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The Prince and the Inquisitor

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May 2nd, 2017
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  1. The amasec burned as it went down her throat, the crystal glass making a satisfying clink as she placed it back on the black marble of her desk. It was becoming a habit and a bad one at that for her to drink before making a tough decision. Her tutor had always warned her against the overuse of substances. It dulled the senses and clouded ones judgment, a dangerous combination for someone with the psykers gift.
  3. Inquisitor Minerva Walfreia rubbed the bridge of her nose. Now was not the time to hear her old tutors nagging in the back of her mind. This decision, if any, required the use of alcohol to steady her nerves. She picked up the parchment that had set her so on edge and driven her to drink. Minerva went over the elegantly flowing script for the fifth time that evening and for a fifth time found herself chewing on her lip and feeling warmer as she considered the last line of the message; “You will pay my price, as Isha met with Kurnous in sight of the Moon.”
  5. Minerva took another drink from her glass. Was her guest truly asking for that? Was that supposed to be his price for signing the Moirai pact? She knew he had a reputation for boldness and audacity, even among other Corsair Princes. But to ask to lie with her, a human? Minerva felt a niggling of shame that she wasn’t disgusted by the Corsair Princes’ price, rather she felt immensely flattered. No, he clearly could not have asked to lie with her. She was a mon’keigh and he was a filthy xenos, she must’ve misunderstood his oblique mythological reference. But… She had felt something between them, their prior meetings had carried a tension between them that had not just been suspicion. Was it attraction?
  7. Minerva emptied her glass, the pleasant buzz from the alcohol calmed her nerves, though it did nothing to chill her growing heat. Emperor’s teeth, had it truly been so long since she felt the touch of a man, that the potential touch of an alien man was enough to make her this excited? Had she truly become that lonely? Minerva decided she could be disgusted with herself and repent later, the true meaning of Eredruin, Lord of Outermost Darkness and Prince of Empty Night’s price had to be found regardless.
  8. She made herself look presentable, that it also made her look more inviting to the opposite sex was something she’d repent for later. As she turned for the door to her quarters, she stared at her Galatean Simulacra and the drink set the servitor held. After a moment of thought, she ordered the servitor to follow her as she left her quarters, headed towards the guestroom where she housed her ‘esteemed’ Eldar guest.
  10. Minerva gave the door a polite knock, her psychic sixth sense tingled as the Eldar’s alien presence washed over when she entered the room. Eredruin was reclined rakishly on a divan on the balcony in his guest quarters, his steel-grey and crimson lined robes framing him as if posed by a painter. His silver eyes gave her a steady, imperious look as Minerva entered, making her feel as if she had just entered his own private audience chamber, rather than a guestroom in her Fortress Hekate. Minerva found him nothing short of magnificent, his tall, lithe frame, handsome features and roguish arrogance was something she had a hard time to not find immensely attractive.
  11. “So you’ve come to pay my price, Inquisitor.” He spoke in perfect High Gothic as he turned his head to look away, as if the sight of her had begun to bore him. Minerva had learned to deal with his haughtiness, but it still managed to provoke her. Especially when it was in regards to such an indecent proposal. “I have come to do no such thing, Eldar. I am here to have you clarify your price. References to your xenos superstitions is not a term I am inclined to agree upon.” Minerva replied coldly, dismissing the servitor after it had placed the drink tray on a table.
  13. “Do not play at ignorance, Inquisitor.” She uncorked a bottle of Merovingian wine, filling a glass for herself as the Corsair Prince spoke. “In this one case, I know your studies has lifted the veil of ignorance so commonly choking your kind.” Eredruin rose up from the divan and walked to the opposite side of the table Minerva was standing by. She caught herself admiring the fluid, effortless grace the Corsair Prince moved with and she tried to hide the unwanted blush of her cheeks the Eldars insistence on his lewd intent gave her.
  14. “Then surely you must jest, or you have me mistaken for a common street harlot whose flesh can be bought.” Minerva decided to hide her blush behind whatever indignation she could muster as she reminded herself that it may still be a cruel joke or some fickle Eldar negotiation tactic. “But I am the one being bought here, am I not?” Eredruin replied, his expression grew smug as he filled his own glass with wine. “Do not play word games with me, Eldar.” Minerva shot back as the Eldars silver-grey eyes glittered with amusement.
  15. “I am playing no games, Inquisitor. You are buying my services. Or do you not need my aid in cutting out the cancer of the Wyrm Cults from the heart of your sector? Did not the Shadowseer speak of the doom such a large uprising against your Imperiums petty tyranny would bring to both our peoples?” Eredruin continued, condescension dripping from his tone as he explained the purpose of their negotiations to her as if she were some forgetful ditz.
