HaHa Tarpon Tournament

Apr 2nd, 2019
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  1. from: Austin Tellam <>
  2. to: Austin AT Tellam <>
  3. date: Mar 25, 2019, 4:55 PM
  4. subject: One Month Warning!!!! Ha Ha Working Man's & Woman's Tarpon Tournament
  6. Hello Tarpon Anglers and happy Monday! We are exactly 1 month away from the Captain's meeting which will be held at the new KBYC clubhouse on Thursday, April 18th. I hope it's done by then.... First day of fishing will be Tuesday April 23rd and the awards ceremony will be held on Friday April 26th. To register email me your boat name, the names and t-shirt sizes of your team. If you are a Captain and not on the WhattsApp broadcast already, then send me your cell phone number too. The cost is $50 per angler (captains of the boat must register also). Junior anglers under the age of 16 are $10. Each angler can receive $5 off by going to Facebook and/or Instagram and following/liking Ab Amigo (@abmatfitness), my cousin Dylan's fitness company. I know most of us need to get started on our sit ups before Tourney time!!!
  8. You can Venmo me anytime before the captain's meeting or pay at the captain's meeting. Please send me your team's t-shirt sizes as soon as possible. If I don't get them 2 weeks before the tournament, then I can't promise to have a t-shirt that will fit you.
  10. An important note which I am summarizing from the KBYC Dock Master: Because of construction on the new clubhouse the boat ramps will be closed and there will be no dry dock storage. I know this will make it tough on a lot of people but the show must go on. Please try to make some kind of other arrangements for launching and storing your boat. If you can't use your boat because of this try to hop on someone else's boat.
  12. If you are interested in sponsoring this year's tournament please let me know or reach out to our sponsorship Director Doug Tellam ( We are looking forward to our past great sponsors being a part of this year's tournament also, which include:
  14. Steve Petrillo at South East Marine
  15. Louis Diaz at Haimes Coleman Group
  16. Gary Lawson at Miami Boat Center
  17. Jeff Ray at Grand Slam Aluminum
  18. Bobby Krell at Langer Krell electronics
  19. Holly and Jimmy Lewis at Kite Hunter baits
  20. Captain Bouncer Smith on "Bouncer's Dusky"
  21. Captain Rick Killgore
  22. Costa Del Mar Sun Glasses
  23. Captain Wayne Conn on "The Reward
  24. Blue Chair Bay Rum
  25. Captain Harry’s
  26. FJ Propeller
  27. South Beach Place (Vero Beach)
  28. TUCCI
  29. Snow’s Jewelers Coral Gables
  31. Getting reel crabby!
  33. Committee Boat
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