yeah, right."
  404. End
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