  17. Minerva took a sullen swig from her wine glass. “You need not remind me why I let you live, xenos. I know full well the threat the Genestealer Cults present. The only reason I need your help is because my colleagues in the Conclave do not trust the words of a xenos witch!” She spat back angrily, regretting immediately that she allowed him to get under her skin. Even in her Fortress, his life at her mercy, the Corsair Prince was taunting her fearlessly. By the Throne, why did that turn her on so much?
  18. “Yet you have wisdom enough to trust in the words of one of your betters, unlike the petty tin tyrant and senile peddler of parlour tricks you call your peers.” Eredruin remarked dryly while giving Minerva the hint of a smile.
  19. She laughed. Her inebriation and the unexpectedness at the Corsair Prince making a joke made it embarrassingly genuine and girlish, not at all like the stern dignity she was trying to present. “On that point we agree! But you are not one of my betters.” Minerva replied, stifling the last of her giggles as she found herself standing a mere foot away from the Eldar. The sudden invasion of her personal space made her feel very awkward and she lost track of where she was going with her speech.
  21. “My price is cheap, Inquisitor. What value does your dignity have compared to the billions of lives you would save? I am certain Cirthein and the Shadowseers aid cost you far more than I demand.” Eredruin moved a lock of Minervas dark brown hair behind her ear, caressing her face in the process. She stiffened at his touch. “None but you and I need know.”
  22. Minerva looked up to meet the Corsair Prince’s eyes, frowning. She was still not wholly convinced he was serious. “You see us humans as mere beasts. Why would you even wish to lie with me?” She asked, keeping her gaze steady and doing her best not to undress him with her eyes. “I have always desired beautiful things that I am told I cannot have.” Eredruin replied with a smirk.
  23. The Inquisitor blushed and looked away at his flattery, clearly he was being genuine. She finished her wine as she quickly went over her choices in her head.
  25. A night of passion with an eldar prince in exchange for his aid in saving a sub-sector. It was a small price to pay. But, she would prove all the accusations of xenophilia against her true and risk being declared Excommunicate Traitoris if it ever came out. Was that worth it? As Eredruin had said, what was the dignity and purity of one Inquisitor worth if its sacrifice could keep the Sector and by extension, Imperium whole?
  26. And if she rejected him, it is likely she would not be able to stop the Genestealer Cult in its entirety, billions would die and worlds would burn. While likely making a powerful enemy on top of that.
  27. There was only one choice she could make. Minerva would gladly fuck an Eldar if it meant she could save billions of lives and she felt no shame in that she would enjoy doing so. Tonight at least, she would not be sleeping alone.
  29. “If I am to take you to bed… I have some demands. “ Minerva spoke, as she pressed herself against him, her fingers tracing the line of his jaw as she did her best to sound coy and seductive, rather than desperate and lonely. “You will not whisk yourself away as soon as we have consummated. As Isha lay with Kurnous for a full night, I will have you for a full night, Prince of the Eldar.” Minerva tapped his chest for emphasis “Second you will not kiss me before, after or during the act. Third…” She grimaced slightly as she spoke the final demand, but if she were to buy him with her flesh it was to be on her terms, not his. “… You will not… (ahem) Spill your… ‘seed’… inside of me.” While their two races could not interbreed, it somehow seemed a prudent precaution.
  30. Eredruin considered her demands, his fingers undoing the lacing of her corset as he ran them up her back. “What if I will not acquiesce to your demands?”
  32. “Then we’ll uh, have to mff…!” The Corsair Prince kissed her before Minerva had time to form a cogent reply and she eagerly, shamelessly kissed back. Forgetting all about her demands beyond keeping him to herself for the entire night.
  33. Minerva tore at Eredruins clothing, years of lonely nights and empty beds feeding into her eagerness and impatience to bed him and her kisses grew insistent and fierce in ways that seemed to surprise even the Corsair Prince. She let out a disappointed whine as the Eldar broke off their kisses and her brows knitted together in a frown as he began speaking. “Patience, Inquisitor. Patience. Savour the moment instead of sprinting blindly towards climax.” He purred as he removed her corset and opened up her dress to reveal her heavy breasts. She almost felt like a fool, barging into this like a love struck teenager now that she had dropped all pretenses, but such thinking was interrupted by Eredruins strong hands. His fingers caressed and explored her large, soft mounds and Minerva let out soft moans as she relished the feeling of being touched by a man.
