Trick Room Checklist

checkmater75 Nov 1st, 2015 (edited) 110 Never
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  1. All of the following are big threats to Trick Room (and if building a Trick Room team, have solid answers to each of these)
  3. Talonflame
  4. Landot Char Y sweep possibility (and various other spread move sweeps such as Kingdra muddy water or Blizzard but Landot Char Y is the one that is generally threatening imo)
  5. Amoonguss (specifically in combination with Azumarill and Subtran)
  6. Aegislash
  7. Bisharp Keldeo
  8. Taunt (strong setters basically)
  9. Kangaskhan in general  
  10.         specifically kang+taunt or kang+spore or kang + toge (head smash scrafty does this n_n)
  11. Hoopa-U/Bisharp + Fake Out/Redirection/Serene Grace (toge?)
  12. Bulky stuff like MVenusaur, Suicune, Jirachi, Togekiss, Cresselia
  13. Fairy Voice (sylveon, gardevoir)
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