Camping and sodomy, the manliest

Jun 8th, 2014
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  1. [22:52] Redouane: Dinner had proven a joyless affair - with only a few modest conies falling prey to the group's snares, most of the evening's repast had been half-frozen hard tack and dessicated fruit. The precious bundle of salts and spices that they had all gathered out of their pooled expense fund had, sadly, been bound to the pack of the party's youngest member...and thus, had joined it in the Solym River when the entire knapsack slipped a knot and taken the plunge scarcely a day and a half ago, nearly taking the youth with it. And so the four adventurers had little choice but to eat their small, miserable repast huddled close around a restrained fire, taking what warmth they could get from it in the dying light of the early winter day.
  3. Two females and two males: Vora, swarthy blademaiden of the Pontux, with her messily close-cropped mahogany hair, doughty warhammer, and patchwork apparel looted from a hundred battlefields. Mora-Lan, sacred crusader, all silver-haired and golden-eyed, as pale as porcelain itself in her always-polished plate. Redouane, in his finely-tooled leathers, his wavy black hair hanging down around his pretty-featured face as his azure gaze focuses on the small finger puzzle his nimble digits occupy themselves with. And finally, Corran, the youngest, the neophyte - whom all had agreed was to blame for this less-than-stellar dinner. "'Ells, pike this, we're turnin' in," Vora grumbles in her clipped and craggy tone as she throws another accusing glare at the youth sitting across from her. "Y'ain't sharin' our tent, so y'd better hope Mouthy's got space in 'is bedroll f'r ya." 'Mouthy' - or Red, as he was more insistent on being called, simply grins and shakes his head, looking up at his fellow travellers. "Not until he learns how to tie a proper knot," the man responds in smooth, silken tones. "This is part of his education."
  4. [23:05] Corran Darstin keeps his head hunched low, cheeks burning. He sits off away from the rest of the group, wearing the same traveling clothes that he's been wearing the last three days, still looking worse for wear after nearly tumbling into the river, and still damp in places. "I'll be fine out by the fire," he says, looking down at the plate, which had the smallest portions on it. He tries to seem older than he is, but they've all figured out by now that he's not the twenty three he claimed to be. "Someone should keep it going anyway."
  5. [23:12] Redouane: The soft-spoken paladin, whom none have yet heard raise her voice, shakes her head gently. "You two are unfair to our young charge," is admonished in her gentle way. There is a pause as she daintily takes a nip off of the small leg still on her plate, followed by carefully fastidious chewing. As always, Mora's ethereal features are inscrutable, and then she puts the leg back down, pulling her armoured body a little more upright in its kneeling repose. "...But, corrective discipline has its place too." The blademaiden breaks out guffawing, while Red brings a hand to his face, trying (and failing miserably) to hide his amused snort. "You've even miffed the angel, boy," jibes the rogue as he sets aside his small distraction, his sky-blue eyes trailing towards the stubborn youth. "Well, if the cold proves too much, you know where to find me - just remember that the price is you learning about knotwork so we don't have this happen again."
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  11. [23:21] Corran Darstin bites his lower lip, and puts away his mess kit without saying anything. He simply lays down on the ground and turns his back to the group before any of them catch him tearing up. "I'll be fine, I'm not some kid," he says, voice shaking a little as he lies. "It's a nice night anyway." The barbarian laughs, and heads off to the tent with Mora. The boy lays out in the cold, the ground hard and frigid. He shivers, and scoots next to the fire, but it's no use. Snow starts to fall, and soon everything is covered in a thin white dusting. Corran covers himself with his cloak, but the breeze keeps getting underneath it, sending him into shivers.
  12. In the middle of the night, there's a scratching sound on the outside of Redouane's tent. Corran runs a finger along the canvas, trying to make a little noise. "Um, Red..." he murmurs, through the flaps, "I... uh, it's really cold out here..."
  13. [23:32] Redouane: It's a good fifteen to twenty seconds before the canvas flap is finally pulled open slightly, Red's half-lidded eyes staring out from through the gap. "W-wh...ah, right," he finally chuckles as the situation hits him. "Ah, hello to you too, our young protege. A little...ah, it's snowing, isn't it? Poor you." A faint tsking sound follows from the rogue as his sleep-mussed hair shakes from a gently mocking sway of the head, Redouane's fingers curled around the edge of that tent entryway. "Well, I told you the terms, Corran. I teach you how to tie a knot, you get to share my bedroll. Does this mean you accept?" A small smirk flickers across that pale face of Red's, its usual smooth-shaven lines showing just the faintest hint of stubble from their time on the trail. With the rest of him still concealed within, the rogue cranes his neck out a little further from the flap, looking to and fro. "Does seem rather chilly out here, I agree...glad I'm not stuck out here."
