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Oct 3rd, 2018
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  3. >What is Dragalia Lost?
  4. Dragalia Lost is an action role-playing mobile game developed and published by Nintendo, in collaboration with Cygames. The game was released on September 27, 2018 for both Android and IOS. You control a team of up to four characters and traverse through instances for rewards. The game can be played either solo or multiplayer. The game's team building mechanics are primarily divided into four parts: characters, weapons, dragons, and wyrmprints. These can be collected through clearing dungeons/events or rolling the gachapon. Aside from gameplay, the game has features such as a fully voiced cast, individual character stories, castle building, and much more.
  6. >How big is the game?
  7. The game is very large at around 10 GB. The file size increases significantly with each major update. It is recommended to have plenty of space beyond the bare minimum. You can opt out of downloading voices if you need to save space.
  9. >Alright, so is it P2W?
  10. Yes. It's rare to find a mobile game that isn't. The game is perfectly playable without spending money but you will definitely be missing out on a lot of things compared to the spenders.
  12. >What is rerolling (and should I do it)?
  13. Rerolling is repeatedly making new accounts to try and maximize your gains on your introductory rolls. The first roll you receive will always guarantee a 5* character. It is completely optional and for the most part will not greatly impact your experience. If you do reroll, be wary of potentially long download times.
  15. >What should I reroll for?
  16. If you want to maximize your gains, roll for a universally good healer like Hildegarde. Depending on the current banner, it may be good to roll for the featured unit especially if it's limited. Other optimal rolls include an SSR adventurer matching with an on-element SSR dragon (e.g., 5* fire unit with 5* Agni or Cerberus). If you don't particularly care, roll for whoever you think looks cool. So long as you aren't planning to hoard all of your wyrmite, it really isn't that difficult to roll decent units over time.
  18. >Why am I not having fun? Bosses die instantly when I turn into a dragon!
  19. Early dungeons are repetitive and very easy to clear. The fun doesn't really start until you get past the initial story chapters and start getting to the harder co-op dungeons.
  21. >How can I raise my might?
  22. Levels for characters/dragons/prints/weapons, mana circles, dragon bonds, and castle structures (altars, weapon dojos, event facilities, etc.)
  24. >Red pill me on the weapon classes.
  25. Sword - Boosts dragon haste. Sword is a balanced weapon with both moderate speed and damage. One major advantage are the quick force strikes. The class is very good at melting down an overdrive bar because of that.
  26. Dagger - Boosts critical rate. Dagger users are very mobile but deal slightly less raw damage than other combat weapons. Fast attacks and high chance of critical strikes can make up for the lower numbers in some cases. The class excels in baiting boss aggro and clearing out rooms very quickly due to its high mobility.
  27. Katana - Boosts strength. Katana is arguably the current highest DPS weapon. The attack string is efficient and the force strike allows long distance movement. Katana users are expected to take charge as primary damage dealers and will greatly influence how quickly a run can take.
  28. Lance - Boosts HP. Lance has a long reach which allows melee users to attack from a longer distance compared to other melee classes. The class itself is more of a support role that can be absolutely crucial when attempting to meet HP requirements for certain bosses.
  29. Axe - Boosts defense. Axe is a slow, heavy-hitting weapon with a huge vacuum force strike. The force strike is unique in that it is stationary compared to other melee classes. This class is similar to lance in that it plays more of a support role in parties with its defense buff.
  30. Bow - Boosts skill haste. Bows are quick, long distance weapons with a force strike that continues firing on its own after deployment. It is a formidable class that plays as a primary damage dealer. Bows allow higher overall team DPS by enabling your party members to use skills more frequently.
  31. Wand - Boosts skill damage. Wands are slower than bows but deal bigger damage per hit. It's a very safe class that lets you continually attack from a distance. Most wand users are "glass cannon" types that exist to simply deal a shit ton of damage.
  32. Staff - Boosts recovery potency. Staff is the traditional healer class and is currently the only class that can do fully dedicated healing. They are practically mandatory for end game content and is generally the only class that can get away with having subpar stats.
  34. >How important is the castle building? I'm not really interested in that kind of stuff.
  35. It is crucial for fast progression and it is suggested that you are always keeping your smithwyrms busy. This portion of the game is incredibly time-gated (unless you spend to skip build times) so you want to be as efficient as possible. Improving your halidom and smithy is mandatory for crafting high-end weapons. Most players recommend buying up to 2 extra smithwyrms (you start with 2 and can buy up to a max of 3 for a total of 5).
  37. >What do I use eldwater for?
  38. Eldwater is used to promote 3* and 4* units to the next tier and unlock their next mana circles. It is also used for a character's final mana circle stage to improve the character's co-ability. With the wyrmprint update on April 25th, wyrmprints will no longer be included in the gachapon and will instead be purchasable with eldwater.
  40. >How do I sell shit? I'm running out of inventory space.
  41. Teams -> Collection -> Weapons/WP/Dragons -> Sell/Part Ways
  42. Note that unwanted wyrmprints and dragons can be sold for eldwater. The conversion rate is the same as rolling a dupe character. Unbound WP/dragons will sell for the equivalent of how many copies were used.
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