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/drag/ - Dragalia Lost General [FAQ]

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  1. >What is Dragalia Lost?
  2. Dragalia Lost is an action role-playing mobile game developed and published by Nintendo, in collaboration with Cygames. The game was released on September 27, 2018 for both Android and IOS. You control a team of up to four characters and traverse through instances for rewards. The game can be played either solo or multiplayer. The game's team building mechanics are primarily divided into four parts: characters, weapons, dragons, and wyrmprints. These can be collected through clearing dungeons/events or rolling the gachapon. Aside from gameplay, the game has features such as a fully voiced cast, individual character stories, castle building, and much more.
  4. >How big is the game?
  5. The game is quite large at over 4 GB. It is recommended to have more space than that in case of future updates that increase file size. You can opt out of downloading voices if you need to save space.
  7. >Alright, so is it P2W (pay to win)?
  8. YES. Like any mobile game, spending money will always grant you big advantages compared to free users. You will have more opportunity at rolling the gachapon for unique rewards and will also have access to special bundles that provide materials or exclusive quests.
  10. >What's rerolling?
  11. Rerolling is restarting the game to retry on your introductory gacha rolls that the game provides you after clearing the tutorial. By doing this, you're providing yourself a chance to start the game with a strong 5* unit. Rerolling is completely optional; however, players generally have an easier time progressing the game if they start with good units right off the bat. F2P players are especially recommended to reroll as you will not have as many chances to roll as paying players will.
  13. >How do I do reroll?
  14. *As of late November, emulators are no longer working. You can still reroll on your mobile device.
  15. LD Player - https://en.ldmnq.com
  16. Due to the large downloads, it is recommended that you reroll using an emulator. The current recommended emulator is LD Player. Be sure to install exposed framework + root cloak for the best success.
  17. Note: Rooted device only, be mindful of the root status if you don't have exposed and root cloak installed.
  18. delete shared_pref under .data/data/com.nintendo.zaga
  19. delete uuid.bin in Android/data/com.nintendo.zaga
  21. >What should I reroll for?
  22. You may refer to the tier lists if you care about getting the most popular units.
  23. Characters > Dragons (preferably matching element with your character roll) >>>>> Wyrmprints
  24. If you're determined and have a lot of time, aim for three SSR units. Two is standard for a good start and one is if you're feeling incredibly frustrated or don't care.
  26. >Why am I not having fun? Bosses die instantly when I turn into a dragon!
  27. Early dungeons are incredibly easy to clear. Dungeons will gradually spike in difficulty as you progress through the game. The game becomes a lot more interesting when you begin partying with others for the harder event dungeons.
  29. >Why are these touchscreen controls so bad?
  30. They're certainly not great but they do become tolerable once you get used to them. One thing that really helps is to not exaggerate your movements. For example, swiping to move is all the same regardless of how far you pull across the screen. Try to make smaller movements with your finger to maximize efficiency when it comes to turning corners and maneuvering. With the recent patch, there are also setting options to enable/disable 90 and 180 degree quick turns.
  32. >How can I raise my might?
  33. Levels for characters/dragons/prints/weapons, mana circles, dragon bonds, and castle structures.
  35. >How important is the castle building? I'm not really interested in that kind of stuff.
  36. It is VERY important and it is suggested that you are always building/improving something on your plot. This portion of the game is incredibly time-gated (unless you whale to skip build times) so you want to be as efficient as possible. Improving your halidom and smithy is MANDATORY if you ever want to be able to craft your own weapons.
  38. >What do I use eldwater for?
  39. Eldwater is used to promote 3* and 4* units to the next tier and unlock their next mana circles. It is also used for a character's final mana circle stage to improve the character's co-ability.
  41. >How do I sell shit? I'm running out of inventory space.
  42. Teams -> Collection -> Weapons/WP/Dragons -> Sell/Part Ways
  43. Note that unwanted wyrmprints and dragons CAN BE SOLD FOR ELDWATER. The conversion rate is the same as rolling a dupe character (150 for 3*, 1000 for 4*, 3000 for 5*).
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