  14. [23:36] Corran Darstin frowns, his lips pursing up and his brow furrowing. He closes the tent flap with a... well, it's not a door, so there is no slam. Only then there's a loud, cold wind that blows. In only a few seconds there's the sound of undressing and boots being kicked off against the corner of the tent and Corran pushes in. "Alright, alright!" he says, heavy traveling clothes, still mostly wet, now gone, leaving him only in a pair of loose underbreeches and a poorly made cotton shirt. "Please, it's cold, I'll just curl up in the side, I'll do whatever you say tomorrow!"
  15. [23:44] Redouane: Two things become abundantly clear the moment Corran barges his way inside the tent. One, Redouane keeps his personal space meticulously organized - clothes hang from a small wire line he has set up off the main tent-pole to a small grounding spike, a pile of small notebooks rests neatly by the disheveled bedroll, and everything seems to have its particular place. Second, all his clothes are hanging from that line right now - his delicately-detailed leathers, the sturdy calfskin breeches he always wears, and the green linen tunic that so often peeks out through the laces and strapping of his outer travelwear. Which means that the rogue himself has been sleeping quite in the nude. The tent does not allow Red to stand at his full height, but even crouched over like this he is all long, lean lines and well-trimmed muscle, everything pulled taut and tight around his slender, wiry frame; the build of a gymnast or dancer, not the easygoing decadent he so often portrays himself as. His slim midriff trails down into a patch of dark fur between his toned thighs, and from that dangles the rogue's limp manhood, its fully-skinned length considerable even in its unready state. And, of course, Red seems completely nonchalant about all this. "Knots first, sleep later," is stated firmly as those lissome arms of his are folded across that compact chest. "Otherwise you'll put it off forever."
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  18. [00:00] Corran Darstin goes red, and turns away. He's short enough that he doesn't need to lean nearly as much as the older man, and he realizes just how much smaller he is. In more ways than one. He focuses instead on the corner of the tent. "F-fine," he says with a stammer, "what do I have to do?" he asks, eyes glancing back at the man's naked form. They keep darting in and away, and Corran is unable to stop from tracing those muscles with his eyes. "Its not that I don't know how, I just... sort of..." he goes quiet for a moment, eyes looking down. He catches himself, and looks away, scratching his chin, "I just forgot, okay? I'm not stupid or anything."
  19. [00:10] Redouane: An arch of a single ebony eyebrow is the 'specialist's' only immediate response to this inquisitive eyes, and quite naturally, his stance opens up slightly, showing off more of that pale, well-conditioned body of his. Of course, it's so very easily passed off as him reaching for a small selection of silken ropes he has hanging from a hook on the central tentpole, that freely-swaying shaft of his all the more exposed from the way he has to spread his stance out to maintain his leaned-over posture. A faint shiver seems to run through the thing, the tiniest of twitches that only a truly attentive pair of eyes would catch, but again, Redouane is all business as he firmly grips the length of rope. "Right, right," is the teasing response. Red's free hand goes to the youth's shoulder, pressing downward on it with deceptive strength. "Sit down, then take this rope and show me how you do a knot."
  20. [00:14] Corran Darstin: [i]The boy's lips part as the man gently guides him to the floor of the tent, a little gasp escaping from his lips. The sound itself and the way he reacted makes his cheeks go red, and he hopes it goes unnoticed in the lamp light. He takes the rope and holds it in both hands. He focuses on the silken length instead of... other lengths. "Alright..." he says quietly, trying not to think too hard, legs crossed. He pulls some of the blanket he's sitting on up through the hole in his legs, puffing it into a mushroom shape and then patting it down, covering them, and his crotch as well. "What do I do?"
  21. [00:28] Redouane: The mix of wandering eyes, quiet gasps, and scarlet flushes gets another twinge out of the older man, some of its flaccid relaxation staring to take on a firmer and more pronounced rise. Still, Red merely grins as he settles on his knees before Corran, their knees brushing against one another's as the rogue remains partly upright, opting not to fold down onto the heels of his feet. "Right. So we've got this rope here. You start by grabbing one end of it between your hands, like this. Give a fair distance between the two." Step by step, his delicate-looking hands mimic the actions being described, one fist of his grasping the end of the rope and the other settled maybe three-fourths of a foot down the way. Of course, does he really have to do this right in front of his lap...? "Pay close attention when I'm talking. Right. Now you loop it around, like this...make sure to leave a few inches' worth of tail once you've crossed the end of the rope back over the main body. Then you pinch the crossover between your thumbs. Like this. With me so far?"
