Womb with a View

Nov 16th, 2013
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  1. Womb with a View
  2. by Unbirthusiast
  4. "And who can tell me how Nightmare Moon was able to keep Princess Celestia from raising the sun?" the magenta mare asked her students.
  6. At least half of the foals in the class raises their hooves. After surveying the room for a moment, the teacher decided to call on Peppermint Twist, the filly whitish filly with the red mane. "Yes, Twist?"
  8. Twist answered the question with a smile. "The thun and the moon repel each other, tho they're never theen on the thame half of the firmament. That'th why both printhethes have to work together. If one of them doesn't do her job, the other can't either." She paused, hoping her answer was satisfactory.
  10. "Very good, Twist!" came the response. "And it's not just the Royal Pony Sisters who have to work together; that's something that's true for everypony. If any two ponies spend all their time fighting, they'll never get anything done!"
  12. Twist smiled proudly, relieved that the teacher had liked her answer.
  14. "However, it's not completely true that the sun and moon can't be seen at the same time, because while they repel each other, they can still be moved together with enough energy. In fact, the moon can even be moved in front of the sun, which is called an 'eclipse'. Eclipses are how we know that the moon's celestial sphere is smaller tha–"
  16. She was interrupted by the bell ringing. "Well, that's it for today! We'll have to cover eclipses on Monday. Have a nice weekend!"
  18. The students finished packing up their school supplies, having already started as soon as the bell rang. "Oh, and I need the following students to stay after class for a bit: Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle. The rest of you are free to go." The other half dozen or so students spilled out of the small one-room schoolhouse.
  20. Sweetie Belle shifted her weight nervously from one side to the other. "Um, Miss Cheerilee, did we do something wrong?
  22. She shook her head in response. "No, you're not in trouble. I just have to talk to you. Here, let's walk and talk. Follow me."
  24. After the Cutie Mark Crusaders exchanged confused and a apprehensive glances, Apple Bloom began to comply, and the other two followed her out onto the dirt path, Scootaloo grabbing her scooter from where she'd left it leaning against the schoolhouse door. After some time, they realized they had left the path and were heading southwest towards a sparse collection of pink trees. Sweetie Belle decided to speak up.
  26. "Hey, where are we going? You said you wanted to talk with us. What about?"
  28. The response she got made her jump back in shock. "Oh, yes I did…" she stated, an eerie, almost sultry quality seeping into her voice. A wide, toothy grin spread across her face. "I just wanted to talk somewhere more… private."
  30. Her previously calm and nurturing eyes flashed bright green, and a second later, she was engulfed in what appeared to be a ring of bright green fire that seemed to stretch her taller as the flames licked higher into the air. As the flames died down to the point that they could see her, they saw flashes of crackling green energy sweep across her form, transforming her dark magenta coat into a black, chitinous exoskeleton. The transformation finished when a pair of perforated insect wings burst from her shoulders and the neon green energy arcing across her body produced a long, jagged horn from her head.
  32. The Cutie Mark Crusaders stood in terrified silence for what seemed like hours, before it was broken by Apple Bloom. "It's the queen of the changelings, from Duchess Cadence's wedding! What'd you do to Cheerilee‽"
  34. The Changeling Queen grinned, slightly proud of herself for making such a lasting impression, and looking forward to the opportunity to brag. "How very observant of you, my little pony. You are correct, though it occurs to me that my name never came up. I am Chrysalis, queen of the changelings! As for your teacher, I guess you could say she is 'occupied'. Literally. She is back at the hive, incubating a clutch of my eggs."
  36. It was Sweetie Belle who spoke up this time, after recoiling in horror and disgust upon learning of their teacher's fate. "But I thought Shining Armor defeated you!"
  38. Chrysalis cackled loudly. "Was I 'defeated'? Of course not! You can't defeat a changeling with love." She paused, rolling her eyes slightly at the absurdity of the question. "No, Shining Armor's spell simply pushed us away, a minor setback."
  40. "Yeah, but what the hay does that have to do with us?" Scootaloo asked, impatiently. "Story-time is great, and I'm sure the Princesses would like to be warned about your return, but we have crusading to do!"
  42. A slight look of annoyance crossed Chrysalis's face, but she covered it quickly with a devilish grin. "Ah, I was getting there. You see, I have opted to look at the setback at the wedding not as a failure, but as a practice run. I quickly regrouped and started to watch you ponies, to learn about you. And do you know what I learned?" She didn't pause for long enough for any of the fillies to hazard an answer. "I learned that the strongest, the most permanent, the most potent flavor of love isn't that between a pair of mates. The strongest kind of love is the love between parent and child, that delicious emotional bond all foals feel with their parents." She paused for dramatic effect.