  35. “You better not anh! … be reading anything symbolic into this, Eldar.” Minerva spoke breathlessly, her speech interrupted by short gasps and moans as Eredruin played with her breasts. “And what would that be?” The Corsair Prince answered, his tone teasing as his hands moved from her breasts to explore the soft curves of the Inquisitors shapely form. “Don’t play a fool with me.” Minerva grasped his hands and moved them to her hips as she began exploring Eredruins exposed flesh, discarding articles of clothing as they came in her way. “An Inquisitor getting on her knees before an Eldar to indulge in carnal sin? I know how you’d think of it.” Minerva tutted as she knelt before him, her hands pulling down his trousers with a restrained eagerness as she exposed the long, stiff pillar of his cock. The inquisitor gave it a longing gaze before turning her bright, aquamarine eyes up to meet the Corsair Princes silver-grey eyes with a challenging stare. Her fingers grasped the shaft and slowly began stroking it as she feigned to take it into her mouth, only to kiss her way up his sculpted chest and abdomen until she stood again. She got up on her toes to speak hotly against Eredruins ear. “If you want my submission, to claim me as a prize… You will have to work much harder, xenos.” Minerva enjoyed being claimed as the submissive part in the bedroom, but that didn’t mean she would serve herself up, legs spread like some common harlot.
  37. Minervas ploy worked beautifully, perhaps too well, as Eredruin picked her up over his shoulder and threw her on the bed. Minervas protests were only for show as he bent her over, with her face down against the covers and one of her arms bent behind her back in Eredruins firm grip. He had not even entered her yet but Minerva could not help but let out a soft moan from sheer excitement as he hiked up her skirts, exposing her shapely bottom and glistening wet womanhood. The Corsair Prince entered her without warning, his thick cock spread her open and penetrated her fully in a single smooth motion. “Is that hard enough for you, Inquisitor?” Eredruin teased as he leaned over her to speak hotly into her ear. “J-just shut unh!-up and fuck me!” Minerva half-moaned in reply, as she tried to adjust to the large cock entering her so suddenly.
  39. In reply Eredruin gave her ass a swat, eliciting a surprised, moaning yelp from Minerva. Emperors teeth how she had missed this! She moaned loudly as Eredruins cock thrust into her, unashamed as to who might hear them, she didn’t care. It did not matter that she was proving every rumour of her xenophilia true, it did not matter she was whoring herself out to an alien, he was a beautiful man and he was fucking her hard, claiming her as a prize to be conquered. That was all that mattered to her for the moment.
  40. The Corsair Princes cock filled her perfectly and it did not take long until Minerva came from a particularly hard thrust. She bit into a pillow to muffle her scream of ecstasy as her body shook, every nerve in her body thrumming as she finally felt release. Eredruin let go of her and she slumped into a boneless heap on the sweat drenched sheets.
  42. She found Eredruin discarding the last of his clothing as she came to her senses, seeing his lithe, muscular frame in its naked splendor inflamed her desire once more. She was not yet done with him for tonight. “Come back to me my Prince, I still have need of you.” Minerva teased, her fingers seductively caressing across her naked body as she removed the last of her dress. Eredruin returned to her with a grin as he crawled over her, her legs spreading on instinct to accommodate him. She let out a low, throaty moan as she guided his still hard cock back inside her slick sex, savoring the sensation of his hardness sinking into her flesh and filling her completely.
  43. Eredruin began moving slowly into her, much to Minervas enjoyment. Her legs wrapped around the Eldars waist as she savored every thrust into her, every passage of his hard length into her wet folds as she kissed him and urged him on. Years of lonely nights and built up sexual frustration meant she was rapidly building to a second climax. Her moans and cries desperately clamoring for more as she tried to steady herself against the Corsair Princes relentless rhythm. She could feel him twitch and pulse within her, he was close to climax as was she. “Please! Cum in me! I want it, I need it!” Minerva pleaded in between her moans, her legs holding him tight to prevent him from pulling out.
  45. She came first, pressing her mouth against Eredruins shoulder to keep her from crying out in pleasure. The Corsair Prince came soon after, flooding her body with his virile seed as Minerva moaned and urged him on as she felt it flood her cunt.
  46. Minerva let out small noises of protest as Eredruin rolled off her, basking in the afterglow as she relished the feeling of Eredruins large load leaking out of her. By the Throne, how long ago had it been since she felt this good? “So… You’ve rejected two of my demands, do you intend to reject my last one as well?” Minerva asked, her fingers tracing lazily across her flat stomach, her head turning to look at him with hooded eyes.
  47. “As I see it, I have yet to be fully paid.” Eredruin replied, looking at Minerva with a smirk.
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