  22. [00:28] Redouane: ( ...having to research knot-tying for a scene is odd. )
  23. [00:29] Redouane: ( Sure, I spent years in the Cubs and Boy Scouts, but knots were always MY NUMBER ONE NEMESIS. )
  24. [00:29] Corran Darstin: (I've researched some weird stuff in RPing)
  25. [00:29] Redouane: ( Don't I know it. Byzantine court life, the operative mechanisms of various hard drugs...and anatomy, of course. Well, the anatomy part shouldn't be so surprising. )
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  27. [00:30] Corran Darstin: (Anatomy all day erryday. Also, Star Wars. Once crafted an entire backstory in play with the help of Wookieepedia.))
  28. [00:30] Redouane: ( Oh yeah! One time I had to research a bunch of stuff about some WoW zone. Forgot about that. )
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  30. [00:35] Corran Darstin follows along, though he keeps looking through his hands at the man, staring at him. The way the pale skin contrasts with the dark hair, the way that he's so soft and thick between the legs, how he seems even larger up close. It can't be oversized, but Corran, being the sheltered young lad he is, has never seen another man. But if there's one way to learn a skill, it's being taught by someone you fancy. Of course, the thought that he might fancy the rogue makes Corran's fingers tremble and his heart beat. He blinks a few times, and realizes he just became lost in his thoughts. "I, um... wh-what was that last step?" he asks, shaking his head and looking up at the man, but avoiding his eyes.
  31. [00:43] Redouane: A small, chastising 'tsk!' comes from the naked knot-binder as he reaches out with one hand to slip two fingers beneath the inexperienced adventurer's chin. As if it was the most natural thing in the world, those two digits seek to nudge Corran's blue eyes up to meet his instructor's, which by this point are filled with a wickedly lurking amusement. "Do pay attention this time, boy," is the following rejoinder, sounding far too lighthearted to truly be disappointed. Once again, Redouane repeats the last step - taking the length of rope between his two fists and curling it around over itself in a loose loop, leaving an extra several inches from teh end of the rope dangling past the crossover point. A firm, two-fingered pinch binds the meeting point of the two ropes together...and, incidentally, the ensuing silken circle perfectly frames Redouane's slowly-stirring manhood, visibly a little more prominent than it was even a minute ago. Of course, the rogue is smirking sultrily as he speaks again, words beyond teasing. "You're watching carefully this time, right?"
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  33. [00:48] Corran Darstin: [i]As the man guides his eyes upward, Corran's lips part again, and his breath catches in his throat. He certainly is watching something carefully, and tries to finish up the knotwork. He swallows, his throat dry, almost thirsty. "You're teasing me..." he notes, looking away again. He raises his chin, and furrows his brow. "You're... you're trying to make fun of me."
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  36. [00:55] Redouane: In response to that complaint, Red pushes himself up a little higher on his knees, letting him lean over the youth all the more - a movement only aided by the way his posture is pulled slightly more erect, causing those artfully-sculpted midriff muscles of his to tense visibly. "I'm trying to teach you, Corran," he retorts, teasing and genuinely corrective in equal parts. "This is a basic slip knot. If you think I'm teasing you by assuming that you don't know how to tie one, then feel free to use this rope to do one up right now so I can move onto something more involved." Of course, as the knave says all this, his trim hips sway side to side somewhat, faintly bobbing his lazily swelling endowment with the motion. "Just what about this is 'making fun of you', hmm, boy?"
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  38. [01:00] Corran Darstin tries to keep looking away, cheeks getting hot and red, fingers getting pale and cold. He grabs the rope and starts working on a slip knot, tying it together and slipping it around his wrist. He tugs it, jerking on the end to show it's secure. "See?" he says, still not looking at Red or his body. "I-it's not that, either," he argues, "It's... you're doing..." he motions vaguely, not looking where he waves his hand. It ends up brushing against the pale, reddening member. He pulls back with a start, and looks at it again. "Th-that! Yo-you're teasing me! I'm n-not some kid..."