  44. Apple Bloom raised one eyebrow, and then bumped into Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, suddenly realizing that they had been slowly and subconsciously inching closer to each other for protection. "Yeah, and…?"
  46. Chrysalis grinned. "Naturally, as Changeling Queen, I deserve nothing short of the best food source. That is why I will be claiming you three as my own foals."
  48. "What?" they cried out, almost in unison.
  50. Chrysalis grinned and began to approach the huddled Cutie Mark Crusaders, lowering her head closer to their eye level, "It's quite simple, actually. I will take you three into my womb, and I will carry you with me as a food source, feeding off of the bond you will start to form with your new mother."
  52. Okay, this was bad. The Crusaders began to panic, until Scootaloo remembered her scooter, with the wagon attached to the back. She ran over to it and jumped on, waving to her friends to climb into the wagon. "Hop on, girls! Quick! I'll scooter us away from that uterus!"
  54. "Oh no you won't…" Chrysalis muttered, just loud enough for them to hear. At least two or three dozen smaller changelings flew in, seemingly out of nowhere, and landed in a tight circle around the four of them. Another half dozen changelings landed closer to the middle of the circle, menacingly approaching the three terrified fillies.
  56. Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom huddled together and took a terrified glance at Queen Chrysalis's underbelly. It was an iridescent green, almost sparkling in the afternoon sun, and it appeared to be at least somewhat translucent. Three large, smooth plates stretched under her belly, but on closer inspection they all appeared to be folds of a larger membrane, or at least just the top plates of a system of plates. Either way, her lower abdomen was unlike the rest of her chitinous exoskeleton in that it appeared to be designed to unfold as her belly expanded, presumably to allow her to carry large clutches of eggs before laying them.
  58. "Please don't, Chrysalis! We don't want to become changelings!" Sweetie Belle exclaimed, breaking down into tears.
  60. Now it was Chrysalis's turn to raise an eyebrow. "Oh, please. I couldn't turn you into a changeling even if I wanted to, and why would I want to? You must have figured out by now that changelings are incapable of feeling love. If we could, we wouldn't need to feed on ponies. No, if I somehow turned you into changelings, the most you'd feel towards me would be duty, or maybe even loyalty. Those are useful in a drone, sure, but I need my meal to be more… nutritious."
  62. Somehow, this didn't calm the terrified fillies down any. They stood still, eyes darting from the imposing figure of the Changeling Queen to the impenetrable wall of drones all around them. Their minds turned over and over trying to come up with exit strategies, but to no avail. They were outnumbered and flanked on all sides, and they were nowhere near as strong. But still, they couldn't just give up. None of them wanted to think about the prospect of being imprisoned in the belly of an evil queen.
  64. Queen Chrysalis exhaled, something between a sigh and a groan. "Don't just stand there, foals! One of you come over here!" She turned her back to them, lowered her front half, and lifted her turquoise tail, inviting her captives to climb into their new home.
  66. None of them did what she told them to, of course. They stood perfectly still, transfixed by the sight they were witnessing, their minds trying to process what was being asked of them.
  68. Queen Chrysalis sighed; this was really testing her patience. "That wasn't a request, you know." She gestured at one of the drones guarding the fillies, who proceeded to poke Scootaloo with his sharp horn, coaxing her towards his queen's backside.
  70. Scootaloo jumped and yelped. "Ow, stop that! That's really poi–" he was cut off as he bumped into the Queen.
  72. "Thank you for volunteering to go first, Scootaloo!" Chrysalis said with a snarky grin. "Now, don't be afraid. My womb won't hurt you."
  74. Scootaloo looked around and examined her predicament. In front of her, two more drones had joined the first, one on each side, offering her no way to escape but up. Scootaloo cursed her weak wing muscles for the thirteenth time that week. Behind her, Queen Chrysalis's vaginal opening was on full display. On the outside, in contrast to the shiny chitinous plates of her exoskeleton, her outer labia were tough, leathery flaps that connected to a ring that surrounded her vulva and anus. Between the two netherlips, she appeared much softer, slightly more greenish, and shiny from vaginal lubrication. As her clitoris winked out at her for a moment, she thought she caught a glimpse of… were those claws?
  76. "I don't have all day, Scootaloo. Hurry up and climb in!" Chrysalis exclaimed impatiently.
  78. Scootaloo glanced over the shoulders of the drone directly in front of her, and looked at her friends. They were both staring at her, transfixed, but she could tell they didn't want her to go in. Still, another poke from the drone reminded her that she didn't have a say in the matter. Tentatively, she reached her left forehoof and poked at the gentle inner folds of her captive's labia. They easily parted to allow her to slip the hoof inside, but also gripped her surprisingly hard, almost like quicksand, allowing her to slip in but not out.
