Violet Ray

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  1. Violet Ray
  2. Earth Pony Female
  3. Summoner
  4. Talent: Can generate mundane weapons/armor/clothing as Instant/Auto, Avatar State is Instant/Auto, Custom Talent for each form
  5. Hits/Wounds: 6/6
  7. Skills:
  8. Toughness [Racial]
  9. Stand Firm [Expanded Racial]
  10. Avatar State [Tracker and Cleric Only]
  12. Inventory:
  13. Clothes
  14. Backpack [Laptop/Charger, Gamecolt, Games, Batteries, Decks of Trading Cards, Fantasy Books, School Supplies, Bits, Etc]
  15. Morpher
  16. Futuristic Tablet/Book
  17. 225 bits
  19. Traits:
  20. Violet Ray grew up in a trailer park just outside of Manehatten, the sixth of eight children. Her father was a deadbeat who worked various minimum wage jobs he constantly lost, and her mother was a layabout drunk. Her parents walked the line between neglectful and abusive, and her older siblings constantly picked on her. As a result, she has grown up to be shy, introspective, and cowardly, hesitant to speak or engage with others. She is also very distrustful, tending to avoid new people and situations, and assume the worst of people's intentions. As a result of this, she has no friends. Her hobbies include playing her Gamecolt and the various games she has for it, collecting trading cards [even though she has no one to play with], and using her laptop computer. A kind teacher from the elementary school she went to in Manehatten [an hour's drive by bus both ways], gave it to her to help her study as well as give her something to do at home, and by some miracle she avoided it getting broken or stolen by siblings. She is highly proficient with most of its functions, and can hack with the ability of a 90s movie [EG: Hacking the alien supercomputer with Windows 95]. That kind teacher also managed to get her transferred to Thunder Road, to get her out of that toxic environment at home and help her to learn.
  22. She is the youngest party member [if we're CMC age and thats 10-13, she's barely 10], has long blue hair with a hairband, and blue eyes with large circular glasses she can't see without [unless transformed]. She wears a tshirt and a skirt with a belt. Her special talent is the summoning of weapons and armor/clothes, though in her base form she usually only uses it to summon cute outfits and toy-weapons [slingshots, baseball bats, etc]. She has no idea why this is her talent, the mark just appeared one day. Items summoned in this way disappear when she wills it, when sufficiently damaged, or when they pass more then a few hundred feet from her. She enjoys reading, especially fantasy books, which she uses as a kind of escapism.
  24. She acquires a morpher shortly into the quest which allows her to take on the abilities of various RPG classes, starting with one and unlocking others purely through the morpher when thematically appropriate. The morpher is worn around her belt and is activated by holding it in front of herself and saying "CLASS-Access! [Name of Class], Log in!" which results in her being surrounded by a wireframe sphere for a couple of seconds as she transforms into the class. The class sustains itself for a brief period of time before dissipating, after which the morpher must recharge. It generates its own power but takes time to do so. Each class changes her appearance, clothing, weapons, and abilities.
  26. The morpher has several noncombat functions as well, including a functioning radio, a computer capable of accessing local data networks, a multipurpose communicator, an encyclopedia and bestiary [with much of the data locked, esp. at first], and an extradimensional space [bag of holding equivalent]. It can also project holograms above its screen. Many of these functions will be locked, limited, or just unknown to Violet when she first gets the morpher.
  28. When transformed, Violet's morpher fuses with her, causing her to develop the ability to display a heads up display [HUD] in her eyes, displaying the functions of the morpher [encylopedia, classes, inventory, etc], as well as displaying her current level of damage and remaining energy in the morpher. The morpher's non-transformative functions still work when the morpher is out of 'power' regarding transformation. She CAN manifest the morpher while fused with no ill effects however.
  30. Alaster is a magical Familiar bound to the morpher that acts as an instructor and protector for its user, taking the form the user is most comfortable with, in Violet's case, a rabbit-like entity. Although generally kind and moral, he is not a heroic figure, nor does he prompt the user to be one unless they choose to be. He is mature and intelligent, able to comprehend situations easily, but has a sarcastic or witty streak to him. His favorite food is grapes, which he is hopelessly addicted to, to the point of often forgetting his prime directive to obtain. He has a catchphrase, "I'm going to need you to", which he inserts into conversations often. While Violet is morphed, he takes the form of a guiding voice inside her HUD instructing her in combat techniques and the general situation, while also operating some of the morpher's functions. He communicates telepathically, and can be as broad or selective as he likes when doing so, effectively giving him perfect 'whispering'. However others cannnot reply in kind, except Violet when she is combined with him.
  32. HW: 2/2
  33. Telepathy: Passive: Can project his thoughts to others, selectively or enmasse. Others cannot respond in kind, except Violet when he's the HUD.
  34. Despawn: Automatic/Instant: Can digitize and stay in the morpher
  35. Respawn: Can be resummoned if slain with a roll, as long as morpher still exists.
  37. FORM NAME: Tracker
  38. DESCRIPTION: This form wears a blue blouse with a black corset, with a blue and black skirt and thigh high stockings and boots, along with a beret. Her primary weapons are magitech modern firearms and ordinance, ranging from rifles, to pistols, to RPGs and gernades, with various tags [often changing out the tag without changing out the weapon]. These guns fire ballistic crystalline bullets. Her signature move is "Bandolier Barrage", the summoning of an enormous gatling gun which fires at all enemies.
  39. TALENT: +1 Ranged
  40. SKILLS: Custom Job, Reflex Shot, Barrage
  42. FORM NAME: Cleric
  43. DESCRIPTION: This form wears a long white dress with golden boots, golden gauntlets, and a golden breastplate with a purple diamond on the chest. The dress has suns on the flanks, and Violet wears a sun-shaped pin in her hair in this form. The form's primary attacks is shooting golden orbs or bolts of energy [counts as Ranged weapon] from her hooves. Her signature move is "Solar Storm", a triangle-shaped beam that strangely enough always leaves a rectangular blast mark/crater. She also gains the ability to fly [by magic, not wings].
  44. TALENT: Gains Pegasus Flight
  45. SKILLS: Heal, Wrath, Aura of Faith
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