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  41. [01:09] Redouane: That unexpected collision with the rogue's length seems to bring it to life: almost instantly, it springs from its mostly-slack state to a semi-erect swelling, jutting out slightly from between his patch of dark pubic hair, its usually well-cropped state having grown curlier and more pronounced from the weeks of hard living. Despite its obvious half-mast state, it is obviously large, with the faintest hints of veins swelling beneath the foreskin. Red cuts off a short gasp, then fixes the younger man with an absolutely predatory grin. "Oooooh...ah, what, my prick?" is asked nonchalantly after the quiet sound is wrestled under control, the nude man gesturing down at the organ with one hand. "You have one too, I'm sure - it can't be that novel. Or do you find it interesting for...another reason?" With his other hand, Redouane reaches out to take a firm grip of the other end of the rope, giving it a yank of his own to test its secureness. "Hm, not bad."
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  44. [01:16] Corran Darstin realizes the mistake he made, his hand tugged this way and that by the rogue. "I-it's not novel, I mean, I've seen lots of other guy's..." he flushes again, and covers his face with his free hand, "N-n-not like that! I'm not, I mean, Stop teasing me! It's b-bigger than mine..." he says, slumping his shoulders and looking away. "Okay? It's... I've never seen anyone else's. You're flashing me, and... i-it's hard to concentrate on, um... knots with your thi-thing pointing at me..."
  45. [01:26] Redouane: A jaunty hum accompanies Corran's shameful fluster, with Red experimenting with how he can lead his fellow adventurer's bound hand to and fro with the help of that rope. Of course, he makes absolutely no attempts to conceal himself despite the protestations; indeed, if anything, his knees stretch out a little as his centre of gravity shifts lower, causing his hips to jut forward just that little bit more. In its partly-roused state, a velvety-red tip can be seen poking out beneath the smooth-looking crown of foreskin, all bunched up around the end of his shaft. "You know, if you're that curious about it, you should just say so. As the party's designated liar, I can tell you that you're doing a terrible job of feigning disinterest right now." Suddenly, Red's finely-featured face is terribly close to the youth's, one of his black tresses brushing against a bright red cheek. "So what's so distracting about it, hmm? My cock, that is."
  46. [01:33] Corran Darstin is nearly crying he's so nervous and flustered. He can't help but pant, and squirm where he sits, letting his hand hang limply and be guided around. Part of him almost wished that he'd guide it down to that inviting shaft, but he never does. He keeps thinking back to all the teasing that the two women had done, about how Corran looked at Red and probably felt butterflies, and how they'd make a cute couple. Finally, with Red right next to him, he shivers and does something neither of them expected. He punches Red, square in the jaw, letting out a frustrated, half cry. It isn't a strong punch, just an infuriated one. Then he follows it up by moving in and kissing the man right on his lips. "St-stupid jerk!" he murmurs, bowing his head against Red's chest, "t-teasing me like this... you... you jerk." Not the most eloquent argument.
  47. [01:34] Redouane: ( SO CUTE OH MY GOD. )
  48. [01:34] Corran Darstin: (( :3 ))
  49. [01:41] Redouane: More from surprise than the force of the impact, the rake rocks back on his knees, recoiling from the strike to his jaw. For a moment, brows furrow and azure eyes narrow in visible annoyance, a stern hardness coming to that fine-boned face of Red's as his lips are drawn taut - and then it is all replaced by wide blinks of surprise when the boy's warm, fumbling mouth meets his. In fact, Redouane doesn't even respond to it at first, so shocked is he. By the time the kid is reduced to his feeble curses, however, the sneak has regained his internal equilibrium, and brings one hand up behind the young man's head to gently stroke the base of his skull. "What in the hells was that, Corran?" he teases; before an answer can be forthcoming, the light caress turns into a firm grasp of the boy's messy hair, leveraging it to jerk his head backward so that he is fully exposed to the downright pillaging press of lips that ensues.
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  51. [01:46] Corran Darstin lets out a little gasp, his lips parting before they're pillaged. He struggles for a moment, then sinks against the man, both hands on his chest. His body bends, and hard flesh can be felt poking through the drawstrings of his underbreeches, touching Red's leg with a wet tip. At first the hands hammer at his slim chest, but he gives in, and the fists become flat hands against his skin, fingers gripping him slightly. He doesn't break away from the kiss, or take his hands away. His member, much less impressive than the thief's, simply presses against the man's thigh, throbbing intently.