  80. She slipped her other forehoof inside, not bothering to look back at her friends. Chrysalis ground her hips back onto her, and Scootaloo got a strong whiff of the Changeling Queen's musky odor as she took a deep breath before her face was plunged into her captor's hungry tunnel. Scootaloo shuddered as she felt the moist warmth slide over her ears and down her neck.
  82. Chrysalis chupsed as her opening was stretched by the full width of Scootaloo's head and forelegs. Now that she had a significant portion of Scootaloo's body to grip onto, she focused on the muscles of her vaginal walls, pulling her deeper inside like a snake swallowing its prey.
  84. Scootaloo was startled slightly when the fleshy walls around her gripped her more tightly and began pulsing, waves of muscle rippling inwards, squeezing her along like toothpaste in a tube, inexorably pulling her deeper and deeper into her new prison. With this increase in speed, it wasn't long before she felt her right forehoof bump up against Chrysalis's cervix. It felt spongy and firm, but it easily opened to allow her to slip through. Once she passed the cervix into her womb, it would close off behind her, sealing her inside for who knows how long. Scootaloo knew she'd probably passed the point of no return a long time ago, but for some reason the cervix in particular still filled her with dread as she slid through it, first her hooves, then her head and forelegs.
  86. Scootaloo slowly opened her eyes, blinking a few times from the odd feeling of the warm goo that surrounded her. As her eyes adjusted, she noticed that it was surprisingly bright in Queen Chrysalis's womb; there was a dim green glow illuminating the royal uterus. As her hips slid in past the outer lips, gravity took over, and her entry greatly accelerated. As she squinted to see, she realized that the light was coming from outside, trickling in through the transparent abdomen of her captor, like light through a stained glass window.
  88. Chrysalis winced and staggered slightly as Scootaloo's weight caused the rest of her body to cascade through her cervix, and she fell into place, settling in her newly-expanded womb. She shifted her weight around took a few cautious steps in different directions. Once she had a feel for how the new weight swung underneath her and affected her center of gravity, she strode confidently over to Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom and lay down on her left side, presenting her round belly to them.
  90. Scootaloo slowly turned around to look at her friends through Chrysalis's abdominal plates. From the inside, she was surprised by how easily she could make them out. Something else that occurred other was that she hadn't breathed in at least several minutes, but she hadn't passed out, or even gotten any kind of burning in her lungs. However, she had bigger things to think about, and frankly didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth. Slowly, she shifted around again and placed her right forehoof against the outer wall of her prison, looking longingly at the outside world.
  92. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle watched in amazement as Chrysalis displayed her expanded belly to them, the tinted window in the middle almost making it look like a novelty fish tank. They both jumped when they saw motion inside, and cautiously inched closer, squinting and blocking the glare from the sun with their hooves to peer in. "See?" said Chrysalis, trying to allay their fears. "She's fine."
  94. They weren't so sure, though. Sure, she was alive, but once they could make out Scootaloo's face, she looked far from happy, and her hoof was pressed against the abdominal wall separating them, like a caged animal. Sweetie Belle pressed her left forehoof against Chrysalis's belly, and Apple Bloom, to her left, gingerly touched with her right forehoof. The plates on her abdomen had indeed shifted aside to reveal more plates, and they seemed to be connected by a more flexible membrane, though one that was still tough and thick.
  96. "She's probably lonely in there, though." Chrysalis chuckled at her own joke. "Which one of you will be the first to give her company?" She looked expectantly at the two remaining Crusaders.
  98. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle glanced at each other, but didn't say anything. They both knew that escape was hopeless, and that there was no way Scootaloo would be getting out until Chrysalis decided she was done with her, when and if that ever happened. After several long seconds of silence, Apple Bloom spoke up. "Ah'll do it. Might as well git this out of the way."
  100. Sweetie Belle looked on in amazement as Apple Bloom and Queen Chrysalis stood up, and Chrysalis presented herself to be entered. "Like this?" asked Apple Bloom as she removed her bow and slid both forehooves into Chrysalis's vagina and spread it wide enough to slip her head in.
  102. Chrysalis nodded. "Mmm-hmm. Just slide yourself far enough for me to get a good grip, and I'll talk care of it from there. By the way, thanks for being so much more coöperative than your friend."
  104. Apple Bloom didn't respond. Living and working on a farm, she was no stranger to getting up close and personal with a vagina, but the idea of sticking her whole body inside of one still managed to gross her out, especially one that belonged to such a monster. Nonetheless, she persevered, unceremoniously shoving her head inside and wriggling herself in, almost as if the vagina were just an old forgotten sweater she was trying on for the first time in years.