  52. [01:57] Redouane: Not content with merely imposing his mouth upon the boy's, Red's tongue slips out to impose itself upon its opposite in Corran's mouth. It is no careful dance of tongues, all sweet harmony and sinuosity; the knave uses his experienced oral muscle to force his young lover's down, mercilessly teasing it with tongue-tip swipes and broad sweep alike until finally withdrawing with sodden slurping noise that rings through the suddenly cramped-feeling tent. Redouane's eyes are narrowed and sharp upon the youth's, and he presses his pelvis forward, shoving his still-growing erection against the boy's stomach. "You kiss like a flustered maiden," the older man throatily purrs. "And you're hung like one, too, if that little stub of yours pressing against my leg is anything." Another nip at those half-parted lips. "I ought to treat you like one."
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  56. [02:05] Corran Darstin trembles as the kiss breaks, and bows his head again, burying his face in the rake's chest. He pulls his hips away, though not until after his slender belly is touched by the head of the other man. "I've never... been with anyone before..." he admits, quietly, breath soft on Redouane's chest. "I'm not a kid, it's just never... come up..." He moves his hands a little, the long silk string softly dancing in the air, occasionally touching at skin. "Vora's right... I d-do think you're..." he bites his lip, and tears fall from his eyes, "I'm sorry!" he whimpers, "I didn't mean to screw up! It was an accident..."
  57. [02:15] Redouane: To tease, or to comfort? Competing instincts tug within the dark-haired man as he idly tugs at that rope binding. The boy leaning against his svelte chest is so very warm...and vulnerable. Redouane's grasp of that soft brown hair loosens up for a moment as he gently strokes the young man's nape, resting his chin atop that distraught head. "Everybody screws up at some point or another, Corran," the thief finally states in a carefully diplomatic tone of voice. "Although... I'm starting to think you did it just so you'd have an excuse to share a tent with me. You've been thinking about this for a while, haven't you?" The neophyte adventurer's retreat is offset by the way Red shuffles forward, pointedly pressing his swollen length against the boy's crotch. Now at full mast, it's a potent implement: thick, strongly-flared glans fully exposed, swollen veins that can easily be traced by fingertip, the entire thing a deep, rich tone from its blood-flushed state. Each nudge of that cock is so hot, as if its mere touch could scald, and even in the brief contact, a faint thrum of a heartbeat can be felt through it.
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  59. [02:21] Corran Darstin breathes heavily, though his pants, in time with the pounding in his ears, are soft as can be. He lets Red play with the silken rope, but puts his hand on the man's wrist. "I-I haven't... I-I mean, I didn't..." the boy says, breathing in and lifting up his shirt to get a view of that cock. There's not really any sense hiding it now. With one hand he nervously reaches down and touches it, then pulls back with a start before touching it again. "I've wanted to kiss you, though..." he finally admits, sniffling a little, and letting out a tearful laugh. "I bet you think I'm stupid... I'm not strong or pretty... I'm just... I'm just a kid..."
  60. [02:28] Redouane: A quiet growl rolls in the lithe thief's chest at those first tentative caresses, and his lower back arches forward, exposing more of that thick, swollen implement for the boy's attentions. Still grasping the rope - and dragging the hand on his wrist along for the ride - Red trails his fingertips over that exposed chest of Corran's, enjoying the young man's warmth as much as his full-body quivering. "Mmmmh, that's right, boy, get a good feel of it...that's what a man's cock is supposed to be. You can, nnnh, feel the difference, can't you...?" Despite the denigrating words, Redouane's purred declaration comes across with a certain coaxing warmth, an encouragement and enticement. The hand on the back of the youth's neck once again pulls his head in close, tousling hair and letting the junior adventurer feel the deep inhalation and exhalation of his senior. "Ah...that's right, Corran, you're just a boy compared to me. But, mmh...I don't dislike that, I must are rather cute, after all."
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  63. [02:37] Corran Darstin: Lifting his head up from the man's chest, Corran kisses him again, just bellow his lip. It's a rather chaste thing, compared to Red's kiss from before, and his mouth is now wet from his sobs. "I just want you to like me. That's why I was carrying the supplies... I-I wanted to be useful an-and helpful..." he murmurs, laying his head on Red's shoulder. "I'm sm-small..." he looks down at the man again, his hand still gently holding it, fingers cold and trembling. Below that, his own thing pokes out from his pants. "Pl-please don't tell the others? Th-they'll laugh at me. W-well, Vora will..." He wipes his tears away, and lifts up his hand, taking his other one off of the member that's captivated his attention so much. "I-I'll keep learning. Y-you don't have to tease me..."
  64. [02:52] Redouane: "Very small," the rake whispers right back, hardly sounding displeased. "Very cute, too. Especially how much you're overthinking all this. It's very you, Corran." Another chuckle runs through Red as he drags a long-brushing kiss across the youth's forehead, and then the rogue begins to stir against him, shfiting and shuffling his position. Slowly, a bit unsteadily, he pushes himself up to his feet, now handily towering over the kneeling neophyte. He has to remain hunched over, but it's not a problem - it lets him look down at the adorably flustered boy all the more easily. That length of silken rope is wrapped quickly about Redouane's wrist, giving him a bound connection to Corran as he stands before him. Most obvious in this state is just how huge the older man's shaft seems as it all-but-smacks the younger in the face, its swollen tip dangling right before that sniffling nose. From this distance, the smell of it is potent - overpowering, even. Even with his own attempts at maintaining good hygeine, the last several days of hard marching and harder exertion in his leathers have left that hefty prick with the acrid stink of heated leather and the salty tang of sweat, coupled with the throaty musk of extended exposure. Beneath it all is something earthy and warm and rich that can best be described as masculine. "Corran," Red states in a voice equal parts fire and need. "Here's something you need to learn right now, then. Kiss it, boy." A hand goes to the young man's head, nudging it towards that swollen thing right before his eyes...
  65. [02:53] Corran Darstin: Oh, my~
  66. [02:53] Redouane: ( Aha, liked that description, did you~? )
  67. [03:01] Corran Darstin looks up at the man, heart absolutely pounding, fluttering like a moth caught in a gale. With one arm lifted above his head he has to rise slightly, brought level with the thing. He doesn't know what to do, and wants to protest, but instead he doesn't. He takes his free hand, breathing in through his nose, smelling the man, and takes hold of him. Just lightly, with his fingertips. He lifts the thing up and touches his lips to it, kissing the line of foreskin, looking Redouane in the eyes as he does. He can't help but let out a whimper of excitement and happiness, and when he pulls away, there's a trail of precum on his lip. He doesn't know what to do at first, and almost reaches up to wipe it away, but he stops and licks it instead. "I-I can't believe I did that..." he admits, still so flustered.
  68. [03:13] Redouane: The entire fat prick shudders in Corran's hand when the boy kisses it, another spurt of anticipation joining the already-slick mess at his tip. An unrestrained sigh, too, escapes Red, winding its way out from the very depths of him to slip past his lips. His erection bucks slightly, as if catching itself, and then there is a reflexive jolt of the hips, smearing that gooey tip against the young man's scandalized cheek. "A-ahhhh," the rake manages, a hand on Corran's head dragging him back towards that stinking, oozing exemplar of masculinity. "N-n'bad,, mmmh, again. L-ah, lick it...taste it. That's a, nnnh, good boy, now..." is murmured heatedly, blue eyes drooping close for brief moments of delight. Even from that simple contact, Redouane has to catch himself from pitching over, the hunched-over posture making it difficult to keep his balance. "More..."
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  70. [03:19] Corran Darstin trembles, and does as he's told, sticking his tongue out and licking at the head of the cock. He tastes the salty precum, and the sweat, and the build up of the days. He swallows, and with one hand, he peels back the skin. The smell of it makes his own cock jump, painfully stock poking out of the underbreeches where the laces don't close it all the way. If he weren't on his knees, they'd be weak and shuddering. He closes his eyes and opens his mouth, and then moves his head forward, popping the head into his mouth and forming a tight ring with his lips. His tongue awkwardly moves about inside his mouth, rolling across that beautiful cock head. And Corran's free hand moves down between his legs, undoing the lacing and he begins to touch himself.
  72. [10:48] Redouane: A long, winding sigh escapes the rogue's mouth as the neophyte adventurer laps at his filthy glans, and Red shifts his position carefully, trying to arrange something more comfortable than simply half-leaning over. The entire hefty cock, dark from need and engorgement, shivers from Corran's attenions, and when the boy finally curls his lips about the thing, Redouane cannot help but hiss mutedly. The now-exposed cockhead tastes of sweat and effort, manhood and grime, and yes, oozing liquid need as well; it is not quite as overwhelming as the overwhelming aroma surrounding it, but still remains more than enough to flood the mouth and stick insistently to tongue and inside of cheek alike. "R-right, that-mmmmf~'s a good, uuuhn, start," is uttered in softly insistent tones, fingertips tousling the young hero's dirty blonde hair. "Mmmm. V-very good. Just, ah, move you-yyyh-your tongue a lit-unf!-little more slowly...drag it ooo-ooouh-out...mmm."