  106. Sweetie Belle watched in awe as her other best friend disappeared further into Chrysalis's vagina. She knew they would be safe, but there was still that primal terror poking at the back of her mind; it felt like she was watching her friend be eaten alive, and in a way she was. Still, while every fiber of her being was screaming at her to run and never look back, to save herself, these were her friends, and she couldn't just abandon them.
  108. Apple Bloom probably knew more about the reproductive system than anyone else in her class, so she immediately recognized the royal cervix when her hooves bumped into it, and then slipped through it. She knew Scootaloo would be on the other side, and this fact at least brought her a bit of comfort.
  110. Scootaloo saw some motion out of the corner of her eye, and looked up to see the cervix dilate to deposit Apple Bloom into the womb with her. As she saw it stretch open, the thought flashed through her mind that this could be her chance to escape, but she quickly realized how unworkable such a plan was; even if Apple Bloom weren't in the way, and even if she could get past the cervix, Chrysalis's vaginal muscles would just push her back in again. Still, she was at least glad to clearly see Apple Bloom's face in the dim light, and smiled despite herself. As Apple Bloom slipped in further, Scootaloo grabbed her hooves in hers, holding her for comfort, and inadvertently dragging her in faster.
  112. Apple Bloom looked down at her friend, curled up at the bottom of the womb she was entering herself. When Scootaloo looked up at her and smiled, she couldn't help but smile back. It may have been a tough and unusual predicament, but at least they were in it together, and Apple Bloom was glad that just her presence could bring a smile to her friend's face in a time of need. Apple Bloom was surprised when Scootaloo grabbed her hooves and seemed to be pulling her further in, but she didn't even mind, and as her weight pulled the rest of her past the cervix, she collapsed onto Scootaloo. They couldn't say any words, but they both hugged each other tightly, as if the other could disappear at any moment. The constant churning and thumping and sloshing of the changeling body became mere background noise as they just focused on each other.
  114. Sweetie Belle got up from her seat and walked over to Chrysalis, peering into her belly at her two best friends in the world, curled up together in a tight embrace. They'd been through a lot together, good times and bad, but they'd always helped each other cope with whatever life threw their way. She knew that couldn't end today, so turned and walked to Chrysalis's royal backside and shoved her front hooves into the now very well-lubricated tunnel.
  116. "That's it?" Chrysalis asked, a little surprised. "No coaxing or anything? I didn't even tell you it was your turn."
  118. Sweetie Belle only paused briefly to answer. "My friends are in there, and I want to be with them. I'd climb in here even if you told me not to." She then pressed her head into Chrysalis's warm vagina. Not having to worry about escape, and knowing she was at least in some way choosing to enter, Sweetie realized that it actually felt a little pleasant. She was being cocooned from all sides by a soft warmth, like a full-body hug. The vaginal peristalsis pulling her deeper inside, closer to her friends, was massaging her shoulders, and then her back and stomach, and her hips, as she slid deeper into the warm embrace of Chrysalis's womb.
  120. As soon as her head and forelegs slipped through the soft kiss of Chrysalis's cervix, she reached out her right forehoof. Apple Bloom, who had glanced up when the cervix started to open, got the message. She grabbed the hoof and pulled, and a second or two later Scootaloo was pulling too. In almost no time at all, Sweetie Belle tumbled fully into the womb and onto her friends, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders were reunited.
  122. As she felt Queen Chrysalis's cervix close behind her. Sweetie didn't even feel trapped; she felt secure. One glance at her friends told her they felt the same way, and were starting to accept their situation, and get used to the idea. Sure, this wasn't what they had expected when they had woken up that morning, but as long as they were together it didn't really matter.
  124. Queen Chrysalis groaned as she felt her womb expand for the third and final time. She waited a few moments for them to settle into place, and paced a few times to get back her confident stride. She felt stronger as she fed off of the close bond that the morsels in her belly had with one another, a bond that was only strengthened by their current circumstances. The stretching of her belly felt thrice as satisfying as carrying a full clutch of eggs, and she felt the strongest she'd felt since absorbing Shining Armor's love, a strength she tested by flapping her wings and easily lifting her new cargo high into the air.
  126. And this was just the beginning. Soon enough the three foals would be grateful for all she's giving them, and begin to love her as a mother, which should increase her strength even further than Shining Armor's love had, several times over. And why shouldn't they be grateful, when they're getting air, water, and nutrients from her, all for free. They even get free womb and board, and it's a womb with a view.
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