  73. [10:55] Redouane: (( Holy Christ, a typo and unneeded word reptition? Must get in groove... ))
  74. [10:57] Corran Darstin can't help but close his eyes and do as he's told, savouring the flavours and enjoying the strange texture of this new experience. His heart pumps, and even though he can still feel the cold ground underneath the tent, slightly wet beneath the canvas, and rugged, there's a sensation of floating. He lets out a soft, contented moan around the organ, and after a moment, he blinks, and realizes he's being instructed. He does as he's told, moving his head back, feeling those fingers move through his locks, and moves his tongue around, awkwardly wiggling it along the bottom.
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  76. [11:08] Redouane: The sudden attention to the unside of his bloated shaft, even if done inexpertly, causes the older man's breath to catch, and Corran's efforts are rewarded with a light, encouraging pat atop his disheveled mop of hair. "N-nnnh! Mm, yes... good boy." Maybe it was the fact that it had been the better part of a week since he had last indulged, or maybe it was the madness of the situation; perhaps it was the fact that it was Corran, the group's 'eager pet,' that was doing this...whatever the case was, at this precise moment in time, Red couldn't recall the last time he had responded this eagerly to tonguework. Finally getting annoyed with his inability to hold himself upright within the confines of the tent, the usually-cheery thief instead opts to kneel down upon the leather flooring of the tent, his hand staying on the youth's head all the while to ensure that it remains firmly affixed to his throbbing shaft. Settling for a splayed-out and sloppy approximation of seiza, Redouane allows himself to lean back slightly as his nudging grasp gives the boy little choice but to follow along, more clear, thin dribbles of overworked need rewarding Corran for his efforts. "Mmmh, much better," is sighed, followed by a fingernail-scraping brush over the youthful cocksucker's nape.
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  78. [11:23] Corran Darstin follows the man's hips, guided by the hand on his head like a puppy. He doesn't seem to mind, though, and when he's laying on the floor of the tent, he moves his hands, putting one of them on Red's thigh, and the other one, still bound with a rope and held in the man's hand, he moves around blindly until he finds the rogue's hand, getting the rope out of his gentle grip and lacing his fingers with the man. Little tears well up in his eyes as he sucks at the cock, nursing from it and focusing on the head. His hand caresses over that thigh, and up the line of his hip, and then back down, feeling the muscles flexing with every slight thrust. He pulls away with an audible pop, and kisses the thing, stroking it with one hand and showing it loads of attention, not caring that his cheek is getting slicked with spit and the salty stick of the older man's arousal. The boy kisses along the shaft, and down to the base, then buries his head in the man's dark black pubic hair, softly crying.
  79. [11:33] Redouane: Already considerable, the eager prick seems to stiffen all the more as Corran focuses his attentions upon that velvety tip, so hot and slick beneath his suckling lips and coaxing tongue. The gentle thigh-strokes encourage Redouane to gently roll his hips, rocking and arching his lower body - and, of course, his penis with it, slipping and sliding it around within the inexperienced adventurer's awaiting mouth. The rogue's body is surprisingly firm beneath the initial soft smoothness of his skin; lithe musculature ripples just below the surface, shifting and flexing with each and every small movement Redouane makes. A gasp and a slightly disappointed murmur meet the youth's sloppy withdrawal, but the enusing kisses and nuzzling soon has Red purring again, his own modest motions dragging that now-slippery shaft across the young man's face. The purrs grow louder as Corran's attentions move further down...but once the crying begins, Red falls momentarily silent, even if his feathery caressing of the boy's neck and scalp does not cease. "'s okay, kid," the knave whispers, leaning forward and over to bring his head closer in. "You're doing a good job. I'm, nnnh, very happy..."
  80. [11:41] Corran Darstin: Hopefully that was the last distraction
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  82. [11:49] Corran Darstin sniffles, and makes little kisses at the man's stomach, sloppy, wet things. "R-really?" he quietly asks, softly stroking that length, moving his head to give it more kisses, generally just touching and being close to the man's body, be it crotch or cock or abdomen. "I've never felt this way before," he admits, keeping his head down, but making nervous, fitful glances upwards. His eyes and cheeks are both wet, worry--and dirt--all across his young face. "I w-want to be better for you... I want you to like me..." of course, he is doing something that tends to accrue approval rather quickly, his young hands touching the man's cock, his lips giving attention to all of him, almost reverent.
  83. [12:00] Redouane: One thought is a permanent fixture in Red's mind during all this: it is not easy to maintain serious thoughts, let alone meaningful conversation, while a cute little thing is stroking and nuzzling your far-too-needy erection. The shuddering and uncertain kisses upon the rogue's taut midriff were certainly not helping matters, either. And so that uneasy confession is initially met with slow, deep breaths and a closing of the mouthy rake's azure eyes. "Mmmmmh," he rumbles in his slender chest, as much a matter of acknowledgement as recognition and satisfaction, and then brings his other hand - previously occupied by the rope, but temporarily divested of such - up to cup one of Corran's messy cheeks, stroking it lightly and dragging his thumb along the lines of the boy's cheekbone. "You, ah, just needed the right man in your life..." the dark-haired vagabond finally begins, his tone smooth and soft, despite the faint tremor of poorly-checked desire undercutting the entire thing. "Pretty little thing like you probably had no shortage of, ah, winsome glances from the local girls, hmm...? But it wasn't, ahhn, them you were interested wanted this." A full-length flex of Redouane's imposing arousal, raking the heated thing over the boy's face, makes it plain just what "this" is. "Mmmf. Nobody here hates you, boy. And, ah, you're doing very well as it stands...but there's still much for you to learn..."
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  91. [12:11] Corran Darstin lights up, his cheeks flushed and ruddy in the flickering lanternlight. He buries his face in the man's stomach again, and shakes his head across the taut abs, wiping his face on Red's torso before leaning his forehead against him. He crawls up to his knees, and with only a little hesitation he kisses Red first on the chest and then on the lips, curling his smaller body against the rogue, his hard little cock stiff, resting alongside the larger one. The boy is smiling, and puts both hands on the man's chest, still sniffling. "I... really like you, Red," he admits, feeling foolish. "I do like, um..." he reaches down to give it a squeeze, "this, but... I like it because it belongs to you..." He can't stop smiling, and pressing up against the man, wanting to be close to him. "I get jealous every time I see you look at a girl in the taverns. I feel like... 'why can't he look at me like that'..." The boy lets out a wet, nervous little laugh, and looks down, wiping his face. "I'm a dumb kid... B-but I'll learn wh-what you want to teach me..."
  92. [12:22] Redouane: Both the kisses are accepted with small smiles, with the latter one subsequently being met in kind - utilizing his hands upon the boy's head, the rake holds Corran close for long moments as he presses his mouth heatedly against the youth's, deft fingertips tracing over the soft contours of that blushing face as the older man assertively instructs his charge in the finer points of an eagerly passionate kiss. Lips are licked and nibbled upon, necks crane and twist to create undulating ripples of pressure in the search for the perfect angle, and all the while Red's eyes hang just oh-so-slightly open, drinking in the sight of this adorable young man. "Mmmmmnnnh," the rogue exhales as he finally breaks off the kiss, flashing Corran a sultry smile as unhurried rocks of the hip slide and brush that tumescent prick against the neophyte's more modest endowment. He cradles the blonde boy to his chest then, still stroking his hair as the other hand shifts down to that still-clothed back of his, massaging gently between the shoulders. "And that's why the girls tease you," Red grins as he nips lightly at one ear. "I, mmf, usually have a policy of keeping fellow adventurers on a purely casual-intimacy's a dangerous job, kid. But..." A soft, breathy chuckle. "Gods, you're cute."
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  95. [12:31] Corran Darstin: The boy idly traces his fingers along the man's chest, feeling his body shift with every movement, every breath. It feels like balancing on a razor's edge every time those fingers comb through his hair, and touch at his body. He slowly pulls away, and then lifts his shirt over his head, pulling it off and tossing it aside before pressing his bared chest up against the older man's. "You make my heart sing..." he says quietly, pressing his lips against Red's collarbone. He can feel a heartbeat against his own,and the cold sweat of winter and sex, and a slim, lithe body trapped all day in leather armour. "I want... I want to be your girl..." he says with a stupid little laugh, "I know you could have anyone, but I just... I want to share your tent with you more. I want to f-feel..." he clams up, and puts his arms around the man, biting his lip and gently pressing his hips forward. "I've never, um, done it before, but... I'd really like to, if it's with you..."
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